Reuniting and Restarting

phishisbackAs we approach tomorrow with utmost anticipation, there is more coming back into focus than just simply the music-the Phish community is reuniting for the first time since 2004.  These shows will serve as a family reunion, a funked-out fashion show, and carry the optimism and excitement of the first day of school.  We are all standing at our own bus stops, waiting for the big yellow vehicle to whisk us off to a new place.  Those butterflies and that unpredictability that we felt heading into elementary school are very present as we re-enter the school of Phish.

13699471image9b586be0479711d7As the scene descends on Hampton and its surrounding area, crews are reuniting, old friends are in touch via text, email and phone for the first time in years, and we will all surely bump into folks we haven’t seen since the muddy bog of Coventry.  As the saying goes- “The gang is back together”- and it’s never been so sweet!  The reunion will  go beyond simply the people in each crew, but will extend to the acquaintances that everyone made on tour.  Maybe not the people you hung with until 6 am every night, but the people you raged shows and shared moments with- faces and names you thought you might never need to recall are back in play- so dig deep in the recesses of your memory for the identities of these parallel travelers!  As the R & B song goes, “Reunited and it feels so good.”

3328702513_05e64f24faIn addition the reunion aspect of this weekend, the shows are shrouded in mystery.  Similar to the first day of first grade- this spectacle holds all the wonder in the world.  For school the questions were, “What would your teacher be like?”  “How would the other kids be; would they be nice?”  “How would you be treated?”  You always picked out a special outfit- or maybe your parents did- to sport on this special occasion- and Hampton is not all that different.  Fans will be funked out to the nines to celebrate the return of our dreams, and that unknown excitement and wonder we will feel walking through the threshold of The Mothership won’t be so dissimilar from the swirling emotions that flooded our little  heads as we proudly carried our new lunchbox into the classroom for the first time.  What will “the teacher” be like?  How will all the new kids be?  What will it be like?  The dynamic is similar- though I’m not so sure any of us felt quite like this before any school year!  This beginning of 3.0 puts us all on a level playing field, each with our own new lunchbox, starting the same grade together.


photo- (J.Pinsky)

As our family and friends come back to the source of our undying Utopian vision, there is a revitalized energy in each and every one of us, that when combined will reach epic proportions.  Our creativity and expression are part and parcel of who we are, and when so much palpable spirit is contained in one round room, the possibilities become limitless- beyond Phish, beyond ourselves, into something far greater.  Who knows what will happen?  And that mystery is so much of the fun!

Before long, we will be discussing how the first show was instead of wondering ad infinitum what will happen.  The anticipation has grown to the point of bursting, and it’s just about time to pop that bubble.  Tomorrow, we will have answers.  Tomorrow, we start anew.  Tomorrow the stars will realign and the universe will subtly shift back into order.  Tomorrow…



What looked to be a mini-Mothership was yesterday found to be a “Welcome” sign in front of the venue, with it likely being part of a security “corral” allowing people to enter in an orderly fashion and prevent gate crashing.  I’ve heard there may be hired outside security guards rather than the usual Hampton employees as well- we shall see.  According to reports from people in Hampton already, there is a significantly increased police presence in the surrounding area, so be safe people!  In unrelated news, I read here that Phish are trying to crack down on the sale of bootleg merchandise in the lot, a staple of years past. Interesting developments. In more interesting news, check out this New York Times article about their rehearsals, the best jam in five years, and how they are planning to be around a while !  All Hampton Photos by Meaty.

photo - (Meaty)




11.4.94 Onondaga War Memorial, Syracuse NY < LINK

11.4.94 Onondaga War Memorial, Syracuse NY < TORRENT LINK

photo - (J.Kremin)

photo - (J.Kremin)

Here we have another treat from November ’94.  As Phish geared up for the last month of a phenomenal tour, they pulled into their extended home turf in Syracuse, NY.  This second set is a winner with a monster “Mike’s Groove” and capped with a “Slave.”  The first set provides a visit to Gamehendge via “Forbin’s > Mockingbird” and an oddly-placed, yet well-played mid-set “Bowie.”

I: Sample in a Jar, It’s Ice,  Bouncing Around the Room, David Bowie, Colonel Forbin’s Ascent > Famous Mockingbird, Scent of A Mule, Suzy Greenberg, Chalk Dust Torture

II: The Curtain > Mike’s Song > Simple > Mike’s Song > Tela > Weekapaug Groove, Ya Mar, Golgi Apparatus,  Slave to the Traffic Light

E: Loving Cup, Rocky Top

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155 Responses to “Reuniting and Restarting”

  1. guyforget Says:

    i’m still kicking the tires on redeye’ing it out friday night. if i make it, anybody who’s interested in meeting up, shoot me an email with you phone #. Safe travels all. we’re about to enter a new world, one with a great fucking soundtrack.

