More Than Fun

508836127_44cdb2be4eConcerts are fun.  Parties are fun. Carnivals are fun.  But Phish was so much more than fun.  If fun was the primary thing we drew from this band, would we all be rearranging our summers to hit as many shows as possible?  If fun was the only thing we derived from Phish, they would have been like any other crazy Saturday night.  But they weren’t.  There was something intangible for all of us, something more than fun, that kept drawing us back to those arenas and amphitheatres for years on end.  There was something strangely personal about the whole Phish experience, as if the band was sometimes playing to you and you, alone.  That connection we all felt inside; to the music, the experience and to the moment kept us yearning for just one more taste.  Whether that taste came the next day, the next weekend, or the next tour, we knew that taste was coming and we awaited it like we awaited nothing else.  Yeah, there was something more than fun going on.  And now, that next taste is in reach once again.

3181882151_d0fea0a7871That late-night jolt of life that came last fall; the mystery that gripped our soul when the lights suddenly went black; that bursting sensation at the peak of the most grandiose Harry Hood; the sense of adventure when another Tweezer jam opened; the silence that fell over every crowd at the start of a Slave jam; these things were far more than amusement.  Those tranquil inner moments or those times you felt like you were going to explode; balancing on the cusp at the onset of every Bowie or the sea of bliss that sailed with each Reba drop, this was not the stuff of birthday parties and pin the tail on the donkey.  This stuff was serious, our car’s odometers and our former bank accounts can attest to that.

The reason why Phish 3.0 has revitalized the community and brought us all backwards down the number line is because we know that whenever we next see Phish, whether at Hampton, Jones Beach, Alpine Valley or beyond, we will have an experience that no one in their same mind could simply describe as fun.  We know that when we find ourselves in front of the Phish, that special place inside that has been closed for so long will reopen.  We will feel different. We will be different.

3176382295_a7653d1791This even helps explain why Phish tickets are at such a premium today.  Everyone wants a part of what’s left to come, because the experience provides us with so much more than fun; something with which to dream.  Stir your best friends, post-show parties ’till way past sunrise, road trips, and mayhem into the mix with the transcendent live experience, and Phish tour magically morphs into one constant and reliable “Fun > Magic > Fun” segue.  And it’s about to start all over again.  With a blank canvas, Phish will paint a new self-portrait that will also serve as a mirror reflecting our own growth and change since Coventry.  As Phish steps to each stage during this upcoming year, spawning new jams while revisiting old ones and evolving into the future, there is one thing you can be sure of, it will be far more than fun.



8.17.96 The Clifford Ball SBD < LINK


The Clifford Ball

Taking care of yesterday’s unfinished business, here we have the final three sets from The Ball.  Highlights include a divine afternoon “Reba,” a beautifully crafted second set capped with a “best-ever” version of Slave, and an adrenaline-laced third set with a “Tweezer” centerpiece, that left everyone wanting just a little bit more.

I: The Old Home Place, Punch You in the Eye, Reba, Cars Trucks Buses, Lizards, Sample in a Jar, Taste, Fee, Maze, Suzy Greenberg

II: The Curtain > Runaway Jim, It’s Ice, Brother*, Fluffhead, Run Like an Antelope, Golgi Apparatus, Slave to the Traffic Light

III: Wilson, Frankenstein, Scent of a Mule**, Tweezer, A Day in the Life, Possum, Tweezer Reprise

E: Harpua#

NOTE: Before the second set, the Clifford Ball Orchestra played classical music by: Debussy: Nocturnes (2 movements), Ravel: Pavane Pour une Enfante Defunte, Debussy: Claire de Lune, Ravel: Tombeau de Couperin (2 movements), Chavrier: Joyeux Muse, Faure: Pelleas et Mellisandre (2 movements), Stravinsky: The Firebird (2 movements). *With Ben & Jerry singing a verse. **With a Fishman solo instead of the typical Page/Trey duel.  #Without the “Ooom Pah Pah” opening and cut short before finishing.

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  1. full tour: ANNOUNCED! Says:

    🙂 No matter what they open with….its gonna be the sickness!

  2. Jerrydamule Says:

    @ bhizzle… read the same PT thread last night, same reaction, got pissed, at myself. Also, maybe FULL TOUR can act as the officiant at your baby’s ceremony; FT is obv in-the-know when it comes to spirituality.

