Reuniting and Restarting

phishisbackAs we approach tomorrow with utmost anticipation, there is more coming back into focus than just simply the music-the Phish community is reuniting for the first time since 2004.  These shows will serve as a family reunion, a funked-out fashion show, and carry the optimism and excitement of the first day of school.  We are all standing at our own bus stops, waiting for the big yellow vehicle to whisk us off to a new place.  Those butterflies and that unpredictability that we felt heading into elementary school are very present as we re-enter the school of Phish.

13699471image9b586be0479711d7As the scene descends on Hampton and its surrounding area, crews are reuniting, old friends are in touch via text, email and phone for the first time in years, and we will all surely bump into folks we haven’t seen since the muddy bog of Coventry.  As the saying goes- “The gang is back together”- and it’s never been so sweet!  The reunion will  go beyond simply the people in each crew, but will extend to the acquaintances that everyone made on tour.  Maybe not the people you hung with until 6 am every night, but the people you raged shows and shared moments with- faces and names you thought you might never need to recall are back in play- so dig deep in the recesses of your memory for the identities of these parallel travelers!  As the R & B song goes, “Reunited and it feels so good.”

3328702513_05e64f24faIn addition the reunion aspect of this weekend, the shows are shrouded in mystery.  Similar to the first day of first grade- this spectacle holds all the wonder in the world.  For school the questions were, “What would your teacher be like?”  “How would the other kids be; would they be nice?”  “How would you be treated?”  You always picked out a special outfit- or maybe your parents did- to sport on this special occasion- and Hampton is not all that different.  Fans will be funked out to the nines to celebrate the return of our dreams, and that unknown excitement and wonder we will feel walking through the threshold of The Mothership won’t be so dissimilar from the swirling emotions that flooded our little  heads as we proudly carried our new lunchbox into the classroom for the first time.  What will “the teacher” be like?  How will all the new kids be?  What will it be like?  The dynamic is similar- though I’m not so sure any of us felt quite like this before any school year!  This beginning of 3.0 puts us all on a level playing field, each with our own new lunchbox, starting the same grade together.


photo- (J.Pinsky)

As our family and friends come back to the source of our undying Utopian vision, there is a revitalized energy in each and every one of us, that when combined will reach epic proportions.  Our creativity and expression are part and parcel of who we are, and when so much palpable spirit is contained in one round room, the possibilities become limitless- beyond Phish, beyond ourselves, into something far greater.  Who knows what will happen?  And that mystery is so much of the fun!

Before long, we will be discussing how the first show was instead of wondering ad infinitum what will happen.  The anticipation has grown to the point of bursting, and it’s just about time to pop that bubble.  Tomorrow, we will have answers.  Tomorrow, we start anew.  Tomorrow the stars will realign and the universe will subtly shift back into order.  Tomorrow…



What looked to be a mini-Mothership was yesterday found to be a “Welcome” sign in front of the venue, with it likely being part of a security “corral” allowing people to enter in an orderly fashion and prevent gate crashing.  I’ve heard there may be hired outside security guards rather than the usual Hampton employees as well- we shall see.  According to reports from people in Hampton already, there is a significantly increased police presence in the surrounding area, so be safe people!  In unrelated news, I read here that Phish are trying to crack down on the sale of bootleg merchandise in the lot, a staple of years past. Interesting developments. In more interesting news, check out this New York Times article about their rehearsals, the best jam in five years, and how they are planning to be around a while !  All Hampton Photos by Meaty.

photo - (Meaty)




11.4.94 Onondaga War Memorial, Syracuse NY < LINK

11.4.94 Onondaga War Memorial, Syracuse NY < TORRENT LINK

photo - (J.Kremin)

photo - (J.Kremin)

Here we have another treat from November ’94.  As Phish geared up for the last month of a phenomenal tour, they pulled into their extended home turf in Syracuse, NY.  This second set is a winner with a monster “Mike’s Groove” and capped with a “Slave.”  The first set provides a visit to Gamehendge via “Forbin’s > Mockingbird” and an oddly-placed, yet well-played mid-set “Bowie.”

I: Sample in a Jar, It’s Ice,  Bouncing Around the Room, David Bowie, Colonel Forbin’s Ascent > Famous Mockingbird, Scent of A Mule, Suzy Greenberg, Chalk Dust Torture

II: The Curtain > Mike’s Song > Simple > Mike’s Song > Tela > Weekapaug Groove, Ya Mar, Golgi Apparatus,  Slave to the Traffic Light

E: Loving Cup, Rocky Top

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155 Responses to “Reuniting and Restarting”

  1. Weyoun42 Says:

    Oh, and BTW, I’m listening to Coventry today just to take my expectations down. That way, when the no-spoilers hits tomorrow, I can be blown away that much more.

  2. kevin are hollo Says:


    guelah better be on that fucking list, trey.

    that quote from the Times made me do a fucking millhouse van houten jumping fist pump right here at my desk.

    split open and melt? foam? you mean the songs that make phish phish will be played? FUCK YEAH!

    see you at the fox. my first day of school starts june 16.

  3. c0wfunk Says:

    It looks like we’ve got our over analytical perfectionist maestro back!! Plus the lessons and soul searching and jam experience of letting it all go.. I may implode.. Must focus..its all too much.. Argh!

  4. Matt Says:

    I cant concentrate work today… im leaving for hampton in 7 hours and im so excited!!! I would love a First Tube opener… I dont care what they open with actually…. Im going to be there all 3 nights so im excited!!!

  5. Pence Says:

    I like the fact that they already know what they want to play. Hopefully that means they are going to be SUPER tight. The fact that they havent played for 5 yrs means that everything will sound new, if you know what I mean. It gives them the ability to kinda orchestrate their improv. I know that sounds contradictory, but I think it makes for really solid, tight jamming.

