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Hampton (J.Volkhausen)

Hampton (J.Volkhausen)

With a famously obsessive fan base, trivia has become part and parcel of the Phish world.  Not only are the dates of shows and versions of songs fodder for conversation, but band history, song origins, stage gear and the like also provide endless reference points in Phish culture.  Often brought up in post-show debates or on-the-road symposiums, trivial Phish knowledge is a pseudo-badge of honor in the scene.  So in honor of the community’s obsession with facts about their favorite band, I present to you twenty things you probably didn’t know (or care about) about our fearless foursome.


1. Mike’s dad, Robert Gordon, founded the Store 24 convenience store chain located on the east coast.

38012. Trey’s morning radio show in college was called Ambient Alarm Clock.

3. “YEM” is the most often played Phish song with 473 total appearances.  The next closest is “Mike’s,” almost 100 behind, at 379.

4.  Marley, Trey’s loyal dog of legend, passed away on 10.8.00, the day after Phish’s last show at Shoreline.

5. Fishman wrote the lyrics to “Gumbo.”

hot_chocolate5166. Phish has played more shows in July than any other month- 175.

7. “Foam” was orginally called “Marijuana Hot Chocolate.”

8. The first pressing of Junta had a pink and white photo of a screaming man on the cover.

9. “Runaway Jim” has opened the most shows with 80.

10. “Funky Bitch” has been played in every year (that Phish played) since its debut in 1986.

11. Tom Marshall’s band, Amfibian, performed “Heavy Things” (before Phish) as a dark, biographical mini-rock opera.

love_goat12. Before joining Phish, Page played keyboards for “Love Goat,” an R & B band.

13.  The longest Phish jam is “Runaway Jim” from 11.29.97 at 58 minutes. (“Tweezer” from 6.14.95 comes in second.)

14. Trey decided not to play “Fluffhead” at IT, not Mike. (The famous “Mike says no.”)

15. “Rocky Top” is the most popular encore with 102 renditions.

16. “Forbin’s > Mockingbird,” “My Soul,” and “If I Could” have not been performed post-hiatus.

17. Phish played 43 shows at Nectar’s, but played 53 shows at The Front, a now defunct bar in Burlington,

phish-front-3-9-9018. Fish’s Senior Study at Goddard was called A Self-Teaching Guide to Drumming Written in Retrospect.

19. Phish has never performed in North or South Dakota. (The two states I’ve never been to. Hmmm.)

20. “Uncle Pen” is the band’s most played cover song (191.)

Thanks to The Mockingbird Foundation, ZZYZX Stats, and Relix for the help!




After receiving several setlists for the contest, we have a winner.  Nailing 11 out of 12 tracks in order, reader R1 is our Fall ’97 Mixup Champion!  Congrats, R1, your hard work paid off!  R1 will be choosing the “Downloads of the Day” for next week, and writing an accompanying paragraph for each. Second place goes to Eric R., who only missed two tracks.  Also, big ups to Mark L. who submitted his setlist on his lunch break on Monday and missed only three tracks!  Thanks to all who participated, I hope it was fun.

1. “YEM” 12.29 MSG >

2. “Tweezer” 12.12 Albany >

3. “Free” 11.30 Worcester >

4. “Gumbo” 12.3 Philly >

5. “Gumbo” 11.26 Hartford >

6. “Ghost” 12.28 Landover >

7. “Bowie” 12.3 Philly >

8. “Runaway Jim” 11.29 Worcester >

9. “Simple” 12.9 Penn State >

10. “Disease” 12.11 Rochester >

11. “Tweezer” 12.31 MSG >

12. “Tweezer” 11.17 Denver


The Bonnaroo Schedule is out!  Phish will be playing from 11pm-2am on Friday, and 8:30-midnight to close the festival on Sunday. Looks like it should be the heat!


Check out this great article about Trey lobbying for drug courts on Capitol Hill.  The guy is amazing.



11.22.95 USAir Arena, Landover, MD < LINK

11.22.95 USAir Arena, Landover, MD < TORRENT LINK

1995-11-22gnThis show is famous for the colossal 40-minute “Free” that emerged from an aborted “Rift” opener of the second set.  Known for its exploratory nature, this version is an all-time gem, and certainly remains the longest “Free” ever played. Often overlooked is the  show’s stellar first set with an “Antelope,” “Fluffhead” combo wedged in the middle.  Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

I: Cars Trucks Buses, Wilson, Run Like an Antelope, Fluffhead, Uncle Pen, Cavern, Fog That Surrounds, Lizards, Sample in a Jar, Sweet Adeline

II: Rift*, Free > Llama, Bouncing Around the Room, You Enjoy Myself, Strange Design

E: Poor Heart, Frankenstein


Source: Unknown


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  1. shpongleyez Says:

    Oh the humanity!

  2. shpongleyez Says:

    Number 8 used to be: Trey is a great cook.

