Post-Football Food For Thought

What a weekend! Capped with an incredibly exciting Super Bowl, these last few days have been a roller coaster ride of Phish ticket mania.  With all tickets now sold, we may be seeing West Coast dates before too long.  Imagine what will happen to Live Nation’s site when Red Rocks goes on sale?  I don’t even want to.  Many of the frustrations we faced with their ticketing system are documented for their CEO here.  Nonetheless, as we all try to position ourselves for these summer shows, it is all finally sinking in- Phish is happening…

13699471image9b586be0479711d7…For those paying attention (I wasn’t), there was a Hampton re-release right after the Super Bowl ended.  A ticketless friend of mine pulled two for each night in six separate transactions, completely reversing his plans for the first week of March!  Maybe some of you scored too, but by the time I heard, there was nothing left.  This may continue to happen.  Be alert…

…Phish seems to be way under-priced, causing scalpers to drool at the profit margin they can make on our band and flock like vultures to the tickets.  While other bands of their stature use tiered ticket structures, charging well over $100 for the best seats, Phish should be respected for giving the people who actually get to buy tickets a real bargain.  But the increasing number of fans who have been forced to scalp from brokers have had to cough up an amount of money that much closer represents Phish’s “market value.”  It is becoming increasingly apparent that Phish’s “market value” today is between $100 and $400 dollars depending on the size of the venue and the quality of seat.  As someone on this comment board brought up over the weekend, would it help if Phish tickets cost $100, therefore decreasing the profit margin to be made by scalpers?  Maybe this is one step, albeit counter-intuitive, to reducing broker interference with the Phish scene.  If there isn’t enough money to be made, maybe they will go elsewhere?  Maybe not…

phish2People in Ashvelle got screwed on Friday. After being told that 400 tickets would be sold at the Civic Center, over 150 people waited for over a day to score these tickets.  The fans even organized their own list of names so people didn’t need to remain lined up, creating a mini-Phish lot party.  Yet when 10 am Friday came, an “error” in the Ticketmaster computer system released the 400 tickets that were to be held for Asheville’s box office, resulting in only twenty locals scoring stubs for the summer’s second smallest show.  Sorry Asheville people, that sucks…

…Let’s hear it for!  Out of the four ticket systems used for tickets this weekend, Knoxville’s seemed  by far the most efficient.  Granted they probably weren’t hit with nearly the traffic of Live Nation or St. Louis’ Metrotix, but the system worked smoothly.  I looked for Knoxville on Live Nation before realizing they were being sold elsewhere.  Quickly logging onto, I was automatically queued and the screen refreshed every 60 seconds, like Metrotix did for The Fox.  However, unlike Metrotix where I never saw another screen, I was quickly brought into the site, pulled up a 100 level after searching for a floor ticket twice, and checked out without hassle.  Compared to all my other attempts this weekend, this was a breeze…

image-ba5300d6449611d7…Hampton is now officially one month away! What once seemed like an eternity has been condensed to only four weeks of waiting.  What seemed like fantasy is now an impending reality!  Using the future tense to predict what might happen will soon be out the window, as we will be talking about what Phish is doing on a nightly basis.  There couldn’t be a more fitting venue than Hampton to launch round three; with a purely GA free for all, things will be insane and explosive to say the least.  People have referenced the last comeback, saying these Hampton shows will merely be sloppy warm-ups.  And while I agree that Summer will be a different story when all is said and done, I have a feeling these first three shows are gonna’ be a hell of a lot different from the last return.  I’m not going on anything but intuition, but it just feels different- way different…

…I guess Phish 3.0 is all about trading tickets online.  In a flurry like nothing I’ve ever seen, fans have been wheeling and dealing all over the web, trading, selling, and scoring any and all tickets they need.  I like it; it’s very democratic.  While I do believe you can get tickets at shows, it is always nicer to have yours beforehand, and it seems like more fans are trying to do that.  This can only be a good thing.  I am trying to devise a tool to facilitate this exchange. Stay tuned…



7.24.98 Woodlands Pavilion, Houston, TX SBD < LINK

1998-07-24moToday we have a leaked SBD of a dark-horse Summer ’98 show.  The second set starts off with the funkalicious combo of “Wolfman’s > 2001,”  before taking an abrupt left turn into the rare “Scent of a Mule.”  A set-ending “Slave,” “Chalk Dust” one-two punch, punctuated a fine night in Texas.  The first set contained the summer’s omnipresent “Moma Dance” and psychedelic segments of improv in “Stash” and “Taste.” Enjoy the SBD!

