Not Quite…

Blueballed! At least for now. After much hype and anticipatory rumors about a tour announcement today, it has come and gone and we have nothing except two leaked dates.  Live Nation screwed up and posted the information about the upcoming Star Lake show on June 18 early before pulling it down.  Ticketmaster’s scalping subsidiary, TicketsNow, has had $200 seats on sale for Great Woods June 9th and the Star Lake show throughout the day.  Imagine that!  Ticketmaster scalping their own tickets to a show that hasn’t yet been announced.  Isn’t that what brokers do?

3176380765_8783fb7841These Great Woods and Star Lake dates are the only ones we know for sure, and for that marathon schedule posted earlier…pssshaw.  I wish.  Unfortunately, neither of the leaked dates are included in that run, and therefore the schedule is proven incorrect.  41 shows over the summer would be quite fun, but quite the hearty undertaking for a comeback tour.  The dates were not given to me randomly however, so don’t dismiss them all together. Though, if we get half of that schedule, we should be psyched.  What also makes me question the validity of the dates is the lack of Jones Beach, which has come in from multiple sources as legit. Yet, Phish hasn’t gone on a tour like that since Summer of ’97 beginning June 13th and ending on August 17th, and that was only 38 shows spanning two continents.

redrocksbigThis much more I am assuming to be true.  Alpine Valley on July 26th and 27th. People are freaking on these dates, and the entire hotel is booked with Phishies.  It will happen.  When Alpine exists, you gotta think Deer Creek will come directly before or after.  Red Rocks 7.29-8.2.  I am sticking with the original dates that have been tossed around for months.  The only thing about the faux dates that are cool is that they are the same dates they played Red Rocks in 1996, perhaps another indication of fabrication.  The Gorge and Shoreline will also be on.

Here is what I will throw out there as guesses.  Phish will play MSG, whether it is part of summer tour or beforehand.  No doubt. Phish will visit Camden for two nights.  Trey loves Camden and the E Center is a Phish staple.  Great Woods will turn into two shows.  I bet they go back to Lakewood for a couple, and the Los Angeles area will get a stop.  I would imagine they will start June in the northeast, working their way down to Bonnaroo and then out to the Midwest, hitting Rothbury on the way and ending at Alpine or Deer Creek.  Then they’ll start back up at Red Rocks, head out west, and go either up or down the coast.  Perhaps they’ll throw a random show or two before Red Rocks to warm up- potentially Sandstone or Phoenix.  I would estimate we will see a summer slate of between 20 and 30 shows.  Anyhow, this is 100% pure conjecture.

Don’t believe anything until you see it up on!  Hopefully today will be the day.  It’s coming soon….


ROSS GROWS ON A ROLLING STONE: The story of Trey’s new Ross Compressor made Rolling!  Also, the mainstream mag is now reporting Phish rumors!?  Crazy, what’s next?  Phish reviews in Rolling Stone? I should get in touch.



6.28.95 Jones Beach, NY < LINK

1995-06-28gnI thought we’d be celebrating Phish’s return to Long Island today, so i uploaded one of their last appearances in the summer of 1995.  This show is packed full of your favorite songs, all played ferociously in vinatge ’95 style.  Enjoy this one, and hopefully you can listen to it in celebration of today’s tour announcement.

I: Axilla [Part II] > Foam, Fast Enough for You, Reba, Punch You in the Eye, Stash, Fluffhead, Chalk Dust Torture

II: Sample in a Jar, Poor Heart, Tweezer*> Gumbo, Sparkle, Suzy Greenberg, Harry Hood, Tweezer Reprise

E: Sweet Adeline, While My Guitar Gently Weeps

*With “Cannonball” (The Breeders) jam.


100 Responses to “Not Quite…”

  1. Drinks>Chainsaw Says:

    Hampton set 1:

    2001>Sand>Ghost>Destiny>Bathtub Gin*

    Set 2:


    Enc:Divided sky>Curtain With*#

    *Each set is two hours and the Encore is 1 hour, most people can’t walk out of the mothership due to tore tendons, sprained knees, pulled back muscles etc…. from dancing so hard because they haven’t danced like that in years. *#Instead of dropping balloons after the show, they drop 100 dollar bills to repay people for how much money they spent to watch this insane display of awesomeness.

  2. camman Says:

    bhizzle, the ste-list was just for laughs… i was trying to bring a little to those of who are dreading dealing with tixbastard.