    Terrible fact!


  3. Peaches Says:

    i could definitely go for a . “Forbin’s > Mockingbird,”

  4. Matso Says:

    Damn, I only got 1, 2, 3, 8 and 12 on the mix-up, which is kind of embarrassing really, especially since I’ve listened to Hartford and Philly fairly recently.

  5. Al Says:

    I wish I had the time checking the mix carefully. Miner, it was a great idea. I hope you’ll put up a new contest again. I’d love to choose the download of the day…
    R1 – already getting wish-list mails?;-)

  6. ColonelJoy Says:

    I’m surprised by #20. Uncle Penn became pretty rare in the late 90s and post hiatus period….would have guessed Funky Bitch….would like to see them bring back more of the electric bluegrass covers…..Ginsing, Penn….not blue-grass, but Paul and Silas kicks ass, as does Daniel Saw the Stone…

  7. Dr SF Jones Says:

    I would love to read Fishman’s thesis: A Self-Teaching Guide to Drumming Written in Retrospect.
    The man is a monster.

  8. Al Says:

    Miner, the New Years run 97 shouldn’t count as Fall 97. > Landover and NYE were in da mix…..just a thought

  9. bhizzle Says:

    Congrats R1.

    Anybody see that the McLovins have a spot at the Vibes? YouTube is amazing.

  10. Little Buddy Says:


    Miner said that he was including the NYE run in the mix up when he introduced it Monday. Gotta read the directions, son…

  11. kellerbier Says:

    great facts and trivia. one mistake…funky bitch wasn’t played in 2002

  12. nonoyolker Says:

    Congrats R11! Miner – Love the interactive games, really cool. Great fun facts post too. I knew some, but fresh facts on others. Page’s band was “the love goat”? GENIUS

  13. Jack O Roses Says:

    Thanks for posting this show Miner. This is the first show I entered after Jerry Garcia’s death. I’d gone to the lot of a few Rat Dog shows that fall, but couldn’t go in- I just gave my tickets away. I was in serious mourning. This show, Hampton and Hersey a few days later helped to ease the pain and loss I was feeling.

    Congrats on the win R1! Whatcha gonna choose as the downloads next week?

  14. Pence Says:

    that pic of trey in the article is hilarious. He looks clean cut, and ready to rip. Nice work R1. David byrne > Phish at the roo holy crap, its like a dream come true!!!!!YEAAAAAAAAAAAHHH

  15. msbjivein Says:

    7. “Foam” was orginally called “Marijuana Hot Chocolate.” LOL!

    Congrats to R1! Also to all that even came close that’s pretty hardcore. I could get songs pretty easy but the dates I couldn’t do.
    Hey R1, I know you probably have plenty of Ideas for downloads. But I just have to throw out Summer ’91 Giant Country Horns Run…..

    Thanks Again Miner! Your site Rocks!

  16. Frankie Says:

    Yeah! Congrats R1!! 🙂

  17. Al Says:

    @Little Buddy – sorry, just re-read it. You’re right….I suppose I’m just being incredibly jealous of R1;-)

    R1 – Fall 96 wasn’t as bad as all people say. Have fun pickin’ the gems!

  18. SOAM Says:

    Got 4 fenways yesterday and some synthetic urine-all good-now fire that shit up-3 wks mo fo’s 3 wks


  19. Al Says:

    I beg your pardon? Is that english?

  20. Dbone Says:

    Nice to see this download of the day. My first show. I was a junior in high school. My brother and a bunch of his friends from college were home for Turkey day and I tagged along (after standing in the rain one early Saturday morning a few months earlier for tickets for everyone). This show and 12/1 Hershey (mmmmm chocolate) a few weeks later turned me from a kid who thought these Phish guys were pretty funny doods to someone who’s still obsessing almost 15 (damn) years later. At the time I had the Hoist album and thought that Sample, Wolfman’s and Julius were the shiznat. Well, those 2 shows pretty much changed that and the rest is history.

  21. Al Says:

    Just in case you missed the link yesterday. Here you can download GREAT Soundboard versions of Bathtub Gin (Great Went) and Sand (Cypress).

  22. R1 Says:

    i couldn’t have done it without the support of my fans!

    seriously – wow, thanks for all the props everyone. i’m sure if any of you had obsessed over it as much as i did, you would have figured it out. i’m still a little pissed that i couldn’t find that one track.

    in my eagerness to solve this musical riddle, i sort of forgot about the prize (i.e. JOB) that was to be bestowed upon the victor. so i am happily taking requests. fire away.

  23. Pence Says:

    The complete big cypress!


  24. Frankie Says:

    ’94 St-Louis Fox!

  25. msbjivein Says:

    @R1,Anything from July 11- July 27 that’s the Giant Country Horn run!!!!!!!!

    That’s the addy for the setlists. Have fun!!!

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