Post-Football Food For Thought

What a weekend! Capped with an incredibly exciting Super Bowl, these last few days have been a roller coaster ride of Phish ticket mania.  With all tickets now sold, we may be seeing West Coast dates before too long.  Imagine what will happen to Live Nation’s site when Red Rocks goes on sale?  I don’t even want to.  Many of the frustrations we faced with their ticketing system are documented for their CEO here.  Nonetheless, as we all try to position ourselves for these summer shows, it is all finally sinking in- Phish is happening…

13699471image9b586be0479711d7…For those paying attention (I wasn’t), there was a Hampton re-release right after the Super Bowl ended.  A ticketless friend of mine pulled two for each night in six separate transactions, completely reversing his plans for the first week of March!  Maybe some of you scored too, but by the time I heard, there was nothing left.  This may continue to happen.  Be alert…

…Phish seems to be way under-priced, causing scalpers to drool at the profit margin they can make on our band and flock like vultures to the tickets.  While other bands of their stature use tiered ticket structures, charging well over $100 for the best seats, Phish should be respected for giving the people who actually get to buy tickets a real bargain.  But the increasing number of fans who have been forced to scalp from brokers have had to cough up an amount of money that much closer represents Phish’s “market value.”  It is becoming increasingly apparent that Phish’s “market value” today is between $100 and $400 dollars depending on the size of the venue and the quality of seat.  As someone on this comment board brought up over the weekend, would it help if Phish tickets cost $100, therefore decreasing the profit margin to be made by scalpers?  Maybe this is one step, albeit counter-intuitive, to reducing broker interference with the Phish scene.  If there isn’t enough money to be made, maybe they will go elsewhere?  Maybe not…

phish2People in Ashvelle got screwed on Friday. After being told that 400 tickets would be sold at the Civic Center, over 150 people waited for over a day to score these tickets.  The fans even organized their own list of names so people didn’t need to remain lined up, creating a mini-Phish lot party.  Yet when 10 am Friday came, an “error” in the Ticketmaster computer system released the 400 tickets that were to be held for Asheville’s box office, resulting in only twenty locals scoring stubs for the summer’s second smallest show.  Sorry Asheville people, that sucks…

…Let’s hear it for!  Out of the four ticket systems used for tickets this weekend, Knoxville’s seemed  by far the most efficient.  Granted they probably weren’t hit with nearly the traffic of Live Nation or St. Louis’ Metrotix, but the system worked smoothly.  I looked for Knoxville on Live Nation before realizing they were being sold elsewhere.  Quickly logging onto, I was automatically queued and the screen refreshed every 60 seconds, like Metrotix did for The Fox.  However, unlike Metrotix where I never saw another screen, I was quickly brought into the site, pulled up a 100 level after searching for a floor ticket twice, and checked out without hassle.  Compared to all my other attempts this weekend, this was a breeze…

image-ba5300d6449611d7…Hampton is now officially one month away! What once seemed like an eternity has been condensed to only four weeks of waiting.  What seemed like fantasy is now an impending reality!  Using the future tense to predict what might happen will soon be out the window, as we will be talking about what Phish is doing on a nightly basis.  There couldn’t be a more fitting venue than Hampton to launch round three; with a purely GA free for all, things will be insane and explosive to say the least.  People have referenced the last comeback, saying these Hampton shows will merely be sloppy warm-ups.  And while I agree that Summer will be a different story when all is said and done, I have a feeling these first three shows are gonna’ be a hell of a lot different from the last return.  I’m not going on anything but intuition, but it just feels different- way different…

…I guess Phish 3.0 is all about trading tickets online.  In a flurry like nothing I’ve ever seen, fans have been wheeling and dealing all over the web, trading, selling, and scoring any and all tickets they need.  I like it; it’s very democratic.  While I do believe you can get tickets at shows, it is always nicer to have yours beforehand, and it seems like more fans are trying to do that.  This can only be a good thing.  I am trying to devise a tool to facilitate this exchange. Stay tuned…



7.24.98 Woodlands Pavilion, Houston, TX SBD < LINK

1998-07-24moToday we have a leaked SBD of a dark-horse Summer ’98 show.  The second set starts off with the funkalicious combo of “Wolfman’s > 2001,”  before taking an abrupt left turn into the rare “Scent of a Mule.”  A set-ending “Slave,” “Chalk Dust” one-two punch, punctuated a fine night in Texas.  The first set contained the summer’s omnipresent “Moma Dance” and psychedelic segments of improv in “Stash” and “Taste.” Enjoy the SBD!

