Won’t You Come Out To Play?

6.16.09 The Fox (B.Kisida)

6.16.09 The Fox (B.Kisida)

As Red Rocks, and the second leg of summer, sits less than two weeks away, my thoughts have begun to move past June to what may be coming in August.  With the tour coinciding loosely with the now-unknown release date of their album, “Joy,” we are sure to continue hearing Phish’s new material early and often.  But along the second road of summer, we will almost certainly see the transformation of some of these new songs into larger jam vehicles.  Thus far, all have remained largely contained, in what will likely be their album form.  Phish will slowly put these pieces put under the spotlight in the second set, and scribe complex adventures we can’t yet conceive.  Taking into account all their new songs, I see the following three as the most engaging launch pads.


6.16 (B.Kisida)

6.16 (B.Kisida)

I continued waiting for Trey’s slow opening chops of “Ocelot” to creep from stage to start a second set towards the end of June, and I am waiting still.  A song that has turned into a new-school fan favorite seems quite conducive to some summer time improv, and I think we will see the loafing groove expand into something colorfully improvisational in August.  The jam could take the direction of a slowed down whole-band folk-funk fusion, or they could also take it into psychedelic blues-rock territory.  Trey’s solo in Fenway’s debut hinted at a potential dirtier direction as well.  The playful tune could create some Phishy excursions before summer is done, and they would be great to hear.

“Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan”


6.16 (B.Kisida)

This song seems destined for dirty psychedelia whenever the band decides to let loose on it.  With a slower rhythm and ominous feel, Phish will create some monstrous jams out of “Stealing Time” once they establish its improvisational framework.  I could definitely see this one coming out of the box during August, and oh, the places it could go!  With a composition that easily lends itself to rock, ambient, or dissonant psychedelic planes, the improvisational possibilities of this song leave me salivating.


5.31.09 (mkdevo)

5.31.09 Fenway (mkdevo)

Though the band scratched the improvisational surface of “Light” in Bonnaroo’s closing set in June, we have only seen the beginning of where this new song is going.  With a fast-paced texture, “Light’s” jam caters to breakneck exploration in the vein of “Piper.”  This song is a certain jam vehicle, as we have already seen it reach diverse musical places in its only version following its Fenway debut.  Emerging from darker jams- “Tweezer” and “Rock and Roll”- both times it was played the band, apparently, finds it an ideal landing point for jams, as well as a jam, itself.

As we move through this upcoming tour and also into the fall, many of these new songs will take on enhanced musical significance for us.  Ever the innovators, Phish used June to introduce their songs, and will, in all likelihood, soon begin to expound on them.  As we take another step deeper into chapter three in only ten days, it will be exciting to see which ones we will ride to musical heights- and we will soon find out!

Winged music note=====

Jam of the Day:

Reba” 7.6.94 Montreal, QC


Nothing like a “Reba” to kick-start the week, and why not one of the best?



11.16.94 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, MI < TORRENT

11.16.94 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, MI < MEGAUPLOAD

phish-ann-arbor-lansing-94Here is an analog classic that comes via reader request.  While there is a lot of bluegrass within the show- for better or for worse, depending on your tastes- it all boils down to the colossal “Simple ” jam that segued out of “Mike’s” in the second set.  This wildly creative version, clocking in at over a half- hour, was one of the most intriguing jams from the band’s highpoint of November ’94.

I: Sample in a Jar, Foam, Fast Enough for You, Reba, Axilla [Part II], Lizards, Stash, Pig in a Pen*, Tennessee Waltz*, Bluegrass Jam*, Swing Low Sweet Chariot*

II: Mike’s Song > Simple, I’m Blue I’m Lonesome**#, My Long Journey Home**#, Chalk Dust Torture, Fee, Run Like an Antelope

E: Amazing Grace, Suzy Greenberg

*With Rev. Jeff Mosier on banjo and vocals **Acoustic #First time played

Source:  AKG 460B/CK61

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291 Responses to “Won’t You Come Out To Play?”

