Weekend Nuggets: The Gorge ’97


The Gorge

The Gorge

As the upcoming Gorge shows sold out yesterday, this weekend we will travel back in time to the summer of 1997 and Phish’s first visit to the venue.  Pulling into central Washington at the beginning of August, Phish was midway through their summer of deep funk and this translated beautifully to the open air beauty of The Gorge. The first night was darker and dancy, wile the second was celebratory and triumphant.  After this initial visit, Phish felt right at home at the best venue of the west coast.

8.2.97 The Gorge, George, Washington < LINK

8.2.97 The Gorge, George, Washington < TORRENT LINK

I: Theme From the Bottom, Ginseng Sullivan, Ghost, Dogs Stole Things, The Divided Sky, Wolfman’s Brother, Water in the Sky, Split Open and Melt

II: Down With Disease > Tweezer > Down with Disease > Johnny B. Goode, Sparkle, Wading in the Velvet Sea, Loving Cup, Tweezer Reprise

E: Harry Hood*

*Trey asks Chris [Kuroda] to turn the stage lights off; band jams in darkness to the stars.

Source: Schoeps CCM4>Sonosax>SV-MD1 (FOB)


8.3.97 The Gorge < LINK

8.3.97 The Gorge < TORRENT LINK

I: Bathtub Gin > Foam > Samson Variation, Dirt, Vultures, My Mind’s Got a Mind of Its Own, Twist, Jesus Just Left Chicago, Limb By Limb, Character Zero

II: Julius, Simple, Fluffhead, Lifeboy, Taste, Hello My Baby, Frankenstein

E: Bouncing Around the Room, Slave to the Traffic Light

Source: Schoeps MK5 (FOB)



2889100254_8494a287a8The Phish Thoughts Ticket Exchange has been updated for all the new shows!  We have opend up the board to the public- no longer will you need to email for a invite.  Please respect the board as this is a community resource to get aroud the sceondary ticket market.  Please respect the board and post carefully to make sure you are putting your info in the right place.  Any questions, please email mrminer@phishthoughts.com!



“Gumbo” 7.17.98, The Gorge

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141 Responses to “Weekend Nuggets: The Gorge ’97”

  1. Walfredo Says:

    Not to off topic, but I just watched disc 7 of the cilff ball DVD- and the lg track has to be some of the funniest shit I’ve seen in quite awhile. Show is great- but disc 7 is where it’s at.

    BTW- watching CK’s lights in 96 versus Hampton shows. Where does he get all these wonderful toys?

    Anyone interested in gorge for alpine valley trade- looks like I have a couple confirmed gorge extras.

  2. Sugar Says:

    Hello friends — got extra Hartford lawns…looking for Merriweather.

    mrshafrir (at) gmail.com

  3. los Says:


    I got your camden pav for your spac and sent you an email.

    Let me know

  4. jshields Says:

    Don’t know if anyone commented on getting the tickets through Blockbuster yet, but if you’re thinking about it in the future don’t. They use the same system as we do online, except it doesn’t tell them that it’s sold out. I was waiting for the Hartford show to go on sale and there were 4 people in front of me in line. The first guy got 4 lawns, the next guy had to wait 10 minutes, and then got 1 pav. The next guy had to wait 15 minutes and then he got 1 pav. The guy in front of me got nothing. They kept telling us that tickets would eventually be available because peoples credit cards would be declined. That never happened. We waited for an hour and only three people got tickets, it was a joke.

  5. c0wfunk Says:

    thought this was interesting .. ticket brokers have the whole world scrambling for tix ..


  6. Dr SF Jones Says:

    Hey Miner
    Was wondering if you were planning to do the No Spoilers for Summer Tour?

  7. voopa Says:

    Someone should document this BS and complain:


  8. hairy pood Says:

    lookin for extra gorge tix for all my friends out here in WA. unfortunately, I don’t have extras to trade, but if anyone feels kind and can’t make it, I will trade legal tender.

  9. R1 Says:

    i nominate you voopa

  10. Mr.Miner Says:

    Trying to do no spoilers for summer.

    Still need 1 pav for Darien and Merriweather….Who’s got my help?