I: The Moma Dance, Runaway Jim, Bouncing Around The Room, Stash, My Soul, Taste, Golgi Apparatus, Loving Cup

II: Wolfman’s Brother > Also Sprach Zarathustra > Scent of a Mule > Ha Ha Ha > Scent of a Mule, Slave to the Traffic Light, Chalkdust Torture.

E: Character Zero

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  1. mittens Says:

    Nice post. Do people think that the Phish ticket craze is different from Phish 2.0 to the present? I remember that most were shutout from the Spring tour 03′ including myself. By the time Summer tour rolled around tickets were being given away. I saw people trying to sell tickets for $10 at Shoreline. A friend put his ticket on the ground ceremoniously at Alpine and stepped away.
    Maybe five years later and a new generation of people itching to see Phish is the reason that tickets are going so fast? I think that maybe for this tour the market value is $100 but I doubt if that holds up but it could. Do you guys think that Phish should start playing stadium venues like the Dead did late in their careers? I think if the ticket trend continues they should consider it.
    Anyway, I’m happy they’re back. Cheers to that.

    Steelers suck by the way…

  2. Mulch Says:

    Hopefully it’s not Late in Phish’s career. I have no inside knowledge, but I think they will announce that fall tour, followed by EITHER a Halloween or NYE shows. I really hope they announce a festival.

    in southern Florida

  3. Asher Says:

    I love the sound of a “Phish Thoughts Ticket Exchange Forum” (or whatever you may want to call it). Genius Miner! Great idea. This crazy ticket on sale weekend has really reminded us that these days we are living in a brand new world when it comes to Phish. We’ve just got to adapt. I do hope there will be some sort of “bubble burst” or “return to Earth” in regards to the ticket situation. If at all, it will probably come later on after tour has actually begun and we are able to see whether supply out weighs demand. (Ha! Weigh>Demand. I just realized what I typed…but I digress.) Maybe the scalpers will arrive at the shows only to find that they have no choice but to cut deals left and right and miracles will be plentiful. If that is just wishful thinking and we never see those days again we will just have to support each other and do what we can. Helping folks trade their extras here somehow would be a great start.

  4. HYHU Says:

    The band posted their sympathies re the ticket fiasco

    Either way, my bitter feelings from this shitty mishap are in the past as I now take a really deep breath and appreciate whats ahead. It feels really good. (I’ll admit… the bitter thoughts aren’t COMPLETELY gone..)

    Hampton is only 32 days away and….ya…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. Hampton opener>>Wedge

  5. congressman Says:

    Got a line on some sort of ticketing software? …… Great post. If anybody wants to offer me some tix for the summer I would be grateful and love to return favors.

  6. Mutha_Ohks Says:

    How did your buddy know to check for those released Hamptons? Did they have an inside scoop, or was it just intuition?

    ^ Opener>> Wilson

  7. c0wfunk Says:

    damn a rerelease! I wonder too if it was announced / inside info or just random.

    I’ve got two 100 level Knoxville, section 105 (not behind the stage or obstructed) I would like to trade for two Camden tickets. My sister got shut out of everything and Camden is her closest venue, I”m trying to get her taken care of if anyone has help, let me know!

    c0wfunk at yahoo dot com

  8. c0wfunk Says:

    they’re section 123 actually sorry..

  9. camman Says:


    let’s not forget that the Bonnaroo line-up is announced tomorrow, other then trying to score Fox and knoxville tickets, thats been on my mind all weekend. I’ve got a lot of work to do to make summer tour happen, (i’m even getting a second j-o-b 😛 ) It’s offically Feburary and nearly a half year has passed since Hampton was announced. I pray that they do a Simucast… but we’ll see… i finally am starting to believe we all will get to the shows we want. and i was wondering, this is technically Phish 3.0, but will all the chages and ears they went through during the late 80’s and 90’s, couldnt it also be considered like version 6.0 in a way too? just a thought.. not enough caffinee yet this morning….i think kids here in this library can hear my phish… they’re looking at me strangely… could be the bandanna… anyways i hope everyone had a great weekend and let the trading begin mo fos!!!!!!!

