Weekend Nuggets: Phishin’ the UK


phish-london-97In response to a UK reader request, this weekend I am featuring two gigs from England’s capitol city in 1997.  The first show, at Shepherd’s Bush Empire, was Phish’s first performance of the year, kicking off their Winter ’97 European tour.  The second evening took place at Royal Albert Hall, the classic London venue cited by The Beatles in “A Day In a Life.”  While Phish doesn’t have an extensive British catalog, these two shows are high points of their time on the isle.

2.13.97 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London, UK < LINK

2.13.97 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London, UK < TORRENT LINK

I: Chalk Dust Torture, Wolfman’s Brother, Also Sprach Zarathustra > Stash, Walfredo**, Taste, Waste, Poor Heart, Character Zero, Peaches en Regalia, Love Me*, David Bowie

II: Julius, Cars Trucks Buses, My Soul*, Punch You in the Eye,  Slave to the Traffic Light, When the Circus Comes*, Maze, Rocko William**, Harry Hood, Frankenstein

E: Prince Caspian, Johnny B. Goode

*debut, ** debut & with instrument switching

Source: Source: Schoeps cmc64


6.16.97 Royal Albert Hall, London, UK < LINK

6.16.97 Royal Albert Hall, London, UK < TORRENT LINK

I: The Squirming Coil, Dogs Stole Things, Taste, Water in the Sky, Sample in a Jar, Beauty of My Dreams, Theme From the Bottom, Chalk Dust Torture, Wolfman’s Brother, Oblivious Fool

II: Limb By Limb, Ghost > I Don’t Care*, Reba, Wading in the Velvet Sea, Dirt, Harry Hood

E: Cities, Poor Heart


Source: Schoeps CMC64 > Sonosax SX-M2 > DA-P1



“A Day In the Life” 3.7.09

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  1. Mr. Icculus Says:

    Read the letter to the ed. by Dave Elias

  2. dtpeter Says:

    “…they love to groove, and so do I!”


    2 more weeks!

  3. Ryan S. Says:

    Talked to a guy from Seattle here a couple weeks back…just got to town and my internet is limited to the phone, so I haven’t been following the comment threads everyday. Shott me a text or email if you remember who you are? ryan_schloffel at yahoo dot com or three one seven six four four nine five seven four…

  4. c0wfunk Says:

    listened to yesterday’s download NYE 98 and I was blown away .. I haven’t heard it in quite a while. The

  5. c0wfunk Says:

    uhh… delicate jamming and ethereal spaces created in this entire show ->mikes, tweezer etc are ambient jamming at its finest. Even antelope had a complete space segment that roars back into the peak and then has a great funk groove at the end. The Long loping simple is a masterpiece.. I love the extended looping section of the hood intro, and then the hood ending -> tweezerprise -> llama is a closer of dreams .. this show has everything – space, funk, rock and roll, silly covers, fun teases throughout (1999 and auld lang syne in paug & runaway, magilla during simple)

    great show, great memories, excellent scheops recording, thanks again R1

  6. RamblinOnMyMind Says:

    dtpeter – that’s an awesome clip! do you know where it came from?

  7. ColonelJoy Says:

    Phish should play the Acropolis

  8. ColonelJoy Says:

    And a solstice fest in Canada’s northern plains.

  9. BingosBrother Says:

    @dtpeter: My name is Josh and I also love to groove. Sick vid kid. Rock me baby. Rock me all night long. Happy birthday Page. See you soon.

  10. BingosBrother Says:

    Also any Chi town kids, XRT is playing some Clifford Ball at 8 tonight.

  11. Davey Says:

    Has anyone gotten their Deer Creek or Alpine tickets from the lottery yet? I’m interested to see what they look like.

  12. hairy pood Says:

    I just read that mushroom article. what a ridiculous waste of time. living in olympia, wa, psylocibes grow everywhere, and that article would never be written, let alone make the paper (because its old news/ not an isolated situation)

    “huge crime wave”

    “manufacture a controlled substance”


  13. hairy pood Says:

    i like how the second one contains “some psilocybian mushroom trivia”
    i wouldn’t trust a source that can’t spell psilocybin (even though i misspelled it in my last post), especially when they picture an amanitas muscaria rather than a psilocybe. (amanitas muscaria contain muscarin and ibutenic acid, not psilocybin. more of a hallucinogenic disassociate than a psychedelic)

  14. hairy pood Says:

    i read on in the second one, and the mushroom they’re referring to is Psilocybe ovoideocystidiata. I know the guy who originally identified that mushroom. In fact, I see him every few days. strange.

  15. El Duderino Says:

    @ Davey Those tickets have not been released yet! Hopefully soon, I’ve been a little anxious myself 🙂

  16. whole tour! Says:

    family guy just had ‘revenge of the nerds’ talent show spoof!

  17. wanderin Says:

    baltimore sun has a cool article featuring trey, don hart, marin alsop and their upsoming performance of ‘Time Turns Elastic’…..Check It.


  18. bryant Says:

    ShepHerd’s Bush … like being thrown into a cattle shot about to be tossed under a chunnel and into a train … as I had no idea that this was goin to be the best tour to ever witness, as the the Valentine’s Day Masacare was the next nite. I had a hunch we were all in for a hell of ride after this shepHerd’s Bush show …. The tour turned out to be a tipping point for my whole experience and journey with a rock band. I mean why would anyone ever follow a rock band,nite after nite, as it seemed odd. Then this tour started, and I was on my Junior year abroad. I’d plan to see three shows of a band I really liked, and just enjoy Europe, right!!! …NOPE!!! … I was about to be inhabited by a zombie named Rocco, and he stole something from me … la la la la la .. SOUL .. Its my SOUL. And I rarely heard from Rocco again for some reason. But I keep on searching for him in venues across this great country of ours.

  19. SOAM Says:

    What show was it-that trey yelled “read the fucking book” etc–?

  20. bryant Says:

    Chicago Halloween … “read the fucking book…”

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