    As for pre-game tunes, ’77 GD, JGB, Meters, Marley work nicely. I’ve dreamed of what it would be like to pull a super chill and go near catatonic the day of the comeback show, so that all my energy would be conserved for when the lights go down. But that ain’t happening, being that I’m driving down from just north of NYC, leaving early Friday, and expecting about a 5-6 hour road trip. I’ll most likely be super frazzled, having dealt with driving and spent the previous hours reuniting with my old tour mates and getting super fired up. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, not one bit, lucky as hell to be doing it. In any event, showing up superfrazzled and instantly righting the ship is what I do best.

  3. guyforget Says:

    Jerry – i’d count on way more that 5-6 hours. Having grown up in Northern NJ and going to college at U of Delaware, it’s longer than that.
    I did hampton from Delaware and it took up 6 hours. 95 always sucks with traffic somewhere or another….just my 2 cents…

  4. Jerrydamule Says:

    guyforget… crap, you’re right. Tx for the heads up. … must make it on time… must grab shower at hotel to eradicate swamp ass… must not let mission fail.

  5. guyforget Says:

    hey if i can’t be there, i wish no bum trips for anybody who will be!!! rock steady.

  6. RobAins Says:

    Guyforget: Where in No. Jersey? I’m from Maplewood. Living in Philly, by way of Bend, OR., Madison, WI., and Boulder, Co.

  7. guyforget Says:

    Morris County, Randolph to be exact. Living in Phoenix, by way Newark, DE, San Diego, CA…

  8. Camman Says:


    thanks for that post and your support, and to everyone else, the same goes for you. if it wasn’t for people like you, then us newer would probably shy away from the band. The music however, is only half the expiernce though, from what ive read, is people like you complete the phenom that is phish. Thank you guys again and i can’t wait to party on down with ya’ll and don’t worry miner i wont be kicking your ankles. if young phans can bring a new energy to phish, then that would be amazing. It saddens me to see how in my generation thats coming up.. there are so few and far between that care anything for this band. I know one of kid that likes fluffhead, and another has a few of their albums, but in my school of 1900 people.. im by far the biggest head (hot to toot my own horn or anything). i can’t believe i’m not going to hampton, but phish has made it up to me by playing in stl…. its impossible to stay pissed at those guys, i can only speak for myself when i say i plan on being as respectful to the band and to the community during the upcoming days of phish. i dont want a repeat of ’95 dead or post hiatus phish. i dont want to be a reason phish is banned from another venue like red rocks. i honestly just want to stand up front and share in the groove. its what i’ve wanted for 1746 days…i feel as part of the community know i just can’t wait to boogie down on some reggae women ;P

  9. Camman Says:

    guyforget that vegas show 2/16 is probably my favorite from post hiatus. we’re you there? ive seen vid and have a sound board of that piper…. which i personally think is the best piper of 2003 DWD reprize! hellz yea fellas!

  10. Dan Says:

    Camman, don’t you think you’re doing it up a little too much? You do realize Phish broke up because they thought they had run their course, that any continuation would be either redundant or lower in quality, right? I’m not saying you shouldn’t be optimistic, but don’t be this fake. You don’t have to give up on Phish, but don’t build yourself up for something that may or may not deliver. I’m 17 too and decided to never see Phish because I’ve listened to shows nonstop over the last few months and I realize that there’s a very little chance Phish will top that, and $50 a show for a disappointing experience seems very steep. That and the lack of will to tour, not to mention the hatred towards noobs. Just be more realistic, you’ll end up happier.

  11. Camman Says:

    Dan, i think most of the other people who have read these posts know im nothing but a genuine nerdy kids who loves this phucking band. i dont mind spending $50 for phish, i dont mind working all winter and saving money to but one or two tickets for a show. All of my high school career, i’ve spent all my free time on this band. i honestly think your decision to not see phish is something you’ll regret latter on. i’m not trying to put you down man, or cramp your style, so why do you feel the need to do the same towards me? that by the way isnt the only reason the band split up, there were several reasons. phans were getting out of control, some members of the band were on some heavy drugs (im not saying if thats a bad or good thing), there hearts didnt seem to be in it and they didnt practice. if you’ve seen the charley ross interview with trey, then you know what im talking about. he said something like the band hadn’t practiced since like 2000. two of the best days of my life were no joke, the two days that hampton and summer tour were announced. Accept the change, and dont fear it. if trey didnt want to give his left o play YEM, and if the band didnt think they didnt have something left to prove, then they wouldnt be doing this. its because they want to, and phishtory has shown that whatever the band wants to do, is pretty freaking awesome. i dont care if i see an off show. you know, maybe the band just means more to me then that man

  12. guyforget Says:

    Cman – i was there, and it was tight. Vegas+Phish=Good Times.

