Summer ’09! Finally!

header-newThe dates have finally been posted. After many different sources have leaked dates, has just posted the first leg of summer tour with the help of another cool announcement video featuring the mysterious Santa Monica skywriting and a “Punch You In the Eye” soundtrack.  The dates are as follows:

6.04.09 Nikon at Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, NY
6.05.09 Nikon at Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, NY
6.06.09 Comcast Center, Mansfield, MA
6.07.09 Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, NJ
6.09.09 Asheville Civic Center, Asheville, NC
6.16.09 Fox Theatre, St. Louis, MO
6.18.09 Post Gazette Pavilion, Burgettstown, PA
6.19.09 Verizon Wireless Music Center, Noblesville, IN
6.20.09 Alpine Valley Music Theater, East Troy, WI
6.21.09 Alpine Valley Music Theater, East Troy, WI

Tickets are now available for request NOW right here!  Interestingly enough, when these go on sale to the public, they will be sold by Live Nation and not Ticketmaster. I’m not sure if that changes much, but we shall see.

At first glance, what jumps out are the two Tuesday night performances at the Ashville Civic Center (7,654 capacity) and the Fox Theatre in St. Louis (5,060 capacity)!  Those are some TINY shows for this era!  Surprising is only one night in the cornfields of Noblesville. Phish has played only multi-nights stands there since 1997. Two nights at Alpine in the perfect closer for the initial summer leg.  Don’t be surprised when Bonnaroo is inserted between Ashville and St. Louis.  This looks like a great and manageable first leg. See you on the road!  More to come…



6.28.95 Jones Beach, NY < LINK

1995-06-28gnNow we are celebrating Phish’s return to Long Island today with one of their last appearances in the summer of 1995.  This show is packed full of your favorite songs, all played ferociously in vinatge ’95 style.  Enjoy this one, and hopefully you can listen to it in celebration of today’s tour announcement.

I: Axilla [Part II] > Foam, Fast Enough for You, Reba, Punch You in the Eye, Stash, Fluffhead, Chalk Dust Torture

II: Sample in a Jar, Poor Heart, Tweezer*> Gumbo, Sparkle, Suzy Greenberg, Harry Hood, Tweezer Reprise

E: Sweet Adeline, While My Guitar Gently Weeps

*With “Cannonball” (The Breeders) jam.


n6458611289_1701897_7613PHISH PRACTICING IN NYC AGAIN: On the day of the big announcement, the band has been found in NYC in a studio space on West 25th.  Apparently, standing outside, one can hear very the music clearly.  Songs that have been played today are “Reba,” “Seven Below,” “Wolfman’s Brother,” “The Curtain,” “NICU,” “Cavern,” “Farmhouse,” and “Army of One.” PT’er whosgotmybud posted this small update:

Trey sounds siiiick. definitely using a compressor. Mike is dropping BOMBS. you can hear them thru this garage door right on 25th and every time mike drops a bomb the whole garage door shakes.

Exciting stuff in this part of the world!


103 Responses to “Summer ’09! Finally!”

  1. jeff Says:

    worst case scenario – i don’t get tickets for ANY shows. that would suck and it would hurt, BUT, I would still get to hear NEW MUSIC CREATED BY PHISH, something that quite possibly could have never happened again due to multiple reasons, one big one being death. just the fact that there will new music available to me me that was made by my musical heros is, next to my daughter and wife, the best and most exciting prospect in my life right now. thank you Whitehall NY police officer! (that’s a joke)

  2. brewcrew87 Says:

    anabiono Says:
    January 8, 2009 at 7:43 pm

    i am not trying to be rude, but are all you people rich and have ample amount of time on your hands?

    Weve had over 4 years to save $$for this

  3. Clay Says:

    The world is back in line

    Today I heard from my old tour buddy havent spoken with him in 5 years!!!

    The wold is now aligned

    God Bless Rock and Rolls

  4. jonathan Says:

    I am so happy. David Hasselhoff is spinning in his grave!!

  5. jonathan Says:

    One last thing. Please think positive everyone. 2009 is going to be fantastic!!

    Please do not ruin this day!!

    If you feel like complaining don’t.

    This is how I know my wife gets it. I am 32 with three kids under 6 years old. I said. “honey, phish just announced their summer tour!”

    She said, how long are you going to be away for.

    That’s a great lady!! I love her!!!!!!!

  6. MP Says:

    I get the disappointment, setting up camp for at least a couple nights of Phish at Deercreek has been a tradtion since 1997, its hard to see a one night stop at such a great place to lose your shit. There are a couple of tiny venues thrown in there, conspicuous aren’t they? Is there some hidden meaning there? A 6k person venue? And we thought Radio City (also about 6k)was a hard ticket, 8 years ago, FOR 2 nights!

    You think they are underestimating interest in their return or just taking their time getting back in the swing of things? Its not like they haven’t been in front of big crowds (Trey/Mike/Fish @ Rothbury). But I guess playing as a foursome again isn’t something that comes naturally, it takes a lot of work to be as good as they were together. It is curious and a reminder that things haven’t been normal for a minute or two. Its better than nothing, but I liked Miners tour post yesterday alot more, wouldn’t any fan? Asking questions is not complaining, We all think about this band a lot and put a good deal of our emotional and financial resources into following them. Blowing off some steam is needed sometimes.

