Undecided, Undefined

3.6.09 (W.Rogell)

3.6.09 (W.Rogell)

Out of the 84 songs we heard over the three nights at Hampton, only three were new to the Phish catalog.  Though the band has over twenty demos recorded for their new album, they broke out only three “new” songs.  But the choice of these three songs placed amidst the sacred Phish canon fit congruently with Trey’s assessment of the weekend in Rolling Stone- “Let’s take a step back together- and simultaneously a step forward.”

“Backwards Down the Number Line,”  “Beauty of a Broken Heart,” and “Undermind”- the debuted triumvirate- all carry a common thread of reuniting and moving forward.  As carefully as Trey worked over these setlists, you can be sure that these three songs were specifically chosen to communicate a message; one of re-found happiness, reunion, and redemption.

3.6.09 (W.Rogell)

3.6.09 (W.Rogell)

“Backwards Down the Number Line” opened the first second set of chapter three, and placed in this significant slot, its meaning cannot be ignored.  Originally, the song was a birthday poem that Tom Marshall wrote to Trey while he was living alone in upstate New York.  In Rolling Stone, Trey referenced the first time he got the poem from Tom.

As soon as I read it I put it to music.  It summed up how I feel not only about Tom but the band and our audience.  It’s about getting younger.  Let’s take a step back together- and simultaneously a step forward.  That’s what these shows feel like.  I had to play that song.

Reuniting and moving forward; remembering the past with our sights set on the future- that is what Hampton was all about, and Trey couldn’t have summed it up better.  “The only rule is it begins,  Happy happy oh my friend.”

Page McConnell (hiddentrack.com)

Page McConnell (A. Kaufman)

“Beauty of a Broken Heart” was the biggest surprise of the three debuts, coming from Page’s self-titled solo album released in 2007.  Written as a reflection on Phish’s breakup, there couldn’t have been a more fitting song for the band to adopt as they came back together.

Immobilized I realized
misjudged the situation’s size…

A love supreme, an ancient art
a finely tuned piano part
that plays its notes from stop to start
and hinges on a broken heart…

Though seasons change and seeds may start
the beauty of a broken heart
cannot be seen but in full view
the colors can come back to you.

These lyrics, written as a musing on something that had ended grew new meaning now that Phish is back together.  Most literally, the colors have come back to us.  This was not only a poignant moment of the show, but also a rare addition from Page to the Phish repertoire.  Seeming like the band may try to incorporate their diverse solo material into the collective mix, this could be the beginning of a pattern.

3.8.09 (P.Lucks)

3.8.09 (P.Lucks)

Perhaps the most symbolic debut of the weekend was “Undermind.”  The long awaited title track made its appearance in the first set of the last show, foreshadowing what is to come in the Phish world.  Tweaked musically, the performance featured crunchier grooves than we were used to hearing on the album.  Downplaying melody in favor of rhythm, the song adopted a funk-reggae feel.  But as infectious as the grooves were, the lyrics painted a playful picture of where the band is at right now.

Undecided, undefined
Undisturbed, yet undermind

Relocated, not retired
Reprimanded and rewired

Mystified and mishapen
Misinformed, but not mistaken

Reinvented, redefined
Rearranged, but not refined.

With the repetitive line of “Undecided, Undefined” leading out of the jam into the end of the song, the message was clear- the future is wide open. A song that seems like it was written and shelved just for the band’s comeback, the synchronicities between its lyrics and the state of the Phish scene are remarkable.  Perhaps the most exciting debut, musically, fans immediately foresaw this groove-based vehicle going places come June and beyond.

3.7.08 (M. Walters)

3.7.08 (M. Walters)

While new material may not have been the focus of Hampton, the carefully selected debuts conveyed a powerful message.  Between the three songs, we can infer a genuine enthusiasm for the band’s reunion and a commitment to forge a new path for Phish.  As we move in to summer and will hear more of what “the new” has to offer, understand that it represents where the band is coming from now.  Don’t be that jaded fan to knock a song because you never heard it before and it’s not “Tweezer”‘- even “Tweezer” was a new song once too you know.