  1. Mr. Completely Says:

    @Alpine_ACS, wow, wtf? bizarro

  2. Mr.Miner Says:

    TTE is a great song- just too slow and long for the live set…they could “get it right” and this wouldn’t change. Sure it can work in some instances, but there are so many interesting launching points, it seems SO boring to keep hearing it as a 20 minute composed piece…WAY too much of a total %age of a set

  3. whole tour! Says:

    could you imagine it in the encore slot?!?

  4. whole tour! Says:

    knowing phish, i’m sure that all the “new” songs have already been replaced by a batch of “new new” songs. I’m sure they are already writing tunes for the post “joy” album and beyond.

  5. Mr. Completely Says:

    they should just turn TTE into a moebius strip, so the end goes back into the beginning and they could just play it on repeat for all 8 sets of the STD festival

  6. msbjivein Says:

    They said 30 new tunes were written and they narrowed “Joy” down to 10 I believe. We will definately hear some more new shit.

  7. Frondoot Says:

    well i have this week off so if this rumor grows anymore and anyone is interested in car pooling, im in nepa

  8. Leo Weaver Says:

    Agree with the TTE as a set idea…actually had that thought second time I listened to it…”hmmm, this could be cool as an entire set with lots of ambient space in between the movements.” I guess you could go into other songs from the space to work it into something like TTE>STFTFP>TTE>Light>TTE, Mike’s>Simple>Weekapaug. But if it stays intact, I think it’s best suited as a 1st set closer.

  9. BrandonKayda Says:

    Completely – Yeah sorry about that, I’m still new to The Dead in general. 5/8/77 II SCARLET>FIRE ST STEPHEN>NOT FADE AWAY>ST STEPHEN>MORNING DEW gets the most play from me. The only reason I said that was because I have a recent 5/9/2009 set where the first set is like Viola>Bertha>Viola>Caution>Viola>Black Peter, Cosmic Charlie. So I guess I figured they did that a lot.

    TTE on loop – HAHAHAHAHAHHA.
    Msb – I’m not too worried about it, I guess all the “kid-dosed” stories in the earlier pages got me all hyped up

    Superior J – I can care less what other people do, to each his own. I have plenty of friends who smoke/ eat shrooms and all that shit, I just don’t want to get accidentally dosed by something at a concert

  10. suMMer Tour 2009 Says:

    Sorry to waste some peeps time, I need help with the torrents, my computer recently crashed and I lost everything. I’ve got the utorrent back up, but when i right click on the show i’m wanting, it only gives me the option to save or cancel, no longer to “run”. i was clicking that “run” button to make the download start. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Bring that damn “run” button back please, my days have not been the same not listening to some new phish

  11. Selector J Says:

    Sorry, Brandon. I think my attempt at humor got misconstrued. I was totally kidding and didn’t mean that in a condescending way at all. I just meant that people aren’t typically giving away drugs (to knowing or unknowing recipients) when it is far more profitable to sell them so you really have nothing to worry about.

  12. BrandonKayda Says:

    click “save” then click “open” It’ll start yer’ download

  13. whole tour! Says:

    sounds like you lost your torrent program. reinstall it.

  14. BrandonKayda Says:

    Selector – I just now saw the little smiley you put after the comment. Sorry, I mis-interpreted what you said. No offense taken dude 🙂

    You seeing any shows on this leg? I’m seeing Paul McCartney on the 1st. Woo-fucking-hoo!!! I hope I can score some (not over-priced) tickets to the Merriweather show before it sells out.

  15. suMMer Tour 2009 Says:

    BrandonKayda – Worked like a charm, much appreciated! Positive Vibes to You!

