Mid-Tour Musings Pt. II

10.21.08 Lupo's

10.21.08 Lupo's

With three shows to go, Trey seems to have hit his stride and is off and running…Boston and Philly should be great, but I think Richmond, the out of the way tour closer, will be the throwdown…Not sure if people got to hear the new Wallingford FOB source yet, but it sounds like they are playing in your living room- be sure to grab it…and the well received Lupo’s show download is below!

…Fan Greg Doucette has started a petition to Phish going around the internet in order to get the Hampton shows simulcasted the for all of those who won’t be able to attend to due to the ticket fiasco.  Here is the link- it is a good cause, please CLICK HERE and sign the petition!…

10.19.08 - Higher Ground

10.19.08 - Higher Ground

…As the Phish rumor mill begins to swirl into the summer time, two pieces of possible info are floating around- an appearance at Bonnaroo in June and a multi-night return to Red Rocks around July 4th!!  Bonnaroo seems like a strange fit, as Phish does not generally share bills, and the festival already draws almost 100,000 people.  But these festivals (Bonnaroo, Rothbury, etc) are a direct offshoot of what Phish created, and were designed to fill the void after Phish swam away from the scene.  Possibly looking to re-stake their claim as the top live music act today, or maybe just looking to share in the groove that they created, either way, it would be an strange and potentially awkward Phish show.  But Red Rocks- Hello!  That’s the best rumor yet, as it appears that Morrison, CO might give the Phish another chance 13 years after being asked not to return…Can you imagine?…

10.19.08 - Higher Ground

10.19.08 - Higher Ground

…A note about my show reviews– I love Phish.  I love Trey.  If you know me, I basically have the best time at every single show.  The point of my reviews is to share with you the love, joy, and inspiration I draw from Phish (or in the past week, from Trey.)  My goal is to point out the highlights of the show, and talk about why they were so sick, while also conveying the show’s overall thematic vibe.  You will not read me ripping on songs I don’t like- yes, there are some- but I don’t see the need to litter my writing with negativity.  There is too much negativity in the world today.  I respect what Trey and Phish do for us, and the world, far too much to waste my bandwith telling you that “Dragonfly” is a poor choice of a set closer.  You either know that, or will figure it out soon.  Bottom line, I will always focus on the best parts of shows and the positivity that lives and breathes within this special community.  You may as well know my perspective moving forward, especially into March…



10.21.08 Trey and Classic TAB, Lupo’s Providence, RI < LINK

A great show.  Check the review from yesterday.

(Thanks to Matt Daly for recording!)

12.6.97 The Palace, Auburn Hills, MI REMASTER < LINK

Another piece of hard work by Paul Shapera Gwynne-Craig, he has remastered, in my opinion, one of the best Phish shows of all time from start to bottom.,  If you don’t know this one, well…download it now! (Single track downloads)

1: Golgi Apparatus, Run Like an Antelope, Train Song, Bathtub Gin > Foam, Sample in a Jar, Fee, Maze, Cavern

2: Tweezer > Izabella > Twist > Piper > Sleeping Monkey,  Tweezer Reprise

E: Rocky Top


Video Nuggets From Tour

“First Tube” Burlington, VT

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“Push On Til the Day” Albany, NY

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

“First Tube” jam ( w/ Kreutzmann, Burbridge, and Murawski)

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

“Last Tube” Solo (partial), Roseland

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22 Responses to “Mid-Tour Musings Pt. II”

  1. Uncle Jam Says:

    You’re the best Miner. Don’t let the negative nancies get you down. We all dig your commentary.

    Great remaster–much better than my old copy.

  2. themanatee Says:

    red rocks….wow. difficult to imagine what that would be like, except for the sickest ever. loving the filthy tone trey is using, have only listened to wallingford and albany..that wallingford source does sound amazing miner. i thought the jibboo from CT was off the chain. I think Ray does a fabulous job of improvsing with Trey in it, and that in general he offers a wide palate of complimentary improvisations and structured melodies that really seem to fit into the vibe of the classic TAB can. gotta download higher ground to hear ruby waves. love peggy. of course, it brings to mind mad men.