    Dan – you have such a cynical attitude on things you really don’t know anything about. it’s ok, you’re entitled to your opinions always, but take some of your own advice and be more realistic, and you’ll be much happier.

  13. Camman Says:

    AHHHHHHHHH guy forget….. thats one of the five shows i wish i had been at…. that piper just sends chill down me bones…

    and as for traveling to see the band, and camping goes, does anyone have some tips? the general opinion seem to be not to listen to phish the day of, which i wont be doing… it’ll be hard, but i’ll manage… (ok i may slip in just one weekapaug)

  14. Camman Says:

    let me rephrases the first part… 2/16/03 is one of my favorite shows… yah, that sounds better…i really wish the band would come back to the Blue Note, but they haven’t played there since 1992. its only 3 miles from my house

  15. Dr. K Says:

    the reba at this show is among my best Phish memories . . . I can recall being dumbfounded by the jam. the second oddity of the night was ben and jerry (although at the time I had no idea who was speaking) came on stage. then harpua … wow …. I remember walking out of the show thinking, “How creative!? to end a two-day show in the middle of song, while making absolute noise ( in front of 70,000)

    day in a life was relatively new to Phish (rarely played) and served as my favorite moment of the weekend.

    great memories helped me to forget the traffic.

  16. spideyguy0 Says:

    Dan, I don’t see how you can say something like that without giving it a chance. I’m 20, will be 21 by Hampton (which I wasn’t able to score tickets to, still banking on Jones Beach and Camden) and I got into Phish in the summer of 04, but never got to see them live. Listening to the Coventry stream over the internet as it was happening and getting to see Trey the next year was as close as I ever got. I’ve had to wait the full 5 years for my first Phish show, and I’ve spent that time listening to Phish obssesivley. Of course I’ve considered the fact that the band could sound worse than the 2.0 version. But they could also sound better. And even if they sound worse, it’s still Phish and still a chance to see my favorite band, the band I’ve dreamed about seeing for 5 years, who until a few months ago I thought I’d never see. Even a poor Phish show live is an experience completely different from a top Phish show on tape. You can’t know without being there. And I’ll do whatever it takes to find out.

    Something I’m personally curious about, seeing the talk about noobs, is what will be the difference between the classic Phish noob, and the new post-hiatus noob. Traditionally when a noob went to their first Phish show they little to no knowledge of the band, their culture, and their music. Now, you have noobs like myself, who have listened to and studied the band for 5 years. I’ve listened to hundreds and hundreds of shows, been on the internet sites for 5 years, and learned the band’s culture and history. But I’ve never been to a show. What types of differences can I expect going to a show as a “post-hiatus noob” then as a “classic noob”

  17. Mr.Miner Says:

    “Accept the change, and dont fear it. if trey didnt want to give his left o play YEM, and if the band didnt think they didnt have something left to prove, then they wouldnt be doing this. its because they want to, and phishtory has shown that whatever the band wants to do, is pretty freaking awesome.”

    ^^ exactly! Camman, you are wise beyond your years!

  18. Mr.Miner Says:

    Hey guys- I am going to figure out how to paginate these comments very soon! Hang tight!

  19. Camman Says:

    miner, thanks for the props! it only through reading your site and hours or reading every phish article and lsitening to every phish show i could get my hands on that i’ve gotten my wisdom. man i remember the first day i got my hands on a live one Wow…

    what do you mean “paginate these comments”?

  20. JeffD Says:

    only phish noobs don’t know what paginate means 😉

    the congressman comes through with a killer post. yes kids. can’t wait to do this whole run, ticket gods willing…

  21. Hampton bound Says:

    collision in Hampton?:
    should be interesting

  22. BingosBrother Says:

    Hijinx is a great word. I am partial to doppelganger myself. As for Dan, if you are serious please stop taking the acne medicine. Thank you congressman for summing it up. I personally find nothing more energizing when I’m flagging during a show than seeing some virgin getting off to each and every song. It picks me up and cancels out that dick who can’t even concentrate on his own good time. Dance like no one’s watching kids, but I am watching, and I like it.

  23. Camman Says:


    nice post man.. but that last line was a tad creepy, but i know where your coming from bro

  24. full tour: ANNOUNCED! Says:

    Is that first picture up on this post from greensboro 03/01/03?

  25. Camman Says:

    i sure hope people lie this stay away from Phish… she scares me :

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