A Great Night At Great Woods

6.2.09 Great Woods (G.Lucas)

6.6.09 Great Woods (G.Lucas)

Building off of a fierce last night at Jones Beach, Phish wowed the New England crowd with a show that felt more evenly balanced between the sets and featured tight, focused playing from the entire band from note one until the last.  With a setlist comprised of a slew of songs we hadn’t yet heard this tour, a classic venue, and a fully-ripping band, it finally felt like tour was truly underway as Great Woods blew up on the first Saturday night of the Summer.

6.6.09 (G.Lucas)

6.6.09 (G.Lucas)

The first set had a completely fresh feel, featuring all but one song that hadn’t been played through Fenway and Jones Beach.  The set started off with some singles and built into some stretched out pieces with a dynamic “Jibboo,” a soaring “Taste,” and a regal “Caspian” featuring some gorgeous phrasing by the man in red.  “Taste” turned into the improvisational highlight of the first set, with a tight, soaring jam that saw again Trey playing searing leads to complement the band’s textured jamming.

If one thing has been proven over these first five shows it is that Trey is back on the scene; assertive, ripping, and leading jams, as opposed to his self-admittedly tentative playing over most of Hampton.  A huge energetic centerpiece of the first set was the 3.0 bust-out of “Golgi”- a crowd favorite that went unplayed over the reunion.  The welcome inclusion of “Nothing,” played far more tightly than in its two post hiatus appearances, showed us that Phish isn’t going to completely shy away from their post-hiatus material, and showed that we can expect to hear any song from any era at any time.  In that vein, Phish debuted their newest ballad, “Let Me Lie,” a poignant translation of the former TAB song that came across beautifully.


6.6.09 (G. Lucas)

The energetic second set began with more post-hiatus material in an explosive guitar-led exploration of “Seven Below.”  Trey was on fire in what certainly developed into the jam of the show.  Moving beyond your standard “Seven Below” into some dirty and psychedelic playing, the improv didn’t quite make it outside of the song’s structure, but provided an exilhirating journey nonetheless.  Trey straight annihilated this jam, leaving a vibrant musical wake behind him.  Following the shred-fest came one of the most flawless “Fluffheads” we’ve heard in ages.  We’d have to go back more than a decade to find one this clean and triumphant, as each segment was played confidently and without hesitation, all ending with a massive peak.  As good of an opening to a set as you could ask for, Phish was firing on all cylinders on the first rainless night of summer tour.

6.2.09 (G.Lucas)

6.2.09 (G.Lucas)

The rest of the set featured some twang with a concise and precise “Scent of a Mule” and an exciting “Possum” whose jam moved beyond bluegrass and was reminiscent of pre-’97, more full-on psychedelic incarnations.  Featuring some focused interaction between Mike and Trey and a surprisingly danceable jam, this one had everyone out of their seat.  Sandwiched between the pieces of Phishgrass was the combination of a high-spirited and somewhat extended “Heavy Things” and another huge “Harry Hood.” With a tightly improvised jam that stretched beyond the confines of a normal “Hood,” it certainly seems that the band has recommitted to their classic, and I couldn’t be happier about the decision.

If you had told me before the show that I’d leave glowing after a second set that showcased “Scent of a Mule,” “Possum,” and “Julius,” I would have guffawed, as they happen to be at the bottom of a long list of songs that I would prefer to hear.  However on this night everything worked perfectly and even as the sense of an ominous “Bowie” closer was supplanted by a “Bug” that brought us one final colossal Trey solo of the night, the pieces all fell into place.  Leaving Great Woods things were full steam ahead for Camden, the end of summer’s first four-night run.  See you there!

