More Than Fun

508836127_44cdb2be4eConcerts are fun.  Parties are fun. Carnivals are fun.  But Phish was so much more than fun.  If fun was the primary thing we drew from this band, would we all be rearranging our summers to hit as many shows as possible?  If fun was the only thing we derived from Phish, they would have been like any other crazy Saturday night.  But they weren’t.  There was something intangible for all of us, something more than fun, that kept drawing us back to those arenas and amphitheatres for years on end.  There was something strangely personal about the whole Phish experience, as if the band was sometimes playing to you and you, alone.  That connection we all felt inside; to the music, the experience and to the moment kept us yearning for just one more taste.  Whether that taste came the next day, the next weekend, or the next tour, we knew that taste was coming and we awaited it like we awaited nothing else.  Yeah, there was something more than fun going on.  And now, that next taste is in reach once again.

3181882151_d0fea0a7871That late-night jolt of life that came last fall; the mystery that gripped our soul when the lights suddenly went black; that bursting sensation at the peak of the most grandiose Harry Hood; the sense of adventure when another Tweezer jam opened; the silence that fell over every crowd at the start of a Slave jam; these things were far more than amusement.  Those tranquil inner moments or those times you felt like you were going to explode; balancing on the cusp at the onset of every Bowie or the sea of bliss that sailed with each Reba drop, this was not the stuff of birthday parties and pin the tail on the donkey.  This stuff was serious, our car’s odometers and our former bank accounts can attest to that.

The reason why Phish 3.0 has revitalized the community and brought us all backwards down the number line is because we know that whenever we next see Phish, whether at Hampton, Jones Beach, Alpine Valley or beyond, we will have an experience that no one in their same mind could simply describe as fun.  We know that when we find ourselves in front of the Phish, that special place inside that has been closed for so long will reopen.  We will feel different. We will be different.

3176382295_a7653d1791This even helps explain why Phish tickets are at such a premium today.  Everyone wants a part of what’s left to come, because the experience provides us with so much more than fun; something with which to dream.  Stir your best friends, post-show parties ’till way past sunrise, road trips, and mayhem into the mix with the transcendent live experience, and Phish tour magically morphs into one constant and reliable “Fun > Magic > Fun” segue.  And it’s about to start all over again.  With a blank canvas, Phish will paint a new self-portrait that will also serve as a mirror reflecting our own growth and change since Coventry.  As Phish steps to each stage during this upcoming year, spawning new jams while revisiting old ones and evolving into the future, there is one thing you can be sure of, it will be far more than fun.



8.17.96 The Clifford Ball SBD < LINK


The Clifford Ball

Taking care of yesterday’s unfinished business, here we have the final three sets from The Ball.  Highlights include a divine afternoon “Reba,” a beautifully crafted second set capped with a “best-ever” version of Slave, and an adrenaline-laced third set with a “Tweezer” centerpiece, that left everyone wanting just a little bit more.

I: The Old Home Place, Punch You in the Eye, Reba, Cars Trucks Buses, Lizards, Sample in a Jar, Taste, Fee, Maze, Suzy Greenberg

II: The Curtain > Runaway Jim, It’s Ice, Brother*, Fluffhead, Run Like an Antelope, Golgi Apparatus, Slave to the Traffic Light

III: Wilson, Frankenstein, Scent of a Mule**, Tweezer, A Day in the Life, Possum, Tweezer Reprise

E: Harpua#

NOTE: Before the second set, the Clifford Ball Orchestra played classical music by: Debussy: Nocturnes (2 movements), Ravel: Pavane Pour une Enfante Defunte, Debussy: Claire de Lune, Ravel: Tombeau de Couperin (2 movements), Chavrier: Joyeux Muse, Faure: Pelleas et Mellisandre (2 movements), Stravinsky: The Firebird (2 movements). *With Ben & Jerry singing a verse. **With a Fishman solo instead of the typical Page/Trey duel.  #Without the “Ooom Pah Pah” opening and cut short before finishing.

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189 Responses to “More Than Fun”

  1. Chalkdustin Says:

    Agreed, tried meeting some friends there but quickly realized it was not the place to be.

  2. Read Icculus Says:

    …..negative is bad, positive is good…..Haven’t you read the book?

  3. bhizzle Says:

    I have this terrible sense that some PT’ers are lurking and ready to pounce with their hijinx.

  4. Camman Says:

    i agree with miner, your welcome in the world of phish, everyone is (except for dick cheyney) email me if you want man… i dont know old you are, but how can you help but exicted by the best summer thats going to happen in years?

  5. SOAM Says:

    underneath the light -middle of the night-couldn’t get it wrong-

  6. guyforget Says:

    hijinx may be my favorite word.

  7. SOAM Says:

    Shut your pie holes and shake your bones!

  8. Camman Says:

    Weekapaug is certainly my favorite word

  9. guyforget Says:

    i have a friend who knows nothing about phish and said to me once that Makisupa Policeman is the greatest song title ever.

