Before Bonnaroo

6.11.09 Bonnaroo

6.11.09 Bonnaroo

Tonight Phish will go where many thought they never would, and play a three-hour slot from 11 pm to 2 am at Bonnaroo.  Slated to play on “What Stage” after The Beasties Boys, and following David Byrne (performing on another stage), Phish is primed for one of the most unique performances of their career.  Rumored to be one long set, late into the night, it will be interesting to see what materializes this evening.  Will Phish play a straight show?  Will they experiment under the stars?  With a regular two set gig scheduled for Sunday night, there possibilities are wide open.

Fans have discussed the many sit-in opportunities that exist with virtually the entire music industry on site.  But my hunch is that Phish will go it one alone and use the nation’s biggest summer stage to announce to their recent return to prominence, and show the next generation why they are the greatest band in the land. If I had to guess, these two shows will be some of the most exciting of the summer, but what musical direction they will take is anyone’s guess.  If had to predict one thing, the Bonnaroo “Tweezer” will be a highlight of the festival when we walk away on Sunday night.  Only time will tell.

More soon.  For now I need rest.

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439 Responses to “Before Bonnaroo”

  1. Hunter Says:

    Harry Hood >
    Highway To Hell >
    2001 >
    You Enjoy Myself >
    Wilson >
    You Enjoy Myself

    Hell yes.

  2. ColonelJoy Says:

    Seems like they kept it high energy throughout, Sans Velvet Cheese, of course…

    If the playing was as tight as previous shows, it must have been a monster

  3. fromthetub Says:

    YEM > Wilson > YEM was a highlight for me. And the DWD was sick.

  4. ColonelJoy Says:

    Is it really fairplay that Phish gets fireworks?

    I feel bad for The Boss. Is he going to have live-porn on stage? I know Springsteen is a legendary live performer, but really, it is criminal to have to follow Phish….

  5. Nissl Says:

    What. a. set.

    DWD, KDF>Free, Harry Hood, Highway to Hell>2001>YEM>Wilson>YEM, ADITL

  6. fromthetub Says:

    Very true, Colonel, very true.

    Headed to sleep now… just wanted to add a big thank you to you for all you do. Fall shows are just around the corner. 🙂

  7. JP Says:

    hell of a phinish

  8. ColonelJoy Says:

    that’s right, baby…fall shows!!! Sleep tight, my friend…rough and ready men protect you….

  9. sumodie Says:

    personally felt that fri roo show didnt live up to hype.average show aimed at the tons of first timers in audience.of course i set myself up for let down as i saw the camden>knox shows. the roo is going great btw even if phish didnt meet my own expectations. heres hoping sunday is a little interesting.

  10. ColonelJoy Says:

    Sumodie….sounds like you set yourself up….everything was pretty much a repeat for you. How was the end of the show…looks pretty sick from here.

    Sunday will rage and get stranger….

  11. McGrupp Says:

    Whoever said Gamehendge at Bonarroo oughta be shot.

    Some things are kept sacred (St Louis – Hint Hint).

    Roo is nothing but a big rage/party and everyone knows it.

    The band played a TON of repeats last night in order to satisfy the crowd.

    Can’t WAIT for them to get to the Midwest for our run…

    Look for things to get a lot better….tons of tunes yet to be played.

  12. ColonelJoy Says:

    Listening to the Show now….Everything up until Disease was solid, but nothing special, though the D-Sky was played well once again, but not quite as powerful as Asheville…maybe would have shit a Noobs pants, though.

    Listening to Disease now…they rock it out solid for 8 mins, and then go funk wid it…..I think this is when the show gets really good….probably Disease through the end, minus, of course, the Velvet STD….

  13. ColonelJoy Says:

    Repeats should have been anticipated…they want to play tight shit at Roo and not fuck around…far as I can tell (my download is slow), this Disease is the best one of 09′ easily, so wether you heard it earlier, who cares…I suspect is the same for the other tunes….Stash, YEM…obviously Kill Devil Falls….can’t wait to here what they take 15 minutes to do on that number…

  14. Guy forget Says:

    Fyi- they turned off the bonaroo light/ logo on top of the stage. Phish own’d. The light will not be off for ” the boss”

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