The First Show of Summer

Keyspan Park - 2004

Keyspan Park - 2004 (MSJ)

The first show of summer- there is nothing quite like it. Staring down the barrel of so many adventures, the tour- and possibilities- seem endless.  Always defined by a palpable energy and anticipation, Phish’s tour kickoff parties are always a blast.  With friends reuniting from across the country and beyond, everyone is always in great spirits and raring to go as soon as they arrive in the chosen city of destination.  This will be the case- plus more- come Sunday in Boston, considering how many people will be seeing their first glimpse of Phish in 2009.  After Hampton’s ticket debacle, many loyal fans were forced to wait it out until this summer to get their first 3.0 fix, and the time has finally come!

7.6.03 - Tech Rehearsal @ Cricket Pavilon (M.Gordon)

Tech Rehearsal @ Cricket Pavilon (M.Gordon)

Fenway will be vibrating with so much collective energy this weekend, awaiting all the new material Phish has to offer, and rocking to updated versions of the classics.  Predicting what they will play, while fun, is ultimately futile. (“Time Turns Elastic,” “Tweezer” to open set II?) But I do predict that almost every single person in the stadium Sunday will have a one-of-a-kind Phish experience that will be as fun as any they’ve ever had.  There is no more time to wait, only time to pack up and travel!  So as you go on your way to Fenway, or whatever your first summer show will be, take the appropriate tunes contained within “Miner’s Picks: Summer Kickoff Party.”  Contained on the compilation are highlights from the first shows of each US summer tour spanning the years of 1995-2004.  The time is now, so enjoy the music and get ready to launch into summertime!




1-3) 6.7.95 – BSU Pavilion, Boise, ID

I. Ha Ha Ha > Tatse

II. Harry Hood

4,5) 8.2.96 – Wolf Mountain, Park City, UT

I. Tweezer

II. Fluffhead

6-10) 7.21.97 – Virginia Beach Amp., VA

I. Ghost

Bathtub Gin

II. Wolfman’s > Magilla


11-13) 7.15.98 – Portland Meadows, Portland, OR

I. Moma Dance

II. Tweezer > Free

14-17) 6.30.99 – Sandstone Pavilion, Bonner Springs, KS

I. Baththub Gin

II Free

My Left Toe > Stash

18-20) 6.22.00 –  AmSouth Amp, Antioch, TN

II. Jibboo > 2001 > Sand

21-22) 7.7.03 – Cricket Pavilion, Phoenix, AZ

II. Wolfman’s > Scents and Subtle Sounds (debut)

23-27) 6.17.04 – Keyspan Park, Coney Island, NY

I. Moma Dance > Free

II. 46 Days > Possum

E. Divided Sky



6.30.95 Great Woods, Mansfield, MA < TORRENT LINK

1995-06-30gnThis is not a first show of tour, but one on the home stretch of the massive musical outing of Summer ’95.  This show sparked the final twi-night stand before Sugarbush’s quasi-festival ended the triumphant summer.  There is great playing througout this one, as Phish was a well-oiled machine at the end of tour.  This one is coming at you as the last pre-tour reader request – enjoy!

I: AC/DC Bag, Scent of a Mule, Horn, Taste, The Wedge, Lizards, Mound, Fee, Run Like an Antelope

II: Also Sprach Zarathustra > Possum > Ha Ha Ha, TMWSIY > Avenu Malkenu > Mike’s Song > Contact > Weekapaug Groove, Amazing Grace, The Squirming Coil

E: HYHU > Cracklin’ Rosie > HYHU, Golgi Apparatus

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  1. ColonelJoy Says:

    I venture I am in the most eastern time zone of anyone who posts on here….giving me first crack many days.

    I can’t wait to download Fenway so I can subject my office to it. I will be thinking of all of you.

  2. hairy pood Says:

    i’m trying not to dwell on the fact that i’m missimg this show, at a balllpark i’ve been visiting all my life

  3. ColonelJoy Says:


    Yes I first visited Fenway when I was probably 8 or 9….was a Cub Scout trip, took buses down from Maine. Yaz was still playing….I had a sign for Jim Rice.

  4. Dr SF Jones Says:

    @ Colonel
    So i take it you’re no a big Bucky Dent fan?

  5. c0wfunk Says:

    apparently the band setup in the centrum last night for some soundchecking – people heard them working through time turns elastic ! I imagine it’ll be a prominent feature of sunday night.

  6. doctorFredPants Says:

    Any one interested Second show of tour still on sale LN pulling section 7R

  7. Mr. Icculus Says:

    Wow just reading this post makes me want to jump through my computer screeen and sit and chill with Trey in the Fenway bleechers. Im so excited i cant imagine whats going through the boys heads, they gotta be thinking WOW are we really playing at FENWAY!!!!! Any ideas about post and pre show activities? Its ON LIKE DONKEY KONG kids!!!!