    (ideally lower pav)

    also, loosely looking for spac…can trade any number of tix- just tell me what you need


  11. Billy Breathes Says:

    I have 2 Darien Lakes, 4th Row Center…

    Looking to TRADE for similar quality seats to Deer Creek or Alpine Valley 6/20.

    Email: ak2798@att.com


  12. Henry Holland Says:

    Still can’t believe I got the 2-day pass for The Gorge yesterday. Now I just need a bit of luck tomorrow for Shoreline…..

    I’m also thinking of going to Chicago. Midway Airport is a 5-minute taxi ride from Toyota Park, so catch I’d come home from WA on Sunday night, rest up on Monday and catch a morning flight to Midway on Tuesday–Southwest can do a RT from LAX for about $250. Get to the lots about 3 or 4, get my chilled Magic Hat #9 (they don’t sell it here) and heady grilled-cheese, then after the show is over, just sleep in the airport until I catch an early morning flight back. Would save on hotels, rental cars and all that. If I can get the floor GA’s on 4/4, that might work.

  13. Mr.Miner Says:

    Anyone have a couple extra Gorges for both nights?


    PS: ticketboard is reupped…

  14. whole tour! Says:

    paperless ticketing petition:


  15. Mugician Says:

    Looks good Whole Tour!, I was just telling my friend last night about wanting to write a petition to get something done. I signed this and sent it to every single contact I have. I hope every one does the same. Something HAS TO HAPPEN.

  16. phantastic Says:

    nice work wt, something needs to be done about the in(sanity)

  17. whole tour! Says:

    😉 no problem…i thought i’d pass that link along….spread the word!

  18. Mugician Says:

    Does anyone know where I can get Soundboard ‘cordings?

  19. Mugician Says:

    Also: are there any soundboards for the last couple shows Miner has posted? No offense or anything, I appreciate the work, but I’d rather listen to board ‘cordings personally. You could call me an audiophile.

  20. Mr.Miner Says:

    i disagree with paperless ticketing….then you kill ticket trading of any kind, and you can no longer buy tickets for friends unless you go in with them. Its an interesting idea, but especially for Phish, its not practical IMO

  21. Mr.Miner Says:

    there are no sbds of gorge 97 that have been leaked/released

  22. Mugician Says:

    Is there anywhere with sbds for download?

    @MINER: I was also thinking about the trading aspect of the ticket scene, and here’s my response:

    It seems like the main reason people trade tickets is because of the way the system is set up. Phans do the Phish lotto and usually go for as many tickets as they can possibly afford in hopes of getting at least a couple, so in case they don’t get the tickets to the show they wanna see, they at least have tickets to a show somebody else might want to see in return for the show they wanted in the first place – kind of a potentially really expensive way of guaranteeing yourself that you will see a show on any given tour, and that other phans that you might come into contact with will also get to see a show or three or eight.

    It looks to me like phans are forced to do this exactly because it’s so hard to get tickets to the show they want to see, and of course, when you “get” the whole Phish thing, there’s really no stopping you until you have a ticket (they’re just too fucking good to give up on)!

    What I’m getting at is if the scalpers can be bypassed, then phans (eventually) are less likely to try and get tickets to shows they know they can’t attend, thus no trading will need to occur (for the most part obviously. There’s millions of reasons why tickets get traded, but the one I just wrote a novel about seems to be the biggest reason people trade).

    But, as I just mentioned, that leaves other problems, like people getting sick and not being able to attend or any other millions of reasons. What then to do with the tickets? That, I have not thought of just yet.

  23. wizzle1986 Says:

    there are a surprising amount of SBD’s archived on this very site…i’ll compile a short list…also there are some good links on here-phishows.com has alot of shows but doesn’t tell you what quality they are-http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=p8WKkpP-TKpO1VnQgcff6EQ&gid=5 has pretty everymich everything up to 2000 and lists which are sbd’s-also bt.etree.org has some boards

  24. Mugician Says:

    WOW. Thanks wizzle! I’m downloading a show from the day I was born and it also happened to be a SBD!

  25. Mugician Says:

    Anyone have any pointers on any good Euro shows? I know 2/16/97 is pretty kickin’. I remember when my friend gave me a DVD copy of the television broadcast of that show, and it was the first time I had seen video of Phish playing, and I was blown away. Any others I should check out?

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