More Than Fun

508836127_44cdb2be4eConcerts are fun.  Parties are fun. Carnivals are fun.  But Phish was so much more than fun.  If fun was the primary thing we drew from this band, would we all be rearranging our summers to hit as many shows as possible?  If fun was the only thing we derived from Phish, they would have been like any other crazy Saturday night.  But they weren’t.  There was something intangible for all of us, something more than fun, that kept drawing us back to those arenas and amphitheatres for years on end.  There was something strangely personal about the whole Phish experience, as if the band was sometimes playing to you and you, alone.  That connection we all felt inside; to the music, the experience and to the moment kept us yearning for just one more taste.  Whether that taste came the next day, the next weekend, or the next tour, we knew that taste was coming and we awaited it like we awaited nothing else.  Yeah, there was something more than fun going on.  And now, that next taste is in reach once again.

3181882151_d0fea0a7871That late-night jolt of life that came last fall; the mystery that gripped our soul when the lights suddenly went black; that bursting sensation at the peak of the most grandiose Harry Hood; the sense of adventure when another Tweezer jam opened; the silence that fell over every crowd at the start of a Slave jam; these things were far more than amusement.  Those tranquil inner moments or those times you felt like you were going to explode; balancing on the cusp at the onset of every Bowie or the sea of bliss that sailed with each Reba drop, this was not the stuff of birthday parties and pin the tail on the donkey.  This stuff was serious, our car’s odometers and our former bank accounts can attest to that.

The reason why Phish 3.0 has revitalized the community and brought us all backwards down the number line is because we know that whenever we next see Phish, whether at Hampton, Jones Beach, Alpine Valley or beyond, we will have an experience that no one in their same mind could simply describe as fun.  We know that when we find ourselves in front of the Phish, that special place inside that has been closed for so long will reopen.  We will feel different. We will be different.

3176382295_a7653d1791This even helps explain why Phish tickets are at such a premium today.  Everyone wants a part of what’s left to come, because the experience provides us with so much more than fun; something with which to dream.  Stir your best friends, post-show parties ’till way past sunrise, road trips, and mayhem into the mix with the transcendent live experience, and Phish tour magically morphs into one constant and reliable “Fun > Magic > Fun” segue.  And it’s about to start all over again.  With a blank canvas, Phish will paint a new self-portrait that will also serve as a mirror reflecting our own growth and change since Coventry.  As Phish steps to each stage during this upcoming year, spawning new jams while revisiting old ones and evolving into the future, there is one thing you can be sure of, it will be far more than fun.



8.17.96 The Clifford Ball SBD < LINK


The Clifford Ball

Taking care of yesterday’s unfinished business, here we have the final three sets from The Ball.  Highlights include a divine afternoon “Reba,” a beautifully crafted second set capped with a “best-ever” version of Slave, and an adrenaline-laced third set with a “Tweezer” centerpiece, that left everyone wanting just a little bit more.

I: The Old Home Place, Punch You in the Eye, Reba, Cars Trucks Buses, Lizards, Sample in a Jar, Taste, Fee, Maze, Suzy Greenberg

II: The Curtain > Runaway Jim, It’s Ice, Brother*, Fluffhead, Run Like an Antelope, Golgi Apparatus, Slave to the Traffic Light

III: Wilson, Frankenstein, Scent of a Mule**, Tweezer, A Day in the Life, Possum, Tweezer Reprise

E: Harpua#

NOTE: Before the second set, the Clifford Ball Orchestra played classical music by: Debussy: Nocturnes (2 movements), Ravel: Pavane Pour une Enfante Defunte, Debussy: Claire de Lune, Ravel: Tombeau de Couperin (2 movements), Chavrier: Joyeux Muse, Faure: Pelleas et Mellisandre (2 movements), Stravinsky: The Firebird (2 movements). *With Ben & Jerry singing a verse. **With a Fishman solo instead of the typical Page/Trey duel.  #Without the “Ooom Pah Pah” opening and cut short before finishing.