  16. Robear Says:

    Mr. Miner, thanks for the Ann Arbor post. I appreciate the way you interact with us on this site. Listen to this though. I finally downloaded ‘Transmission’ and found two great shows on ‘bt.etree.org’, thanks to all the guidance on this site. I was downloading 12-29-98 and 8-11-93. I had just checked the Phish.com site, and walked out of my dad’s den (I’m visiting my folks with my daughter) and my dad calls out, “Hey Rob, I just spilled my Pepsi on your laptop”. So, it’s fried, maybe even the motherboard is toast, IDK yet. So now I called a friend that will hopefully download the 11/16/94 show for me after work and burn me a disc. Just my luck. I should not have put my computer so close to my dad and his soda. Even had a premonition to move it, but ignored my sixth sense and got kicked in the ass for it. I’m bringing my son, age 4 to Shoreline. He is severely mentally handicapped. He really likes lights and music, and Phish seems to really perk his interest. He has hydranencephaly, and is like a big newborn. We’ll be in the special access seating. It will be his first show. I think he’s going to dig it. His sister, age 9, doesn’t like Phish anymore. Bummer, but to each their own. She went to some shows in 2000 and 2003.
    I hope the story about a guy dosing kids is wrong. If I see anyone handing out candy to kids, I’ll confront him ASAP. I saw an adult woman absolutely FREAK, excorcist style, after accidently ingesting ganja brownies. She must have been hogging them though, because they weren’t that strong. As far as food on the lot, you’re more likely to get food poisoning than dosed : )

    Col Joy, peace brother. I hope to meet you in Indio. I live in NorCal and will be bringing all kinds of fruits from the harvest to share.

  17. Selector J Says:

    It’s all good, Brandon. I’m just glad I read your sarcasm correctly because I would have felt like a real a-hole if you meant ‘Superior J’ in a literal way.

  18. Mr. Completely Says:

    @Brandon – the complexities of Dead trivia are convoluted far beyond the point of actually being interesting, for sure. The Viola Lee trick is a good one, all the post-GD incarnations that include Phil since ’99 have done stuff like that.

    It’s great to be in control of your own buzz or lack thereof. Sounds like you have a good outlook.

    random dosing happens but is incredibly rare. I agree you’re more likely to get food poisoning

  19. BrandonKayda Says:

    Actually that wasn’t sarcasm, I misread your name as well. I suck 🙁

    No problem summertour!

  20. Robear Says:

    LIke peppers, peaches, apples and melons and such of course ; ) Streaming the Reba on my dad’s computer as we speak. Yeah! One of my favorite versions came out at their first Deer Creek show in ’95.

  21. Mr. Completely Says:

    I smoked a Superior J this weekend, still feelin it a little

    @Robear, best wishes to you and your son, I am sure Phish will bring him joy…


  22. Robear Says:

    clapping during reba fits better than the heads that used to clap during Morning Dew. That, I wasn’t really a big fan of. On a weird side note, my friend said that String Cheese Incident really blew it up at Rothbury this year. Miner, this Reba is nasty good!!!!

  23. Robear Says:

    ^thanks Mr. C, I think it will too. I adopted him at birth, not knowing his condition. but that’s okay, I adopted him with no pre-conceived hopes or expectations, but because he needed a home. I think he found us (i’m now divorced) to experience cool things, like the Salmon River in NorCal and Phish shows (finally!)

    Miner, as stated before, you have a gift for picking songs. If I ever need to introduce someone to Phish, I’ll make a mix CD of your “Jam’s of the day”, and they will be ‘hooked’. I’m bringing my lady friend to Red Rocks, it will be her first shows. She grew up on punk and ska, so I’ve been breaking her in with some of my recordings.

  24. Robear Says:

    My ass hurts, I’ve been kicking myself for not skipping more college and seeing more Phish bet. ’93 and ’95. lol

  25. c0wfunk Says:

    I like the idea of TTE as a sandwich , segue set kind of thing, but it doesn’t even compare to Viola Lee Blues in any way structurally – viola is basically a one chord vamp – you can go in and out all night (see many phil shows aka deer creek summer 00) …

    I listened back to fenway again and after hearing TTE again I still don’t get this whole “it’s not a live song” …. How are the composed sections any different than the off kilter diversions in the middle of Divided Sky or Fluffhead or McGrupp? Very much still a Trey composition in those veins, though with more continuity and flow than in the past. And the peak is undeniable – some say start there, but without the journey, the peak is not the peak. I think the lyrics are great and heavy.. can’t we get past only loving songs about “powerful pills” and the like? And on the soundboard, through headphones, you can hear the band is very affected by the tune there are some wow” and other muttering about it that you can just make out before they bust into free. Sounds like a huge cheer, afterward, on the soundboard too – so I have to wonder if those commenting on the dying energy aren’t just commenting on the energy that they just missed for 15 minutes because of personal bias – I’m sure many people there were moved big …

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