Weekend Nuggets: Red Rocks ’95


Phish @ Red Rocks (CoventryBlog)

Phish @ Red Rocks (CoventryBlog)

Everyone vividly remembers Phish’s four-night stand at Red Rocks during Summer ’96, but by that point, the band had already played five shows at Colorado’s live music mecca- one in ’93, two in’94, and these two in ’95.  This two-night stand came towards he beginning of Summer ’95’s space camp.  Featuring extended and exploratory improv every single night of tour, the band reached some incredibly dark places. Check out the “Split,” “Bowie,” or “Mike’s” for musical illustrations of this type of jamming.  Enjoy the history of Red Rocks, as the future will soon be written!

Check out this cool interview with Trey from Red Rocks ’95!

1995-06-09gn6.9.95 Red Rocks < LINK

6.9.95 Red Rocks < TORRENT LINK

I: My Friend My Friend, The Divided Sky, Strange Design, Oh Kee Pa Ceremony, AC/DC Bag, Theme From the Bottom, Taste, Sparkle, Run Like an Antelope

II: Split Open and Melt, The Wedge, Scent of a Mule, Cavern, David Bowie, Acoustic Army, Sweet Adeline, Slave to the Traffic Light

E: The Squirming Coil

Source: B&K 4006 (8’high/10′ spread/5rows back of SBD)>Lunatec 316>Audio Magic cables>Panasonic SV250 @48kHz

Taper: Marc Nutter


1995-06-10gn6.10.95 Red Rocks < LINK

6.10.95 Red Rocks < TORRENT LINK

I: Makisupa Policeman > Llama, Prince Caspian, It’s Ice, Free, Rift, You Enjoy Myself, Lonesome Cowboy Bill > Suzy Greenberg

II: Maze, Fee, Uncle Pen, Mike’s Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove, Amazing Grace, Sample in a Jar

E: A Day in the Life*

*First time played.

Source: Microtech Gefell M270 (spread 8′) > Oade M148 > Oade mod Panasonic SV-250



“David Bowie” 3.6.09, Hampton (Stormchasingmonkey)

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“Bouncin'” 3.6.09, Hampton (Pauly)

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  1. cason Says:

    even if my RR requests get denied I know there are multiple opportunities to see Phish this summer. 25 dates in 17 or 18 different venues, though clustered mostly in the NE, is still a pretty significant tour. West coat tickets, other than RR will be easy. i live down south so my summer is shaping up to be something like Ashe>Knox, Pitt>DC>Alpine, Merriweather>SPAC.

    see you kids this summer, somewhere.

  2. cottle Says:

    Word Case. I’ll be at Asheville, Knoxville and Merriweather for sure…still working on adding a few others to the calendar. Let’s hope the lottery does us right.

  3. cason Says:

    i should point out that i don’t have a single ticket to any of these shows and i fully expect to get in everyone.

    you gotta have phaith.

  4. cottle Says:

    Miner…I really can’t tell you how much I appreciate having a fresh download (let alone a fresh story to read) every single day. Alot of the shows you put up are ones that I had on cassette at one point or another, but have gotten lost or given away over the years as I made the switch to digital. Some of these I haven’t heard in years, some I’ve never heard before. Your site is THE place to get my daily Phish fix.

  5. cottle Says:

    Of the shows you mention, the only one that’s gonna be a really hard ticket to get is Asheville. The others should be relatively easy scores.

    I expect to see tons of miracles in Knoxville. It’ll be like LA 03 all over again.

    I might be able to help you out with one or two of the shows on your list…it all depends on how this week unfolds.

  6. whole tour! Says:

    summer 95 was a great tour…thanks for the tunes miner….i guess i pulled my back out laying sod yeasterday, so while i’m laid up the tunes are keeping me busy.

  7. whole tour! Says:

    summer 95 was a great tour…thanks for the tunes miner….i guess i pulled my back out laying sod yeasterday, so while i’m laid up the tunes are keeping me busy.

    do they let people sit behind the stage in asheville? i figured that since my knoxville seats are in section three hundred and nose bleed that i’d try and get close in asheville and then appreciate the view from afar in knoxville.

  8. whole tour! Says:

    Sorry for the double post, my computer has been acting up the last few days…it’s got a mind of it’s own!

  9. cottle Says:

    Last time I was at the Civic Center was for Primus in maybe ’04, and I don’t recall anyone being behind the stage. They may make some changes to the setup due to the nature of this particular show…I don’t know.

  10. Davey Says:

    I think it’s up to the band whether they sell the seats behind them or not. Not totally sure on that but I have seen some with and some without at the same venue.

  11. Monster Says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Miner

  12. whole tour! Says:

    this brew’s for you miner….happy birthday bud!

    asheville is general admission, so if it is behind stage seating, it will be first come first serve.

  13. c0wfunk Says:

    they usually do have behind the stage – the year of serial pod at the christmas jam we were back there for much of the late night action, and got to see the guys assembling for the all-star encore jam. The room is so small though, you’re pretty close no matter what. When Trey played there Halloween in 02 or something we ended up in the page side high section and we had a great view.

  14. Reduced Sloth Says:

    Reading about and seeing pictures of some of these great venues like Red Rocks and the Gorge scenic wise makes me wish i was there. I think phish did a great job with the clifford ball dvd’s. It would be cool if they released a dvd set of Red Rocks 4 night stand or more early-mid 90’s stuff on dvd.

  15. Frankie Says:

    It’s your birthday Miner and you’re giving out the gifts! Happy birthday man! Thank you so much for the Red Rocks ’95 run. I never heard it before and i was really curious about it after listening to the GREAT Mike’s Groove on the Summer 95 picks…

    I love the 95 sound! Can’t wait to hear it all! Thanks!

  16. Mr.Miner Says:

    Thanks for the birthday wishes peeps! Much appreciated– let’s leave the presents all inside and take a trip backwards down the number line….

  17. nonoyolker Says:

    Hey Miner, Happy Birthday Buddy! Have a great one!!!

  18. Los Says:

    Feliz Cumpleanos! Senor Miner!!!

    Muchos Gracias para todo!!!!

  19. hairy pood Says:

    happy birthday, and thanks to all who directed me yesterday where to find 6-11-94. used to be my “go-to show,” and i’m stoked to hear it again. downloading now.

  20. Pencilneck Says:

    Happy Birthday MM!

  21. hairy pood Says:

    from trey’s 1999 interview in the New York Post (not the one miner linked here):

    Trey: So far, things have remained in perspective. Maybe in 10 years I’ll be able to look back and take stock of what’s happened, but right now I’m just kind of growing w/ the whole thing. That’s not the greatest answer, but it’s pretty much the truth.


  22. Mr.Miner Says:

    Thanks all! Didn’t someone say they were logging what shows were on the site here? I never thought to do it, but want to put together a “Downloads of the Day” page….anyone have that list? I believe it was broken down into years…..if you have it, send an email my way and we can streamline things…

  23. guyforget Says:

    Happy Bday my man. was up in SF for business yesterday and last night, thought about dropping you a line. watched bball at kezars pub.

  24. Jerrydamule Says:

    Happy b’day. You’re a truly selfless fan. These 2 nights at RR were 2 of the most memorable in my phishtory. I’ll never forget the maze. Chief Hosa was epic. Lookin forward to RR 09, and goin BDTNL.

  25. Weyoun42 Says:

    Happy birthday Mr. Miner!

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