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Blueballed! At least for now. After much hype and anticipatory rumors about a tour announcement today, it has come and gone and we have nothing except two leaked dates.  Live Nation screwed up and posted the information about the upcoming Star Lake show on June 18 early before pulling it down.  Ticketmaster’s scalping subsidiary, TicketsNow, has had $200 seats on sale for Great Woods June 9th and the Star Lake show throughout the day.  Imagine that!  Ticketmaster scalping their own tickets to a show that hasn’t yet been announced.  Isn’t that what brokers do?

3176380765_8783fb7841These Great Woods and Star Lake dates are the only ones we know for sure, and for that marathon schedule posted earlier…pssshaw.  I wish.  Unfortunately, neither of the leaked dates are included in that run, and therefore the schedule is proven incorrect.  41 shows over the summer would be quite fun, but quite the hearty undertaking for a comeback tour.  The dates were not given to me randomly however, so don’t dismiss them all together. Though, if we get half of that schedule, we should be psyched.  What also makes me question the validity of the dates is the lack of Jones Beach, which has come in from multiple sources as legit. Yet, Phish hasn’t gone on a tour like that since Summer of ’97 beginning June 13th and ending on August 17th, and that was only 38 shows spanning two continents.

redrocksbigThis much more I am assuming to be true.  Alpine Valley on July 26th and 27th. People are freaking on these dates, and the entire hotel is booked with Phishies.  It will happen.  When Alpine exists, you gotta think Deer Creek will come directly before or after.  Red Rocks 7.29-8.2.  I am sticking with the original dates that have been tossed around for months.  The only thing about the faux dates that are cool is that they are the same dates they played Red Rocks in 1996, perhaps another indication of fabrication.  The Gorge and Shoreline will also be on.

Here is what I will throw out there as guesses.  Phish will play MSG, whether it is part of summer tour or beforehand.  No doubt. Phish will visit Camden for two nights.  Trey loves Camden and the E Center is a Phish staple.  Great Woods will turn into two shows.  I bet they go back to Lakewood for a couple, and the Los Angeles area will get a stop.  I would imagine they will start June in the northeast, working their way down to Bonnaroo and then out to the Midwest, hitting Rothbury on the way and ending at Alpine or Deer Creek.  Then they’ll start back up at Red Rocks, head out west, and go either up or down the coast.  Perhaps they’ll throw a random show or two before Red Rocks to warm up- potentially Sandstone or Phoenix.  I would estimate we will see a summer slate of between 20 and 30 shows.  Anyhow, this is 100% pure conjecture.

Don’t believe anything until you see it up on!  Hopefully today will be the day.  It’s coming soon….


ROSS GROWS ON A ROLLING STONE: The story of Trey’s new Ross Compressor made Rolling!  Also, the mainstream mag is now reporting Phish rumors!?  Crazy, what’s next?  Phish reviews in Rolling Stone? I should get in touch.



6.28.95 Jones Beach, NY < LINK

1995-06-28gnI thought we’d be celebrating Phish’s return to Long Island today, so i uploaded one of their last appearances in the summer of 1995.  This show is packed full of your favorite songs, all played ferociously in vinatge ’95 style.  Enjoy this one, and hopefully you can listen to it in celebration of today’s tour announcement.

I: Axilla [Part II] > Foam, Fast Enough for You, Reba, Punch You in the Eye, Stash, Fluffhead, Chalk Dust Torture

II: Sample in a Jar, Poor Heart, Tweezer*> Gumbo, Sparkle, Suzy Greenberg, Harry Hood, Tweezer Reprise

E: Sweet Adeline, While My Guitar Gently Weeps

*With “Cannonball” (The Breeders) jam.


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  1. Tadcaster Says:

    “If we get half of that schedule, we should be psyched”

    I for one will be psyched with the one or two shows I will get to. A simulcast in March and a wait until June would be unbelievable.

    I’ll have Great Woods in my backyard, and my truly shared feelings of disappointment for those fellow fans with kids or what not and won’t have one close enough to make it.

  2. waiting for full tour announcement Says:

    hey mr. minor…

    I just wanted to say thanks for all you do and i truly love this website. It has been a somewhat frustrating time for many of us, myself included. Being shut out of hampton has been a sad thing to have to live through. While many people are happy, and rightly so, there is a huge percentage of people of people out here with blueballs and no place to “shoot our load.” All these rumors are cool, but many of us are looking for something solid to hang our hats on. It is very frustrating to see ticketsnow already is trying to sell lawn tickets to summer shows that haven’t even been announced yet. Something just isn’t right about this. Its becoming obvious that the ticket troubles will extend to the summer tour. Its unavoidable. The break up was phish’s “touch of grey”, but only worse. I hope the glory days have not been lost.

    I’d like to apologize if any of my posts seemed to have a negative spin, but that’s just where i’m at mentally these days. Thats where many of us are at these days. Not trying to be a debbie downer, but its damned hard to stay positive with companies like ticketsnow preying on us fans and stealing our scene from us.

    While it is exciting and uplifting that they boys will be playing hampton in less than 2 months, the feeling of being left out isn’t so exciting. That’s why its important not to go overboard with all the rumors. Something, anything reliable to give us hope is all we are asking for. Thats kinda where i’d hope the band would come to our rescue soon. Will there be a simulcast? anything?