  8. AlexanderK Says:

    Can’t wait to see everyone on Sunday.. Now if I could only get rid of this pesky chest cold in 48 hours..

  9. ColonelJoy Says:


    That cold will be gone, if not, you can choke it out pre-show:)

    @ Dr. SF, in Northern New England, he is known as Bleepin Bucky Dent. Even the recent Mets teams didn’t choke down the stretch as bad as the 78′ Sox!!….14 Game Lead in July.

    I suspect Phish will be there for the DMB shows.

  10. c0wfunk Says:

    went into hampton friday fighting a fever and a head cold, determined to fight it off, went all in that night raged it, and came out feeling great saturday morning – the healing dance will take care of it if it’s not gone by sunday 🙂

  11. bhizzle Says:

    How do you sound check in a different venue from which you will play? Don’t the layout of the spaces make a huge difference? Not a doubting post, but a query?

    @alex – consume brandy with lemon to cure what ales you.

    @Colonel – I would be very, very surprised not to see at the very least an appearance by Trey on that DMB stage.

  12. c0wfunk Says:

    more of a “pretour technical rehearsal” than a soundcheck, I misspoke .. sorry. I also heard they are using the same sound system as DMB this weekend, which leaves them free to set up across town to work out the kinks before heading out on the road.

  13. VTsnowboarder802 Says:

    am I really expected to get any work done today?
    leaving for beantown in 24hrs.

  14. HarryHood Says:


    Just wanted to say thanks for everything you are doing over there. I think its fair to say that it’s people like you who make it possible for all of us on this board to have all of the great adventures that we discuss daily! It really is a shame that you wont be able to catch any of the early shows this summer, but rest assured that when you do get back home, great shows and good times await! Thank you again, and stay safe!

  15. notkuroda Says:

    I have one week of work left, before I start a monthlong sabbatical. It kicks off at Camden. I really don’t know how I’m expected to get anything done over the next week.
    Fenway’s gonna explode. Like Miner pointed out, this will be the first Phish show in 5 years for thousands of fans. Wish I could experience those lights going down

  16. ColonelJoy Says:

    Harry and Others,

    Thanks for the kind words.

  17. Jack O Roses Says:

    I got goose bumps reading the story today. I echo your sentiment, VTsnowboarder. How on earth will I get done, what I need to get done today.

    I hate trying to predict, but I’m going to anyway. ;-P

    Harpua @ Phenway. With Jimmy hanging out with the spirit of Babe Ruth. Oh, and TTE. 🙂

    2 days!!!!

  18. HarryHood Says:

    Anytime Colonel. Keep us posted on your return and if you get home in time to catch the SPAC show, I’ve got a cold brew with your name on it!

  19. ColonelJoy Says:

    I won’t be home in time for SPAC…I suspect my first show back will be the Ween run. We need to have a Miner-Fest or something.

  20. hooks Says:

    i got shut out of friday hampton (no surprise, had to try), got a speeding ticket on the way there in VA, which ended up with total costs amounting to equivalent of a hampton ticket on stubhub back in the fall. i was alone, so opted not to stay the whole weekend cause nobody else wanted to go without tickets. my coventry experience, i’ll venture to say, was worse than a lot of the people there. car blew out cv alxes on the jersey turnpike, dealt with ass-raping mechanics at pep-boys who didn’t fix the problem, left car, drove a rental to coventry, walked 13 miles to the shows with very little of our gear that we had brought. staying in burlington after coventry was the only normal time we had. got back to NJ car still wasn’t fixed. found a subaru dealer who finally hooked us up to get home. filed a claim against pep-boys, and got refunded 12 hundee from ill-needed work done. a sick irony was that the town where we broke down was burlington, NJ. hoping for better luck this time around! see you in asheville-knox-roo. haha sorry if WTMI felt like sharing

  21. HarryHood Says:

    A Halloween Miner-Fest! If we all went as our screennames it would be interesting to pick everyone out. I’m worry what Hairy Pood would look like though……… haha

  22. Jack O Roses Says:

    Definitely keep your head down over there, Colonel. My family are old Marines. I know y’all have a hard, thankless job over there. Get yourself back in one piece. There’s a beer and bowl with your name on it when you’re back stateside!

  23. VTsnowboarder802 Says:

    anyone know if premier parking at great woods is worth the cost?

  24. notkuroda Says:

    If we do a miner fest colonel, I think it’s safe to say the evening is on US

  25. Chalkdustin Says:

    The time is upon us everyone! I have to wait 3 more weeks until a show and the anxiety is killing me. Last night I was talking to a friend who has never seen Phish and is going to Alpine with me, and telling him how it will change his life. I couldn’t get the grin off my face just thinking about the upcoming shows! Safe travels to all and yes, Colonel, many thanks for your work oversees. I know we’ll be seeing you at a show soon.

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