  10. camman Says:

    and is anyone else pissed that phish is at the VERY TOP of the “most popular column on ticket master? quit advertising our band like that Ticketbastard!!!

  11. camman Says:

    you know your a Phish”head” when:

    Your parrot starts to whistle reba

  12. HYHU Says:

    ha. Parrotts.

    Cam obviously phish is most demanded tix, their the shit and tix just went on sale.
    Even if this want the case why would you care?

  13. HYHU Says:

    *wasnt the case

  14. SOAM Says:

    Mr Mines-that was a good post-your a pretty bright guy-I’m impressed with your grammatical ability as well as your sensibilty. Peace

  15. camman Says:

    of coarse phish is the shit, but tickets are hard enough to get as it is, and more publicity will just drive up the prices on ticketsnow and otehr sites… i’m not one of those people that are all about “perserving” phish, i just know that it will still be really difficult to get the tickets i want… it just seemed like a little bit of a slap in the face to see that on the ticketsnow website.. in the end though its all good though cuase i never though i would have the chance to worry about weather or not i’d get tickets… i’m jsut thankful for the oppertunity to worry 😛

    how about Halloween at MSG? 3 sets as “Thriller” as the Halloween Cover album.. yep i called it…

  16. camman Says:

    its still to early in the morning.. sorry for all the typos… too busy fiddling my Ipod and changing it to “Moma”

  17. Jacob Says:

    Congrats to those who got tickets, mail order or otherwise. Well, I guess they aren’t mail order anymore, so lottery tickets? I got my 6.19-6.21 lawn seats, so that’s good enough.

    I did have a thought before they announced these tour dates that seeing Phish in MLB parks wouldn’t be that bad. Fenway Park would be sweet (OK, so I’m a Red Sox fan and had a dream about this), but you know you could get in a lot of people and it’s not the same kind of vibe as like, football stadiums, which is just overwhelming in it’s hugeness. Just a thought.

    Anyone heard about West Coast rumors? I’ve had my fingers crossed for Phish at the Hollywood Bowl for like 7 years now. If they are going to do a left coast run in August or September, I guess it would have been nice if they announced those at the same time as the other dates, but I guess that’s how it goes.

  18. James Says:

    It makes my skin crawl knowing there was a Hampton release last night and I was sitting on my ass drinking beer and stuffing my face. If I had scored some Hampton tix last night I would be having the best day of my life right now.

  19. Mitch Says:

    So I’m back. Finally able to comment again after being kinda busy. Miner – I’m looking into the different setups for a ticket trade board an what not. I’d like it to be on one page so you can see what people have/want. I’ll keep you posted after talking to some guys at work either today or tomorrow.

    Name – e-mail – Have for trade – Want for trade

    and so on.

    That’s awesome about the Hampton release. I want more details. How did he know? If he has any of the 12 available, I’ve got a friend that is in need.

  20. full tour: announced! Says:

    anyone looking to trade an asheville for a mansfield pavillion ticket please drop me a line or make a shout out on here. thanks

  21. full tour: announced! Says:

    that is a bummer about the hampton release. i also wonder how anyone was to know about the re-release.

  22. Mitch Says:

    wait… hes got 36 tickets!!! yeah if any are available, you’ve got my email. my buddy is in need. thanks.

  23. camman Says:

    i kinda agree about seeing phish in baseball parks… i was super stoaked at the rumor/ idea of them playing Busch Stadium in STL, but i got the exact opposite… this will be a strangfe tour of hodge-podge stops, but we’ll take what we can get.. good post as usual miner. this site has become such a part of my daily rountine its hard not to take it for granted. used to be my homepage, but not anymore man 😉 i honesltty can’t believe its only 32 days, i remember when it was 150+

    can anyone hook me up with some 100 Knoxvilles and/or a Fox ticket?

  24. Mitch Says:



  25. camman Says:

    hurry mitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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