The Revitalized “Harry Hood”

6.16.09 (B.Kisida)

6.16.09 (B.Kisida)

One of Phish’s most revered songs, “Harry Hood’s” emotional quality and ethereal improvisation taps into the very ethos of the band and their grand musical experiment.  A tightly-woven path of exaltation, “Hood” jams, when played with intent, are like none other.  Peaking with a mind-boggling, yet blissful intensity, I consider “Hoods” to be musical metaphors for life itself.  One of the band’s most magical pieces, “Harry Hood” is pure Phish.

But there came a time, around ’98 through ’00, where the band continued playing the song, but with much less passion.  Often noodling their way to generic peaks, the start of “Harry Hood,” instead of giving me instant goosebumps, was almost a letdown, because I knew how great it could be.  Then came post-hiatus.  With more energy and an exploratory spirit, Phish began taking “Hoods” where they’d never gone before- crafting two for the record books in Charlotte and Camden in the Summer of ’03.  But just as the band was getting into things, it was over.

6.16.09 (B.Kisida)

6.16.09 (B.Kisida)

Fast Forward to this summer.  Beginning with Jones Beach’s other-worldly experimentation, “Hood” announced itself on the summer scene with a deeply-psychedelic excursion, leaving the entire crowd buzzing long after the show.  Bringing the jam to a new realm of ambient space, Phish made a statement with “Harry Hood,” reawakening its hibernating spirit from the corner of the universe, and back into our lives.

6.16.09 (B.Kisida)

6.16.09 (B.Kisida)

When Phish dropped the next “Hood” at Great Woods, those goosebumps were back.  Combining musical urgency and a delicate patience- seemingly a paradox- Phish played perhaps the tightest and most triumphant version of the summer.  Extending the jam with mini musical tangents, this was the type of “Hood,” that when it finally arrives at its peak, finds the entire crowd involuntarily blissed out.  All four members carried on a vibrant musical conversation, each offering creative musical phrases; none dominating at all.  If Jones Beach represented a dark spiritual awakening, this climactic version was a soulful sprint through an open meadow with deepest blue sky and long green grass swirling around you.  “Hood” was officially back- and it had never felt better.

6.16.09 (B.Kisida)

6.16.09 (B.Kisida)

As Phish continued to drop frequent “Hoods” throughout June, each and every one was welcomed with rife anticipation of where the ride might take us.  Remaining anchored in the jam’s structure, each brought a brilliant improvisational path, as the band and audience rejoiced in one of their most hallowed pieces.  Knoxville and Bonnaroo’s versions each crafted a gentle journey that was a highlight of their respective sets.  June’s final version came at Star Lake, a soaring and emotive rendition led by Trey’s dynamic playing- again, one of the jams of the night.

“Harry Hood” fell right in line with the band’s June trend of tight, purposeful improvisation that remained, largely, inside the box.  But being a song that never strayed far from its path (other than in ’03) this suited “Harry” just right.  With a renewed intent, Phish crafted spiritual excursions out of “Hood” all tour long, reconnecting with their own souls as well as ours.



6.18.09 Star Lake, Burgettstown, PA < TORRENT

6.18.09 Star Lake, Burgettstown, PA < MEGAUPLOAD

Official Star Lake Poster

Official Star Lake Poster

The first of June’s final four nights, Phish improvised coherently throughout the second set.  Warming them up for Deer Creek and Alpine, this show became far more interesting after setbreak.  The “Disease > Free,” “Piper,” and “Hood” are all highlight explorations, while the “YEM” was, in my opinion, the best of tour.

I: Golgi Apparatus, Chalk Dust Torture, Bouncing Around the Room, Wolfman’s Brother, The Divided Sky, Heavy Things, Walk Away, Wilson, Tube, Alaska, David Bowie

II: Down With Disease > Free, Guyute, Piper > When The Circus Comes To Town, Harry Hood, The Squirming Coil, You Enjoy Myself

E: Grind, Hello My Baby, Hold Your Head Up > Bike > Hold Your Head Up, Loving Cup

Source: Schoeps CCM4V’S(din)-FOB > Lunatec V2 > Sound Devices 722 (24/48) – Taper: Z-Man



Phish At the Fox – Photo: Brian Kisida

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  1. Phish...Yup Says:


  2. freshtracks420 Says:

    Well, I’ve been enjoyin’ Mr. Miner’s thoughts for about a year now (thanks again Miner!), and have really been having a good time reading everyone’s bios and the general positivety of the site recently! So, as us left-coasters celebrate our newfound good fortune…and wait for our forthcoming slice of the pie, I figured I’d continue the trend from yesterday and post my bio for your viewing pleasure (borrowing format from earlier posts)…

