Weekend Nuggets: Gamehoist


6.26.94 Municipal Auditorium, Charleston, WV < LINK

savegamehendge-395x561Here is one of Phish’s most unique shows of all time.  For starters, imagine walking into a show that opened with “Kung.”  The odd opener proceeded to be the portal to a complete first-set Gamehendge narration in the band’s first visit to West Virginia. Capped with a triumphant “Divided Sky,” the first set was enough to carry any show. But the second set was even more unique than the first.  Coming on stage, the band played their newly released album of Hoist in its entirety.  Not only did they play all the songs in the same order, they played them identically to the album versions; or as close as humanly possible.  The band even tacked a “Split” jam on the end of “Demand,” though not quite as nasty as jam from 4.21.93 in Columbus, OH that is featured on Hoist.  Throw a rare “Tube” in a four song encore, and you’ve got a certifiable piece of Phish history that is a must have for any collector.

I: Kung > Llama > Lizards > Tela > Wilson > AC/DC Bag > Colonel Forbin’s Ascent > Famous Mockingbird > The Sloth > McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters > The Divided Sky

121996757_593853d83eII: Julius, Down With Disease, If I Could, Axilla [Part II], Lifeboy, Sample in a Jar, Wolfman’s Brother, Scent of a Mule, Dog Faced Boy, Demand*

E: The Old Home Place**, Amazing Grace, Tube, Fire

*With “Split Open and Melt” jam & “Y-Rushalayim Schel Zahav” ending.**First time played.



6.21.94 “Mound” Cincinnati, OH

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211 Responses to “Weekend Nuggets: Gamehoist”

  1. MannyFresh Says:

    Shut Out once again. I hope I have better luck for West Coast shows. Keeping my fingers crossed for the Gorge 09! If anyone has any extras for JB, Great Woods, Camden – email me at mannycomas@bellsouth.net

  2. aintnotele Says:

    Gotta keep trying!

  3. camman Says:

    does anyone know what kind of a lot knoxville has?

  4. MannyFresh Says:

    Good Luck to all trying to get Alpine tickets

  5. McGrupp Says:

    one browser or two or three or four? does livenation know?

  6. aintnotele Says:

    You getting the “Error” message too?

  7. stewnana Says:

    Error message everytime… for Mansfield and now Alpine Valley… weak!

  8. camman Says:

    i would say try with two or three browsers

  9. jon_hansen Says:

    alpine reserved is gone

  10. aintnotele Says:

    Im keeping my chin up…stayin strong

  11. Dave Says:

    errors galore. I made it to the phone waiting music though, she didn’t tell me to hang up.

  12. full tour: announced! Says:

    I wanted to get two to great woods, but i was only able to get one. If i can’t find one more to great woods, then i will trade that great woods pavillion seat for an asheville ticket.

  13. A_Glide Says:

    LiveNation keeps playing fuck fuck with me and I’m not liking it…

  14. full tour: announced! Says:

    i also might have an extra knoxville to trade for a great woods….drop me a line

  15. camman Says:

    i need one for the fox, and three more for Knoxville…

    i’m will to pay, and throw in a combination of 2 tix to each night of alpine (lawn) in any combination…

    just something to think about fellas

    diggin’ the post miner! but what happened to the piper vids! 😛

  16. JPhishman Says:

    error error error error error this is some bullshit

  17. MP Says:

    My 2 Fall Out Boy 100 level’s for your Alpine.

  18. full tour: announced! Says:

    originally i got the errors too….then at like ten thirty i got 2 tickets to great woods in my cart but there was no “checkout” button so i reloaded the page and lost them. Then i was able to get through again and could only choose 1 ticket. i eneded up being able to grab one pavillion for great woods. I needed 2 so my brother could go also.

    I ended up getting 3 for knoxville. I might be able to trade one extra knoxville for a great woods. If i cant do that then i’d be willing to trade the great woods for an asheville.

  19. camman Says:

    MP…. i wouldnt even wipe my ass with a fall out boy ticket man 😛

    Score some Daft Punk tix.. and we’ll start talking ;P

  20. Justin Says:

    I called Livenation at 9:35am est and got a lady on the phone and proceeded to ask her bullshit questions for 24 minutes then at 9:59 requested 4 tix for Great Woods and got heady pavillions! I knew my call center job would come in handy someday!!!

  21. hawkinbj Says:

    Looks like reserved seats are available again….weird

    /me keeps pluggin’ away

  22. Dave Says:

    Man what a joke. You having any luck w/ Alpine Miner?

  23. A_Glide Says:

    Me: I would like some tickets plese
    LiveNation: Ok Sir, I have plenty of awesome seats for you, how many would you like?
    Me: Just 2 please
    Live Nation: sure let me get those for you, I’ll be right back
    Me: cool
    Me: hello, you still there?
    Me: Hey, I really did want those?
    Me: ??
    LiveNation: Internal Server Error Hahahahahahahaha

    This is how my morning is going

  24. McGrupp Says:

    i had pavs all in the cart…but couldn’t proceed…froze up.

  25. stewnana Says:

    did anyone notice the “buy ticket” button turning red yesterday? wtf did that mean? i’m surely not seeing that today… at all… all errors.

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