I: Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan, Nothing, Back on the Train, Golgi Apparatus, Sparkle, Gotta Jiboo, Lawn Boy, Let Me Lie*, Makasupa Policeman, Prince Caspian

II: Seven Below, Fluffhead, Scent of a Mule, Heavy Things, Harry Hood, Possum, Bug

E: Contact, Julius


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173 Responses to “A Great Night At Great Woods”

  1. iamtiv Says:

    Anyone that knocks this show (6-6) in any way is a total idiot. Reports of Trey’s demise have been highly exaggerated (ofen including mine I’m sad to say). For the first time in 2009 I can honestly feel confident that Trey’s chops will come all the way back. He started to have so many more moments of perfect Trey’ness and old school fluidity that I feel great and must throw in a star wars reference: The Hose is Fully operational.
    As a whole it’s not quite there yet and that -7 is easy to forget but that’s about it from the whole show, other than BOTT (IMO). Oh, and Trey’s work on Scent needs work, but it sounds like he has the ability to play it, just missing some notes and getting a little off-sequence with the band.

    That stagejumper sure-as shit missed a smokin’ Julius. It was pretty funny how he screwed up their vocal outro of Contact, definitely makes it one of my favorite Contacts ever.

  2. Davey Says:

    Phishtube was off the ball. This is by far the best show (on paper) so far. My buddy called me during the Tube>First Tube and all I heard was funk so thick you could cut it with butter and the occasional OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH like my buddy just got hit with a ton of brick shaped funk notes.

  3. Mr. Completely Says:

    hilarious, a week in and I already feel entitled to streaming video of every phish show – WTF do you mean there’s no frakking stream tonight? what bullshit! LOL

  4. Davey Says:

    Expect a beaming review tomorrow from Mr.Miner.

  5. Mr. Completely Says:

    lol @ Davey HAHAHAHA “brick shaped funk notes” nice

  6. Davey Says:

    cut it with a knife, like butter*** 😀

    Needless to say, he was floored. So was I via cell, I can’t wait until this show is up.

  7. Davey Says:

    Trey so close to home = love in the setlist. Lizards, Tube, Antelope, Tweezer and Tweeprise. Jesus.

  8. whole tour! Says:

    no cover songs! all phish

  9. whole tour! Says:

    asheville will be coverfest! i call ‘crosseyed’, ‘ride captain ride’, ‘sneaking sally’, and roses!

  10. Col4bin Says:

    Bols as Love

  11. Col4bin Says:


  12. Mr. Completely Says:

    any show with Lizards, Wedge, Tube, First Tube, Sand (apparently the longest jam this year if the Twitfeed was timely) and a 4 song encore is gonna be OK by me

  13. whole tour! Says:

    this could possibly be a greatest ever show….

  14. Hunter Says:

    Tonight’s setlist is, as the wooks say, “heady brah”. Whatever the hell that means.

    But seriously, Set I alone is ridiculous. Add to that a Sand Set II opener, Tweezer closer, and that encore…My oh my. Sure sounds nice!

  15. Col4bin Says:

    wooks? huh?

  16. Col4bin Says:

    still listening to great woods, waiting for tonights, man they really do just keep getting better. By the time they make to Deer Creek and Alpine they will either be just ripping it or starting to get tired and I sure hope its the first.

  17. Hunter Says:

    I’m going to see them in Chicago. Hope they’re not tired when they get here either!

    A few days ago, somebody mentioned taking their kid to a Phish concert to show them the perils of doing too many drugs and being unable to enjoy the music, which they referred to as being “wooked out”. That gave me a good hearty laugh. “Don’t get wooked out, son.”

  18. themanatee Says:

    tonight looks sick and just got multiple !!!! texts … can’t wait to hear the first sand

  19. Mr. Completely Says:

    it’s a horrible disease

  20. Col4bin Says:

    sounds like he may have been a bit wooked using a word like that in place of Burned or “Burn’t”

  21. Col4bin Says:

    where are you from hunter?
    I’m from the Chicago area and going to toyota as well.

  22. whole tour! Says:

    soundboard up! game on!

  23. Col4bin Says:


  24. whole tour! Says:


  25. Col4bin Says:

    no spoiler torrent not downloading for me right now 🙁

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