Rumors Gone Wild!

108_08051“Early next year” has turned into “right around the corner,” and Phish will be announcing more of their touring plans sooner than later.  As the anticipation level rises, the community is salivating for the knowledge of where and when they will travel this summer.  With the most anticipated pre-tour period to date, rumors have begun to swirl all over the Internet and around the industry regarding what path Phish will take.  I have been trying to keep everyone abreast on the murmurings that have been popping up, but as 2008 winds to a close, things seem to becoming clearer.

With all of the leaks and predictions, a hypothetical picture is emerging.  It seems as though Phish will do three groups of shows after Hampton– one in April, one in June, and one in late July and August.  Yesterday, a set of tour dates were posted to Phantasy Tour that corroborates this general pattern.  Here are the rumored dates:

April 9-10-11 MGM Grand Garden Arena Las Vegas, NV
April ?? (post-Vegas but pre-Philly) Pepsi Center Denver, CO
April 16-17-18 The Spectrum Philadelphia, PA
April 20-21-(22?) Madison Square Garden New York, NY

June 2-3 Camden, NJ
June 4 Jones Beach, NY
June 5-6 Hartford Meadows, CT
June 13-14 Bonnaroo Manchester TN
June 16-17-18 Deer Creek
June 19 Busch Stadium St Louis MO

July 24-25 The Gorge
July 29-30-31/Aug 1 Red Rocks
Aug 4-5 Shoreline Amp Mt View CA
Aug 6-7 Staples Center (or Hollywood Bowl) Los Angeles CA


photo: soyhead

Now before everyone starts freaking out and explaining why these dates can’t be correct– let me be the first to say that these dates, in all likelihood, are mostly incorrect.  Yet it is the pattern of shows that I’d like to inspect.  Not to mention, there are some dates that look to be accurate in there.  First, I can’t imagine that Phish will kick off their post-Hampton career in Las Vegas, it seems like exactly the wrong place.  Yet, at the same time, I have heard that they will be west to play Denver in April, so that will keep us guessing.  If they played Vegas, however, it would no doubt be at the Thomas & Mack Center.  With this set of dates, it looks like the original idea of filling in the other weekends in March has been pushed to April with the predicted appearances at The Spectrum and MSG.  While the March buzz has died down a bit, I wouldn’t go making plans for those weekends just yet!  The Hampton shows may exist as “three of a kind,” but Phish could easily announce something to the contrary.

The June tour seems to be shaping up coherently.  It appears Phish will spend the early summer circulating around the east coast and Midwest, though there are some glaring omissions to this list of dates.  It seems unlikely that in their eleven-show first leg that they would skip their classic haunts of Great Woods, Alpine Valley, and SPAC.  (I’ve heard that they will be hitting Alpine.)  And Busch Stadium in St. Louis?  Eh, I’m not so sure about that.  However, the Camden, Jones Beach, and Bonnaroo dates that have been reported fit neatly into this initial circuit.  Highlighted in this faux list is a three-night stand in the cornfields of Deer Creek, something every fan will smile at when considering.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Yet, in my opinion, the most exciting leg is shaping up to be the late-summer west coast tour.  Combine A fully-warmed up Phish with some of these venues, and you have the recipe for magic.  I have heard the same Red Rocks dates from multiple sources, the four nights of July 29 – August 1.  It seems likely that these will be the dates for Phish’s return to Morrison for the summer’s only four-night stand.  Filling in around the shows in Colorado will be certain visits to The Gorge and Shoreline.  This particular list of dates has the band playing two shows at each of their classic west coast stomping grounds, however, I have also heard the potential of three nights at one or both locales.  Moving down the coast, it appears Phish will hit the LA area as well.  If this map is accurate, SoCal could be the witness to Phish’s Summer ’09 finale, though I have also heard the tour may pop into Phoenix to close.