    Age: 35
    Hometown: M.B.,South Carolna
    Currently reside: Oregon
    First show: 11/18/95-Charleston, SC
    # of shows: 98
    Shows this year: Red Rocks -> The Gorge, “Save the Date”, ???
    When I got it? 11/18/95…(somewhere between the catchy hook of “Free” and Trey’s in-your-face sustain notes during YEM…after the show I wasn’t exacatly sure what I had just witnessed…but I knew that it was unlike anything I had experienced before!…the Timothy Leary tabs that my buddy and I had taken probably didn’t help make things any clearer, though!;))
    Fests: Clifford Ball, Great Went, Lemon Wheel, Big Cypress, Coventry
    NYE’s: 1997, 1998, 1999
    Halloween’s: 1996-“Remain in Light”, 1998-“Loaded”
    Most shows in a year: 31 (1998)
    Most shows in a state: tie- NY (12), CA (12)
    Shows in 27 states
    Most shows in a venue: Deer Creek (8…’96-’99)
    Favorite outdoor venues: Red Rocks, The Gorge, Alpine Valley, Deer Creek, both Greeks, Merriweather Post
    Favorite indoor: Hampton (of course!)
    Most underrated shows attended (A.K.A -are worthy of an archival livephish release…so many are, but here are my choices): *Alpine Valley ’96-’99 (’99-set 2 was rough around the edges for a while, but all of the rest of it absoloutley rages…see ’96 “My friend x2″+”AC/DC Bag”…’97 “Foam”, “Slave”!) *10/26/96-Charlotte, NC (just have a listen folks…rages from the “Julius” opener to the “Fire” encore!) *8/13/97-Burgettstown (this “Gumbo” is what summer ’97 was all about, IMO!) *12/28/97-Landover, MD (Can you say “Ghost”?…another surreal show that seemed to last forever!) 8/12/98-Vernon, NY (A personal favorite in this grouping…was right up front for this one and it covers all the bases in fine fashion…fun covers, energetic playing, show length…a quintessential livephish show if there ever was one, IMO) *10/29/98-Los Angeles, CA (short but sweet…see Mr. Miner’s thought’s from several months ago on this show’s dark Reba->Walk Away, in which he essentialy sums up my feelings perfectly…as he has been know to do:)…just plain dirty! *10/6/00-Mountain View, CA (I might be a little biased since it was a B-day show, but I honestly feel that this show is up to par with the next night’s well known Phish 1.0 finale…listen to this show and tell me that it doesn’t smoke…all bias aside.)
    Biggest Phish regrets: 1)Not saying “what’s up” to Trey when I was walking beside him on sidewalk in Charleston the day of my 1st show…I didn’t know much about Phish at the time, but I recognized him…I didn’t really know what to say and didn’t want to seem like an idiot…oh well! 2) Not getting to see the legendary 12/30/97 MSG show because of an unfortunate pre-show encounter with NYC’s finest…dumb luck…’nuff said! 3)Skipping the Utah shows in both ’98 (to hike the Grand Canyon…found out about the “Dark Side” bustout as we were about to embark on a hike into the canyon one day…aargh!) AND ’03 (man I love the Phish version of Mr. Completely!) and also skipping Hershey Park ’96 (I was close by, but just too tired after the Creek!)
    Least favorite Phish tunes: “Piper” would definitley have to take this spot…while I know that many are, in fact, quite fond of it…I’ve just always found it a tad redundant and spastic. I do admit that a few versions stand out…Prague ’98)
    Holy Grail Phish tunes (for me): YEM (of course), Split Open, Slave, Gumbo, AC/DC Bag, Reba, Harpua, Tube, Antelope, Camel Walk, Fluffhead, Divided Sky, Spock’s Brain, Glide, Mike’s Groove, My Friend, Halley’s Comet…just to name a few 🙂
    Anyway, thanks for your indulgence…can’t wait to see you all at Red Rocks -> The Gorge in just a few weeks!

  3. tela'smuff Says:

    Hood for sure came back, but I would argue that the JB Hood was still the best of the first leg, followed by Starlake and GW. The Knoxville and Roo versions were a bit above standard for me. Had Trey jsut really nailed the ending at JB, there wouldn’t be a debate. That’s why Starlake’s was so good.

    Secondly, I was at Starlake, and was fairly underwhelmed with the show. Sure, it had highlights, and it had energy, but upon closer listening, it really doesn’t “highlight explorations” at all. The Disease and Piper were both just getting into the realm of exploration before they were moved into Free and Circus. And what they hell happened to Free!? Go back to DeerCreek 03, that is how a Free is supposed to sound. I will agree that the YEM was excellent. For me the best part of the show was the encore and the Tube.

