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6.7.09 Camden (D.Vann)

6.7.09 Camden (D.Vann)

Nobody can ever claim that Mike doesn’t have a passion for the game; he lives and loves to play music.  The man who never wanted Phish to break up in the first place will be buying time between tours on the road with his own band for a 21-date fall tour.  Winding up in early October, Mike will have enough time to flip his laundry and head out west with Phish.  Totaling over sixty shows between the summer and the fall, Mike will have plenty of musical space to express his thoughts within the context of two separate bands.

Before Phish reunited, Mike said he wanted to make it a point to carve out time for The Mike Gordon Band, but who knew this is what he meant!  Playing clubs and theatres over the month long “Get Bassed” tour, Gordon’s band will move all around the east and the Midwest, but making it no further west than Chicago.

6.6.09 Great Woods (D.Vann)

6.6.09 Great Woods (D.Vann)

Consistently overshadowed by Trey’s solo projects, Mike has quietly carved out a fine solo career of his own.  After various small side projects, in 2002 Mike collaborated with finger-picking folk-guitar legend, Leo Kottke, in a virtuoso experiment called Clone.  The two eclectic musicians meshed quite well, both personally and instrumentally, and the the duo followed up with a second album, Sixty Six Steps, that gained critical acclaim.  With a laid back, yet sophisticated vibe, this the 2005 release also included a percussionist, lending a calypso sound, and solidified Gordon and Kottke as a legitimate musical team.

After performing stints with the Benevento-Russo Duo, Serial Pod (Trey and Billy Kreutzmann), the Burlington-based honky-tonk group, Ramble Dove, and some shows with the Rhythm Devils (Kreutzmann, Mickey Hart, and Steve Kimock) between 2004 and 2007, Mike decided to step out on his own.  Taking over a year to write and record The Green Sparrow, his second solo album*, he took the next logical step and formed The Mike Gordon Band.  With longtime friend and guitarist Scott Murawski (formerly of Max Creek), Brooklyn drummer Todd Isler, keyboardist Tom Cleary, and percussionist Craig Myers, Gordon was now a band leader after spending his Phish life in Trey’s shadow.  And he loved it.   *(Mike’s first solo album was the soundtrack to his 2003 movie, Inside In.)

1319106_170x1703In all of the interviews, Mike spoke of how proud he was of his new album and how much he enjoyed playing with his own band.  And when they hit the road for a 25 date tour last fall, fans across the nation raved about the shows.  Playing an array of covers interspersed with Mike’s quirky, yet catchy, new songs, he had himself his own rock and roll band.  And they liked it so much they are doing it again in September.  Here are the dates:

09/08 – Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY
09/09 – Somerville Theatre, Somerville, MA
09/10 – Port City Music Hall , Portland, ME
09/11 – Bearsville Theatre, Woodstock, NY
09/12 – State Theatre, Falls Church, VA
09/14 – Lincoln Theatre, Raleigh, NC
09/15 – Orange Peel, Asheville, NC
09/17 – Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, GA
09/18 – Freebird Live, Jacksonville, FL
09/19 – WorkPlay Soundstage Theatre, Birmingham, AL
09/21 – Minglewood Hall, Memphis, TN
09/22 – Mercy Lounge, Nashville, TN
09/24 – The Vogue, Indianapolis, IN
09/25 – Park West, Chicago, IL
09/26 – Barrymore Theatre, Madison, WI
09/28 – 20th Century Theatre, Cincinnati, OH
09/29 – The Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, MI
09/30 – Mr. Smalls Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA
10/02 – Mod Club, Toronto, ON
10/03 – Town Ballroom, Buffalo, NY
10/04 – Higher Ground, Burlington, VT

Check out Mike’s site for complete tour and ticket info!



Picture 1

The Final Map

In‘s mystery turned mockery, last night the organization finally gave up the information we all knew from the start, the Halloween festival will be in California.  With one last flash animation, the absurdity ended as we watched Washington drilled, and drain into California.  But we still got no information about the actual festival! So Indio, here we come- but how ’bout some details?  Get it together guys!

Winged music note=====

Jam of the Day:

Antelope” 11.13.94 Erie, PA I


They just don’t make ’em like this any more!  This first-set closer reaches the very essence of  “Antelope” with a ferocious jam that few others can match.  Sitting on the precipice of huge success, and fully immersed in psychedelic improv, the band played like their life depended on it each and every night- a sense that clearly translates in this jam.  This one is a monster that provides a vibrant portrait of a time gone by.  Warning: This may not be appropriate for office listening without headphones!



