Weekend Nuggets: The Spectrum ’97


The Spectrum - Philadelphia, PA

The Spectrum - Philadelphia, PA

In all the madness of Fall ’97, this Philly weekend sometimes gets left in the dust.  Surrounded by Hampton and a legendary Cleveland > Detroit > Dayton run, The Spectrum shows don’t always get the credit deserved.  Both second sets were monsters, strewn with all sorts of improvisation.  and ten tons of cow funk.

12.2.97 The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA < LINK

12.2.97 The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA < TORRENT LINK

I: Buried Alive > Down With Disease, Makisupa Policeman, Chalk Dust Torture, Ghost, The Divided Sky, Dirt > Taste, The Star Spangled Banner

II: Mike’s Song > Simple > Dog Faced Boy > Ya Mar > Weekapaug Groove, Bouncing Around the Room, Character Zero

E: Ginseng Sullivan, Sample in a Jar


12.3.97 The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA < LINK

12.3.97 The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA < TORRENT LINK

I: Punch You In The Eye, My Soul, Drowned, The Old Home Place, Gumbo > Also Sprach Zarathustra > You Enjoy Myself

II: David Bowie*> Possum > Funk Jam, Prince Caspian, Frankenstein, Harry Hood

E: Crossroads




3.6.09 “The First Tweezer Back”

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77 Responses to “Weekend Nuggets: The Spectrum ’97”

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  1. Baxter Says:

    Nice video of tweezer. Thanx for all the downloads, I’m sending my dough-Nation. Do you think there is something to all this Fenway commotion?

  2. Al Says:

    If you guys want to watch or download almost the whole Reunion show in this very “Tweezer quality” then go to:


    These Philly shows from 1997 are awesome! Miner, have I deserved a Philly 12/28/96 download for the Hampton 2009 video link I found? 😉

  3. dyda Says:

    very nice, miner (another venue bites the dust)

    i wrecked my voice last night doing roger waters screams (got the band to play echoes though)

    ah yes, silverchair is one of two (the other being tdunski) to have the best/most/archival videos on youtube. some of those hd vids look amazing. ck5! i don’t know what else to say about it other than: ck5!

    where is everyone today?

  4. c0wfunk Says:

    love these shows – 12/3/97 is a favorite, love the drowned, the gumbo>2001>yem is epic, and the possum funk jam is also hot. Thanks for the download!

  5. eric Says:

    “ten tons of cow funk” In the context of Phish, totally awesome. In the context of life on farm? Probably not so much. Lol, I’m sorry, my immature side couldn’t help but be amused here.

  6. Mulcahey Says:

    thank you miner

    one of my favorite shows ever is 12/2/97 and i dont think that entire 2nd set gets enough love. best weekapaug ever and one of my favorite mikes… i think the jam is super “island evil”… so great

  7. Billy Breathes Says:

    Just scored Sect 105 Row 13 to Toyota Park.

    What a total breeze. Plenty of seats still available and TM seems to be working just fine today.

  8. AintNoTele Says:

    Mr Miner,

    Thanks so much for posting the MPP ’98 show, i had asked a while ago and thought you forgot, thanks so much!!!

  9. Myhkel Says:

    Just pulled GA for Toyota Park! Yeah!

    I got worried when I immediately got an error message at 1:00

    My friend My friend tried on the phone but was shut out of the GA floor Immediately!

    I won’t complain too much but it still seems that brokers got first pull again today.

  10. playitleo Says:

    just pulled 2 GA and 2 Reserved 118 for Toyota Park.

  11. Bandnana Says:

    Somethings Fishy! I have tried for almost every show on tour, and done pretty well. But, today, I was able to pull GA field 3 separate times, I’m pumped I could hook up my peeps, but the ease with which I did it is beyond puzzling. Did anyone else have it easier than they thought. Even after I got 3 separate orders, I still pulled ticket 2 more times, but I was out of money at that point, so.

  12. old dude Says:

    yah, i got reserved by phone and GA by interwebs for Toyo, no problems.
    Clearly lesser demand for this show. i have a good feeling – gonna be the sleeper of the summer!

  13. Bandnana Says:

    @old Dude I definitly think it will rage, but I’m origally from Chicago, and all my friends were pumped for these shows, I don’t know if it was really a demand issue. I have a theory that the little ticketmaster post from yesterday about congress might have something to do with it. Just a thought, probably not a god one.

  14. Billy Breathes Says:

    Still plenty of Reserved Seats available…if that floats your boat!

    It doesn’t matter….BUG!

    Toyo is going to be a unique setting…expect a Euro style show….if any of you have felt that before….TIGHT.

  15. lambo Says:

    Heart-attack funk jam is what we used to call it

  16. voopa Says:

    Chicago tix are STILL available.

  17. Bandnana Says:

    @ Voopa thats what I was talking about earlier, if the demand is lower, ok, but there has to be some other reason that these tickets were the easiest of the tour and why they are still up.
    I really do believe this is gonna be huge though. Allstate 03 was the only Chi town show since original hiatus. The field is going to be a massive funked out dance-a-thon.

  18. Henry Holland Says:

    Jeebus, what a morning. I too got in online and was paying for the ticket when my credit card was rejected. Total panic! I tried 2 different cards, nothing, got kicked out of the queue. Fuck! Turns out, my bank is morphing from Washington Mutual to Chase and I was going to activate my new Chase cards after I got all my Phish tickets using my WAMU account, which is listed on Tickebastard. So, I go back in, and I couldn’t believe that there were still GA floor tickets left 4-5 minutes later. With 3:45 to purchase tickets, I went and activated my new Chase card and was able to get that one to stick.

    I need a drink and it’s only 11:21 am! 🙂

  19. dyda Says:

    congrats all. it’s about time there was a less insane onsale.

    the most recent chicago show (2.20.03) is great. check it out sometime.

  20. old dude Says:

    Henry, it’s past noon – i’m drinking with you.
    still tickets left at TM and TicketsNow already has 1138 more for sale.
    strange days indeed.

  21. Bandnana Says:

    tickets are still up for GA field!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. snigglebeach Says:

    Scathing article about Ticket-Bastard in yesterday’s, Wall Street Journal.
    Today easy tickets (although this is a big venue.)

    Looks like ticket-bastard is scared.

  23. Bandnana Says:

    @ Sniggle I had a blurb up about that a little while back. It was more today than less people going for this show. Tickets were toooo easy to get compared to all the other shows. Not complaining by any means, but I do find it strange that right after yesterdays dealy, ticket buying opened up. Also 28,000 is a big venue, but I believe Alpine holds more than that, and that sold out in like fast. I don’t know, I just wish this would have happened like a week and a half ago. But oh well, congrats to all who gots and sory to those who nots.

  24. BingosBrother Says:

    Woke up this morning…GA to hometown show.
    Congrats Billy and all others.
    Much love to the old lady for your dedication.
    Party at my crib August 11.

  25. AlexanderK Says:

    Morning gents (and ladies?) … hopefully everyone who wanted Toyota Park got hooked up.. looks like it was an easy ticket.

    Anyway, I remind everyone to head over to the Phish Thoughts Ticket Exchange (link in right column of home page) to put up your extras if you have them. Cheers!


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