I: The Moma Dance, Runaway Jim, Bouncing Around The Room, Stash, My Soul, Taste, Golgi Apparatus, Loving Cup

II: Wolfman’s Brother > Also Sprach Zarathustra > Scent of a Mule > Ha Ha Ha > Scent of a Mule, Slave to the Traffic Light, Chalkdust Torture.

E: Character Zero

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137 Responses to “Post-Football Food For Thought”

  1. showhe Says:

    Anyone think we’ll see Michael Phelps on tour pulling tubes in the lot?

  2. Jeff Says:

    fishman also said it that same interview something to the effect of wanting to do small tours like the Beastie Boys do, play like a 10 show tour then go and lay low, put out an album and pop back up for another small run of shows.

  3. full tour: announced! Says:

    showhe! you beat me too it! i was just about to post something about michael “bongrips” phelps! does michael phelps go to phish shows? is he one of us?
    Goes to show that WINNERS do smoke weed!

    i have one mansfield pavillion ticket to trade for an asheville
    one knoxville extra to trade for another mansfield pavillion ticket…

  4. showhe Says:

    Who’s got my heddie gold medals?

  5. full tour: announced! Says:

    didn’t fishman once say that he was a swimmer? and that being a swimmer he was never into smoking weed cause it slowed him down. He said he preferred to drop acid because it didn’t effect his lungs at all. I guess herb never slowed phelps down any.
    Even if he loses his endorsements, phelps can still be high times man of the year! If anything, this is good for the fight to decriminalize the herb! If only more celebrities came to his assistance!

  6. JPhishman Says:

    Definitely basking in the glory of it all today as a lifelong Steeler fan, and Phish fan, and Obama fan…… Now that’s a trifecta!……A month into 2009 and I’ve feeling more poised than ever for an epic year………

    Still looking for sweet pavillions for my upper balcony Fox extras…….

    and Phelps….. fuck yeah bud…… Stoners everywhere can hold their heads high and have a little greater aspirations… if he can pull tubes, and 8 golds….. we can definitely get out there make things happen.

  7. camman Says:

    haha guys this is great… i love the people that post on this site.. you make the wait to summer jsut a little more bearable…

    we’ll know after this tour just how many “new phans” ther are… i agree that there may not be that many….. i know more students then teachers who are a phan of the band.. we”ll have to wait and see….

    phish wont do stadiums so i dont think we’ll have to worry…. i can’t wait for bonnaroo!!! 11pm my time, eh? i’ll be waiting…. of coarse phelps smokes the ganga.. he’s too cool not to… though the photo wasn’t conclusive.. and he could have denied it…..

    *drops a rumor* camman is a member of the mclovins!!!!

  8. camman Says:

    phishman… i want that ticket…

    and just kidding guys… i only wish i were in that band….

  9. camman Says:

    phishman… you know you want to give me that ticket

  10. full tour: announced! Says:

    phish has played stadiums before and they were great shows:

    Wings stadium – kalamazoo, MI
    Hershey park stadium 2000

    I wouldn’t mind seeing phish in a stadium. Their music transcends any boundaries presented by a large venue. I still think they should play small shows like the fox, but stadium shows wouldn’t be that bad.

    Heres another idea to relieve some ticket strains: how about a full tour phish HDTV pay per view channel. You’d just subscribe to each tour and you’d be able to watch it at home. I think this would make a lot of sense. Livephish pay per view in HDTV w/ 5.1 surround would be dank!

  11. guyforget Says:

    Hershey is not a stadium, if you want to call it a stadium, it’s like communitly college stadium, with nothing but bleachers!!

    the ppv would be great, except it would make you that much more pissed off that you couldn’t get tix to the shows while you were watching!!

  12. HYHU Says:

    could u imagine how fast phelps could swim if he WASNT on the reefer??

    als, theres gotta be some kind of phelps/reefer/great barrier reef[er] joke to make

  13. Carl Says:

    lot rat says: “Other than the small venues, and northeast sheds, lawn tix will be easily obtainable to remaining shows”

    Does this mean I should bite the bullet and shell out for Great Woods now? My hunch is that there won’t be a ton of extras stuck under windshield wipers for this show, at least, their only New England showing (still praying for something big in Limestone, though that would totally go against the Phish 3.0 management ethos) I’m nervous about going through a broker… can you be reasonably sure you’re getting real tickets? Has anyone done this?