    Minor and his “officially back” statements. Love it.

  4. tom Says:

    great writing and inight going on this site. thanks for that!

    check out for info on the production of a new phish “early years” documentary. need your help to spread the word. thanks! _Tom

  5. Old Willy Shakes Says:

    What’s up Dudes, babes?!?
    To keep with the trend of “newbies” posting and all around good spirits of eveyone lately, I’ll throw mine out there. First off Miner you are the shit, hands down have added to the Phish 2009 experince way better than any site before, you deserve a Webby, i think they exist?!?! I almost tore my ACL while Dancing to Hampton Fluffhead opener listenting to it “Live” I dig your views, definitely right on! Have been checking out the site since the beginning of the year but only recently started reading the comments thread, after bonnaroo, and was impressed by the vibe. Glad to get into the mix! And oh yeah, Gus you are the F’n MAN!!

    Age: 29
    Hometown: Unionville, NY (1.5hr outside NYC)
    Currently reside: Somerville, NJ (1hr outstide NYC)
    First show: Big Cypress, Needless to say I got IT a Zillion times over.
    # of shows: 18
    Shows this year: 5 so far, JB1-3 and Bonnaroo, Planning on CT,MD,Toga and STD
    Fests: Big Cypress, IT
    Halloween’s: goose egg, but STD will be my 30th B-Day Bash hope you all can come, So Psyched, and stoked for you lefty’s out there that must have been dying for this for years.
    Intro to Phish: started listening in college late 98, had some heady college friends that were going to Big Cypress and i was in. Blew my mind, nothing like your first show being a 7hr set, although shows after i kept wanting them to play for 5 more hours!!! I loved seeing them after NYE 99 but it was really hard to top that shit. It will forever be my favorite show! I think.
    Songs I want to hear: Anything and everything, waiting for a Carini, Mango

  6. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:


    I hear you on that 12-28-97 Landover show! I was second row right in front of Page and my friend and I were blown away by that Ghost. Well, that and the rest of the show, of course. My friend swears Page “tipped his cap” to us at the end of the second set. Right…

  7. easo91 Says:

    Let me give this a whirl, it’s got alot of goose eggs
    Age: 18
    Hometown: Salem, NH
    Currently reside: Mass
    First show:Fenway 5/31/09
    # of shows: 1
    Shows this year:1
    When I got it? There were a few things that got me into it. The first was when I downloaded my first phish tune, it was the antelope from NYE 1994, my goodness there isn’t a better way to punch you in the face and say “this is phish, and it’s gonna melt your mother F***in face off.” (still is my favorite antelope) After that I got ALO and NYE 95, but what really made things click for real was when I got a recording of 12/28/95, my goodness is this show smoking, with an intense SplitOAM and Tweezer just to name a few, I listened to it for a week straight trying to digest it all. After that I went on a downloading binge and haven’t stopped since. All I had to do was wait two years to finally get a chance to see them.
    Fests: 0
    NYE’s: 0
    Most shows in a year:1
    Most shows in a state: 1
    Most shows in a venue: 1
    Favorite outdoor venues: Great Woods (never saw phish there, but every show I’ve been to there is always great)
    Favorite indoor: Worcester Centrum
    Most underrated shows attended (A.K.A -are worthy of an archival livephish release…so many are, but here are my choices): Fenway?
    Biggest Phish regrets: Not going to Hampton. A few weeks before the show I started looking like mad for a reasonably priced Hampton ticket. My plan was to sneak away at like two in the morning and drive straight down to VA for the show, and drive straight home afterword. But I could never find a ticket.
    Least favorite Phish tunes: Fikus just has never done anything for me.
    Holy Grail Phish tunes (for me): Tweezer- this is perhaps my all time favorite to hear live, it is always very different from every other version and has some of the best grooves in the phish library. I was deffinately psyched to see it at my first show.

  8. RobAins Says:

    Been a busy few weeks, sorry I missed yesterday’s bio’s thread as I’ve often felt like this site is a sweet little community in of itself and I think of all those who post positively (or at least constructively) as friends in one way or another. I’ll have to go back to find out more about you all….

