Trick or Treat?

6.12.09 Bonnaroo Late Night (J.Kravitz)

6.12.09 Bonnaroo Late Night (J.Kravitz)

One simple flash animation and the entire community was whipped into a frenzy.  Leave it to Phish to fuck with us until the end, and if my supposition is right, that is exactly what they are doing.  Yesterday, on, the Save the Date map saw California lifted off the map by hot air balloons- supposedly meaning the Halloween festival will not be in Indio, CA- the location that everyone and their mother assumed it would be.  Due to all of the hype and anticipation, Indio hotels have been booked for weeks and some fans have even gone as far as purchasing plane tickets to southern California!  (Questionable decision making in my book.) But with the airlift of California off Phish’s animated map, everything was thrown into question, and the Phish community turned into an all-out freak scene.

The Mystery

The Mystery

It took no time at all for rumors to begin circulating about the festival’s “real ” location, Datelan Army Airfield outside of Yuma, AZ.  These rumors spread like wildfire on message boards and Facebook, and before long, people had RVs on lock-down in Phoenix and Tucson for the festival in the middle of the desert.  It made sense- an old military airfield out in the middle of nowhere- much like their former festival sites, and it still fit in with the heavily rumored fall dates that start in the southwest and move up the west coast.  Leave it to Phish fans- the most obsessive sub-genre of people on this planet- to get to the bottom of this.



All of a sudden, plans were changed.  Whether it was Arizona, New Mexico Georgia, or Vegas- all ideas tossed around the web- it wasn’t gonna’ be Indio. Or was it?  To be honest, my initial thought was that Phish was pulling a prank on us.  But that thought didn’t stop me from booking 30 footers out of Phoenix and Tuscon just in case!  But there had been too much talk about Indio; locals had confirmed the plans, there were all the semantic correlations with the suffering date crop of  the region, people in the organization freely talked about it at Alpine Valley- and all of a sudden it fell through?  It just didn’t feel right.

My first thought was that because the animated California never got destroyed, pillaged, or blackened- like the other eliminated states- it would somehow survive.  Possible clue number two- the design on the balloons had arrows pointing up and down- “What goes up, must come down!”- of course.  At the end of all this, when all the other states are gone, California would float back down and be presented as the official site.  That’s what I thought, but who really knew?  I could definitely picture the band members and Flash animators laughing their asses off as they watched the community spin into a tizzy over the newly-created mystery.

California Hovering Out of Plain Sight

California Hovering Out of Plain Sight

And then later in the day, it was discovered that California wasn’t gone at all, it was in Canada!  If you held down the command button and pressed “+,” the animation zoomed out showing California-very much intact- hovering over the lower 48.  It was brought up that it might just be a fault of the Flash animation, but come on!  If they wanted to take California off the map, they would have- bottom line.  Theories, obsession, mystery, hype, adrenaline….this is all part of the Phish game too, and five years later, it was funny to be in the midst of another full-on freak scene!  Some things never change.

6.14.09 (J.Kravitz)

6.14.09 (J.Kravitz)

Once people saw California hovering over the country, the consensus seemed to shift back to a festival in Indio, but the mystery is still out there to be solved.  Regardless of where Halloween ends up- and I’m 99% sure it will be in Indio- it’s great to see Phish’s prankster spirit alive and well in 2009.  Taking their fans on a mental scavenger hunt to find the next site, and boosting their heart rates for a while, the organization shook things up on Monday, making the normally mundane start of the week far more exciting.

It’s so great to have Phish back- not only for the music- but for the sheer excitement they bring to everyday life.  Nothing else could have caused such a hectic, yet positive, stir in all of our lives yesterday, and that just speaks to the power of it all.  Reason number 1001 why the world is a better place with a happy and healthy Phish around.  But keep those reservations- wherever you may have them- because who knows what the next twist will bring!

See you in southern California! Probably.


Phish Thoughts Jam of the Day!

Winged music noteWith the new Flash audio player, I thought that I’d add a new feature to the site!  Every day I will feature one standout jam to listen to, separate from the day’s post.  Sometimes I’ll write a paragraph, sometimes a sentence, but there will always be some quality Phish to listen to every day!  You will always be able to download the selection by clicking the orange song header. Enjoy!

12.30.95 Harry Hood


Simply put, this changed my life.



10.11.95 Compton Terrace Tempe, AZ < TORRENT

10.11.95 Compton Terrace Tempe, AZ < MEGAUPLOAD

1995-10-11gnRumors spread faster than a California wildfire that the Halloween scene was shifting to Arizona- and it still might!  Here is one show that Phish did play in Arizona back in the Fall of ’95.  A sparsely populated affair that served as my wife’s first, Phish brought out a great second set featuring the rare “Mike’s > McGrupp > Weekapaug”, a hot second set “Gin,” and a bust-out in “Crossroads.”  I love the ’95 Phish, and this one gets glanced over most of the time.

I: Stash, The Old Home Place, Cavern, The Divided Sky, If I Could, Fog That Surrounds, Acoustic Army, Julius, Sample in a Jar

II: Possum, Bathtub Gin, Mound, Mike’s Song > McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters > Weekapaug Groove > Llama, Suzy Greenberg > Crossroads, Hello Ma Baby, A Day in the Life

E: Chalk Dust Torture

Source: unknown (possibly Tascam PE125 > DAP1) fob?

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170 Responses to “Trick or Treat?”

  1. Alex W Says:

    The Hood jam… one listen and I was a fan for life.

  2. quazi motto Says:

    emotional rescue!!

  3. HarryHood Says:

    So, for the Halloween musical costume……. Who else thinks that they are going to do Thriller with a guest apperance by Michael Jackson?

