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6.26.04 Alpine (Craig)

While Phish tour is a feel-good vacation from everyday life, it is also a clandestine mission to reach the most epic peaks of exaltation and self-discovery.  Fun spliced with spirituality- and a whole bunch of friends.  But anyone who has undertaken whole tours, or legs of tours, will tell you, it is not always a walk in the park.  Getting from show to show and state to state requires not only forethought, but organization.  Whether you are camping, staying in hotels, or crashing at rest areas, traveling two to six hours every night takes its toll.  Or if you are the type to get some sleep and get a move-on during the mid-day traffic, a whole different set of obstacles present themselves.  While negotiating this nationwide labyrinth of highways, back roads, and parking lots, there are some things that can help you along the way.

img_1605As we enter the last full weekend before the first summer tour in five years, people may be a little out of practice.  While many of us will use part of this three-day weekend to begin packing and getting ready for our three week adventure, I thought that some might need to reminded of some things they may be forgetting.  So as you prepare yourselves for your return to the road, here are some things you should probably not forget.

ultrabungeecords_lRope, Bungee Cords: You’ll use them at some point, somewhere along the way.

Duct Tape: Whether repairing a car, a shoe, or camping equipment, duct tape is usually the answer.

duct-tape-rollsGarbage Bags: For both inside and outside your car.

Needle, Thread, and Safety Pins: Someone in your car will need em at some point- and if not, it’s because you had ’em.

advilAdvil, Tylenol, Allergy Medicine: Hangovers, cornfields, and night time lot injuries are only some of the uses for these necessary medicines.  You never know in what part of the country your allergies will kick in.

CDs, iPods, Hard drives: Nothing is more important than road tunes, and at this point it’s almost all iPods.  Make sure to bring the proper wires to connect in cars and to computers.  I’m bringing a mini-hard drive to dip my pod in daily. A portable hard drive (pocket-size) is useful when you’re hanging out in a hotel room with some folks who did the same.  Note: Those dj mixes make for great late night driving at 80 minutes a clip.

ipodPaper, Pen, Pencils: You never know when inspiration will strike.  The computer may be packed away.

Laptop: In this digital age, every hotel, motel, and Holiday Inn has wireless, so bring it, and be able to log onto Phish Thoughts anywhere you go!  And your fantasy baseball team won’t go down the tubes when you don’t set your rotation for a month because you’re disconnected from the world.

kaenon-polarized-sunglassesSuntan lotion, extra sunglasses, hat or visor, bug spray: This is Summer Tour- it’s gonna’ be hot once we get to Bonnaroo! And the east coast mosquitoes suck!

Socks, socks, and more socks: I bring as many “freshies” as shows, and then you gotta’ figure you’re living life and not doing a lot of laundry.  Someone once told me to bring two times the socks and underwear as days between laundry- take it for what you will.

blufilasocks1Atlas and/or GPS: One way or the other, you gotta find your way.  Sometimes maps look like spaghetti when you’re really spun, so a GPS may be useful- an iPhone will do the trick these days. But when trying to find that back route around the traffic at Star Lake and Alpine, you better break out that atlas.

AAA Card: A lifesaver in so many situations- make sure someone in your car has one.

image0307vGrinder, your favorite rolling papers, lighters, air-tight container, Ozium: If you’re puffing, you gotta have the goods.  And if you don’t bring papers, it’s gonna be an EZ Wider and Zig-Zag summer for you.

Gold Bond Medicated Powder: The “voodoo” herb contained within can be the cure for many a summer ailment.

300_400280Bathing Suit and Towel: This is Summer Tour- remember?

Extra Pair of Shoes: You will use them after getting caught in that post-show downpour.

Rain Gear: There’s no festival this year, but you’ll get caught in a shower at some point and be glad you have it.

carkeysExtra Set Of Car Keys: And don’t leave ’em in the car!

Snacks: While convenience stores are one of the most frequented places on tour, they aren’t always so convenient if you’re lost or running late.