  7. Camman Says:

    this truly is the day i never thought would come, the day the earth stands still

  8. down with ticketsnow! Says:

    livephish will make sure no one is left out. technology ensures us we wont miss a note. you dont have to be there for the music to rock our world. just be happy. no one lives forever.

  9. jeff Says:

    MP – there’s a lot more than questions being asked..
    did you ever think that maybe the band just wants to play a beautiful theatre with great acoustics?

  10. MP Says:

    Sure i think about that, Jeff, and maybe it is just that simple. But there are the touring minions to think about, might be more people standing around outside of that show in St. Louis than inside.

    Don’t get me wrong, its a good day.

  11. lanser Says:

    all im trying to say is this means as much to me as anyone else in the phish world. why make it so hard to see shows or do the tour. i’m not rich. i mean i’m wealthy with life experience:) but i got no loot. and jones beach will be redic. ashville will be redic. and st. louis will be redic. not negative mr. miner just frustrated. i have a hard time believing you don’t know what im sayin?

  12. eric Says:

    I am glad they have chosen to play smaller, better, venues rather than say an Arena tour. Sure tickets will be harder to get, but the experience will be better when we can get in the door. And hopefully the smaller venues and breaking up the tour into segments will cut down on some the grungy touring minions that can drag the scene down. I am just waiting and praying for a western swing.

  13. lanser Says:

    hi matt^ great day!!!! phish tour dates. sickness!!!!

  14. lanser Says:

    what is wrong with big venues? i started seeing phish in 93 in the midwest, so i have seen tons of shows in little venues:) i want more huge shows.

  15. bosevelt Says:

    In the promo photo….Does anyone else think that they took a couple photos and Fish said, “Hey, man, why does my face look so fat! I mean, I like the photo, but my face looks sooooooo fat.” And the Trey said, “Hey Mike, cover Fish’s face with your bass…..” and that didn’t quite cover it all so Trey stuck his guitar over as well….

    Not trying to be rude, or mean, just saying, I could see this happening and them laughing about it.

  16. jerrydamule Says:

    I got very little work done the last 2 days, and am so glad that they finally released the Kracken. This feeding frenzy that we’ve all been through the last couple days, the constant refreshing… its the ocean flowing in our veins. Today is a day to rejoice, take a breath, and realize it’s on. Think about how you felt when you left Coventry; now stop thinking; now think about how YOU’RE gonna feel at your first show back when the lights go down… see what I mean.

    @Jonathan – love to hear that about your wife. When I got home, I told her that 1st leg had been announced, and I was taking her to Jones Beach. She said, “can we bring our oldest daughter?” (4 1/2) I just grinned. She backed that up with “Red Rocks would be good for you to go with just your crew.” I crossed my fingers and thought “Me loves the missus”

  17. Clay Says:

    For yall to keep in mind

    Anyone who is looking for hampton tickets….

    I am not going to go to hampton..i have a sunday night ticket…Will trade for your jones beach or greatwoods. Just something to think about

    anyone interested in keeping in contact is my email


  18. Camman Says:

    it just dawned on me…

    MSG didn’t make the tour list…


  19. Tadcaster Says:

    I’m with Jeff above. Psyched for new Phish music. Psyched to wake up to a new setlist and hear the show shortly thereafter.

    I’m also with Jerrydamule who just painted the “lights go down” picture.

    All day Perma-Grin. God Damn.

  20. Hazel Says:

    June indoor shows are rare…maybe if there’s another tour

  21. Camman Says:

    hazel.. i can’t believe i over looked that…

    hott damn i need a ticket to the fox theatre show in STL…

  22. eric Says:

    @lanser, true the energy at large shows can be incredible when the whole band and the crowd are in sync. I guess I’m just glad they are starting smaller so they can slowly build momentum from here (hopefully to a Big Cypress 10th anniversary, what do say?)

  23. Mr.Miner Says:

    @ lanser: of course i know, but you’ll be there.

    @ everyone….this is great… schmickets…things will work out. Have faith…

  24. bunitingi Says:

    I also have to agree with Jeff up there. It will be impossible for me to return to the State in the next 6 months, as much as i would pee myself to attend any of the shows. I am happy for all those who will, but most importantly, the night or so after each performance, assuming they continue to offer the shows for download on their site, i will get to sit on my terrace in the evening with my ipod and listen to NEW phish shows!!!!!

    If i had to make a deal with some Entity that in order for the band to return and TOUR AGAIN i would have to sacrifice seeing them for the near future and only get to listen to the shows, i would HAPPILY, yea even GRATEFULLY agree.

    As it is quite possible this is exactly what has occurred, you’re all welcome 🙂

  25. c0wfunk Says:

    I remember during Serial Pod (trey, mike, and bill kreutzman) at the christmas jam in the asheville civic center a few years ago, ivan neville sat in and it was a 4 piece — the room became suddenly very phishy and there was a moment (or a few) where it was indistinguishable. I said to my buddy — imagine seeing phish in here; NAH!! never — but it came true. So crazy. Can’t wait to see my first ever home town phish show (though hampton has become a home away..)

    Dreams come true ya know

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