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189 Responses to “More Than Fun”

  1. bhizzle Says:

    ^^^my shout out to Little Buddy

  2. doctorfret Says:

    I’ve never needed ear plugs at a Phish show. I’m just saying if you listen to a thunderous 80 min. Mike’s Song on the way to a show and they play a 4min. version that night, you will be dissappointed. I like listening to something pretty tame on the way to a show so Phish sounds huge and intense-especially at indoor venues. I just meant protect your ears from Phish fatigue. I listen to them every day, but on the way to Hampton, there will be no Phish played in my car.

  3. bhizzle Says:

    music road map for my pre and post Phish show – any reggae, Steely Dan, Stevie wonder, Slayer, White Stripes. Never Phish.

  4. camman Says:

    haha doctor fret, has there ever been an 80 minute mikes? i understand the point you were getting at and it actually sounds like a great routine to have. as for the Roo.. i’ll just get as close to the stage ther playing at as soon as possible and have a great supply of ear plugs for the day so my ears will be fresh that night. i really wish my first show wont be at bonnaroo, but at the same time I cant pass that show up. any other suggestions guys?

  5. camman Says:

    and i honestly dont think i could be dissapointed by what tehy play.. unless its Get back on the Train followed by Sleeping Monkey followed by Friday. I’m really hoping for a sick Pebbles and Marbles though. The lyrics to that song are some of the most insightful i’ve ever heard.

  6. doctorfret Says:

    Calling an 80 min. Mikes-first night, Hampton.

  7. camman Says:

    1st set right, Doctor Fret?

    Followed by the 90 min Weekpaug with Antelope and Piper jams for the second set.

  8. doctorfret Says:

    cigarette filter cut into two pieces=poor man’s ear plugs. I’ve had to rock these a couple times.

  9. guyforget Says:

    ^^”just don’t listen to them in the lot”, ha!!!

  10. Mr.Miner Says:

    meduafire wil be down until at least 3pm EST for maintenance. Links should work afterwards.
    Nothing I ca do about it…

  11. guyforget Says:

    cammnan, dissing tunes??

  12. hawkinbj Says:

    Camman: To each his own I suppose. I for one find myslef going through year long stretches of nothing but Phish, and then I’ll pull back a bit and listen to other stuff. (Very varied, everything from House Music to newer Indie stuff – all by way of having been exposed to such a wide variety of musid Phish plays)

    Couldn’t have said it better myself, mate 🙂

  13. HSV 007 Says:

    Camman…..I love to hear your passion for the band. Just go in with no expectations & you wont be dissapointed. Do not expect every show to be 10.31.96 or 12.31.99. Just take what comes & I assure you’ll love the experience.

    As for listening to Phish before a show, I will echo most of the senitments you have already heard, (i.e. listen to something else). Pre-show I really enjoy listening to some 70’s era soul (Curtis Mayfield, Herbie Hancock, Steely Dan…well done bhizzle), some classic instrumental jazz (Coletrane, Davis, Parker, Getz) and some West Coast & NOLA funk (Greyboy Allstars, Robert Walters, the Meters). Post show lately has been classic Led Zepplin & old school Stones. Listen to whatever floats your boat.

    I hope you have a great time & come to fully understand just exactly what all this frenzy is all about. BTW, GBOTT> Sleeping Monkey rocks when you’re there…;-)

    “your’re gonna be a geinus anyway”

  14. guyforget Says:

    nice HSV…gott love it when Fishman stands up on his stool for the “hooooommmme on the traaaaaiiiinnnn” part with the spot on him. And, is there a better theme for the tour than GBOTT?

