Weekend Nuggets: The Gorge ’97


The Gorge

The Gorge

As the upcoming Gorge shows sold out yesterday, this weekend we will travel back in time to the summer of 1997 and Phish’s first visit to the venue.  Pulling into central Washington at the beginning of August, Phish was midway through their summer of deep funk and this translated beautifully to the open air beauty of The Gorge. The first night was darker and dancy, wile the second was celebratory and triumphant.  After this initial visit, Phish felt right at home at the best venue of the west coast.

8.2.97 The Gorge, George, Washington < LINK

8.2.97 The Gorge, George, Washington < TORRENT LINK

I: Theme From the Bottom, Ginseng Sullivan, Ghost, Dogs Stole Things, The Divided Sky, Wolfman’s Brother, Water in the Sky, Split Open and Melt

II: Down With Disease > Tweezer > Down with Disease > Johnny B. Goode, Sparkle, Wading in the Velvet Sea, Loving Cup, Tweezer Reprise

E: Harry Hood*

*Trey asks Chris [Kuroda] to turn the stage lights off; band jams in darkness to the stars.

Source: Schoeps CCM4>Sonosax>SV-MD1 (FOB)


8.3.97 The Gorge < LINK

8.3.97 The Gorge < TORRENT LINK

I: Bathtub Gin > Foam > Samson Variation, Dirt, Vultures, My Mind’s Got a Mind of Its Own, Twist, Jesus Just Left Chicago, Limb By Limb, Character Zero

II: Julius, Simple, Fluffhead, Lifeboy, Taste, Hello My Baby, Frankenstein

E: Bouncing Around the Room, Slave to the Traffic Light

Source: Schoeps MK5 (FOB)



2889100254_8494a287a8The Phish Thoughts Ticket Exchange has been updated for all the new shows!  We have opend up the board to the public- no longer will you need to email for a invite.  Please respect the board as this is a community resource to get aroud the sceondary ticket market.  Please respect the board and post carefully to make sure you are putting your info in the right place.  Any questions, please email mrminer@phishthoughts.com!



“Gumbo” 7.17.98, The Gorge

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141 Responses to “Weekend Nuggets: The Gorge ’97”

  1. R1 Says:

    4 shoreline lawns (from lottery) to trade for hartford, SPAC, or darien lake PAV

  2. Phisherman Says:

    Came back from the Shoreline venue after the onsale. Raffle tickets were handed out to the first ~60 people there. They called out number 1 by chance. I was 20th in line. Started selling tickets at 11:57. First 6 people got Section 102 Row CCC. Then at 12:01 all pavillions were sold out. By 12:04 all lawns were sold out too and the line came to a halt. I was left 2nd in line, but they still were selling bounceback tickets. People started getting single pavillions. At my turn the guy told me I would only get tickets if I tried for singles. I got 2 single pavillions in Section 101 and 102. Definitely stoked!!!!! My friend’s got Gorge tickets for me and I got his Shoreline pavillion. Sweet!!!!!!

  3. Harpua Says:

    I have 4 pav chicago (sec 103), 8 lawn darien, 4 lawn spac, looking to trade any combination of these plus $$ for any east coast shows lower pavilion.

    email me at strummer356@aol.com

  4. Mr.Miner Says:

    was at a blockbuster a 8:30 am- 3/12 hours early, first in line, the moment hits and dude clearly doesn’t know how to use the software- i get ZERO tix for shoreline after thinking for 4 hours that i had 2 100 level LOCKED 100% guaranteed- you’ll hear more about this tomorrow.

  5. Bandnana Says:

    Miner thats rough, I have 1 extra Lawn (lottery) if it helps, but I know you’ll get your pav seats. You always do don’t you?

  6. Mugician Says:

    I’m sorry Miner, that hurts. Keep in mind that you still are seeing the the band period which is more than what most people can say right now. I got tickets to a venue 1300 miles from where I live, and I don’t have a car or any friends that are going to that show – but at least I know I’m gonna finally see ’em…. somehow.

  7. Pencilneck Says:

    A pal o mine scored lottery style. I have 2 pav hartfords for any alpine or deer creek pav trade-aroo. Or trade-arino. Your choice.