8.24.93 Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, BC SBD < TORRENT

8.24.93 Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, BC SBD < MEGAUP.

Summer '93 Pollock T-Shirt

Summer '93 Pollock T-Shirt

Phish’s fourth-to-last show on an extensive and smoking summer tour began to wrap things up for the epic month of August ’93.  The band had been touring almost constantly since Februrary, and they were playing better than ever. Phish reached another peak during August, a month that is considered one of the best of their career.  Luckily there are many soundboards out there to remind us!

I: Chalk Dust Torture, All Things Reconsidered, Bouncing Around the Room, It’s Ice*, Nellie Cane, Split Open and Melt, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Uncle Pen, Maze, Golgi Apparatus

II: Llama, Horn, Ya Mar, Mike’s Song > Ginseng Sullivan > Weekapaug Groove, Wilson > Rift, Suzy Greenberg, HYHU > Cracklin’ Rosie > HYHU, Run Like an Antelope

E: Halley’s Comet, Poor Heart, Sweet Adeline

*With an “I Feel the Earth Move” jam

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  1. freshtracks420 Says:

    Well alright…that’s great news! Now how about a little details…can’t wait to see everybody at Red Rocks! West coast Phish is on…

  2. T. Leo Says:

    Right On Miner, You stayed true to India the whole time. Great call.

  3. punkmug Says:

    Bring on the details! I hope they drop extended fall dates on us at the same time as Save the Date details.

  4. HarryHood Says:

    Hey, just wondering it anyone has mail order for SPAC yet. I got a notice a few weeks back they were being sent shortly, but nothing after that and no tickets…..

  5. HarryHood Says:

    Really enjoyed the NSFW (not safe for work) tag on the jam of the day today as well! Couldn’t agree more!

  6. sarkodr Says:

    That Antelope is an excellent choice for jam of the day. That show is one of my favorite Phish memories. Just a few days after a great show in very large venue (at least at the time) in Syracuse, I was sitting in my dorm room on a Sunday and I get a phone call, “What are you doing today?” I said, “Nothing.” The next thing I hear is, “Well, then you’re going to a Phish show.” Next thing I knew I’m in the car on the way to Erie, PA. In the car we all discussed what we wanted to hear. I had never seen a Mango, so I wanted that. The other guys wanted Divided Sky and Funky Bitch. We get to the venue, I luckily score a ticket and we are in.
    The venue is amazing. Small, old opera house. A fountain, plush seats, artwork all over the place, and TINY. After the first set all anyone could talk about was that Antelope. Listen to it, you will like.
    Then the second set dropped and we all got the songs we were wishing for.
    The dude that was hoping for Funky Bitch always seemed to end up in the front row for all of his Phish shows and he was going to A LOT of shows at the time. Listen to the encore and you will hear a unique dedication …

  7. Floyd the Chimpanzee Says:

    Wait, Phish is playing in India now? Oh great… I haven’t had to go to India for a show in a long time. I hope they play in Punjab – I hear Punjab has the best pre-show curry.

    I am assuming everyone is flying in to Mumbai. Getting my plane tix now…

    Whoop Whoop!

  8. Jon Bailey Says:

    Well, I really think there is no chance I can get to this Festi. This will be the first Festi I’ve ever missed. This sucks
    First 3 days festi
    First West Coast Festi
    First Festi on Halloween
    Crap!!! I am so bummed out!
    CT – CA will run me about 400.00 round trip. Plus misc when I’m there.
    This would look to be about a 1,500 excursion for me.
    Back in my younger days – count me in.
    33 with a wife and three kids – not in the cards.
    If anyone had room in a suit case give me a jingle.

  9. Floyd the Chimpanzee Says:

    Does anyone know what the weather is going to be like in India halloween weekend? I hear India is normally pretty hot. (at least, it looked that way on Slumdog Millionaire)

  10. albert walker Says:

    Saw that last Mike show at the Park West and left, def not my thing
    I love Mike but just did not get whatever it was he was doing
    found the Kotke stuff great though, more my thing

    did anyone really ever doubt it was anywhere than Indio
    finally a great local for a 3 day fest, can’t beat it
    friendly laws, heady herbs, not Texas, sounds like a great weekend

  11. axillalot Says:

    anyone else think the whole drain washington back into california was just a lame ending to a cool idea?

