Fall ’97 Monday Mixup

Hampton (J.Kravitz)

"Gumbo" 3.7.09, Hampton (J.Kravitz)

It was a gray Sunday afternoon in The Bay yesterday, and instead of going outside to play, I decided to spend the afternoon making an audio post for today in the form of a DJ mix.  Yet, this time there is a twist; the entire mix is composed of music from Fall ’97.  Focusing on the well-known and well-loved tour, I thought of a way to make this an interactive game.  Instead of me posting the “setlist” along with the untracked mix, we are going to turn this into a contest and see who can come up with the closest “track listing (w/ dates)” to the actual mix.  I tried to make this a doable task, without making it a cake walk- we shall see.  The winner will be able to personally choose the Phish Thoughts “Download of the Day” for five days, and will be able to write a short accompanying paragraph explaining their choice that will be posted on the site.  (The only restrictions will be shows that have already been featured.)

So, to recap- you are searching for twelve jams from Fall ’97- New Year’s Run included.  You have until this Thursday, May 7th at 10pm Eastern / 7pm Pacific to enter your “setlist.”  Each person can only enter once, so make sure you have deided before you submit your “setlist.”  Feel free to use any resources you’d like.  Please email your submissions to mrminer@phishthoughts.com with “Fall ’97 Mixup” as the subject line. The winner will be announced Friday and they will choose the downloads for next week.  If I get many correct setlists, then I made this too easy, and the download choices will be split among the winners.

You can listen to the mix on-site by rolling over the link below and clicking play.  Feel free to download the mix by right clicking the link and choosing “Save As,” or even better, use the torrent.  (My apologies in advance for the somewhat abrupt ending- I ran out of room fifteen seconds too soon!) Enjoy the tunes to kick off your week!


FALL ’97 MONDAY MIXUP < LINK (Listen or download)



Fans at Hampton (Daily Press)

Fans at Hampton (Daily Press)

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5.4.94 State Palace Theatre, New Orleans, LA < LINK

5.4.94 State Palace Theatre, New Orleans, LA < TORRENT LINK

State Palace Theatre, New Orleans

State Palace Theatre, New Orleans

Today is the 15-year anniversary of this special show from New Orleans.  After a classic ’94 first set, Phish was midway through “YEM” when they were joined by the Cosmic Country Horns- Michael Ray and Carl Gerhard on trumpet, Dave Grippo on alto sax, Tony Tate on tenor sax, Jerome Theriot on baritone sax, and Rick Trolsen on trombone.  Staying on stage for the rest of the show- comprising most of the second set- this turned into a jazz-laced night to remember.  This was one of only three appearances of the Cosmic Country Horns on stage with Phish, (12.2 & 12.3.94.)

I: Runaway Jim, Foam, Sample in a Jar, It’s Ice, Sparkle, Axilla [Part II], Tweezer > Lifeboy, Rift > Tweezer Reprise

II: Run Like an Antelope, Bouncing Around the Room, You Enjoy Myself*, Buried Alive* > The Landlady*, Julius*, Wolfman’s Brother*, Magilla*, Suzy Greenberg*

E: Caravan*

*With the Cosmic Country Horns (Carl Gerhard – trumpet, Michael Ray – trumpet, Tony Tate – tenor sax, Dave Grippo – alto sax, Jerome Theriot – baritone sax, and Rick Trolsen – trombone)

Source: Sony ECM260F > DAT

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62 Responses to “Fall ’97 Monday Mixup”

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  1. Baxter Says:

    YDM (you da man)

  2. Matso Says:

    Game on!

    I think about 10 years ago I would have been able to complete this assignment without any need to hit the archives, but I’m rusty as hell now. We’ll see how much I get on a first listen in any event and then it’s time to rip through that tour.

  3. camman Says:

    haha miner, i’m digging the game. Funny you brought this up today cause i’ve been jamming to Fall ’97 all last weekend and weekend. Mainly 11/22/97, 11/29/97 and 12/7/97…

  4. camman Says:

    oh and i figureed you probably wuld have mentioned it in your post if you knew something, but have you heard anything enw about the albume? possible release date?

  5. Pencilneck Says:

    Nicely done Miner!

  6. Chalkdustin Says:

    Awesome idea, Miner! Too bad I’m going to suck at this game. I’ll just play for my own fun.

  7. msbjivein Says:

    Great Idea MinER. I’ve been listening to the Dayton show lately. I know you’ll have one or two tracks from that show on there.

    I was in NOLA this weekend. We saw Page play w/ Porter, Batiste and Stoltz. It was freaking killer. Page mainly played the B-3 riding the coat tails of Stoltz a lot like he does w/ Trey. He did funk it up on the Clav on quite a few tunes. They mainly played Meters and PBS tunes. They did play one Vida Blue tune”Most Event aren’t planned” . It wasn’t the high light but was great to see live again. “My name in Lights” was the highlight! Old Meter’s tune that Page help thickin up w/ some killer funk riffs. I thought it was a Great show. Page was feeling it for sure. It wasn’t SUPER Tight at Moments but all in all a Great time in one of the Best Venues in NOLA. DOES ANYONE Know where I might find this show to download??? I didn’t see any AUD Tapers that I could tell.

