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In a very candid article written for Relix, Tom Marshall gave a glimpse into his song writing process, the early days of his musical collaboration with Trey, and their most recent song, “Backwards Down the Number Line.”  It is a piece that oozes sincerity and its ending brought a huge ray of hope.  Tom wrote, “And we are now at the beginning of another era in Phish music. Congratulations Phish and welcome back, and may humor guide you as it always has—and keep you firmly on the number line.” After writing a nostalgic memoir about their past, Tom seems hopeful for Phish’s future.  “Welcome back!” he wrote.  Coming from Trey’s best friend, and someone in the Phish family, that is a resounding statement.  It sounds like they are here to stay.

Tom as Bruce - 7.16.99 Holmdel, NJ

Tom as Bruce - 7.16.99 Holmdel, NJ

This article will only further fan the fire of excitement and energy that continues to build around Phish’s return to our lives.  One can’t help but feel that this time it is for real.  If the “post-hiatus” period was a bit forced, this go-round seems so right.  Hearts are in the right place, and with every fan having grown in one direction or another over the last five years, this comeback is something more than musical.  It is a comeback of a vibrant and creative community, one who grew up with Phish; people who are in a different stage of their lives and are diving back to their bliss with a fresh and renewed fervor.  How many thirty-somethings get this pumped for any other rock concert?  Not to mention the elder statesmen of the scene.

Phish was not a passing phase in our lives, it is a constant.  Whether or not they are touring, together or disbanded, Phish is that force that lives inside us, filling us with courage, motivation, and inspiration.  Those crunchy grooves and infectious melodies do not go in 1141277648_0ee89fa54fone ear and out the other.  Nope.  Somewhere inside they adhere to our beings, consciously or subconsciously, helping comprise and define who we are.  As abstract as that may sound, it is one of my personal truths.

As we embark on our return to Phish, we are also on embarking on a return to ourselves.  After all is said and done, when the last joint is extinguished and the last beer finished, Phish is a personal journey.  Yet, one of the greatest aspects of this quest of self-discovery is that we share it with so many friends traveling similar paths.  Never has their been an experience so rooted in the self and experienced so communally.  Expressed through the Phish community, this dynamic is what keeps us coming back, and its starting all over again.  Welcome backwards down the number line.


rumor2SUMMER ’09 RUMOR MILL: Today is supposed to be a day of big Phish announcements! If they aren’t on phish.com/tourdates already, expect to see at least shows at MSG and Jones Beach in June announced today.  (They are rumored to be going up around 4 am EST.)  How many?  I don’t know, but I can’t imagine Phish giving The Garden any less love than Hampton.  If I had to call it, I would say three at MSG and two at Jones Beach, but hey– what do I know?  Also, the rumored Alpine Valley dates of June 26-27th have caused such a feeding frenzy that the Alpine Valley Hotel had 95 of 120 rooms booked as of yesterday afternoon for these dates.  In related news, yesterday a sky writer in Santa Monica, CA scribed “Phish Summer Tour 2009” in the sky!  Check it out here, and thanks to HaniHood for the pictures!  It is all coming together.



Trey got the pedal from Tom and had a hilarious handwritten response for “People For A Compressed Trey,” a group of fans from Phantasy Tour who got Trey the Ross because he “no longer knew where his was.”  Here’s what Tom posted to PT:

“It couldn’t have gone better! Trey loves it, and he will use it. He was extremely appreciative as you can see by his note!
He said: “people would be hard-pressed to find an equivalent story in music history” He is excited and happy that people actually noticed the missing Ross, and is putting it back in his rig!

See the pictures below and Thank You note below!





11.29.98 The Centrum, Worcester, MA < LINK

1998-11-29gnAfter honoring a massive tour opener yesterday, let’s tip our hat to one of the best tour closers.  Punctuating the final night of a three night run, this Sunday show put an exclamation point at the end of Fall ’98.  In a 90 minute second set, Phish gave every selection the “full treatment,” highlighted by a “Simple” best fit for an insane asylum and huge farewell versions of “Bathtub Gin” and YEM.  A long first set featured the bizarre “Limb > Catapult > Kung > Maze” segment and a guest sit in by Burlington blues guitarist Seth Yacavone.

