Friday Facts

Hampton (J.Volkhausen)

Hampton (J.Volkhausen)

With a famously obsessive fan base, trivia has become part and parcel of the Phish world.  Not only are the dates of shows and versions of songs fodder for conversation, but band history, song origins, stage gear and the like also provide endless reference points in Phish culture.  Often brought up in post-show debates or on-the-road symposiums, trivial Phish knowledge is a pseudo-badge of honor in the scene.  So in honor of the community’s obsession with facts about their favorite band, I present to you twenty things you probably didn’t know (or care about) about our fearless foursome.


1. Mike’s dad, Robert Gordon, founded the Store 24 convenience store chain located on the east coast.

38012. Trey’s morning radio show in college was called Ambient Alarm Clock.

3. “YEM” is the most often played Phish song with 473 total appearances.  The next closest is “Mike’s,” almost 100 behind, at 379.

4.  Marley, Trey’s loyal dog of legend, passed away on 10.8.00, the day after Phish’s last show at Shoreline.

5. Fishman wrote the lyrics to “Gumbo.”

hot_chocolate5166. Phish has played more shows in July than any other month- 175.

7. “Foam” was orginally called “Marijuana Hot Chocolate.”

8. The first pressing of Junta had a pink and white photo of a screaming man on the cover.

9. “Runaway Jim” has opened the most shows with 80.

10. “Funky Bitch” has been played in every year (that Phish played) since its debut in 1986.

11. Tom Marshall’s band, Amfibian, performed “Heavy Things” (before Phish) as a dark, biographical mini-rock opera.

love_goat12. Before joining Phish, Page played keyboards for “Love Goat,” an R & B band.

13.  The longest Phish jam is “Runaway Jim” from 11.29.97 at 58 minutes. (“Tweezer” from 6.14.95 comes in second.)

14. Trey decided not to play “Fluffhead” at IT, not Mike. (The famous “Mike says no.”)

15. “Rocky Top” is the most popular encore with 102 renditions.

16. “Forbin’s > Mockingbird,” “My Soul,” and “If I Could” have not been performed post-hiatus.

17. Phish played 43 shows at Nectar’s, but played 53 shows at The Front, a now defunct bar in Burlington,

phish-front-3-9-9018. Fish’s Senior Study at Goddard was called A Self-Teaching Guide to Drumming Written in Retrospect.

19. Phish has never performed in North or South Dakota. (The two states I’ve never been to. Hmmm.)

20. “Uncle Pen” is the band’s most played cover song (191.)

Thanks to The Mockingbird Foundation, ZZYZX Stats, and Relix for the help!




After receiving several setlists for the contest, we have a winner.  Nailing 11 out of 12 tracks in order, reader R1 is our Fall ’97 Mixup Champion!  Congrats, R1, your hard work paid off!  R1 will be choosing the “Downloads of the Day” for next week, and writing an accompanying paragraph for each. Second place goes to Eric R., who only missed two tracks.  Also, big ups to Mark L. who submitted his setlist on his lunch break on Monday and missed only three tracks!  Thanks to all who participated, I hope it was fun.

1. “YEM” 12.29 MSG >

2. “Tweezer” 12.12 Albany >

3. “Free” 11.30 Worcester >

4. “Gumbo” 12.3 Philly >

5. “Gumbo” 11.26 Hartford >

6. “Ghost” 12.28 Landover >

7. “Bowie” 12.3 Philly >

8. “Runaway Jim” 11.29 Worcester >

9. “Simple” 12.9 Penn State >

10. “Disease” 12.11 Rochester >

11. “Tweezer” 12.31 MSG >

12. “Tweezer” 11.17 Denver


The Bonnaroo Schedule is out!  Phish will be playing from 11pm-2am on Friday, and 8:30-midnight to close the festival on Sunday. Looks like it should be the heat!


Check out this great article about Trey lobbying for drug courts on Capitol Hill.  The guy is amazing.



11.22.95 USAir Arena, Landover, MD < LINK

11.22.95 USAir Arena, Landover, MD < TORRENT LINK

1995-11-22gnThis show is famous for the colossal 40-minute “Free” that emerged from an aborted “Rift” opener of the second set.  Known for its exploratory nature, this version is an all-time gem, and certainly remains the longest “Free” ever played. Often overlooked is the  show’s stellar first set with an “Antelope,” “Fluffhead” combo wedged in the middle.  Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

I: Cars Trucks Buses, Wilson, Run Like an Antelope, Fluffhead, Uncle Pen, Cavern, Fog That Surrounds, Lizards, Sample in a Jar, Sweet Adeline

II: Rift*, Free > Llama, Bouncing Around the Room, You Enjoy Myself, Strange Design

E: Poor Heart, Frankenstein


Source: Unknown


137 Responses to “Friday Facts”

  1. Al Says:

    I have a couple of Springsteen shows from Europe 2008 – like Milan, San Siro Stadium. I must confess that the vibe, energy and spontainety was extremely impressive. An yes, he takes requests every show. Is that an outing? just a short theme from the bottom…

  2. SOAM Says:

    If phish fans are speaking warmly about bruce springsteen and his 2000 saet shows-I can confirm they are on major drugs-Let me send my address and overnite that shit.

