Weekend Nuggets


8.9.93 The Masonic Temple, Toronto, ON SBD

Masonic Temple - Toronto

Masonic Temple - Toronto

Back by popular demand, another performance during Phish’s hallowed month of August 1993. Filled with top notch musical communication and a set list that is purely delightful, this one is sure to put a smile on your face. Enjoy this ear candy in crisp soundboard fashion!  With must hear versions of classics, Tweezer and YEM, some rarities, and a Dude of Life appearance, this show from north of the border is a great snapshot of one of the best-ever months of Phish.

1: Chalkdust Torture > Who Knows* > Chalkdust Torture, Mound, Fee > Split Open and Melt > Glide > Nellie Cane > Divided Sky, Memories, The Squirming Coil

2: Dinner and a Movie > Tweezer > Tela > My Friend My Friend, My Mind’s Got a Mind of its Own, You Enjoy Myself > Smoke on the Water > You Enjoy Myself**, Contact, Crimes of the Mind#

E: Rocky Top

*First time played. **With “Psycho Killer” parts. #With the Dude of Life.


10.31.94 Run Like An Antelope – Glens Falls, NY

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4.4.98 Hood jam – Providence, RI

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3 Responses to “Weekend Nuggets”

  1. sunset labrea Says:

    thank you. great camera work.

  2. Matso Says:

    We Canadians are feeling the love! 9.9.99, 7.6.94, and now this. Looking forward to hearing this sbd version. I had this show on tape and they were probably my best sounding tapes, but I don’t think they were sbds as the audience came through nice and clear.

  3. Poopy Says:

    Don’t think this Toronto show is an SBD, just a really crispy AUD.

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