Still Waiting…

Pre-show 3.6.09 (C.Taylor Crothers)

Pre-show 3.6.09 (C.Taylor Crothers)

Waiting.  Almost the entirety of our Phish lives are spent waiting.  Waiting and anticipating the time of our lives.  Unlike any other anticipation, that for a Phish show can be both paralyzing and inspiring.  Prone to spontaneous bursts of excitement, we navigate the days, weeks, and months before a show with a different sort of smile.  Despite what our days and weeks look like, we possess knowledge that trumps it all- Phish is right around the corner.  So we fill the time.  Listening to old shows, surfing Phish internet space, posting on message boards, guessing what might happen when the time comes- we continuously inflate our collective balloon of excitement to capacity and beyond.  The ordinary no longer feels so mundane knowing that we have a date with the extraordinary.

Miami '03 (Unknown)

Miami '03 (Unknown)

From the moment shows are announced, we begin waiting for the ticket process- “mail order,” on-sales, then trades.  Once we get our virtual hands on our tickets, then the anticipation truly kicks in and things become involuntary.  This is when your mind begins migrating to Phish when you should be focusing on tasks at hand.  Surges of energy begin to shoot through your body out of nowhere, making those ultimate moments seem almost tangible.  It is all within reach- and seems a lifetime away.  But the emotions begin to bubble up months beforehand, intensifying as the calendar pages turn.  You know what you’re in for, and the best part about it is that you have no idea what will happen!

Hampon (J.Kravitz)

3.6.09 Hampton (J.Kravitz)

Anticipation without expectation; getting excited for the unknown- it almost seems like a paradox.  How can you get excited for something when you don’t know what will happen?  Well, we have a hunch.  But when expectations are dropped and we connect to that excitement without knowing or caring what is in store, we are prepared to receive the Phish.  Following your bliss, knowing you will arrive, and giving yourself to that unknown journey; this is the fabric of the experience.  Taking part in what will unfold- living it, not thinking about it- is one of the purest feelings we have left.  Turning ourselves over, dropping our egos, and allowing Phish to lead the way- if only for three hours a night- is the most magical feeling in the world; a feeling for which we would wait forever.  Considering the enormity, how can we not get periodic butterflies and shots of adrenaline, even if the shows are still a month away?  Once the dates are circled, it’s on, and it’s only a matter of time.

Hampton (J.Kravitz)

3.7.09 Hampton (J.Kravitz)

But as blast off approaches, time begins to crawl.  The week, even the day, before a show can seem like a stint in The Twilight Zone as we await entry through the pearly gates.  Anticipation transforms into pre-show anxiety, knowing that whatever happens, you won’t be totally the same afterward- but that is the beauty of it all.  Phish is life-changing, and when forced to await such an event, the rivers of possibilities overflow.  Even once we are inside the venue, the hour before show time might as well be a day- time turns molasses as we await our destiny.  Our mind begins to race, knowing that all of those months and all of these dreams, have led up to this moment.  The time is now, and that reality can be as overwhelming and as powerful as the anticipation; the adventure is finally upon us.

In a mere twenty-five days, our wait will be over.  While we might feel like bursting right now and May 31st seems like it will never arrive, it most certainly will.  And as the first notes of the rest of our lives wash over us, that feeling of endless anticipation will dissolve into a sweet surrender to the majesty of the moment.  And so it will begin again.



3.14.92 Roseland Ballroom, NYC SBD < LINK

3.14.92 Roseland Ballroom, NYC SBD < TORRENT LINK

Phish '92 (J.Pollock)

Phish '92 (J.Pollock)

This is the first of Phish’s four performances at New York’s famed venue, and this show paints a picture of a dynamic band about to hit the first real peak of their career in the spring of ’92.  Every band is psyched the first time they play the Roseland, and Phish was no exception, putting together a smoking setlist for the show.  The night’s highlight comes with the gorgeous “Harry Hood” late in the second set, as the band expounded on the intro- something seldom seen- teased “Off To See the Wizard,” and drove the jam to the top with emotion and intent.

I: Runaway Jim, Cavern, Reba, Sparkle, Foam, Rift, Stash, Fee, Chalk Dust Torture, Take the A-Train, Mike’s Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove

II: Golgi Apparatus, Llama, The Squirming Coil, Split Open and Melt, Bouncing Around the Room, Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > Suzy Greenberg, Harry Hood, Cold as Ice > Cracklin’ Rosie > Cold as Ice, Possum

E: Sleeping Monkey*, Good Times Bad Times*

*With John Popper (Blues Traveler) on harmonica.


118 Responses to “Still Waiting…”

  1. wanderin Says:

    @ Chalkdustin…lol “I swear I thought they were going into a Possum jam”

    This past Feb, I was seeing Keller Williams and swore the same thing for 5 minutes into the song singing possum and wondering why he wasn’t singing the lyrics only to come out of the haze to realise it was keller just jamming and singing.

  2. JerZ Says:

    Did anyone get any mail orders yet? I got some ticketmaster tickets, but not any MOs

  3. msbjivein Says:

    Does anyone know what the higher number by the sec # stands for on Phenway tix??? sec 30-81 Row F seats 1-4 or sec 12-101 row HH seats 12-13

  4. Jack O Roses Says:

    @msbjivein Your 30-81’s are closer to the stage. But, if you were seeing a Sox game, your 12-101’s would be pretty sweet.

