Trey’s Newport Folk Festival Set

8/2/08, Newport, RI
Brian and Robert, Farmhouse, Water in the Sky, Let me Lie, Bouncing Around the Room, Heavy Things, If I Could Be a Sailor*, Mountains in the Mist, Sleep Again, Get Back on the Train, Peggy**, Waste, Shine, Bathtub Gin, Wilson. E: Sample in a Jar, Chalkdust
*dedicated to Tom Marshall  **new song, debut


LISTEN TO THE TWO NEW SONGS: If I Could Be a SailorPeggy

Simply being a part of such a prestigious festival is an honor for Trey, for Phish, and for all of us.  He can truly say he has spanned all genres from acoustic “folk” to free jazz (Surrender to the Air) and everything in between.  That being said, it looks like a fairly routine acoustic setlist with a few twists from Trey this afternoon at the historic Newport Folk Festival. The two new songs are emotionally and lyrically driven, akin to a lot of his latter compositions.  “Peggy” is a song about love and devotion, with a comedic twist about a Peggy Fleming poster staring you down on your bedroom door.  This could definitely develop into a new Phish song.  Trey also said that “If I Could Be a Sailor” was a song he and Tom Marshall wrote eight years ago.  The song is short, yet lyrically rich, using a sailing as a metaphor for life, rife with mythological references.  Trey looked happy, enthusiastic and continuously gushed about the beauty and surroundings.  The rains began, ironically, during the late-set Bathtub Gin, and continued through the end of the show.  Trey closed his nugget of Phishiness at the legendary festival with Wilson, Sample, Chalkdust– classic.  It seems clear where his heart is these days.  Thursday night in Brooklyn, when things are finally plugged in again, is looking and feeling quite promising! (Thanks to VisorKid for the PT review.)

Here is a classic clip from Newport Folk Festival’s past, circa 1963: Bob Dylan and the Freedom Singers, “Blowin’ In the Wind”

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    PS I’m really a Grateful Dead fan, but since Jerry passed Phish has been there and now it’s just Trey

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