8.4.96 Red Rocks, Morrison, CO < LINK

8.4.96 Red Rocks, Morrison, CO < TORRENT LINK

Red Rocks (Hidden Track)

Red Rocks (Hidden Track)

With all the Red Rocks madness engulfing the scene over the last 24 hours, I figured we would revisit the epic four night stand that got the banned in the summer of ’96.  Here’s night one, with others to follow.  Again, please use torrents.

I: Chalk Dust Torture, Funky Bitch, Guyute, Fee, Split Open and Melt, The Mango Song, The Sloth, Maze, Loving Cup

II: AC/DC Bag,  Reba, Scent of a Mule, Sample in a Jar, David Bowie, Sweet Adeline, Slave to the Traffic Light

E: Star Trek Theme*, Rocky Top

*Page, solo on Theremin.



3.8.09 – Photo: Marc Walters

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177 Responses to “Undecided, Undefined”

  1. cottle Says:

    I agree that Kimock would be a better fit, as was proven on the early other ones tour, but I think Warren does a pretty good job covering Dead tunes. It depends on the tune/jam, but I think he does a great job vocally. He’s a great guitar player too, but the Les Paul sound just doesn’t always work, in my opinion.

    That’s one thing I really like about Kimock, is that he brings at least a half dozen guitars to every show. A jaguar for this song, a flying v for that song, a jazzmaster here, a pedal steel there. He really does a great job of matching a song or groove with a particular guitar’s tone.

    Did anybody see the Kimock shows in Norfolk after Phish? I saw Saturday night, and it was SICK!!! They played til 5:30 am, and Melvin was all over the place too. They did “That’s What Love Will Make You Do”, “Stop That Train” and at least one other JGB classic, plus some great Kimock stuff, but I have trouble keeping up with the names of his tunes, since they’re all instrumental, and the few shows I have don’t have setlists.

    Anyway…long story short Kimock kicks T-Total ass, but so does Warren, each in their own right.

  2. cottle Says:


    Tour and Rob, I’m sold on the idea of some Nerds lot shirts. The possibilities are endless.

  3. Mr.Miner Says:

    Love the revenge of the nerds humor…..

  4. hairy pood Says:

    use the photo of the band on king st. by the hood plant back in the day, as suggested earlier. some friends of mine lived in that building about 5 years ago

  5. hairy pood Says:

    listening to Stowe 93 right now. thank you mr. minor.
    ps. if you’re gonna be posting red rocks for a few days, could you post 6-11-94? i think thats the date with tela, and lots of heat. I used to have it, but haven’t heard it in years. I know I could find it online somewhere, but I’m not too hip on the whole torrent scene.

  6. whole tour! Says:

    yy….i’d would LOVE to buy multiple Revenge of the nerds/phish themed t-shirts…

    i’m thinking hard on how we could furthur tie in phish songs with the ROTN theme…
    earlier the lamar/yamar connection came up!

    how about a “harpua” themed shirt with a picture of all of the lambdas from the movie…perhaps a group shot that says “were coming to your town, we’ll help you party down”???

    mitch…let us know how you would like to set it up…pay pal, money order…ect and i’m down!!!

    just be careful about posting personal info such as e-mail here on the site…if you do post an e-mail addy, be sure it is NOT the one you use to post on here to avoid being hacked.

  7. cottle Says:


    Yeah, 6/11/94 is the one w/ Tela. That’s also the one where they do this great 2001 and the very last note of it is one of the nastiest, creepiest sounds I’ve ever heard. But then it bleeds right into Antelope, it surprises me every time I listen to it. It’s one of those great Phish “did they just do that?” moments.

  8. cottle Says:

    I may even have a copy around here somewhere. I know I don’t have the audio version anymore (at least not all three discs) but I think I might still have the .shn files somewhere.

  9. gills Says:

    @ pood
    phishows.com has a good quality aud of 6-11-94 listening right now and sounds so crisp u can even stream before you D/L

  10. Mitch Says:

    ^RobAins, we made shirts for 5 of us at hampton.


    thats a link. There is no limit when you are ordering regular prints. The screen prints have limits of 6 or more but we wanted to make them with out own screen prints so screw limits. I’m sure 6 will want them anyway. Ours were made on american apparel shirts and came out great. we had them made by a place in cali and when we called about the pics we uploaded to see how they would look best the dude was talking to my friend about how jealous he was that we were going to hampton. cool people in sierra nevada country.