  2. buffalo bill Says:

    Been clean off the powders since 2003, but active in the MMP. I imagine these wharf ratters don’t condone puffing. I don’t consider it a drug and it has helped me in my recovery. As a result can never see eye to eye with AA or NA.

    Heroin had an extremly negative effect on tour in the late 1990’s not just Trey but a lot of us seeing the shows also.

    Hampton will be my first shows since kickin
    Respect and Jah Bless

  3. JMAN926 Says:

    At Cowfunk – It’s a Roland GR Guitar Synth I have hooked up to my acoustic to a RC20xl loop station(run it thru a small PA). The Harmonica and flute would work quite well and am definitely up for jamming. I am always wearing the brown filson hat, so keep an eye out. Everyone drive safely, and take care of your shoes. YeeeehAWWWWWWWW

  4. c0wfunk Says:

    Sounds like a cool setup will keep an eye out

  5. Mitch Says:

    I’m glad to see t-shirts are allowed. I had a good idea for one today with some type of fish and a hampton pic saying “big phish in a small pond”
    I dont have time to make them now but maybe someone else did.

    So far as the streaming, I misread that site yesterday too and I dont know if this has been said. They said they are posting the show live as in setlist. It says dont refresh often because they are talking about the setlist. I havent read about phish streaming the show live.

    Who knows about a stealth streamer inside tho.

  6. showhe Says:

    Safe travels phriends! Show respect to the phamily and the locals. Oh blow the roof off that place!

  7. Mitch Says:

    Also I got an email to a site with pics from last night but can’t copy paste. Fish on the end again

    Google and ill post later if noone finds.

  8. SOAM Says:

    Moderation, my friend, my friend-all good things in all good time-bless all souls brave enough to face-ch ch ch changes.

    I’m srtictly a softserve guy after going a few rounds with the poli spring.

    peace.-be safe. If your hungry -I’ll be scapling burgers from Mcd’s

  9. Al Says:

    My dear Phriends – the time has come as a united phan Nation to answer one question that has been on our proud minds for so long: Can we blow off the roof of our holy Mothership? And I say: YES WE CAN!

  10. guyforget Says:

    nice, Fishman stage right. the world is re-aligning..

  11. kevin are hollo Says:

    ah SOAM, something tells me we would’ve partied very hard had we met back in the day…

    unfortunately, for some of us, moderation means drinking/snorting/smoking/sucking it up till it’s all gone.

    and then….

    waking up in a strange place, piss and/or shit in pants, and not terribly attractive girl giving handjob.

  12. Baxter Says:

    @ Mitch- T-shirts are still not allowed, just a variance for a local little league team to sell theirs, that’s all. And, Live Phish will have MP3’s of the show available for free download for a limited time, and they won’t be posted available until about 24 hours after the show, where as Mr Miners no spoilers will be up and running at about 24 minutes after the show.

  13. c0wfunk Says:

    pics from last night’s practice .. old stage setup! The Boys look great! these are extra pics that didn’t make the NY times article..

  14. guyforget Says:

    would anybody be willing to give me a call from the lot tomorrow pregame and give me a feel for what the tix situation is like? if i’m gonna fly from AZ ticketless for saturday and sunday, it would help if i at least had some inside info…

  15. c0wfunk Says:

    guy I could do that .. may not hit lot until 5 or 6 ish tho

  16. guyforget Says:

    Cfunk – cool. my email is above. shoot me one and i’ll give you my number.

  17. Mitch Says:

    @Baxter exactly. I’m signed up fir the mp3s already. Someone had said a couple pages ago that they were streaming it live in reference to the announcment on the site. The site made it seem like they are streaming when in reality they meant live setlist.

  18. full tour: announced! Says:

    to anyone going to hampton be extra careful:

    i saw an article that there will be over 250 plain clothes and undercover officers in the lot and venue.

    they will also have all their available k-9 units looking for contraband.


  19. contact420 Says:

    Virginia has never been a cool place to go for just that reason! Can anyone say Virginia Beach Amp. Be Careful use your brains people!

  20. guyforget Says:

    how far is the Norfolk airport from the coliseum?

  21. cottle Says:

    Guy…It’s less than thirty minutes. Not sure about the mileage though.

  22. guyforget Says:

    thanks cottle..i can cab or shuttle that…

  23. cottle Says:

    Guy…what time are you flyin in on Sat? My crew is staying in Norfolk and then driving back to Hampton. Can probably give you a lift if you need it.

  24. guyforget Says:

    thanks cottle. i’ll shoot you an email if/when i finalize things. much appreciated though.

  25. Davey Says:

    God it sounds like it’s going to be so good. That NY Times article made me that much more sad that I’m not going and have to wait until Deer Creek. AHAHBAHGHGHAA

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