    It not your fault that the band has been so incredibly tight lipped about their future plans. I still look forward to reading you posts everyday and i truly thank you for a great site.

    so here’s to a solid announcement….the sooner the better. It will put our minds at ease.

  3. Henry Holland Says:

    If the West Coast swing you posted earlier is pretty accurate, I’ll be happy. A Los Angeles > Shoreline > The Gorge run would be fantastic. I really hope they play the Hollywood Bowl, I can take the subway there, as parking is a total nightmare.

    I agree with Waiting… about the scalpers already advertising stuff; getting tickets could be a nightmare for some shows. After reading Mr. Miner’s awesome post about “the old days” of money orders and envelopes, it makes me wish they’d use that method again!

    Thanks for all your info, Mr. Miner, it’s too bad this blog doesn’t make it past the software filter at work because *GASP* it’s allegedly about “Illegal Drugs”. 🙂

  4. Mr.Miner Says:

    ^^ wow! I never knew that 🙂 That’s absurd!

  5. Mr.Miner Says:

    and I’m definitely not trying to lead anyone on with rumors. I want the truth as much as you do. I’m just telling you what I hear.

  6. Tony C Says:

    What about PNC Bank??? As far as i remember, Trey and Page love that place, cause its way more Jerz than Camden…

  7. SquidMonola Says:

    Too bad. Maybe tomorrow. anywho, i thought you would all enjoy this. This girl rocks – makes for a wonderful Stash.

  8. Tadcaster Says:

    Jeez, Waiting-

    I’m here banking on two Great Woods shows…didn’t occur to me the ticket rush of all the North East heads for those shows. Good Lord.

  9. Clay Says:

    I think its plausible that they do

    Toronto (if Trey can get over the border???) ->

    or the other way around…

    I think we can look to many of the other tours which have set the blue print ofr what is probable

  10. sd Says:

    I would love it if that Hollywood Bowl rumor comes true. And I think Trey said once that they always wanted to play there.

  11. waiting for full tour announcement Says:

    ^^ i sincerely hope those shows become a reality for you tadcaster! I also hope you won’t have to deal with the scum at ticketsnow to make that dream a reality. More power to you! good luck!

  12. Tadcaster Says:

    Dude, if need be I’ll wait till the next time through..and the next…

    TicketsNow isn’t an option. Just need to dip back into that Phish ticket magic. “Something” always works out.

    That could be a post idea Miner….how many times have ticket situations looked bleak, and “it” just happens? I’ve had so many. Surrender to the Flow indeed.

  13. Tadcaster Says:

    Nah, ticketsnow isn’t an option for me. I’ve got kids and one on the way!

    I’ll Surrender to the Flow and have faith that a couple of tickets will come my way. The Phish ticket magic, it just always seems to work out.

    Maybe a post idea Mr. Miner. We all have several stories of ticket situations looking truly bleak, and they have a way of working out.

  14. hawkinbj Says:


    I favorited that video a while ago. You are absolutely correct; so beautiful it brings tears to the eyes

  15. hawkinbj Says:

    mistype – @ SquidMonola 😉

  16. SquidMonola Says:

    Okay, so i have been giving much thought to the opener.. And – Slave. I know it seems like an odd choice, but in comparing it the piper opener after the hiatus – it is a phish – it has very few lyrics which they could trip up on – it NEVER opens sets – it gives mike a little piece, page a little piece, then it drops off, into the perfect kind of jam for the occasion, its quiet and just builds and up to treys solo. i think Slave would be a killer come back. What are yr thoughts?

  17. SquidMonola Says:

    im sorry – above it should read – after the hiatus – it is a phish classic – it..

  18. SquidMonola Says:

    AND its almost a forgotten about classic. its been there since the beginning, but its always seems overshadowed.. and its such a beautiful song. .

  19. Al Says:

    In my view, they should open their comeback-show in Hampton with a NEW song which has got a lot of jamming potential. I’m talking of a 15-20 minute opener which builds slowly into a ferocious jam. To start with a Chalkdust or Mike’s would be a revival / coverband comeback (ahh, I feel your poisened arrows in my back now;- ) On the other hand I feel a part of me hoping that they’ll deliver some more tension & release / funk influences (of their own era) to start of the Phish 3.0 era.

  20. RobAins Says:

    I Didn’t Know 😉

  21. mike Says:

    The Spectrum anyone ? before bye bye day

    and check drygoods !

  22. axillalot Says:

    The perfect opener – Sanity. Think about it. “I lost my mind just a couple of times (lost his mind), lost my mind just a couple of times . . . ”


  23. bhizzle Says:

    I may be going out on a limb, but maybe we should look at DMB tour stops, since they’re managed by Red Light also. That’s why I am feeling good about a Darien prediction. And of course, SPAC, but that is a no brainer. They’ve always played there and Trey’s got a tiny spot in his heart for that place. He thanked those from Saratoga who were at the Albany show for their hospitality.

  24. bhizzle Says:

    Could Trey be dissed on a border crossing?

  25. bhizzle Says:

    Sorry to bogart the comments, but …


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