  8. Rolling Papyrus Says:

    Nice post, looking forward to taking a crack at it.

  9. Manny Phresh Says:

    Thanks Miner, Can’t wait to listen to the mix. First I’ve got listen to the Dead Sprectum shows, word is that they were good, really good.

  10. Dbone Says:

    Cool game and cool jams. After one listen I think I’m able to get about half right away. Don’t know if I’ll actually have time to spend on figuring out the rest.

    The really cool part about listening to this mix though, is that it really showcases what made the Fall ’97 funk the Fall ’97 funk – sounds obvious but its true. Hearing all these excerpts lets you hear what they all have in common and what defined this magical period of Phish’s sound. In almost every jam you have a really strong and defined bassline being laid down and a somewhat ‘loose’ yet completely on and driving drum beat holding it togehter. It sounds like an oxymoron but I don’t know how else to describe it. Then you have Trey and Page melodically adding to the funk rhythm either by creating these sound layers with their chording (and wahh sound from Trey) or by playing these very percussive melodic runs. Again, not sure exactly how to describe it and I’m not such an expert on Page’s toys and Trey’s effects to know how they are creating all their sounds. Anyway, I hope this makes some sense, otherwise enjoy the giberish.

    In summing up the moral seems obscure.

  11. Cabletoatree Says:

    YDM… BAHAhahaha. And I love this game!

  12. RobAins Says:

    I went to the Friday night Dead show at the Spectrum and had a great time. The music was a little better than I expected. There were a few songs in the first set that went on a little longer than they needed to, and began feeling a little directionless. (Shakedown Street: The composed part was FUCKING AWESOME but than it dragged on a bit) Second set was great, and I was really surprised at how awesome Drums/Space was.
    The lot scene was fun. Great to be back in it. I noticed that I was offered everything I could have wanted (already had my supplies in my pocket though) MANY times. It’s always easy to find what you’re looking for, but this was rediculous! Being Philly, where you can get your fix at an Eagles game tailgate, Nitrous was EVERYWHERE! Haven’t checked the Saturday night setlist, but heard the show was great.

    My 2 cents…

  13. Chalkdustin Says:

    Awesome Rob! I’ll be at the Chicago show tomorrow- not with seats as sweet as Billy Breathes but I’m pumped nonetheless. Was only 10 when Jerry passed so it will be the closest thing to the GD for me. Too bad I have to work the next day…

  14. SOAM Says:

    The Dead in Philly this past weekend=Rocky 5

  15. SOAM Says:

    Clubber Lang and Apollo guested on drums-sicker than Branford maan..

  16. bhizzle Says:

    msbjivein – that PBS + Page sounds like a good time. You check anything else out while down there?

  17. msbjivein Says:

    @BHizzle, Yeah saw a bunch of killer shit. Soulive,Lettuce,Big Sam’s funky Nation, Some crazy 25 piece band from France(One of my favs of the weekends shit was crazy),Walter Wolfman,John Scollfield w/ Porter and others,New MASTERSOUNDS,Greyboy All stars(KILLER SHOW!),Jacob Fred Jazz Odysey. We saw a Street Beat Band Battle on Frenchmans one night. It was two Street Beat Brass bands trying to out do the other.Nowhere else but NOLA will you see that!!!

  18. bhizzle Says:

    Jealous man….of all them shows, esp. the Lettuce, Scofield & Greyboy shows…How was the winner determined in the battle?

  19. Weyoun42 Says:

    Okay, pardon the total off-topic question. I just found a friend that wants to join us for the 6/19 show at Deer Creek. I’d rather not have him pay online scalper rates for the ticket (mainly because he knows nothing about the band and probably wouldn’t want to pay through the nose like I did). All he’d need is 1 lawn ticket. If we totally held off, what are the odds of getting 1 Deer Creek lawn at the show for at or close to face? I’ve never done this before, so I’d appreciate the input. Thanks in advance!

  20. Pencilneck Says:

    @Weyoun, I think you’d have a pretty good chance of scoring one extra at the show, but it is a bit of a dice roll. I’d keep my eye on craigslist for cats gettin’ rid of tix for face. Also, have you checked out the ticket exchange board on this site. It’s pretty rad, and I have a trade lined up with it. Good luck.

  21. Billy Breathes Says:

    Weyoun…you will find a Lawn Ticket at Deer Creek with no problem…possibly even on your way into the lot. No worries.

  22. Weyoun42 Says:

    I hadn’t checked out the trading area because I only got my two tix that I wouldn’t trade away if I needed a flippin’ kidney. However, now that I see you can trade for face, I just put myself on there. Thanks!

  23. Chalkdustin Says:

    (insert shameless plug here) Speaking of tickets, anyone needing JB night 2 or Knox, I’ve got em listed on the ticket board!

  24. Jack O Roses Says:

    What fun!…. And a really neat idea, Miner!

    …er, and another shameless plug. I have 4 extra Burgettstown lawn’s for face or trade for any Camden, up on the ticket board, too.

    Thank you, Mr. Miner! 🙂

  25. msbjivein Says:

    @Bhizzl, First band to leave lost.

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