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With the abundance of new material showcased on Trey’s just-completed tour, combined with the knowledge that he and Tom Marshall have a host of other songs we have yet to hear, a new Phish album is certainly on the rise.  With no shows scheduled between now and Hampton, the open months could be possibly cleared out for studio time.  However, the band could decide to let their multitude of new songs develop a life of their own before laying them down on a record- a trend that has held true for most of the band’s career.  Yet, with Round Room and Undermind, this pattern flip-flopped, as they recorded the former without debuting any of the tracks, and the latter after playing only three.  Which way will they go this time?  It is an intriguing question.


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In an interview with Rolling Stone earlier this summer, Mike was very transparent in the fact that a new Phish album would happen- one way or another.  Mentioning that Phish had already been in contact with producer Steve Lillywhite, who worked on their most acclaimed album, Billy Breathes, the new album “rumor” was very much substantiated by Gordon’s candor.  Lillywhite has been currently working on a U2 project in Europe, with an album that is slated to drop in early 2009.  A collaboration with other legendary producers Brian Eno, and Daniel Lanois, this team effort could potentially free up Lillywhite for Phish sooner than later, but more likely than not, keep him in Europe.  If they wanted to record, there are obviously other great producers.

Yet, if there is one thing we have come to know about Phish, it is not to have expectations.  Whether talking about a show, a setlist, an album, or simply a jam- with no expectations comes no disappointment.  Personally, I’d like to see Phish take that time off to learn Trey’s new songs, and some of Phish’s old ones, and practice their bums off up in The Barn.  Seeing songs live before hearing them on wax certainly curtails any expectations you might grow for them, while allowing the songs to naturally evolve into what they will become.  Once their jams have some sort of pre-recorded direction- more often than not, the band will follow that predestined place.  A perfect example of this phenomenon is “Walls of the Cave” from Round Room, a song that, in my opinion, has never reached its potential.  Given the ability to grow naturally, without the album version, the improvisational “silent trees” section might not have wound up being virtually identical every time.  But because that was the way they recorded it, I suspect they had a natural proclivity to go right there.  Knowing where the jam was going before it even came out to play, the excitement and freedom of the song was limited.

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Richmond - photo: Shaun Krouse

When you think of all the potential songs that might be on the forthcoming album, it could easily become a more mature studio masterpiece.  Just to name the songs we are aware of “Greyhound Rising,” “Light,” “Backwards Down the Number Line,” “Valentine,” “Peggy,” “Gone,” and “Ruby Waves.”  And those are just Trey’s songs.  With much material yet to be debuted, and more yet to be written, this album, whenever it is recorded is going to surprise people both inside and outside the Phish community.  All that being said, here’s to hoping they just play now and record later!  Phish albums are great, some better than others, but the studio will never be the magic carpet that the stage is for the production of Phish music.


HAMPTON SIMULCAST PETITION UPDATE: Fan, Greg Doucette started a petition that I posted on here a few weeks back to get the Hampton shows simulcasted around the nation.  So far his petition has reached 10,000 signatures- a great start- but he really wants to get it doubled to 20,000 people before he presents it to Phish and their management.  It is even getting media coverage! Even if you have tickets and are going to Hampton, think of all the people that won’t be able to fit in the building that are dying to be a part of these epic nights.  Take a minute and sign the petition for the good of all!  It is linked right here:  CLICK HERE TO SIGN SIMULCAST PETITION!!



11.21.97 Hampton Coliseum REMASTER < LINK

Preview: Ghost RMSTR< roll over and press play

11.22.97 Hampton Coliseum REMASTER < LINK

Preview: Tweezer RMSTR<roll over and press play

Ok- back to the Phish music.  Here we have the classic 1997 Hampton weekend remastered by Paul Shapera Gwynne-Craig, the man behind the recent remaster of 12.6.97 that everyone has been raving about!  He has put hours into making these sound as crispy as possible and uploading them for the Phish Thoughts community.  He is currently working on another Phish masterpiece- 12.28.98- so look out for that coming soon!  Until then, enjoy these mint sounding Hampton shows from the annals of Phish history!(single song downloads)



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  1. John Says:

    WOW…thanks for those! Thanks for a great page too :~)

  2. Ginsengsully Says:

    Hey Mr. Miner,

    Do you know what source those Hampton’s are mixed from? They sound great.



  3. gills Says:

    Phatt site, was playin around on the net and stumbled on to u Minor. I love poeple that enjoy Phish as much as i do, bigg upps. check out, they have over 830 shows to stream or download. hope this pettition works out man……….

  4. Jacob Says:

    Phish is no longer under contract with Elektra, right? I think that fact alone lends much more freedom to the band when they decide how/when they do the next album.

    I do agree that these new songs need some road experience before we hear them in a studio setting. You are dead on Miner about Walls of the Cave; by and large when Phish would play that song in concert, they would revert back to how they recorded it, and while that song rocks, it wasn’t really unpredictable.

    Personally, I would be just fine with Phish’s next studio album being something like the Siket Disc or the Headphones Jam, except recorded in say…January ’09 or so. I’d buy that.

  5. cavernwolf Says:

    Thanks for the reviews. Well put and a joy to read and reflect on. Don’t know how you can put so much detail in what you saw at a show, but it helps me describe it to others. Also, had a grand time in Philly on 10.24. Thanks for the mediafires.

    Heres to a great upcoming spring and summer!

  6. Jason Ross Martin Says:

    Thank you so much for making your page such an obvious labor of love. I absolutely love reading your essays, and your diligence with the bootlegs is just off the chain like nothing I’ve had the pleasure of within my 14 years of being a Phish fan, and even more, as a guitarist and singer….a Trey fan.

    I disagree about the need to percolate the new songs, though. I think the real album Trey has been working on is something that has to do with Valentine, Time Turns Elastic, Light, Greyhound Rising………

    I for one loved Undermind, and Round Room was even better. It’s because it was all stunning revelations instead of something I already knew by heart.

    But then again, Rift and Picture of Nectar and all of that, all of those albums had been released before I showed up for the party. So I realize my perspective is not one of someone there for each new album of their career.

    Billy Breathes was the first Phish album I got on release day…..and it remains their very best in terms of a stand-alone piece of art….except for maybe Rift.




  7. Heath Says:

    Man Miner, this is just incredible. The recent remasters have been amazing. You are really consistently hooking us with top shelf Phish, and great sounding recordings as well. I cannot thank you enough my friend. I used to download music constantly but in the last year or so had gotten pretty satisifed with my collection. This site as well as the excitement of the big return has really got me back in the groove. This is one of the first 3 websites I check every day. I loved your Phish Returns and Sucka punched Miners Picks so much I went back and downloaded all of your picks avaliable on here. AND all the Trey shows within a more than reasonable time frame. You are the man Mr. Miner. Thanks again!

  8. Vinny del Negro Says:

    Heath is right. This is the best website ever! I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for this amazing website. I check it daily and just know you are making lots of phans very happy!!

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