    Oh yeah… who’s been to Great Woods since the addition of the lawn seating? I’m curious what the lawn might be like… haven’t been to GW since 7/8/94… I remember feeling cooped up in the pavilion & wishing I was dancing outside. Judging from the diagram, though, it doesn’t look like there’s a lot of room for dancing these days

    I watched the McLovins’ YEM youtube and it kind of freaked me out. Phish already has a high enough autism quotient, with probably every member of the band somewhere on the spectrum, so it is spooky to see that aspect of Phish so radically showcased. Learning those arpeggios is not that different from memorizing Tokyo train schedules… it also reminded me a little of that part in Children of Men where the teenage son of the Minister of Art (the guy with Guernica in his dining room) is playing that strange video game with his finger implants…

  14. Selector J Says:

    @full Tour

    Sorry if I missed the sarcasm but like Guy said, Hershey is not a Stadium-stadium. It holds ~30,000. And the Wings “Stadium” is smaller than Hampton (~8,000). I think by stadium we were all thinking along the lines of venues the size of NFL *stadiums.*

    And if they do play a (real) stadium, let me know how that new drummer is working out 😉

  15. full tour: announced! Says:

    ^^ yeah…it was a little sarcastic…lol but if those smaller “stadiums” were so cool, would a bigger stadium really be that bad? I know they never use the stadium here in my home town for any concerts. only gets used for football games. its a shame. I saw some of the greatest shows i ever witnessed in stadiums:

    Pink Floyd division bell tampa 1994
    grateful dead tampa stadium 4/7/1995

    the fact that these shows were in a stadium didn’t make them less of a great show by any means 😉

    I agree they should keep it small, but a stadium here or there to relieve the ticket strain would be understandable.

  16. guyforget Says:

    just my opinion about stadiums: I have seen great “arena” bands such as the aformentioned Bruce Springsteen, U2, and even Dave Matthews (sorry, but they were good in the early 90s!!) try to make the conversion to stadium gigs, and while a great band will be great anywhere they play, the whole experience is sooo much less than shows in arenas and even ampitheatres. the simple fact taht you can totally hear every converstion going on around you because it’s not loud enough is the most annoying part. Like i always say after giving a cynical opinion, no matter where phish plays though, i’ll still be there and be happy.

  17. Mitch Says:

    phishman!!! i got some pavs for your fox’s!!!

    camden front row of upper

  18. lot rat Says:

    I’m nervous about going through a broker… can you be reasonably sure you’re getting real tickets? Has anyone done this?

    First phish show in boston in 5 years. Its gonna be a tough ticket. No tix on windshields in the northeast. In 2001 GW put seats in over half the lawn. They are uncovered and suck. No need to fuck with the lawn, but they wanted to make more money for fatties who cant boogie during show….lame

    Lawn is tiny now, less than a 1/3 of what it was.

  19. camman Says:

    aww mitch.. your going to steal my fox tickets 😛

  20. Carl Says:

    so… when you are on the lawn are you looking up at a stack of bleachers? it’s not a big deal if i can’t see the stage, but i don’t want to be looking at risers… there’s not a big difference between inside and outside the fence at that point

  21. full tour: announced! Says:

    ^ have you ever been to charlotte? its kinda like that, with rows of seats extending up onto the front part of the lawn. they don’t block the site lines to the stage.

  22. jonathan Says:


    The only person that could pull off a stadium tour in 2009 would be David Hasselhoff.

    I saw him once in a Berlin Germany, at the National Soccer Stadium. He blew the friggin’ doors off the joint.

    I purchased tickets thru a buddy who sent them via seagull!!

  23. jonathan Says:


    The only person that could pull off a stadium tour in 2009 would be David Hasselhoff.

    I saw him once in Berlin Germany, at the National Soccer Stadium. He blew the friggin’ doors off the joint.

    I purchased tickets thru a buddy who sent them via seagull!!

  24. full tour: announced! Says:

    borat is very excite about the upcoming CORKY BELLICK “bing bang bing bomb” stadium tour. People were upset when they raised the prices from 1oz of pubis hairs to 3 oz of pubis hair for tickets. This upcoming tour will benefit the wives of fallen potassium workers fund. Not since borat’s wife was killed in a plow “accident” have i been this excite!

    lol 🙂

  25. JPhishman Says:

    Sorry guys I should have been more specific… I can only make the shows from fox>alpine so I am looking for pavillions especially for DC but also Alpine and possibly Star Lake in return for my Fox…..

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