    Here are my stats…

    Age: 31
    Hometown: Maplewood, NJ
    Currently reside: Haverford, PA (Philly suburbs)
    Past Residences:
    Bend, OR (1996 – 2000)
    Madison, WI (2000 – 2004)
    Boulder, CO (majority of 2001)
    Philadelphia, PA (2004 – Present)
    First show: 07/02/94
    # of shows: 33
    Shows this year: Camden – Gorge – Meriwether – SPAC
    When I got it? First time listening to the Lawn Boy Cassette, summer 1993. Fully hooked during the crazy Mike’s Groove at my first show (see above)
    Fests: None 🙁 (Was totally BROKE while living on the West Coast, with no way of getting to the Fests) See also biggest regret
    NYE’s: 1995
    Halloween’s: None
    Most shows in a year: 10 (1995)
    Most shows in a state: NJ (5)
    Shows in 8 states
    Most shows in a venue: Gorge (6)
    Favorite outdoor venues: Gorge, Red Rocks, Alpine Valley, Deer Creek,
    Favorite indoor: MSG
    Most underrated shows attended (A.K.A -are worthy of an archival livephish release) 7/2/94
    Biggest Phish regrets: 1) Having never attended a festival. 2) Letting my friend talk me out of pushing on to Coventry after hearing we’d be turned away.
    Least favorite Phish tunes: Piper

    Holy Grail Phish tunes (for me): Reba, Gin, Wedge, FEFY, Roggae

  9. HarryHood Says:

    @ Miner

    Great write up man.

    This one hits real close to home. Harry Hood off of ALO is what got me into this band of ours in the first place and my “starter” jam for anyone that I’m trying to explain IT too. I remember throwing that disc in the portable CD player attached to the tape deck in my 85 Ford Tempo and cruising around at night with Harry just blazin.

    Although I welcome any and every song that Phish decides to play, when Fishman’s drumbeats signal the start of Hood, shit gets real for me. At worst, it’s going to be another chance to hear my favorite song. At best, it’s going to be a musical journey to that place we all strive to get to….. For me, it’s those care-free days of driving around in a shitty old car with no real place to go and no responsiblities…… I’m really glad to see this song back in heavy rotation.

  10. Exree Hipp Says:

    Thanks again for the site, Miner. I got linked to it by Gadiel’s site, and have been reading it since your third post, I think. Before you had your own domain! My bio looks suspiciously similar to ColJoy’s…

    I grew up in Maine, have lived in NYC for 10 years. I went on the same arc as a lot of people that have posted here. First show in 93 (less than a month after my 13th birthday), obsessed with the band through 98. Stopped feeling it around the end of Lemonwheel. Didn’t see them at all in 99, caught 5 shows in ’00, only one post-hiatus. In ’04 I didn’t see them at all, even though they played in Brooklyn WHILE I WAS LIVING IN BROOKLYN. Still have no idea why I didn’t want to see those shows. But I got psyched for the return. Now I’m back in, all the way.

    Age: 28
    First show: 12-30-93 Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, ME
    Shows seen: 31 Phish and 4 Trey shows
    Shows seen this tour: 4 – Fenway & all 3 JB
    Most shows seen in a year: 8 (1997 – Great Went, Worcester, and MSG Holiday runs)
    NYE shows seen: 96, 97 (and 12/30/98)
    Halloween shows seen: None
    Fests: Clifford Ball, Great Went, Lemonwheel
    First good tapes: Some assorted 91 and 93 gems from a generous b&p deal on r.m.p
    Most shows seen at one venue: 4 at Worcester, MSG, and Limestone each
    Fav Jams: 12/6/97 Tweezer, 11/30/97 Bitch & Wolfman’s, 8/16/96 Mike’s Song
    Best show attended: So many! 12/30/93, 8/16/96, 11/30/97, 12/30/97…
    Worst show attended: 12/30/96
    Songs that could go away: Suzy, Caspian, Velvet Sea, most of the Trey ballads (though I love Mountains In The Mist and Bug)
    Song I would like to see: Discern
    Biggest Regret: Letting myself be turned away from Coventry, Not seeing Brooklyn ’04.

  11. Exree Hipp Says:

    Most underrated Hood for people looking for more – 12/11/95. Trey does a looping effect at the end that allows him to solo over his own sound in a way I don’t remember ever hearing him do anywhere else. One of my favorite Hoods (great Bowie and Stash in that show too).

  12. Chonz Says:

    mmmmm 7/2/94….the day after my 19th birthday, and one of the biggest fuckups of my life. I got arrested during that Mike’s Groove, totally spun someone passed me a pipe of what I thought was weed and was probably pcp. My last concious thought was ‘I am Hydrogen’ as I floated near the rafters of the pavillion.

