Weekend Nuggets


7.13.94 Big Birch Pavilion, Patterson, NY MATRIX < LINK

phishsing-500A well known and wild show, this one has a little bit of everything.  A solid first set of songs opened the floodgates for a classic set two segue-fest.  Playing Cavern while singing Wilson, this opening segment is as famous as it is disorienting.  Giving way to a daring mid set Tweezer, mixed with multiple songs, this one keeps hitting with punches you never saw coming.  With a grand Slave to cap all the madness, this one is vintage ’94.  This matrix recording doesn’t hurt either.  Enjoy the weekend everyone!

I: Buried Alive > Poor Heart, Sample in a Jar, Foam, The Mango Song, Down With Disease, Fee, It’s Ice, Fast Enough for You, I Didn’t Know, Split Open and Melt

II: Possum, Tweezer tease > Cavern tease > Wilson* > Cavern > NICU > Tweezer# > Julius^ > Big Black Furry Creature From Mars** > Tweezer > Mound > Slave to the Traffic Light > Suzy Greenberg

E: My Sweet One, Tweezer Reprise

*Played to the tune of “Cavern.” #With “Woody Woodpecker” tease. ^With “Rock and Roll Is Here To Stay” tease. **Played to tune of “Scent of a Mule.”



Jay- Z and Phish: 6.18.04 (The looks on the band’s faces are classic!)

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15 Responses to “Weekend Nuggets”

  1. ThinMan Says:

    Page’s shit eating grins are the best on this video

  2. R1 Says:

    One of the very first shows I ever attended and certainly one of the most memorable. I recall just strolling right up to about 15 rows back and wondering from time to time what in the hell was happening. Ah to be young and having your mind blown by the Phish.

  3. paul hannon Says:

    Some Ideas:

    Song of the Day:Tweezer aka:Tweezer So Cold
    (then some notes on it)
    grew out of a soundcheck jam
    the song WAS finalized(but not played) on 3-3-90 at the WetLands in NYC
    Trey came up with the guitar part instantly,upon hearin’Mikes invented bass line!
    then a fav.version of yours(or muliple)

    also on days in history
    (for example,if today was 10-1-2008)
    1st reba played 19 years ago:then have some blogs on some fav.Rebas

    Just tryin to help,i dig this site alot and appreciate all the hard work..
    Paul hannon

  4. R1 Says:

    Just for clarification – I was referring to the Big Birch show.

  5. shpongleyez Says:

    R1 is a newb!

  6. Weyoun42 Says:

    “Song of the Day:Tweezer aka:Tweezer So Cold
    grew out of a soundcheck jam
    the song WAS finalized(but not played) on 3-3-90 at the WetLands in NYC
    Trey came up with the guitar part instantly,upon hearin’Mikes invented bass line!”

    Just went to Phishows and downloaded it. Wow. Thanks for the heads up!

  7. Mike Says:

    Who’s the guy playing the shaker by fish during the Jay-Z sit-in?

  8. Mr.Miner Says:

    Looks like Cyro Baptista from Trey’s big band….

  9. themanatee Says:

    yeah definitely. the instrumentation behind big pimpin, is the shit

  10. Sir_Nose_DVoidOfFunk Says:

    hey mr. miner talking of cyro, it would be great if you could at some point post som 10 piece TAB circa summer 01 for all to listen to. those shows to this day are some of the most intense workouts i have ever recived, they really kept me running in circles all night!!!!!!

  11. Jason Ross Martin Says:

    I have now just decided that you have created the greatest Phish website ever. And that is saying a lot. I’ve been an avid fan since 1995….over 50 shows. Please keep up the excellent work….the writing; and oh my God the downloads!@!!!!##!$$%!@^ I am sooooo appreciative of you!


  12. Jengel Says:

    I remember discovering this show back in highschool, around 1996… I have yet to hear another version of “Slave” that I love this much. The “FEFY” is epic as well. Amazing, fun show all around.

  13. Billy Says:

    I’m pretty sure this recording it mislabeled. It sounds just like the FOB B+K 4011 recording. Great sounding, none the less, but it’s great AUD, not a matrix.

  14. Wallace Says:

    Just wondering if there is a better recording of this show floating around…?

    don’t get me wrong, i am very VERY grateful for this recording, but it would be nice to have a bit of a tastier recording no?

  15. Christopher Says:

    The Big Birtch Link is not working tonight, 11-19-2008. I have been getting a bunch of shows from your links recently and thought to myself about two-three weeks ago how I would love a digital coy of BB, and there you put it out there. If is is not working can you get it going again, or maybe it’s just my internet this evening….

    THANKS !!

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