  8. Mr.Miner Says:

    I feel you. On sales are dead…

  9. wizzle1986 Says:

    where u goin and where from mugician?

  10. Mugician Says:

    I scored both nights of the Gorge and a Shoreline lawn through the lotto, and I’m in Boulder, CO.

  11. Mugician Says:

    And I’m so fucking excited.

    I wake up everyday and say to myself, I’M FINALLY GONNA SEE PHISH. Then it wears off by the end of the day, and I wake up the next morning and repeat. This should be a nice morning routine for the next 4 months.

  12. wizzle1986 Says:

    ouch, I’m in oregon and could’ve given a ride to Chicago, still lookin for gorge tickets myself

  13. Mugician Says:

    Well if you have RR I’ll do a trade. HA. Jeez. Good luck though, really. Check this site out: http://cashforyourextra.com/

  14. dyda Says:

    as a former employee of blockbuster i can vouch firsthand for the ineptitude of their staff. no joke $6000 worth of merch walked out the front door in the few months i worked there. they never even bothered to plug in the security device you walk through.

    then again it was in an area that has declined in recent decades into white trash acting like its the ghetto cause that’s what they preceive as hep. very sad. got held up at gunpoint in that area too but that’s another story…

    i experienced a total corporate mentality from regional managers. very offputting. then again they are based in texas. haha. that’s right i’ll poke fun even though that’s not really a legit reason.

    i’m a little surprised that the whole industry hasn’t tanked yet what with nexflix and the like.

    i’d’ve liked to see us try to sell tix on the antiquated computers they had us working on too.

    so what’s the concensus? extreme demand for the summer that will lessen as the dates arrive leaving many a douche high and dry with extras that they’re trying to shuck on an economy that can’t support such excess or is this the new status quo?

    i feel so fortunate to have scored on lotto #3 after hearing the horror stories about this round of releases.

    i can’t see how most phans could justify thousand dollar tix to rr. that just does not compute to me. i get that it’s just as big an event as hampton but it wouldn’t surprise me if another ban is levied after the four nights. call it a sneaking suspicion.

    imo people need to hold strong and trust that icculus will look after them in the lots/closer to the actual dates and not succumb to encouraging this scalping. call it what it is. fuck “brokering”. call a spade a spade.

    same thing goes on with (sports in general) penguins tickets (specifically). cowfunk posted a link to a blog about mets opening day at their new park and this nonsense permeating the whole process and leaving many fans high and dry. that pic of a “broker’s” (assclown’s) desk full of stacks of hundreds of tix was almost sickening. season ticket holders get a huge discount cause they buy in bulk but many turn right around and sell for at least double what the public face would be for those seats. many nights i spot lots of empty seats and yet the attendance is still announced as a sellout so i guess it only matters that the tic was sold and not that a fan’s ass is in the seat.

    and the kicker is that it’s almost assuredly done on credit. all made up money just like our national budgets/debt. the money doesn’t actually exist so what exactly are we supposed to be stimulating?

    i can’t bitch too much cause i got tix for half a dozen shows (albeit lawn) at face, but reading the page over this last round of onsales demonstrates how seriously broken this whole process is. but i’m not the first to say that. what to do about it… that is the vexing query.

    i don’t fault the band either especially if they’re trying to be in this thing for a somewhat long haul. how can i when clear channel (the real fucking enemy, if you ask me) owns it all and just has a different name for each division of the process that they monopolize. venues, tickets, secondary markets. they’re the ones encouraging others to make a buck (actually very many bucks) off our devotion by continuing with ticketsnow and the like.

    i kind of want to be vindictive enough to e-mail a hearty ‘fuck you’ to all those pricks on ebay selling tix at crazy markups. capatalism at its finest! if only they had thought of this back when people were living in hoovervilles…

  15. wizzle1986 Says:

    either way i could get you from Shoreline to Gorge cause I’m definitely going

  16. wizzle1986 Says:

    and seeing as how I plan on going to Chicago i could prob. get you back to Boulder

  17. Mugician Says:

    Huh.. sounds good to me. We’ll see how things play out! I mean, I’m definitely gonna give it my all to try and get to RR, but well, you know… We’ve still got 3 months to figure shit out. Thanks for the offer, sounds totally sweet to me.