  10. guyforget Says:

    i was once partying on sunset strip and a land rover defender with the top down rolled by cranking weekapaug from hampton comes alive, it was none other than Jerry O’Connell, yes Chunk.

  11. guyforget Says:

    i meant Vern, not Chunk….always get those two confused.

  12. bhizzle Says:

    Is that a fuckin reference to Stand By Me?

  13. congressman Says:

    Camman and Dan,
    I dont know where to start!! There is so much speculation about new phans, how the scene is going to differ, and how teh new generation of fans that never saw the Boys before may not get it. Camman,IReading your posts adds another whole layer of excitement for me. I think that the whole “Newb” thing is a shame, and it always has been. I started seeing the band in ’95 and will never forget the immense sense of acceptance that I felt as I slowly let music move me and my body in a way that it never had before. Unfortunately, mere minutes after I had discovered my place in the world during a 50 minute Tweezer, my serenity was shattered by somebody that felt they were more entitled to that Tweezer than I was!! Basically, I had never heard one note of Phish before I went to see these shows. I can only imagine the type of screams and laughter that I exccreted throughout this Tweezer’s huge peaks and valleys.. I wasnt trying to bother anybody and was clearly feeling the Vibration of life for the first time. An older hippie behind me decided to make a comment right then about how his band had surely become a joke if a prep like me was feeling the phlow. The situation was
    quickly disposed of by my older Phish Guide who immediately marched me 5 rows up and told me to carry on and never think about that guy again. There is nothing more beautiful to me than sharing in someones first groove:) I feel like I have rambled for a bit too long here but my point is this: Phish 2009 is important for so many reasons. Those of us that have seen them before are blessed with the oppurtunity to, once again, revisit those “rainbow records of our thoughts and moments we’ve enjoyed:)” The world is back to being a little bit better, as it always is when Phish is making music. But for so many kids Camman’s age the world is right for the very first time!! If any of them are nearly as ready as this kid Camman Phish is going to be more fun and bigger than ever!! Don’t you evr let anybody act like they are more entitled to anything than you are!! Fight for that dance space!! Kick Mr. Miner in his ankles if you end up in competition for a tweezer!! Take in every second of these shows with unbridaled joy and the memory that, not to long ago, this was a far off dream. I can’t wait for you to feel it Camman, Welcome.

  14. Mr.Miner Says:

    @ congressman– Thanks buddy! I couldn’t have written that any better.

  15. WALSH Says:

    I would like to begin by thanking Miner on the best Phish Phan website since the HEYDAY of Mr Gadiels page, when that was IT as far as info, rumors, etc.

    As far as the listening to Phish preshow…I usually cannot get myself to listen to anything else as a show gets close…really the only thing I care to hear. Yet, the day of and esp in the ‘Lot find something else. I normally listen to whatever goes on around me, too busy walking around trying to see if I run into old friends. Post show…THE GRATEFUL DEAD! There really is nothing better than some good Ol’ Jer & the boys to keep it mellow but fun. Long drives it is fun, because by the time set 2 hits you are almost ready for it to get weird again. Either way have fun.

  16. full tour: ANNOUNCED! Says:

    honestly, the song Friday gets a lot of undeserved flac. When the song first came out, I was a bit hesitant about it. But after seeing them play it in Miami in 2003 mixed with the settling of time over many years, I have come to really enjoy it as a great song. It took a long time, but I have really come to appreciate “Friday.” Its a pretty deep song and the lyrics ring true to this day.

    great post today minor! I tried to kinda explain that phish is deeper than what it appears to be on so many levels. That untapped source of joy for so many people. Its been such a long time!!!!!

  17. Los Says:

    I luv phish!!!!!! Cant wait to swim the bowl again!

    For those new to the scene, buckle up and take it all in and welcome to the pham!

    Good vibes to all!

  18. guyforget Says:

    the Friday encore in vegas 2/16 was a bit of a let down, until i realized it was sunday night and the band, like all of us were wishing it were only friday!

  19. guyforget Says:

    full tour announced – are you hinting at a foreplay/longtime opener? that would be hilarious.

  20. full tour: ANNOUNCED! Says:

    i know “foreplay/Longtime” is a viable candidate for an opener somewhere……my money is on Great woods this summer! 🙂

    But what if they did come out at hampton and tear “the boys are back in town” a new one?

  21. full tour: ANNOUNCED! Says:

    i know “foreplay/Longtime” is a viable candidate for an opener somewhere……my money is on Great woods this summer! :)But what if they did come out at hampton and tear “the boys are back in town” a new one? ……”guess who just got back today?”

  22. full tour: ANNOUNCED! Says:


  23. guyforget Says:

    “the boys are back in town” has been kicked around for “such a long time”! it would be funny, but kind of cheesy and self serving, and as fishman has told us, that’s not cool. Although the “cover of the rolling stone” was sweet treat for us at the forum that night.

  24. full tour: ANNOUNCED! Says:

    It is hampton….where “rock and roll pt.1” was debuted many a yesteryear ago….

  25. guyforget Says:


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