  6. vtsnowboarder802 Says:

    @phunky_son_of_a_b1tch – where in shelburne?
    I was planning on having a no spoiler party for one in shelburne…

  7. buffalo bill Says:

    NYT article proves it. This band is too good to go out like they did in 2004. I don’t want to be negative, but the band knows we did not get the quality of music we expected from them on the 2004 tour.

    When this band practiced (pre 2009) they ripped and if they put any effort into it they will be back. Very excited about this band’s future for the first time post 2000.

    The orchesterated sections were ususally sloppy in the later years and it sounds like this is being worked out.

  8. c0wfunk Says:

    pence that’s not contradictory at all – most improv has a structure of some sort, of varying levels of complication depending on the players’ skill and desires .. I think we’re sure to see a flow to these shows that hasn’t been seen in a while. Some of the spontaneity will be lost but at this point, as you said, it will all be new. That said, I’m sure if something comes up musically, they won’t be shy about pursuing it at this point. Exciting to see Trey so INTO IT, that’s Phish to me — Trey exploding through sound, those other 3 guys ricocheting off of it and the world trying to keep up ..

  9. lot rat Says:

    well that article was the last straw i was waiting for…leavin in 8 hours

    kind of weird knowing that they already have the setlists in front of them and are just fine tuning.

    oh the energy….anyone staying at the day inn on the strip????

  10. I just crapped my pants Says:

    I had a wonderfully spectacular dream last night that I was watching phish. It wasn’t the show though I was at the the soundcheck with a small group of people. I don’t remember all the songs but I do remember they played tweezer and towards the end all of a sudden trey and gordo switched instruments and trey started leading with guitar style jamming on the bass and mike was playing the guitar like a bass….another thing I remember was that everything was fucking UNBELIEVABLY GOOD and I almost cried. Excitement is barely the word for this.

    BY THE Way i don’t know if anyone noticed but not only are giving the shows for free on LIVEPHISH….they are streaming all of them live so I don’t know about this no spoiler thing…..soundboard live sounds a little better to me than a taper a few hours later….no offense of course but I just haven’t noticed anyone talk about it and think everyone should know

  11. Frankie Says:

    I had a lucid Phish dream last night… I went to the concert (it was a mix of Hampton, a festival and inside it was an european club!) with a friend of mine and we didn’t have tickets but managed to find our way inside. The crowd was very respectful and silent even as they took the stage. They debuted a new song called Stromboli which had a guy on percussion and violin and Page on violin and piano… it was very good! Different but very Phishy… at the end of their set Trey came right down on the floor and shook my hand and smiled. It was very weird but seemed very real…

    I love those dreams!! 🙂

    IT’s on!!!

  12. MM Says:

    Anyone else see the picture in the NYT piece that seems to hint that the old stage setup may be back?!

    And this nearly brought tears to my eyes:
    “Late last year the four band members came together, by themselves, to make music in Mr. Anastasio’s Burlington barn and studio. They liked what they heard. And they resolved to be the version of Phish they prized most: the intently practiced, well-prepared Phish from the mid-90s. They started their Vermont rehearsals not with their countryish three-chord songs but with their intricate, suitelike songs that verge on progressive rock, like “Split Open and Melt” and “Foam.”

  13. bhizzle Says:

    No spoilers! No spoilers! Some can’t wait for the gates to open I can’t wait for no spoilers. Whatever. I have this feeling, based on that NYT article that these shows are going to be more rock than funk just based on the article’s mention of what songs they have been rehearsing. Oh to have glimpsed at that setlist. It’d be even cooler to know what song each band member shouted out.

  14. hawkinbj Says:

    we have to have a phishthoughts meetup!! I’ll be in line VERY early on Friday wearing my What.CD shirt. If something mobilizes I’ll be trolling the webs on the iphone.

    It’s tomorrow!!!

  15. lot rat Says:

    I hope that list doesnt get leaked…what a bummer that would be. they already know the opener.

  16. kevin are hollo Says:


    great call on the setup and stack! these little details speak so much more (it’s like that compressor thing, i’m still shaking my head over that one) than the rumors or inklings.

    what are the chances we can get mike to stop playing that goddamn modulus and switch back to the languedoc?

  17. SOAM Says:

    My advice on your Bass Guitar Conundrum-Actually I’m speechless-first gig in 5 and your issue is guitar selection.

    He could play a broom and I’d still tweaking my face off

  18. Col. Phorbin Says:

    NYT article is getting me so pumped… and i’m not even going! Can’t wait for No Spoilers. my first day of school starts June 19 at the Creek

  19. Col. Phorbin Says:

    NYT article is getting me so pumped… and i’m not even going! Can’t wait for No Spoilers. my first day of school starts June 19 at the Creek

  20. bhizzle Says:

    I too like the Trey and Mike in the middle with Fish to the right. yeah, to see the setlist would be a downer now that i think about it.

  21. dyda Says:

    no offense to languedoc, but mike’s modulus all the way!

  22. SOAM Says:

    I’ll be at the McDonalds reselling hamburgers for 50 bucks to people who sell tickets for a grand.

    It’s on and now the time for talk is over.

  23. Jer Says:

    Reading the NYT article, there are several details that have me absolutely salivating at the prospect of these shows. First, the rehearsals in VT where they decided to practice songs like SOAM and Foam. This is awesome…I couldn’t be happier about this development. Second, the setlists are already planned out. Very interesting stuff…I’m excited!!

  24. lot rat Says:

    It’s on and now the time for talk is over.

    pick up your phuckin phone

  25. SOAM Says:

    Miner – did you poach my reunited (and it feels so good) call ?

    I have to remind you I ma the east coast tune caller LLC

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