The most noteable absence from this potential list of dates is an outright Phish festival.  With all the talk about Bonnaroo, whether you are for or against it, there is one thing everyone can agree on- we’d love another Phish festival.  Whether or not Bonnaroo is substituting for a trip to Limestone remains to be seen.  This imaginary path leaves Phish out west, far from the homes of their beloved festivals.  Might we see a comeback tour without a Phish fantasy land at the end of the rainbow?  I wouldn’t have thought so, but that just may be the case.

y1plr5ueogzm1z8xl95wg9rv32aoxqvo-a9If this set of dates is even approximately accurate, we have a lot of Phish to look forward to in the Spring and Summer of ’09!  With over 30 potential shows being kicked around, Phish’s return could turn out to be more significant than imagined.  As I’ve stated previously, this won’t be any nostalgia act, this will be about moving forward, and perhaps this number of dates are the first indication that the band means business.  As we all look forward to getting back out there on the road, back to the source, back to the freedom and bliss Phish brings, we have plenty of rumors to discuss and debate over the holiday season.  Before too long, we will have our answers!



7.23.97 Lakewood Amphitheatre, Atlanta, GA < LINK

1997-07-23moThis is the third show of US Summer ’97, and capped perhaps the three most exciting opening shows of any tour.  Following Virginia Beach and Raleigh, Phish moved down to Atlanta and funked out their second visit to the venue.  With a best-ever “Ghost” and a top-notch “YEM” holding down the second set, Phish would leave some classic jams in Atlanta air.  After Lakewood it was on to Texas, and summer tour was officially underway.  Another reader request, be sure to grab this one if you don’t have it already!

I: Julius, Dirt, NICU, Dogs Stole Things, Ginseng Sullivan, Water in the Sky, Limb By Limb, Split Open and Melt, Billy Breathes, Possum

II: Punch You in the Eye, Ghost > Sample in a Jar, You Enjoy Myself > Rocky Mountain Way^ > Chalk Dust Torture

E: Frankenstein

^Joe Walsh cover (first time played)

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  1. r Says:

    couple things…

    I hear mandalay bay…i don’t think they’re bound to thomas & mack – if they play vegas pretty early in the comeback they’ll sell out anywhere

    That schedule works perfectly with a phish festival either august 15-16ish or the next weekend

    when can we start talking about haloween?

  2. Al Says:

    GREAT pick! This Atlanta show is one of those shows, EVERYONE has to have in his/her shelf!!! (or iPOD) – a no brainer show, if you want it in the term of yesterday’s post. Awesome Split, Ghost, YEM, Chalkdust…..Actually, there is one no brainer show left, in a month everybody says was the worst month ever in Phish history. October 1996. All people say it was a bad month. But there is one single show sleeping in there which makes me think different. It has one of the greatest second sets – a “Best Of” second set (Suzy, Maze, YEM, Reba, Hood, Julius, Waste) and a really sold first set. 96/18/10 Pittsburgh. Love it! Hope you guys get the chance to check it out. Mr. Miner: you are simply unbelievable. What a job. I check this site every day. Can’t wait what will happen, when they are on tour again. Then I’ll check every hour, cause unfortunately I live in Germany and I won’t make it to see a show.

  3. cason Says:

    Thank you Mr Miner >>>>>>*&^$%^*!!!

    i didnt think you would post it that fast!!!


  4. jeff Says:

    Mr Minor. I like that they may not do a festival of their own to end the summer. Ever think about the 10 year Anniversary for Big Cypress?

  5. Rob Says:

    Love reading your articles… as far as phish festivals go. I think they will hold off throwing their own festival until the 10 year anniversary of Big Cyprus.

  6. Upset Says:

    These rumored dates are starting to piss me off honestly. It seems that they are going to do what I feared they would all along…neglect the south. With the country having such tough economic times right now, you would think that Phish would try to make it around the states in enough strategic points to not alienate any of their fan base.

  7. John Campion Says:

    That summer tour looks good. But I agree….prob not 100% correct. I find it hard to believe they would not hit up the New England area. Anyways…gettin very excited to see this band again. I remember how i felt after being turned away at Coventry.

  8. eric Says:

    7 Denver shows potentially! Hell yeah. Gorge>Red Rocks.

  9. Al Says:

    What about Europe? I feel even worse over here….