    Click on the map for a sight-line to home plate photo from your Fenway section:

  5. empire01 Says:

    ColonelJoy when you get to see phish again it will be such an epic event.
    Are you from Miami?? Ive noticed that there is a couple of people on here from s.florida…I really hope that they do the nye run here once again.

    I myself am torn between my current situation and seeing phish again in June. probation for a year, we are living pay check to pay check, and my wife is getting laid off from being a teacher. So all in all we should not be spending money on seeing phish, but at the same time I feel that because its been such a hectic year that we need the break more that ever. Like many others this is an escape for me, for those 3 hours a night I can just be one with the music and it is truly uplifting.

    I am going with my wife and son to Knoxville and then I’m doing the last four of the tour with my wife. Hopefully they will grant me permission to travel.

  6. Chalkdustin Says:

    @ wanderin, we hear what our hearts want to hear man!

  7. EL Duderino Says:

    I went to last night’s show and I have to tell you, it exceeded my expectations by far. Tenn Jed, Golden Road Mr. Charlie were incredible. Warren really brought the heat!!! Can’t talk bad shit about Mr. Haynes. Big thumbs up. What did you think Billy Breathes?

  8. Manny Phresh Says:

    I live in Delray Beach, FL, do you also live in S. Florida. If you do what’s your opinion of The Heavy Pets?

  9. msbjivein Says:

    @ JackO, So the bigger # doesn’t really mean Shit??

  10. Chalkdustin Says:

    @ El Duderino, I agree. After reading some of the not so great reviews of previous shows, I went not really expecting to be as floored as I was. But they sounded tight and aside from some jams that seemed a bit lost at times, it was a very good show. Warren, and the rest of the band, were great.

    Billy Breathes, can’t wait to hear about your 11th-row experiences!

  11. SOAM Says:

    I got my phenways through a season ticket holder password-and it said 14 days before show-shipping–have not recieved them.

  12. Mr.Miner Says:

    i got 2 of the 3 single Fenphish tickets I ordered so fr

  13. SOAM Says:

    Maybe the bad reviews have forced them to turn it up a notch-or maybe you are all contrarians-but when they were out east I was one of many who thought they were horrible-one of many I stress here- but Hey-if you got off to them -great-glad to hear it.

  14. SOAM Says:

    Miner-from the leaked password or other?

  15. empire01 Says:

    Hey Manny yeah I’m from Miami. I have not seen the heavy pets live. I have streamed some of the shows on the archive and I really did not
    feel that they offered anything new or original in their music, a very typical sounding jam band. I know that they are a new band and all and I know that they got a new bass player that is very well known. I really don’t have much of an opinion cause I have not seen them live or really given them a good listen. Usually when I first hear a band I come to conclusions really quick of whether I like what I hear.

  16. bhizzle Says:

    “contrarians”? – is that a word?

  17. Jack O Roses Says:


    “So the bigger # doesn’t really mean Shit??”

    Well you know what they say about big feet. Big shoes…. 😉

    Check that map! You’ll be able to see exactly what the view is to home plate, from each section. The stage is in the outfield, to the right of the Green Monster, in front of sections 34, 35, & 36.

  18. msbjivein Says:

    “Put me in coach, I’m ready to play, Today!” I can hear Fish singing this now. LOL!

  19. msbjivein Says:

    Thanks Jack!

  20. HarryHood Says:

    Great post Miner! As New Englander and a longtime fan of the Red Sox, I’m anticipating this show in a HUGE way! My favorite place in the world and my favorite band in the world. This is like the apocalypse for me! I’m thinking that a Sweet Caroline or a Dirty Water cover would be very appropriate for this occasion. Anyone who has been to Fenway for a game knows what I mean……… May 31st can’t come soon enough!

  21. notkuroda Says:

    Hey florida guys,

    Skip the Heavy Pets and see Brother Bean next chance you get!!!

  22. Mr.Miner Says:


  23. gphisher62 Says:

    “time turns molasses” is right! Ugh! havent seen the band for more than 5 years so 3 more weeks shouldnt seem too long….but it does! Never thought I would see the day that Phish would play Fenway though, so it will be worth it.

  24. bcb Says:

    I scored free tickets to the Dead last night from a friend’s brother who couldn’t use them. I thought they were going to be some crappy nosebleeders, turns out 18th row, dead center. Wow. After being unimpressed by all the shows i’ve listened to from the beginning of this tour, I was blown away. Unfortunately i got there late, so i walked in in the middle of Tennessee Jed, missing dancing in the street, which was the song i really wanted to hear. The rest of the set was awesome, really tight, none of the aimless wandering that has been so prominent on this run. Warren seemed to really be taking a leadership role at times, and doing it well. I just may have to try and get up to Roth, because these guys are just itching to play outside.

  25. Chalkdustin Says:

    @bcb, nice score!

    @ SOAM, consistency has not been the theme of the tour so far, in my opinion, and as much as some of the east coast shows were a mess, last night they kept it together. It was an “on” night. I had a great time listening to some great music, which is what really matters in my book.

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