  3. fluffheadjay Says:

    I am a noob to your amazing site and just have to say, cliche as it may be, Thank you Mr. Miner! This band has been a huge part of my life and reading your positive reviews reminds me why. It’s great to have them back and I look forward to what they bring us!

  4. Tracy Says:

    Right on Mr. Miner! Your positivity is so refreshing and I think your reviews heve been right on the money. Missing Boston but see you in Philly!

  5. Heather Says:

    Thank you for keeping it positive! The world needs it. I’m sure phish would appreciate it. I do.

  6. shpongleyez Says:

    whoa. red rocks?! talk about a tough ticket scene…but ooooo, chile! stoked to hear wallingford and this remastered 12.6.97.

  7. Jeff Says:

    Who doesn’t like Dragonfly? 🙂

    Good looks on the remasters kid

  8. eric Says:

    Thanks for the positive vibes, every other Phish related message board lately has seemed more like a war zone. Phish at Bonnaroo? Sounds fishy, that’s one show I definitely will not be attending. But the Red Rocks shows on the other hand, that is a local show for me. That would be sick, but I am already starting to worry about how the hell I am going pull down tickets for that one. This might be an unpopular idea that is in my own self interest, but if Phish plays Red Rocks please let the local folks get first crack at tickets. I’d hate to be shut out of the venue right down the street from me.

  9. andrewrose Says:

    If I had to pick one desert island set, I think 12.6.97 II would be it…

  10. Andrew Says:

    Anyone else having trouble with the Tweezer remaster? I’ve downloaded it three times and the file will play in iTunes but fails after about 15:18 – it just loops the same couple frames of music for the rest of it. I have the proper file size according to the download site.

  11. Phatty Matty Says:

    Sorry to bust everyones buble but Blues Traveler has played RR just about every 4th of july for the last 15 years. A few years back the city of Denver made the July forth day Blues Traveler day. Similar to What they did this year for WSP 30 somethings sell outs. It would be great but the place holds less then 10 K. They should just play three nights at fiddlers so everyone can share in the groove.

  12. flushafleshfarm Says:

    Red Rocks. One can only hope. Love the 100% positivity policy. These shows have all been great and getting better. Great sources for most of them too.

  13. Uncle Jam Says:

    any word on getting the tweezer fixed?

  14. bunitingi Says:

    Hey folks. I’m listening to the Tweezer mp3 on my end, and there’s no skip. So i’m downloading the online one just to see what’s up and will replace it ASAP.

  15. bunitingi Says:

    Holy crap!!!! You’re right! That skip is nasty harsh. Am uploading a new, non tainted version.

  16. bunitingi Says:

    Done. The Tweezer is up.

  17. Andrew Says:

    Thanks so much! This remaster is amazing, definitely one of my favorite shows. To hear this Tweezer this clearly is a gift. Have you done any other work besides 12/6/97 and 12/13/97?

  18. eric Says:

    Blues Traveler Day. WSP day, and we don’t let Phish play at all (Pepsi center true, but come on now.) I love Colorado but something is seriously wrong here.

  19. bunitingi Says:

    Andrew, thanks man! I have both 11.21.97 and 11.22.97, 12.28.98 and at mr. miner’s request will be tackling one of the 12.95 shows, the one with the REALLLLLY epic tweezer, but i won;’t get to that next week. Uploading however takes days at a time per show, so all 3 wont’ be up until middle to end of next week probably. If you have any requests i’d be happy to oblige.


  20. axillalot Says:

    any chance of re-upping the maze from 12/6? thanks!

  21. cubswin1 Says:

    please, upload 10-10-99.The last show of an underrated fall ’99 that doesn’t get enough love. They were preparing for what was to come on N.Y. eve in Florida- If you haven’t listened do yourself a favor!

  22. Jerrydamule Says:

    I remember the 95 red rocks run like it was yesterday, particularly when I crawled down deep at the “rocks,” bout 20 rows up, for the 2nd set of 6/10. As the sound whipped around the rocks, I felt as though I was being bathed by that maze.
    keep up the good work!

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