  11. Mitch Says:

    ^hairy pood – i have 6.11.94 sbd radio rip if you wanna file xfer it

  12. Mitch Says:


    o.g. red rocks

  13. whole tour! Says:

    that pic of old red rocks is sweet!

  14. cottle Says:

    @ Mitch:

    is that a heat transfer type of graphic on those shirts? You can get more depth/color/clarity with those than you can with traditional screenprints anyways. That’s the method the Cobra/Yamabushi kids use to do their shirts.

    As long as we’re talking shirts here, I’d like to pose a question…
    What’s everyone’s all time favorite lot shirts?

    Miner referenced a few in a post here a while back, one of them being the classic Star Wars/Mike’s Groove shirt. I think my fav was a small production run shirt, done in 99 or 00. It featured a cartoon hot dog dancing, and the phrase: “lets go back to my hotie and bury the meatstick”….priceless.

  15. Mitch Says:

    it was done on a website where they use printers. i didnt make them at home other than my buddy doing photoshop. my buddy and i were talking about making screen prints for the next tour tho since he used to do it in college and i was all over wanting to do it. if i have a group interested in an idea tho, id rather go with that than try and make something to sell. currently im in it for fun not for money. and what better market group than a bunch of dorks who all read a phish blog all day (myself included)?

  16. wizzle1986 Says:

    6-11-94 FM SBD is on this site already

  17. wizzle1986 Says:

    ^can be found as the first download of the day in September 2008 archive

  18. Ryan Schloffel Says:

    Urban Outfitter’s has a bunch of cool stuff, seems like every shirt I look at leads me to thinking how it can be turned into something phishy….

    Trey as DaVinci’s “Rock Man” with the Laungedoc?


    Or any of the boys’ faces superimposed on the body of Max from “Where the Wild Things Are”


    Just a couple ideas….my favorite lot shirt has to be the Back on the Train shirt set in the image of the Back to the Future logo. So many possibilities, so little money…maybe I’ll start a t-shirt company, haha.

  19. Davey Says:

    Back from the springs guys. Had some crazy times, I blew myself up with a propane stove!! I’ll be catching up on the comments but I dig the 6-11-94 show a lot.

  20. gtgwbab2495 Says:

    the 6/11/94 has always been one of my top shows. i got it a while ago off phishows.com, and listened to it through once and was just blown away. the yem is one of my favorites. like, it might be my favorite.

  21. Al Says:

    Yeah, Trey’s 06/11/94 YEM solo is awesome!! Funky, crunchy and with the right Ross Compressor sound. Love it. That’s the kind of playin’ I miss a lot nowadays. Though I kind of like his new Jeff Beck Style howlin’ notes. Check out SLAVE or REBA at Hampton 2009. Sometimes it works sometimes not yet. They need to have enough sustain…

  22. cottle Says:

    “what better market group than a bunch of dorks who all read a phish blog all day (myself included)?”

    ^and know every line to Revenge of the Nerds by heart!

    Speaking of Phish dorks who read to much… I got to talk to a friend of mine last weekend who I hadn’t spoke to in some time. He’d been listening to the Hampton shows, and wanted to find out first-hand just how amazing the shows were. Then he mentions that he’s noticed a different sound from Trey’s guitar than he’s heard in a long time. Thanks to the countless hours I’ve spent on this site (and others) I was able to give hime the whole rundown on the Ross compressor.

    “wow, that’s really cool” he says….”you’re such a fucking Phish nerd”

  23. c0wfunk Says:

    a little late for this but … contact420 said this regarding Warren and Derrick and Trey during Southbound: “better than BG’s I agree but the other two dudes up there…wow!”

    Trey runs circles around these two fellas any time .. Living in Asheville I get more than my share of Warren and as someone above said, too much Warren is not a good thing .. He tends to go exactly the same place with every solo, and that’s Up and Up and Up.. pretty monotonous to me. I love Derrick and he’s got a little more versatility, but I feel pretty much the same. Trey’s “blues” solos are great to me because he’s not afraid to let go of the form, he’s not afraid to throw in other scales, and when he does go Up and UP and Up it sounds *different* to me than what those other guys are doing… somehow more dramatic to my ears.

  24. contact420 Says:

    c0wfunk, your an idiot!

  25. c0wfunk Says:

    lol “your” a moron then 😉

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