  18. Mr. V Says:

    Mr. V – LN – 12:00:15 reserved sold out
    12:02:00 lawn sold out

    Mr. V’s son – Phone – 12:02 Sold out

    Mr. V’s wife – Blockbuster – 12:00 LN Software stalls momentarily
    12:01 Sold out

    Strike 3 Not a good day.

    Congrats to those who scored tickets today. Enjoy the show.

  19. Mugician Says:

    Goddamnit. Mr. V, sorry to hear that. It’s really sickening.

  20. dyda Says:

    and by all means mugician, go!
    where there’s a will there’s a way.

    i’m going from great sand dunes straight to rothbury after alpine. it’s a life experience if you’ve never done a road tripping type deal. this time i’m going solo so that should add another level to it all…

    wish i could see shoreline and the gorge this year but that’s not in the cards. just going to shoreline carries so much history with it. reason enough right there. and the gorge. well, you see the pic at the top of the main page…

    miner, how about a post weighing the merits of rr v gorge so far as most stunningly beautiful venue in the nation.

    sorry about the length of my previous post but i got into a whole stream of consciousness thing. i ususally edit my writing extensively.

  21. Mugician Says:

    What’s the deal with Shoreline? Is this personal history you’re referencing? Road trips are amazing. Road trips and playing music on stage are my favorite things to do. That and sitting in the sun. I’d love a road trip TOWARDS PHISH. That would DEFINITELY be something!

    I’m actually having a tough time deciding. I really wanna go for RR, for millions of reasons, but I also would really love to go down to the Gorge and Shoreline, because, in my thinking, seeing Phish anywhere is good enough for me.

  22. lot rat Says:

    5th in line at blockbuster, they did a lottery of about 9 people…first guy mid 200l 2nd guy 3 back 200…3rd all gone. had my labtop going as well. hung out in the store and kept having her refrsh…puulled 2 lawnboys 1215. whatever…im in

    that being said I have jones beach both nights, and great woods pav’s for red rocks tix. gotta get to morrison…

  23. dyda Says:

    no, not my personal history. i’ve only been to san fran twice. mostly for its history with the dead & bill grahmm (sp? you know who i mean.) and the fact that phish always throws down there. kinda like how they always do at star lake but that venue is a cookie cutter summer shed. shoreline has some character. or so i gather.

    at least this isn’t summer 2000 where i’d have to go straight to alpine from pittsburgh. road trip thru deer creek will be nice.

    (i’ve said this before but i’ll repeat it cause i’m stoked): i figure that if i’m out in wisconsin and rothbury is across lake michigan 2 weekends later i may as well go west and see some sights rather than go all the way back to pa and head out again. i’ll only have 2 days home before all good 13. and getting lottoed for spac was totally unexpected so i have the opportunity to cross the adirondacks off my list too.

    living in the boulder (free zone – king fans), have you ever been to the laramie/medicine bow region? or great sand dunes? i’ve wanted to go to the dunes for years (ever since i found out about them) and medicine bow is one of the most incredible places i’ve ever been to. dig the gigantic lincoln bust at the one rest stop off 80 before laramie. (been to rocky mtn np too.)

    i could take the highway thru the great divide but will save that experience for another year. flaming gorge is pretty spectacular too. mmmm but just thinking about the smell of all that pine in medicine bow. wow. best air i’ve breathed so far.

  24. dyda Says:

    needless to say go to red rocks if you get the chance but it seems that those are going to be harder tix to get than the hampton comeback. but since you live right there why not give it a shot

  25. Mugician Says:


    Living in Boulder is nice most of the time. We have the best spring bloom, the best hiking, and some damn good snow. The down side is all the yuppie/pretentious/downright vapid idiots that live here too.

    Anyway, Colorado is fucking gorgeous. Haven’t been to the dunes in Alamosa (Great Sand Dunes NP) yet, but I have been to White Sands in New Mexico, and THAT is an epic place. Really, you could spend 10 years walking around Colorado and never get bored – there’s a little too much to see for such a relatively small area.

    Red Rocks would be awesome. As I’ve mentioned before, it would be my first Red Rocks show, and also my first Phish show. And I’m pretty damn sure (from what I’ve heard about RR, and seen and heard from Phish) that there isn’t a better combo to be had.


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