I: Paul and Silas*, Axilla (I), Theme from the Bottom, Sparkle, Horn, Limb by Limb > Catapult > Kung > Maze, All The Pain Through The Years# > Layla##

II: Roses are Free > Simple, Makisupa Policeman, Possum > Wipe Out > Possum, Bathtub Gin, You Enjoy Myself

E: Roggae, Hello My Baby

*With alternate lyrics dealing with an incident between Paul Languedoc and the Worcester police  #First time played (Seth Yacovone Blues Band cover) with Seth Yacovone on vocals ##First time played (Derek and the Dominoes/Eric Clapton cover) w/ Seth Yacovone on guitar; Page on vocals.

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  1. mike Says:

    i hope today is the day ! anticipation is at a high

    the PT boards running rampant
    Airplanes in the LA sky sky-writing tour !
    whoo hooo ! Thank you Tom !

    its been a good day….so far 😉

  2. SquidMonola Says:

    Wonderful post. i have a been waiting for this day (and hampton) since the Phab Phour walked off stage at coventry. Welcome back Phish. Welcome back compressed Trey. See you guys on the road!


  3. SquidMonola Says:

    Also, i couldn’t agree more with your comments on phish shows helping us to define and comprise who we are. that each show, each set, each jam, is a personal journey. How it meets us subconsciously occasionally and consciously more often, and brings us a enormous sense of completeness, of joy, and leaves us both satisfied and in need of so much more.
    I have a great feeling about Phish 09. (it still looks and feels so odd to type/read).
    Here we are, on the brink of the fresh phish! waiting for dates once again, show highlights, wondering what the 09 sound will be, new songs, new jams. it is all coming true..
    Now for the biggest question of them all – the opener! with a song catalogue as huge as Phish has, which is still growing, there are too many options! man, I couldn’t be happier!
    Thank you Mr. Minor, you have been my fix each morning. Congratulations everyone, all our dreams are coming true.

  4. Heath Says:

    Right On!

  5. Al Says:

    For me personally, I am convinced that my brain has built more neuromuscular end-plates listening to Phish jams over the years. Which other band can say: “Hey, our music raises our fans’ IQ!” …although I must emphasize that I never consumed anything which killed exactly those;-) and that makes me feel pretty isolated within the Phish community…

  6. paul hannon Says:

    its funny how I loved this show,and remember how bummed people were,w/this tour ender!

  7. nonoyolker Says:

    Hope today is the day!!! Feels like Christmas!
    The pic of Trey w/ the Ross is priceless…
    Couldn’t agree more with what you said about Phish being a constant in our lives, you nailed it dead on.

  8. SquidMonola Says:

    Al, are you familar with “Brain Gym”>
    Basically, Listening to jams and other ambient music is great for you, it takes both hemispheres and is considered a “work out” for your brain!

  9. Tadcaster Says:

    Thanks a lot Miner…this site has really got me feeling like a 20 year old again.

    The thoughts, feelings, and excitement expressed here have me feeling giddy.

    I’ve been listening to more Phish these past weeks than I have in years thanks to your posts.

    I’m as excited as a college student planning a phish run…I’ve never felt this good sitting in a freaking cubicle! And I’m not even going to Hampton!

    (hoping for a simulcast announcement today as well)

  10. Joe Says:

    first and foremost, I wanted to thank you for your very enjoyable website and excellent insight on this wonderful band that has made us so happy throughout the years………..anyhoo…..I’m soooooo stoked to hear trey use the ROSS again…I DID like Trey’s sound Post-Hiatus, but Im excited that he is going back to his “older” facemelting ways

    thanks again for making my morinings more enjoyable… I’m praying for MSG…JONES…SPECTRUM

  11. Al Says:

    SquidMonola, “Brain Gym” sounds great!! I guess that’s what I feel after all those years. The more jams you listen to – the more you get out (hmm, I heard that before…) Many people and many friends just get very nervous listening to Phish’s intense jams – including my wife (sadly). But I guess it is like red wine. An experts could cry with joy tasting a good bottle, and others almost have to throw up because they hate it….it’s all a matter of experience, openess and what you search for in your life – emotionally, spiritually or whatever you want to call it. Phish’s live music brings you closer to that – and I guess that’s what is so addictive about them. By the way, there are days, where I need a rest of this “Brain Gym” called Phish. Then I put the new David Gilmour live in Gdansk 2006 CD into my Hifi and relax to the clearity of musical paths, harmonies and sounds. That’s my antipole.

