Won’t You Come Out To Play?

6.16.09 The Fox (B.Kisida)

6.16.09 The Fox (B.Kisida)

As Red Rocks, and the second leg of summer, sits less than two weeks away, my thoughts have begun to move past June to what may be coming in August.  With the tour coinciding loosely with the now-unknown release date of their album, “Joy,” we are sure to continue hearing Phish’s new material early and often.  But along the second road of summer, we will almost certainly see the transformation of some of these new songs into larger jam vehicles.  Thus far, all have remained largely contained, in what will likely be their album form.  Phish will slowly put these pieces put under the spotlight in the second set, and scribe complex adventures we can’t yet conceive.  Taking into account all their new songs, I see the following three as the most engaging launch pads.


6.16 (B.Kisida)

6.16 (B.Kisida)

I continued waiting for Trey’s slow opening chops of “Ocelot” to creep from stage to start a second set towards the end of June, and I am waiting still.  A song that has turned into a new-school fan favorite seems quite conducive to some summer time improv, and I think we will see the loafing groove expand into something colorfully improvisational in August.  The jam could take the direction of a slowed down whole-band folk-funk fusion, or they could also take it into psychedelic blues-rock territory.  Trey’s solo in Fenway’s debut hinted at a potential dirtier direction as well.  The playful tune could create some Phishy excursions before summer is done, and they would be great to hear.

“Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan”


6.16 (B.Kisida)

This song seems destined for dirty psychedelia whenever the band decides to let loose on it.  With a slower rhythm and ominous feel, Phish will create some monstrous jams out of “Stealing Time” once they establish its improvisational framework.  I could definitely see this one coming out of the box during August, and oh, the places it could go!  With a composition that easily lends itself to rock, ambient, or dissonant psychedelic planes, the improvisational possibilities of this song leave me salivating.


5.31.09 (mkdevo)

5.31.09 Fenway (mkdevo)

Though the band scratched the improvisational surface of “Light” in Bonnaroo’s closing set in June, we have only seen the beginning of where this new song is going.  With a fast-paced texture, “Light’s” jam caters to breakneck exploration in the vein of “Piper.”  This song is a certain jam vehicle, as we have already seen it reach diverse musical places in its only version following its Fenway debut.  Emerging from darker jams- “Tweezer” and “Rock and Roll”- both times it was played the band, apparently, finds it an ideal landing point for jams, as well as a jam, itself.

As we move through this upcoming tour and also into the fall, many of these new songs will take on enhanced musical significance for us.  Ever the innovators, Phish used June to introduce their songs, and will, in all likelihood, soon begin to expound on them.  As we take another step deeper into chapter three in only ten days, it will be exciting to see which ones we will ride to musical heights- and we will soon find out!

Winged music note=====

Jam of the Day:

Reba” 7.6.94 Montreal, QC


Nothing like a “Reba” to kick-start the week, and why not one of the best?



11.16.94 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, MI < TORRENT

11.16.94 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, MI < MEGAUPLOAD

phish-ann-arbor-lansing-94Here is an analog classic that comes via reader request.  While there is a lot of bluegrass within the show- for better or for worse, depending on your tastes- it all boils down to the colossal “Simple ” jam that segued out of “Mike’s” in the second set.  This wildly creative version, clocking in at over a half- hour, was one of the most intriguing jams from the band’s highpoint of November ’94.

I: Sample in a Jar, Foam, Fast Enough for You, Reba, Axilla [Part II], Lizards, Stash, Pig in a Pen*, Tennessee Waltz*, Bluegrass Jam*, Swing Low Sweet Chariot*

II: Mike’s Song > Simple, I’m Blue I’m Lonesome**#, My Long Journey Home**#, Chalk Dust Torture, Fee, Run Like an Antelope

E: Amazing Grace, Suzy Greenberg

*With Rev. Jeff Mosier on banjo and vocals **Acoustic #First time played

Source:  AKG 460B/CK61

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291 Responses to “Won’t You Come Out To Play?”

  1. Mr. Completely Says:

    I always assumed that early on there was some crazy artist they nicknamed the “poster nutbag” and then someone said “hey that’s a great pet name” and it went from there – Mr. C’s Completely Unfounded Theory of the Genesis of Harpua

  2. larry bird flu Says:

    not too steer it back to the dead but mr. c were you at any of the dead shows at autzen stadium? more specifically i saw a few people mention on another board how amazing the autzen shows in 90 were. wasnt sure if you were in oregon at that point.

  3. larry bird flu Says:

    and that theory seems as logical as any other for the genesis of harpua.

  4. Mr. Completely Says:

    @larry re: Harpua, exactly, so I have decided that it might as well be true

    and yeah I first came out west to Autzen in ’87, then 90, then 93. 90 was the best of those by far. The Dew was as fine as any they played after ’78, a real scorcher; there was a nice show-opening H>S>F and lots of goodies in between. It really kickstarted that summer tour right, the first half of summer 90 was amazing. My last big tour and I’m really glad I did it.