Corkscrew, scissors, pocket knife: All handy on too many occasions to not have them, and you can store ’em any where.

Chargers for all your equipment: Phones, iPods, laptops, and whatever else can be run without a plug.

Now, that’s a good start!  If you have most of this tour gear, you’ll be ready for many a tour catastrophe, and be able to avert many others.  If you forget any of this stuff, there is always Flying J’s and Walmarts to fill in your gaps, but if you’re prepared, you’ll just keep on rolling.

What other tour gear must you not live without, and what has come through for you in the clutch?



phishdestroysamericaCongratulations to George Fetner, Mark Leporati, and Robert G.! ALL THREE of these guys nailed the setlist track for track- a three-way tie!  Honestly, I never expected this to happen, but I guess I made it too easy!  Anyhow, after some consultation with the winners, the only fair way to decide who gets the free ticket is to have a high stakes playoff tiebreaker!  Today, I will craft a tiebreaker mix of Fall ’97 material to find out who is the true maestro of the tour.  I am definitely going to make it more challenging, and I will post it with the Weekend Nuggets for others.  I also want to congratulate Phish Thoughts reader, Rolling Papyrus, who only missed the second two tracks.  For now, the contest moves on!  The track listing to this week’s mix is below.

1. Funk Jam following Possum 12.3, Philadelphia >
2. Ghost 12.2, Philadelphia >
3. Down With Disease 12.29, MSG >
4. Bathtub Gin 11.23, Winston-Salem >
5. Stash 11.23, Winston-Salem >
6. Jam following Johnny B. Goode 11.17, Denver >
7. Mike’s Song 12.31, MSG >
8. AC/DC Bag  11.21, Hampton >
9. Drowned 12.11, Rochester >
10. Gumbo 11.14, Salt Lake City >
11. Wolfman’s Brother 12.31, MSG >
12. Ghost 12.5, Cleveland >
13. Emotional Rescue 11.21, Hampton >
14. Mike’s Song 11.22, Hampton



Trey performed the east cost debut of his orchestral composition, Time Turns Elastic last night with the Baltimore Symphony Orcestra.  The setlist is below.  It looks like a much Phishier affair than the Nashville premiere!

Trey W/ Baltimore Symphony Orchestra 5.21.09

I: Divided Sky, Brian and Robert, Inlaw Josie Wales*, Water in the Sky*^, Pebbles and Marbles, First Tube

II: Time Turns Elastic, Let Me Lie, Guyute

E: If I Could

* Acoustic Guitar
^ Dedicated to Trey’s nephew (in attendance), son of  his sister, Kristy Manning, who recently passed away



12.3.99 The Crown, Cincinnati, OH < LINK

12.3.99 The Crown, Cincinnati, OH < TORRENT LINK

1999-12-03moThis is the first night of December ’99’s two night stand in Cincinnati.  The more exploratory and psychedelic night, this show was smoking all the way through.  No doubt the best playing came in the second set with a heavy, dissonant “Sand,” one of the greatest and most exploratory “Limb By Limbs” ever played, and raging late-’99 “Piper,” one of the best periods of the song.

I: First Tube, Wolfman’s Brother, Bouncing Around the Room, Get Back on the Train, Billy Breathes, AC/DC Bag > Possum, Slave to the Traffic Light

II: Sand*, Limb by Limb, Bug, Piper, Harry Hood

E: Rock and Roll

*With Trey on keys.

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147 Responses to “Don’t Forget…”

  1. cottle Says:

    Add to the list: Cooler, skateboard, ghettoblaster.

  2. El Duderino Says:

    Did Trey use the new Langueduc G4 guitar that we’ve heard so much about for this upcoming summer tour or the traditional two f hole Langueduc?

  3. AbePhroman Says:

    Jumper cables folks. Bring your cables.

  4. ColonelJoy Says:

    Funny, being in Iraq and all, and spring turner into Satan’s furnace, before opening PT today I purchased a thing of Gold Bond at the PX.