    She’s got Leegggss and a big red fire crotch

  3. SOAM Says:

    2000.00 dollars seat shows-sorry afternnoon drafts kicking in

  4. msbjivein Says:

    HeyBruce!! Play freeBird!!!!!!!!!

  5. SOAM Says:

    I speak for all of us Al-we all did springsteens europe 08 tour and the rosalita’s weren’t jammed out enough, Clarence is back on PCP and Max is a closet meth junkie-I heard they are taking a hiatus–watch out for SSO


  6. whole tour! Says:

    phish with tom marshalk ‘born to run’ camden 99 was all the bruce i ever care to or need to see.

  7. SOAM Says:

    I’d prefer Tom Marshall have the sense Robert Hunter had and NEVER get on the stage–assfibian is brutal-pork tornado, and assfibian should merge to form “assporko” and have Vida’s goo open.


  8. gho2it Says:

    Miner –

    Care to expound on point number 14?

    It makes sense, but would like to hear your version!

    The greatest Hampton Reunion – Summer ’09 Lot Shirt: “Mike Said Yes”

  9. msbjivein Says:

    Dude, Vida Blue covered “Cars” by Gary Newman!!! BAD ASS Man!! Don’t hate!

  10. Vultured Says:

    “4. Marley, Trey’s loyal dog of legend, passed away on 10.8.00, the day after Phish’s last show at Shoreline.”

    I think #4 might be a little off. Didn’t they play there in 2003….7/10/03??

  11. SOAM Says:

    ain’t no hate here bro-just an afternoon rip, fawning over my fenways and synthetic urine

  12. whole tour! Says:

    just as long as they don’t cover gary glitter….lol

  13. msbjivein Says:

    Phish should change the “David Bowie” lyric to “Gary Glitter”. That would be so Glam Rock.

  14. old dude Says:

    a false trichotomy for SOAM:

    Bruce and the E Street
    Bobby and the Midnights
    Vince and the Tubes

    the choice is clear.

  15. wanderin Says:

    @ gho2it

    Relix magazine article from this month Mike tells the story of #14.

  16. voopa Says:


    I have a Femi Kuti show…I’ll see if I can et it on etree tonight, stay tuned.

  17. voopa Says:

    can *get* it on etree

  18. snigglebeach Says:

    sweet. i was hoping someone would know something.

    The only thing i have ever really seen from him was a bonnaroo promo vid on On-Demand cable. but it was crazy. i never have seen anyone else play saxophone like that. Inward Breathing, i think it is, he breathes mid note, totally insane. and his bassist was sick too.

  19. Selector J Says:

    R1: you are the man. My suggestion for DL of the day would be some Fall ’98 goodness. Miner did a post along time ago called ‘Twas The Night Before Hampton’ about the Raleigh 99 show (which raged!!) and I’d like to continue that idea with ’98 Winston Salem. Another epic first course to Hampton in the Cackalack:

    11-19-98 LJVM Coliseum, Winston-Salem, NC
    1: Cities, The Curtain -> Sample in a Jar, Ginseng Sullivan, Bouncing Around the Room, Maze, Something, Ghost, Golgi Apparatus

    2: Also Sprach Zarathustra -> Rock and Roll -> Taste, Frankie Says, Gumbo -> Chalk Dust Torture, Frankenstein, Been Caught Stealin’
    E: You Enjoy Myself (w/Heloise Williams of Viperhouse)

    Miner: still digging the Fall 97 Mix Up especially now that I’ve got all the track info. I only got about half of them right. There were a few curve balls in there, for sure. The first track I was sure it was a YEM tramp jam and then I swear I heard Mike start playing ‘Boogie On’ at the end which is crazy since they only played that after Wolfman’s at the Nutter Center. I spent way too much time trying to make sense of that. The ‘Weekapaug’ in the Worcester Runaway I got right away (as well as the epic Free from the night after). It seemed like I thought every other song was a Ghost from somewhere which was probably the worst song to guess since there were 1,000 Ghosts that tour. The Gumbo’s were tough for me to nail, too. Anyways I had fun listening and figuring this past week.
    Thanks, Miner. (er… Thank you, Mr. Miner.)

  20. shpongleyez Says:

    @singglebeach: circular breathing. required technique for playing the digeridoo.

  21. old dude Says:

    I find Femi’s energy as amazing as his skilz.
    check out “Live at the Shrine” (dvd).
    the guy’s house is a community center/music venue.

    and again, his women are divine.

  22. Selector J Says:

    I’m not an authority on afrobeat but a friend of mine gave me this analogy which I thought was pretty funny:
    Femi = Ziggy
    Seun = Damien

  23. R1 Says:


    Mike def plays Boogie On in the YEM – helped me identify it.

    I’m impressed you identified the Weekapaug – that’s the one that I got me. I don’t know that Jim well enough (even though I was there and listened to it in the course of figuring this out. I just missed it I guess)

    The gumbo into gumbo was definitely tricky

    I listen to that fall ’97 tour WAAAAAY more than any other phish, so that helped

  24. old dude Says:

    and they all pale in comparison to Fela/Bob

  25. wanderin Says:

    Check out Fela Kuti for a good intro to afro-beat…Femi’s pop. The father of afro-beat….he throws it down hard…
    Fela’s Best of is a good intro.

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