  12. notkuroda Says:

    I’m pretty psyched for Mike’s show. It’s gonna be a long fall for me since the old lady lost her job and I’m having a pretty phishy summer as it is. Mike should help break that up nicely.

  13. freeze Says:

    hawaii is still left and there was no official announcement yet

  14. nonoyolker Says:

    @ HarryHood – i ordered SPAC and Hartford and neither arrived. Should we be worried?

    Miner, love the Silver Fox write up. I saw the head nodder in 2003 w/ his band (I think he had Gordon Stone then) and it was awesome. I love the Inside In material and the live show was pretty interesting. He had a tap dancer tap to create beats and a 3 piece whistle section. Pretty rad. Definitely check the guy out if its feasible.

    @axilla – i agree, the savethedate ending was a cop out on a really cool idea. The process went on about 3 weeks too long too. POST DETAILS ALREADY!

  15. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    the Mike show at the Paradise in Boston last September was a lot of fun (one of my favorite small venues in Boston too). She Said She Said cover, Meat, and an audience jam (i.e. the soloist was chosen by who the crowd pointed to) made for a good night. If you go looking for Phish, this isn’t your show but I enjoyed it thoroughly. I’ll be at the Somerville Theater for sure.

  16. mce Says:

    What makes you think that’s the “final map”?

  17. smegma Says:

    ^ definately lame. there should have been explosions of some sort. the sound effects were kinda fun though.

    One thing that should be said about mike’s many projects over the last few years is that they have had a significant positive effect on his playing. He’s definitely added some some extra sauce.

  18. afroskully Says:

    man…I loved that Erie Antelope. That was only my 3rd of 40+ shows and by far the best antelope i ever witnessed. Maybe slightly eclipsed by the nassau “carini’s gonna get you” antelope ending.

    This is my 1st post here, but i’ve been lurking for a while. Thanks Miner for making boring mornings go by quicker.

  19. sumodie Says:

    RE: PTBM for Hartford/SPAC – those tix are being sent dead last. Seems like folks online are still getting theirs. I think you’re ok to sit tight for now.

    Miner, Thanks to the shout out to Mike and his band. As I keep saying, they’re a great band, and I encourage everyone to check them out. Love seeing Gordo be the one in charge. Yes, I did see him with Kottke too -would love to see that duo have another go round. Heard Kottke/Gordo on Prairie Home Companion a few years back -not sure Garrison Keillor knew what to make of Mike!

    And I feel that’s it’s great for Phish that Mike is still going to tour solo -keep the air fresh for all.

    What if it’s not Indio but, say, Sacramento….:-) I did jump the gun slightly and booked my flight last night using frequent flyer miles (as the # of miles needed had already increased since Monday).

  20. Chalkdustin Says:

    I saw Mike and Leo in Madison, WI a few years ago. It was a very intimate show and I remember being simply stunned by those two. They feed off not only each other’s quirkiness, which influences the commentaries they share, but also the distinct musical styles they bring to the team. Leo’s fingers were independent of his body and I couldn’t do anything but stare. It was a great show and I’m really looking forward to seeing them in Madtown again in the fall.

  21. Chalkdustin Says:

    Also, for all those waiting on tickets, I finally got my shipping email early this morning. It said that if you haven’t received them a week before the show, to contact them. Wasn’t it two weeks for the first leg? Cutting it really close…

  22. Chalkdustin Says:

    And lastly, thanks for your words every day, Miner. I’ve been lurking a lot lately but want to let you know I appreciate what you do.

  23. bhizzle Says:

    Is Murawski really “formerly of” Max Creek? As far as I knew they still play tgether. I still have yet to see any of Gordo’s side shows. I am hesitant. I appreciate Mike’s goofiness and all in his Phish contributions, but I am not sure of a constant version of it. And I really, really dig Scott’s guitar playing too. I guess I’ll make my decision to go soon cuz I doubt any tickets will be available for any of his shows day of.

    Re: SPAC tix. I haven’t received mine either, but I am assuming any tickets from Phish’s site will be shipped two weeks prior to the earliest show you requested. SPAC is 8/16/09 therefore I am assuming they’ll be shipped the first full week in August.

  24. whole tour! Says:

    got my gordo tickets ordered for the freebird!

  25. KWL Says:

    Thanks for the spotlight on Mike today, Miner. I admit I haven’t paid much attention to Mike’s side projects (with the exception of some shows with Leo), but with the fall tour looming, I think its time to start listening. Oh, where to begin…

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