  15. John Campion Says:

    Its like wearing the t-shirt of the band you’re going to see that night! 😉

  16. Chalkdustin Says:

    Camman, I agree about not listening to Phish the day of the show and in the lot. I remember being at Alpine one show and some car in the lot was blasting Junta. A whole slew of phans gathered over and begged them to quit. Get down to some other rad tunes show day instead. But listen your heart out pre-show day as much as you want. I don’t think you can ever have too much Phish.

  17. Chalkdustin Says:

    I also agree about Pebbles and Marbles. I haven’t rocked out to that tune for a while.

  18. Dan Says:

    I realize you don’t like me and probably won’t post this again, but this whole website is extremely depressing to noobs. Knowing I’ll never understand real Phish is painful. Having doubts of ever experiencing a phest, an extended NYE show, a full tour, or any show to which everyone considers ‘epic’ makes the world bleak. I’m not asking you to change your ways, I just hope you understand a noob’s pain.

    Make fun of me all you want, but it’s true.

  19. Mr.Miner Says:


  20. bhizzle Says:

    Yes, indeed. A better theme is needed. GBOTT has bunk connotations. If it has to be one of their songs, I’m throwing out Free

  21. bhizzle Says:

    “Phish’s Free Summer Tour”

  22. Mr.Miner Says:

    @ Dan- Hey man, the whole point of this site is that the MAGIC ISN’T OVER! More epic jams, more epic shows to come!! Just listen to Camman, someone lese who has never seen Phish, but is ready and willing to dive in with an open heart. You will “get” Phish if you allow yourself to! This is YOUR time! Don’t waste it wishing you were born 10 years earlier– ya’ know!
    PHISH 2009!

  23. Chalkdustin Says:

    Miner’s right, Dan. People rave about the “old Phish” but who’s to say they won’t be even better now? A WHOLE NEW ERA is upon us that’s exciting for both veterans and noobies alike. We’re all here to share in groove whether we’ve been with Phish for 2 months or 20 years. It’s all about community and the music that brings us together. I didn’t get to experience Phish as many times as I would have liked back in the day, but that doesn’t mean I won’t get a chance to feel what I’ve felt before and what everyone talks about here. Phish will always be real- I know where people are coming from, worried that Phish is selling out to big corporations by playing at Roo and such, and I have my trepidations as well. But the “real” Phish is all about playing their own music and jamming out for a good time, letting yourself get lost in the sound. That won’t change and never will. You can experience that listing to a show from 96 or 2009. Long live Phish!!!

  24. Camman Says:

    thanks for all the love everybody… and i didn’t mean to be dissing tunes, but we all have phish tunes we love more then others… those are just lower on my love totem pole. I have to third what miner and Chalkdustin were saying. this next ear of phish is going to be amazing, and i’ve got the feeling it’ll be better then phish 2.0. this band has brought so much into my life, and has given me an entirely different outlook on the world, and i’m only 17 years old. who know how long we’ll have phish this time around, but we need to celebrate it while we can! this will truly be the best summer of this decade, and its ours to bask in. The band is doing this for themselves, but also for us. I think trey is hungry to meld some minds and deliver some truly evil funky grooves. this is what i’ve hoped for every day for nearly five years and the day will soon be upon us. when it comes to this band, you can’t be over optimistic, hell i still they might break out another gamehendge for us, maybe on halloween. 2009 is the year i’ve been waiting for my entire life, and i honestly can’t describe how pumped i am for this. but i know that thousands of other people feel the exact same way. on tour this summer and beyond i wont be isolated and made fun of because im the kid “thats in love some band call pahish” (thats how they announce it around here guys whenever i break out one of my shirts with a setlist printed on the back) i know i’ll be with the family ive been reading about for 5 years…. its all coming true. YES!!!

    As for a tour/theme song this summer…. i’m also going to either go with “Free” or “Backwards Down the Number Line” check it !

  25. Chalkdustin Says:

    Camman, welcome to the PHAMILY! Can’t wait to see you at Roo and wherever else the music takes you. Where on earth are you from where they say “pahish”? That’s too funny.

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