  10. Dave Says:

    As someone who never got to see Phish in their previous iterations, I am just stoked they will play and I will get my first experience. The hard part is my wife loathes them so I can’t really sign us up for multi-night stands. In fact that should be a topic one day…how to be a phan when you significant other is anti-Phish.

  11. shpongleyez Says:

    Hartford Meadows gets them into NE; there aren’t really many sheds to be had in NE. Hence the need for an end of summer festi! At least someone bothered to check that the Cardinals weren’t at home when inventing that Busch Stadium date. I would love it, but I agree, Miner, does seem pretty unlikely.

  12. c0wfunk Says:

    maybe the south will fit in between hartford and ‘roo? I can’t imagine them skipping us all together. All the more reason for me to save up for Red Rocks I guess!!

  13. AbePhroman Says:

    I’ve had a few anti-Phish girls, eventually I found one that doesn’t mind them, but loves Bob Weir. Go figure.

  14. c0wfunk Says:

    Dave, that’s tough — my secret was meeting my wife at a phish show, though I guess that’s been hard to do the last few years!

  15. gills Says:

    love thr respect for the philly area. if this is correct i have for or five shows within an hours drive to my crib.. sweatness

  16. gills Says:

    typos i know, just excited…….

  17. waiting for full tour announcement Says:

    thanks for posting the biggest no-brainer ever! 7-23-1997! I was gonna add this to the list of no-brainers, but you read my mind. I was at Lakewood 97 and to this day it stands out in my mind as perhaps the finest single shed show i ever saw. Everything clicked on 7-23-1997. The funk, the crowd, the weather…everything made for a perfect phishy time. I always wondered how this show can keep flying under the Livephish release radar. Lakewood 97 was phish firing on ALL cylinders. This show gives “ghost” the same A+ treatment as the “crosseyed and painless > antelope” from 11/02/1996, another quality no-brainer.

    I’d be extremely disappointed if they choose to skip atlanta this summer.

  18. Heath Says:

    Great idea for a post on the struggle between one’s love for Phish and a significant other that just doesn’t get it. I’m gonna need some advice with all these shows coming up. She never tries to stop me from going to shows but I want to give her a chance to see first hand at least once what it is about Phish shows that keeps us coming back for more….. How can I help her “get it”?

  19. hawkinbj Says:


    Even if she doesn’t like the music, taking her to a show will be a different story. I’ve taken quite a few people who claimed not to like Phish to shows and afterwards they’re always blown away 🙂

  20. waiting for full tour announcement Says:

    i wrote this earlier…”I’d be extremely disappointed if they choose to skip atlanta this summer.” But seeing how things have progressed up to this point (hampton), I am learning that disappointment is what to expect these days. I hope i’m wrong.

  21. eric Says:


    Is it Bob Weir’s mellow country style crooning or his late 80s booty shorts she likes?

  22. Gowy Says:

    seems like alot of money will be spent for these tours

  23. Brian T. Bowman Says:

    I hope they take there time and do different legs, they should have time in between to relax and practice and have a normal family life. There is no reason to play 100+ shows a year anymore.

    Definately feel they should hit all regions of the country. Everyone needs to see the boys.

    As to the anti-Phish loved ones; In my experience those people really do not play musical instruments and have a hard time understanding improvisation, taking musical risks, and musical composition.

    I’ve heard things like “why doesn’t this song have any lyrics?”, and “why do they whistle, aren’t you supposed to sing?”

    Because music, as this community understands, is larger than a 3 minute song on the radio? I am a firm believer in the “rock and roll, to a certain extent is bullshit, but music is not” I think that sums it up.

  24. gills Says:

    as regards to your girl about getting it, this this might sound a bit over the top but…. one night you and you girl get a couple of good e bombs (rolls) shut all your blinds, lock your doors, turn off all phones, put on your favorite ditty, set the mood with some candles, etc and just get down…. you all will definitly have a nice bonding experience ethier way. and by the grace of all that is phish she just might get IT.. you guys have to be in to that sort of thing , but hey it worked for me and my girl…
    P.S you have to make it her night though, all about her…

  25. gills Says:

    not to say that that drugs are needed to understand phish, but it might make it more fun, infact it will……

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