    Best part of Autzen was the freak free-for-all in the park all around. So amazing. Deadhead eden…beautiful naked women camping in the trees…people doing yoga…just great. I knew within 5 minutes of arriving in ’87 that I would live in Eugene one day, and I did.

  5. Mr. Completely Says:

    in ’95 I was living in Eugene, they had 4 days reserved and the UO cancelled the shows to make way for football practice, so instead we got 2 at the worst venue on the west coast (portland meadows) :o(

  6. larry bird flu Says:

    nice. i was reading some of the reviews on various sites and they all speak glowingly of those shows. might have to grab a copy when i come home. im out for the evening. be safe all!

  7. larry bird flu Says:

    ah but portland meadows gave us arguably our finest gin! though i know that that is a matter of some conjecture around these parts.

  8. Mr. Completely Says:

    it’s a testament to the power of Phish that they have played a couple pretty good shows in that shithole

  9. Robear Says:

    ^Mr. C, nice description of the Meadows. Are there no good venues in the Portland area for an outdoor show? Autzen is probably too big for Phish. The Oregon shows have been few and far between.

  10. Leo Weaver Says:


    Thanks Miner! Glad I waited to get home before listening…was able to give it my full and proper attention.

  11. Frankenstein Says:

    ^^^ @ the testament, lmao

  12. Robear Says:

    Any of you folks need one or two shoreline pavilion tix for face plus fees? I think it’s section 201. I’ll have to double check the price / location when I get home. I got special needs access tix, so I can bring my son. Now I have the extra’s.

  13. Robear Says:

    Miner, I just clicked your link and read the post you had written about the ’94 fall run. ahhh, the memories. I was at Michigan State at the time, and caught 11/14, 11/16, and 11/18. Devos on the 14th is the most amazing venue I’ve seen a show at. I love your description of the ‘building tension, then releasing’. What a great period in Phistory, and in my life.

  14. Mr. Completely Says:

    @Robear, no, not really. There are some newer outdoor venues that compete with Portland Meadows but they all have their problems. Clark County has legendary traffic problems, etc…honestly if they were to call me up and ask I wouldn’t have a good suggestion for them.

    Autzen has been blackballed in the music industry, more or less, for many years. They pulled some similar shit to what they did to the Dead, but with the Stones – cancelled a scheduled date in favor of football practice. Practice! You don’t do that shit to the Stones. There haven’t been many Autzen gigs since then.

    LOL was listening to Roxy on the way home, now the kiddo is practicing the Stash handclaps and singing “crab in my shoemouth”

  15. Robear Says:

    ^What a joke. Ducks football, that is.

  16. BrandonKayda Says:

    Damn, I guess I’m not going to the show at the Merriweather then. People who were going to take me decided not to go. Meh, I was looking forward to it.

    Oh well.

  17. halcyon Says:

    Mr C….—> Thanks for the 3-19 recommendation. This show is sweet to my ears.

  18. Corey Says:

    Thanks for all the thoughts on the livephish goop.
    Too bad Phish couldn’t/wouldn’t do something about their “Faulty Planned” product. [sorry, I couldn’t resist the song title]
    Still slowly trying to scrape it all off.

    Regarding kids at shows:
    Anyone see the young boy (maybe 9) walking around with his young parents in the Hampton Col. parking lot back in March with a comedic sales pitch selling various drugs, swearing all the while?

    Couldn’t believe it, but sure enough, they were selling “whatever you need to get you phucked up!” and their son was the pitchman.

    Very sad.
    What happened to Capture the Flag or collecting nail packets at the contsruction site next door?

  19. Leo Weaver Says:

    ^ saw that family at hampton…my buddy was like “wtf…is that shit for real or some kind of twisted gag?” disturbing for sure…

  20. Robear Says:

    ^Corey, R U serious? That’s over the top on the unfathomable.

  21. Robear Says:

    Folks, if you see that kind of crap, kids w/ drugs, or adults giving kids candy at shows, it’s okay to speak up. Confront these people. Surround them with your friends. Tell them it’s not okay.

  22. whole tour! Says:

    ^ word! Definately not ok. Straight up shadiness. I got very upset when my friends told me that story.

  23. whole tour! Says:

    looking forward to some reggae in about 50 minutes!

  24. Mr. Completely Says:

    @halcyon – an overlooked gem for sure!

    @Robear, word

  25. guyforget Says:

    Hey Fellas, apologize if this has been discussed, havn’t had time to read comments for the last few days. I have not recieved any emial tracking number for either of my lottery wins. Is this normal? Are there others waiting notification?

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