    I always relisten to that show on its anniversary, which is something I love doing….listening to this day in history shows with the dead, phish, or ween I generally can find something on every calendar day. So today I will spend the day at work listening to 7/1 shows, which if you did the math from above you might have realized is my birthday. I’ve only seen Phish twice on my birthday in ’94 and ’99. Neither was an exceptional show in my opinion, but Phish has played some ragers on my birthday. I’m listening to Amsterdam 97 now, wishing like I did 12 years ago that I could be there. Probably check out the Grey Hall show later this afternoon. In the car I have 7/1/79 Dead rocking, opens up with a nice Mississippi 1/2 Step (on the day that I was born…) and I was rocking Mama Tried as I pulled into work.

  13. R1 Says:

    Wow – surprising dislike of Piper from a couple folks. I hear y’all on the composed section I ‘spose, but Piper is a great jam vehicle.

  14. nonoyolker Says:

    Happy birthday man! Speaking of anniversary shows AND hoods, 7/1/95 Greatwoods has one of my favorite hoods. Show is heat all together. KILLER SOAM and Stash as well.

  15. Exree Hipp Says:

    I don’t have a lot of love for Piper these days. Since Farmhouse when it got its second verse I have found it pretty sloppily played and just a launching pad. That said, the jams that come out of it are awesome, so I don’t complain when they play it at all.

    I really preferred it when there was a long build before the lyrics kicked in. Now Trey tends to begin singing right away and it feels forced to me. SPAC 04 and Hershey 00 make me forgeev, forgeev.

  16. Mr.Miner Says:

    The Jb version is like nothing before or since- it was a spiritual awakening and one of the most poignant experinces ever

  17. empire01 Says:

    @extree hipp I was just going to mention that hood.. I just love 95 so much and whenever I hear talks about best versions of hoods, stash, or reba’s I usually go dig into 95. but that 12/11/95 show is out of control the stash has some killer peaks..95 was such a cool era of phish just high energy shows with so much intention..
    Anyhow I really liked the hood from Knoxville the only show that I got to see this tour. I loved how they brought hood, reba, and bowie to these real quite moments..It had a cool effect in a arena that was so loud. amazing stuff.

    Im really digging seeing all the new heads posting on here. what a great community. Miner you really brought the right energy for this come together..when is the first MMPT throw down??

    I know Ive read some peeps are from south just in case your reading Pollock has an exhibition in the design district. Im going to check it out today at lunch time..wish I would have known about it for the opening..

  18. phatty mcgee Says:

    The thing about Piper is its just a few chords over and over, so without the slow build it can get pretty boring (until the jam anyway). Plus given the frequency it is played its easy to let your mind wander a bit during the composed section.

    Plus I really miss the old end section where they wind it down in another key. 4-3-98 when they jam this section out is so sick, I remember watchin the youtube vid recently and bein amazed how trey gets these crazy sounds out of his guitar usin pedals and manual volume knob control. Aural sweeps and swashes of psychedelic goodness, mmm

  19. Chonz Says:


    You know, I don’t think I’ve ever listened to 7/1/95. Thanks for the suggestion, I know what I’ll listen to this afternoon now.

  20. tela'smuff Says:

    @Miner – agreed. i am still on the fence with the thought that it may have been the best piece of improvisation of the 1st leg. I’m leaning towards yes.

  21. Old Willy Shakes Says:

    JB1 Hood had my jaw on the floor. If you looked around the place during the jam you could see it took everyone by surprise. Afterwards my friends and i were like WTF just happened. And that’s the reason you go see Phish.

  22. JerZ Says:

    Great write up- Hood is my favorite of all the old school songs (I would probably go with Sand is my favorite overall) and I have to admit, I was a little freaked out at Hampton when they dropped the Hood- I wanted to believe otherwise at the time, but it was HORRIBLE. I have been to about 150 shows, and that was the worst HOOD that I had ever heard, and I caught all of them in that 98-00 period (and loved most of them, I might add)

    But the Jones Beach Hood made me feel good about Hood again. Now I want them to start nailing Bathtub Gin again, because so far the Bathtubs have been really week. I don’t usually post negative stuff, but a disappointing Bathtub is really a let down to me, like a disappointing Hood can be, so the got the Hood bugs worked out, now lets get Bathtub rolling and rip into a Great Went style Bathtub at Red Rocks to get things started right

  23. wall05 Says:

    The JB Hood is my favorite 3.0 jam so far. It was incredible and unbelievably deep.

  24. Stupendous Says:

    ^^^Hmmm possible roadtrip…we’ll see…thanks for the heads up!

  25. jahvolunteer76 Says:

    I concur with the lack of Piper love. Although my mind has been blown by some good versions (it can be a great jam vehicle) such as 10/2/99 and 2/15/03 I would be fine never seeing it. The opening notes always make me go blah. It is just way to repetitive and can often be very busy for the sake of being busy.

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