  12. Uberchef Says:

    Simulcast would be a tasty treat…even a live audio stream via livephish.com would be a very nice nod to all the fans that couldn’t make it (in) to Hampton!

    I really dug the 12/29 and 12/30/97 audio streams during the days prior to New Years eve…even though those shows happened 11 years ago (crazy!!!) I still felt the excitement in a big way! Lord knows, if they were to ever to that with the Hampton shows…oh man, that would be an amazing phish house party!

    I actually wound up buying those remastered shows from LivePhish in mp3 format. What sucked about the deal is they didn’t include the soundcheck jams in the mp3 purchase. Very fine print on that one, and sort of cheesy. Anyways, the shows sound awesome.

  13. bhizzle Says:


  14. Mitch Says:

    yeah I saw that. that means preorder should be up in a few days to be done in time for tm.

  15. mike Says:

    The Burg !

  16. Camman Says:

    Other then the Post-Gazzette show, Have any others been announced? Grand total for ’09 so far 4!!!!

    come on summer tour ’09, what better way to spend a summer afrer high school graduation?!?


  17. Matso Says:

    Star Lake confirmed – cool! (Notably absent from all of the rumours, which to my mind raises doubts about their general reliability… )

  18. Mitch Says:

    I ran across this on the site. It’s all the stuff from old Doniac Schvices.





  19. Mitch Says:

    In the March edition of the Phish update, you suggested checking out Assface, but I can’t find their CD anywhere. Can you tell me how to get one?
    Thanks, Rick Bailey
    Dear Rick:
    I got one by putting a stocking over my head.


    I think thats the one you guys were talking about.

  20. Mitch Says:

    Hey I have a very simple question. What book is Phish referring to when they talk about the Friendly Helping Book in the song Icculus. I would like to open up my mind to his thoughts and views but i dont kow what book to read.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Dearest Nick:
    The book we are referring to is “Love Your Body/Love Your Soul,” which is really an excellent book. I can’t remember the author, but if my memory serves me correctly the ISBN number is 17763405ASURE.

    I’ll stop after this one but thought it was funny.

  21. Jerrydamule Says:

    Last night, after the two little ones got tucked in and the wife went to bed, I cozied up to 8/16/97. It’s a tues night, around 9:30ish, and I’m listening intently to the slave via earphones. I had another one of those moments… a rush of endorphins came over me, hair on end, goose bumps everywhere, and I became transported to another realm – that phishy place. Visions of being at the show saturated what little left I had of consciousness before drifting off to sleep. During the build up, I was infused with emotion and an overwhelming sense of peace. As my attention shifted for a moment to the fans cheering in the background, I became enveloped by joy at the notion that these fans and I, although separated by 11.5 years and millions of layers of human experiences, were at this very instant rekindling the same communal “purest-of-loves” we share for this band. Sometimes, it is this notion of communal realization, that we are all in-the-know about something truly special (making you break out into goose bumps during a slave build up), that fires me up beyond belief. You’re right, Miner… phish was not a passing phase. I’m 38, and once again fired up beyond belief.

  22. showhe Says:

    yeah, no rumors of the ‘burgh on any of the sites I’ve seen. (I swear I’m not cheating on you Mr. Miner) So maybe the summer tour will be bigger than first thought? I’d love to see that be true, but as long as Deer Creek is on there I’ll be one happy camper.

  23. camman Says:

    With Hampton only 58 days away, and Tom’s article in Relix, does anyone else buy a “Backwards Down the Number Line” opener? the song has grown on me. I’m dying to hear them bust out Peaches en Regalia > Fluffhead > The Curtain With, but would Trey and Tom’s new song be a refreshing way to start Phish v3.0?

  24. Drinks>Chainsaw Says:

    Camman ——- There is no better way. Thats exactly what I did after I graduated. Left for tour the day after. Best summer of my life. And by the looks of it, they will be playing the same venues…….I mean, by the looks of the “rumors”……That year for me was 95.

  25. bhizzle Says:

    Star Lake -> Darien -> Toronto -> SPAC (2 nights)


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