  5. Manny Phresh Says:

    Link to Trey w/ BSO, really slow right now as everybody on PT is hitting up the link.

  6. msbjivein Says:

    @El Dude,
    On Dec. 3, 1979, while waiting to get into a concert by the Who, 11 fans were crushed to death and dozens injured.
    Here’s a good article about the Tragedy.,,312557,00.html There was definately a buzz before the show. If you didn’t hear any you must have been running late or really fucked up. But they didn’t play any Who tune at all. So I guess it really didn’t matter.

  7. Todd Levy Says:

    “All of life’s problems can be solved with two things – WD40, and duct tape. If you find something that doesn’t move but should, use the WD40. If you’ve got something that moves and it shouldn’t, use the tape.”


  8. jon_hansen Says:

    I think it’s safe to say this site has finally run out of things to talk about, now that we’re talking about brining extra socks to a Phish show.

  9. Chalkdustin Says:

    Miner, thanks for refreshing us all on the basics of tour! You’re pumping us up more and more.

    Congrats to all three winners! You guys have some serious Phish knowledge.

    Thanks to all for the info on Trey’s performance last night. I’m anxious to hear and read more.

    Happy Friday!

  10. msbjivein Says:

    Good call on the extra set of Keys Miner.

  11. Anonamer Says:

    As far as I could tell it was the good ole Languedoc…

  12. msbjivein Says:

    Don’t forget a note pad and pen for writing down the setlist. You don’t wanna be the guy staring at his phone because you forgot your note pad and pen.

  13. Chalkdustin Says:

    It also is wise to bring a first aid kit (bandages, neosporin, tweezers to tease her) and something to put on top of your car (like a flag or balloon) so you can find it if you’re really tripping.

  14. El Duderino Says:

    The days of writing set lists are over with the internet. Let some nerd do that. I always thought that was so frickin’ gay.

  15. VTsnowboarder802 Says:

    i think the trey show got taken down. I’m not getting anything. Thanks for posting though, I’ll keep trying.

  16. Chalkdustin Says:

    ^^same here, I’m getting some photo of a really fat cat that says “too much downloadin”.

  17. msbjivein Says:

    I must be a “Frickin gay nerd” then. Sorry I like to know what I heard the first set and maybe even write a note or two about a jam. That’s one less thing for you to worry about El dude.

  18. wanderin Says:

    I am still dl’ing…its @ 12kb/sec out of 122mb…so it will take a while

  19. Mdawg Says:


  20. RobAins Says:

    Why someone would even take the time to think to themselves during a show, that that guy over there writting down the setlist is totally gay, is beyond me.
    Also, the best gift I’ve ever received was a collage of all my ticket stubs, with my handwritten setlists. Matted, framed, and hanging in my ofice.

  21. wanderin Says:

    I know its a given, but water should be on this list

  22. Ortweezer Reprise Says:

    I am running a half maratohn this weekend. I need a 2 hour playlist to get me through. I am looking for uptempo stuff that I am not so familiar with. I need to stay pumped, but also interested in jams that i might not have heard too many times, too recently. I am big fan of running to Antelopes, Tubes, 98 Pipers, raging (not drifting) Bowies. My favorite all time running jam is the Went Gin, but whose isn’t. BUt i need some unfamiliar stuff to keep me going. Believe it or not, I am not that familiar with the following (its been 12 years). So Far, I have:
    12-12-97 Funky Bitch>2001
    12-12-97Saw it again>Piper
    2-26-97 Stuttgardt Tube>Carini

    I need some more. Help.

  23. Billy Breathes Says:

    some bso pics…

  24. notkuroda Says:

    Personally, I’d like to thank the setlist writers. If I get to a lot and wasn’t at the last show, the first thing I ask is “who’s got last nights setlist???”. It always kind of blows me away when I get blank stares from people who say “uuuhhhhh, I think they played Lizards…”

  25. msbjivein Says:

    Don’t forget to vaccum seal your “SHIT”. Also don’t forget your “SHIT”.

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