    Miner, something is about to happen, does that page mean we can get the tickets from Phish, and not from those scalping mo fo’s?

  3. bhizzle Says:

    I know. Miner is one sneaky mofo

  4. camman Says:

    drinks>chainsaw that would be the night… 11/22/97 part duex

    i’m still hoping for a Down With Disease > Mike’s > Disease* > Mikes* > Piper > Weekapaug

  5. Julie Says:

    Sounds like another lottery??

    Not sure how to interpret.

  6. guyforget Says:

    a super tight rift opener would kick start the joint.

  7. camman Says:

    no mean to bogart, but has anyone else (that means you miner :P) heard anything else about a simulcast for hampton?

  8. Mr.Miner Says:

    the plot thickens….

  9. Mr.Miner Says:

    There is a limit of one ticket request per credit card. As a security measure, Phish Tickets will accept a unique credit card number for each ticket request. If you attempt to place additional ticket requests with the same credit card number, all requests will be rejected. In addition, we will be filtering out multiple ticket requests made by the same person at the same billing address using different credit cards. Attempts to make multiple ticket requests by the same cardholder at the same address may result in a low priority assignment or even rejection of your requests.

  10. camman Says:

    miner, where did you find thsoe pages? will we have an announcemnt today?

  11. Tadcaster Says:

    Hey Camman,

    There will definitely be a Phish ticket request process. But due to the incresed interest in the band and ease of entering yourself in this online request process, it has become less reliable to obtain tickets through.

    The old days that were referred to was a serious time consuming process that weeded out a lot of folks who weren’t up for the challenge. You had to shell out money ahead of time (refunded if you didn’t get tickets) and were less likely to enter your name, your mom’s, your sister’s, and co-workers (like I will be doing for these shows 🙂 )

  12. camman Says:

    It does sound like another lottery…. oh this blows…

  13. bhizzle Says:

    stay positive

  14. Mr.Miner Says:

    All requests, regardless of when they are placed, are treated equally in the system. You can request one or more shows, but your entire ticket request must be placed at one time.

    Our allotment of tickets for each show is limited, so we may not be able to fulfill every request that we receive. You will be notified of your ticket status prior to the public on-sale date. All notifications will be sent via email. If you receive tickets, the appropriate money will be charged to your card.

    Order processing will begin as soon as the request window closes on January 17th at 11:59 AM EST, and you will be informed by email of your order status by 11:59 PM EST January 28th, 2009.

  15. Julie Says:

    Agreed, this will be another nightmare for phans like Hampton ticketing was.

  16. Matso Says:

    Why do I feel like we’re being toyed with? So many random pages popping up and going down, enticing us with dates. Another Phish prank? Probably. They’re back.

  17. camman Says:

    I’ll try.. i’m getting flashbacks to requestiong Hampton and getting rejected. I just want a ticket to the STL show at least, i know i probably dont have a chance for Deer Creek or Alpine Valley….

    Oh, To Be Prince Caspian…

  18. Even More Upset Than Before Says:

    wow…so far these dates are a gigantic letdown after you had those Florida dates in there yesterday

    it is exciting…but…at the same time not really…

    there have to be other phish fans that are going to be pissed if they don’t play farther south…


  19. Mr.Miner Says:

    you’ll get tickets…..relax….of course there was gonna be a lottery…what did you think? and Camman, Alpine is HUGE!

  20. camman Says:

    i’ll take your word miner, alpine is huge….. but we’ll be contending with a few hundred thousand people… just trying to be a little realistic is all…

    omg… Phish is actually going to touring this summer…

    i think it just set in….

  21. colonelforbinn Says:

    Having personally dealt with the lottery system of the Dave Matthews Band, I can assure you that it can be a pain to get tickets this way. (Duh, That was made obvious with Hampton)

    However, be thankful that they are not requiring anyone to join their fan club (Like DMB) and that everyone has an “equal” opportunity, unlike DMB where you can obtain seniority.

    NOW BACK TO PHISH!! Anxiously awaiting an official announcement…

  22. gills Says:

    why cant i find what you r talking about miner

  23. mr charlie Says:

    miner is a jeenyus!

    keep hacking away!

  24. Pence Says:

    I just pee’d a little.

  25. camman Says:

    i think we need to just pace the peace pipe and wait for the announcement….


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