Fall ’97 Monday Mixup

Hampton (J.Kravitz)

"Gumbo" 3.7.09, Hampton (J.Kravitz)

It was a gray Sunday afternoon in The Bay yesterday, and instead of going outside to play, I decided to spend the afternoon making an audio post for today in the form of a DJ mix.  Yet, this time there is a twist; the entire mix is composed of music from Fall ’97.  Focusing on the well-known and well-loved tour, I thought of a way to make this an interactive game.  Instead of me posting the “setlist” along with the untracked mix, we are going to turn this into a contest and see who can come up with the closest “track listing (w/ dates)” to the actual mix.  I tried to make this a doable task, without making it a cake walk- we shall see.  The winner will be able to personally choose the Phish Thoughts “Download of the Day” for five days, and will be able to write a short accompanying paragraph explaining their choice that will be posted on the site.  (The only restrictions will be shows that have already been featured.)

So, to recap- you are searching for twelve jams from Fall ’97- New Year’s Run included.  You have until this Thursday, May 7th at 10pm Eastern / 7pm Pacific to enter your “setlist.”  Each person can only enter once, so make sure you have deided before you submit your “setlist.”  Feel free to use any resources you’d like.  Please email your submissions to mrminer@phishthoughts.com with “Fall ’97 Mixup” as the subject line. The winner will be announced Friday and they will choose the downloads for next week.  If I get many correct setlists, then I made this too easy, and the download choices will be split among the winners.

You can listen to the mix on-site by rolling over the link below and clicking play.  Feel free to download the mix by right clicking the link and choosing “Save As,” or even better, use the torrent.  (My apologies in advance for the somewhat abrupt ending- I ran out of room fifteen seconds too soon!) Enjoy the tunes to kick off your week!


FALL ’97 MONDAY MIXUP < LINK (Listen or download)



Fans at Hampton (Daily Press)

Fans at Hampton (Daily Press)

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5.4.94 State Palace Theatre, New Orleans, LA < LINK

5.4.94 State Palace Theatre, New Orleans, LA < TORRENT LINK

State Palace Theatre, New Orleans

State Palace Theatre, New Orleans

Today is the 15-year anniversary of this special show from New Orleans.  After a classic ’94 first set, Phish was midway through “YEM” when they were joined by the Cosmic Country Horns- Michael Ray and Carl Gerhard on trumpet, Dave Grippo on alto sax, Tony Tate on tenor sax, Jerome Theriot on baritone sax, and Rick Trolsen on trombone.  Staying on stage for the rest of the show- comprising most of the second set- this turned into a jazz-laced night to remember.  This was one of only three appearances of the Cosmic Country Horns on stage with Phish, (12.2 & 12.3.94.)

I: Runaway Jim, Foam, Sample in a Jar, It’s Ice, Sparkle, Axilla [Part II], Tweezer > Lifeboy, Rift > Tweezer Reprise

II: Run Like an Antelope, Bouncing Around the Room, You Enjoy Myself*, Buried Alive* > The Landlady*, Julius*, Wolfman’s Brother*, Magilla*, Suzy Greenberg*

E: Caravan*

*With the Cosmic Country Horns (Carl Gerhard – trumpet, Michael Ray – trumpet, Tony Tate – tenor sax, Dave Grippo – alto sax, Jerome Theriot – baritone sax, and Rick Trolsen – trombone)

Source: Sony ECM260F > DAT

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62 Responses to “Fall ’97 Monday Mixup”

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  1. Chalkdustin Says:

    Cam, I have nothing to say but to take care of your shoes. That looks so sick and I’m glad you’ll be seeing a good bunch of shows and jealous of the ones I’m not going to. See you in Chicago!

  2. PB Says:

    This read’s like a school assignment. Oh yeah, Minor is a teacher. Can you tell? I say that with great affection. I am a teacher as well, but, I could not help but chuckle at the line “Feel free to use any resources you’d like.”

    Thanks for the music!!!

  3. Mr.Miner Says:

    ^lol! Totally…

  4. Mr.Miner Says:

    “Is it a Jam? lol”

    ^^ nope. It’s a song

  5. whole tour! Says:

    i’m digging the mix miner! it downloaded to my ps3! fall 97 was the shit! We drove up to winston salem for the dwd > low rider > DWD show! it was dank! I wish i would have seen more on that tour, but i was in high school at the time and at that point one show would hold me over for months…lol. Now a days i have to see a few shows minimum, but back then the buzz lasted months.

  6. voopa Says:

    Like a drug…

  7. whole tour! Says:

    the best drug EVER!

  8. cason Says:

    ive got the first 5 confirmed but i have to stop there for now. maybe i will get some time tomorrow to finish.

    love it mr miner!

  9. whole tour! Says:


    Massachusetts .. 27 days
    New York .. 29 days
    New York .. 31 days
    New York .. 32 days
    Massachusetts .. 33 days
    New Jersey .. 34 days
    North Carolina .. 36 days
    Tennessee .. 37 days
    Bonnaroo .. 38 days
    Missouri .. 43 days
    Pennsylvania .. 45 days
    Indiana .. 46 days
    Wisconsin .. 47 days
    Wisconsin .. 48 days
    Colorado .. 87 days
    Colorado .. 88 days
    Colorado .. 89 days
    Colorado .. 90 days
    California .. 93 days
    Washington .. 95 days
    Washington .. 96 days
    Illinois .. 99 days
    New York .. 101 days
    Connecticut .. 102 days
    Maryland .. 103 days
    New York .. 104 days

  10. Mugician Says:

    SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Holy shit. I can’t fucking wait. Whole Tour, thanks for that! Just got a little too excited. DIGGIN’ that horn section. Cajun Flavored Phish…. mmmmmmm….

  11. Thor's Hammer Says:

    msbjivein –

    I was at Tips for the PBS/Page show as well… a great night, not necessarily “epic,” but strong, strong. I would love to hear it again. There was one song towards the end that I didn’t know (maybe one that you referenced above) where Page motioned to PBS to crank it up a notch and they broke into an amazing jam. For 45-60 sec, Page was playing something strikingly similar to the peak in First Tube…. Anyone else pick up on this? Re: the recording… I am not familiar with the specific devices, but a guy standing about 2nd or 3rd row deep on the right side was recording the show. I am hoping livephish puts it out like they have done for past PBS/Page events. To relive that “all we want to do” once again is worth the cost in itself. And how about “like a rolling stone?” Fantastic. See yall in Knoxville.

  12. Matt S Says:

    This was a great mix! I really love Fall ’97, and attempted reviews of the tapes I had, once upon a time.

    Mr. Miner, thanks for posting the mix, and I hope you will come up with a sequel.

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