  4. Mitch Says:

    another guest is gonna be 2Pac comeback cause its in Cali and they could play to live and die in LA and california love.

  5. spideyguy0 Says:

    Sick Hood! I’m curious about people’s thoughts on the Keswick Hood from 11/25/92. This was one of the first Hood’s I ever heard (possibly the first Hood I ever heard, can’t remember) and is still my favorite version and I’m trying to figure out if it’s cause it was my first exposure to the song or if it just really is that good. The play between Trey and Mike in the beginning of the jam is really nice and then the climax of this Hood is just absolutely perfect, and I’m all about the climaxing.

  6. ColonelJoy Says:

    Well, Cali is still hovering over Hudson Bay. Maybe they’ll do a jamcruise thing in Hudson Bay….lovely.

    No, it is indio for sure. I can’t imagine it won’t be kangfirmed in the next 5-7-days……as onsale dates will need to be before second leg, no?

  7. ColonelJoy Says:


    The balloons worked for me today.

  8. ColonelJoy Says:


  9. Mr.Miner Says:

    the 12.30.95 Hood is fixed (sorry)

  10. sumodie Says:

    Phish is all about tricks AND treats -that’s why I love following them around so much.

    This Save the Date madness is brilliant -and our obsessive reactions are even funnier, mine included. Love the connection to the Indio hot air balloon festival in Indio (but also in Vegas!) -see link on p1.

    I’m still willing to play along and believe that it’s Indio, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the balloons dropped California onto, say, New England, taking out several states in the process.

    I would hazard a guess that the band secured one site (likely Vegas) but for whatever reason decided to try for a second more interesting site -thus the Save the Date game was born. Just guessing.

    The Arizona site sounds very exotic, though its remoteness for a fall festy makes it seem very doubtful. Who thinks Cali will just disappear when the next Flash animation is loaded?

    And how many times do phans have to be reminded to never spend $$ based on rumors? 🙂

  11. ColonelJoy Says:

    Ah, beautiful archetype Hood….

  12. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    Señor Miner, Nice job on the Compton Terrace show. I took my parents to this show. It was their first. They had a blast.

    On a side note: I check the mail after a weekend away, low and behold, Red Rocks Tickets for TM are now in hand. Great seats taboot! Typicaly TM thermal ticket stock, for those who are hyper-curious.

    Even more amped now for Red Rocks!

    Fuel to a fire:

    Google Earth the Datelan AAB site and scan the local geography. You will notice some concentric circles and other street arrangments in the nearby surreounding that would be nice for site mapping/naming for a festival map. Granted that the aerial photo is dated. BTW that date shakes there are GOOD.

  13. llamalee Says:

    great hood, perfect transition for relaxed melodic harmony from trey to climax – page was following perfectly. me likes

  14. pebbles Says:


    What I meant was that LiveNation = TicketMaster. Although the merger has been held up (yeah, DOJ!), LN and TM are running their Phish Tickets scam as one entity.

    I didn’t even know TM was an option for summer 2 tickets. Do you get real tickets? Because I am sick to death of these garbage LN tickets…

  15. Jerrydamule Says:

    nice feature – jam of the day. I’d like to apologize to everyone, b/c I was definitely one of those clappers

  16. butter Says:

    @tubesteak, you are not the only one that couldn’t get command + to work, i’m apple and it just made the text bigger, i can’t see cali a floatin.
    i’m takin’ others word thou. 12-30-95 Hood rocks hard, thanks Miner!!

  17. butter Says:

    I’m sure alot of you on this site already know this as there are a lot of vets/pros here. Might be helpful to some folks thou.
    The airlines will let you check a large cooler, which will hold a lot of camping gear (tents, lanterns, ect) and you will also have a cooler when you get to festi.

  18. empire01 Says:

    just go to nearest wallmart buy everything you need and return it cause
    you didnt go camping or a pole was missing…

  19. Stupendous Says:

    ^^ didnt think about that…hmmmm……

  20. Robear Says:

    Here’s hoping those balloons return my state to the map in the end! A biologist friend of mine said his in-laws have a posh place near Indio in one of the gated communities. I told him to start breaking them in. Miner, can’t wait to hook up my speakers and listen to that 12/30/95 Hood. Such a stand out Hood in a great show. It was so emphatic, my friend and I almost skipped the 31st, as tix were so hard to get. Fortunately, our minds returned in time to score tickets and see that epic bash as well.

  21. verno329 Says:

    its jerrydamule everybody! he’s one of the clappers! get him!

  22. Mitch Says:

    I’m on mac and I tried on multiple computers. If you have safari 3 it makes the text bigger and smaller. If you are on safari 4 it works like a charm. In the view pulldown there is an option to change it from text size to window zoom.

    hope that works

  23. Chalkdustin Says:

    @ butter, thanks for the advice. Having never flown to a show to camp (drove to most or stayed in a hotel as camping wasn’t an option), this will help when I fly to the Gorge. Does that go for any airline? Probably best to call, eh? We were just planning on getting styrofoam ones (sorry, not environmentally friendly), cheap chairs, etc. once we’re there.

  24. billy Says:

    I think that this was just a hint to california. Why would they have california move with balloons all over it if it wasn’t there. Makes a lot more sense that they were hinting that its going down in cali.

  25. sumodie Says:

    RE: Flying to show and camping

    I’ve flown before with camping equipment and it is very doable. Never tried bringing a cooler taped shut with equipment inside -great idea.

    However, make sure to know your airline’s policy regarding checked baggage. Some (most?) airlines now charge for each bag you check.

    Bring large bags but pack (and weigh) them to ensure they’re under the weight limit (40-50 lbs?).

    I’m planning to fly n camp for Save the Date, wherever it is….

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