Iron Mike Gordon

6.7.09 Camden (D.Vann)

6.7.09 Camden (D.Vann)

Nobody can ever claim that Mike doesn’t have a passion for the game; he lives and loves to play music.  The man who never wanted Phish to break up in the first place will be buying time between tours on the road with his own band for a 21-date fall tour.  Winding up in early October, Mike will have enough time to flip his laundry and head out west with Phish.  Totaling over sixty shows between the summer and the fall, Mike will have plenty of musical space to express his thoughts within the context of two separate bands.

Before Phish reunited, Mike said he wanted to make it a point to carve out time for The Mike Gordon Band, but who knew this is what he meant!  Playing clubs and theatres over the month long “Get Bassed” tour, Gordon’s band will move all around the east and the Midwest, but making it no further west than Chicago.

6.6.09 Great Woods (D.Vann)

6.6.09 Great Woods (D.Vann)

Consistently overshadowed by Trey’s solo projects, Mike has quietly carved out a fine solo career of his own.  After various small side projects, in 2002 Mike collaborated with finger-picking folk-guitar legend, Leo Kottke, in a virtuoso experiment called Clone.  The two eclectic musicians meshed quite well, both personally and instrumentally, and the the duo followed up with a second album, Sixty Six Steps, that gained critical acclaim.  With a laid back, yet sophisticated vibe, this the 2005 release also included a percussionist, lending a calypso sound, and solidified Gordon and Kottke as a legitimate musical team.

After performing stints with the Benevento-Russo Duo, Serial Pod (Trey and Billy Kreutzmann), the Burlington-based honky-tonk group, Ramble Dove, and some shows with the Rhythm Devils (Kreutzmann, Mickey Hart, and Steve Kimock) between 2004 and 2007, Mike decided to step out on his own.  Taking over a year to write and record The Green Sparrow, his second solo album*, he took the next logical step and formed The Mike Gordon Band.  With longtime friend and guitarist Scott Murawski (formerly of Max Creek), Brooklyn drummer Todd Isler, keyboardist Tom Cleary, and percussionist Craig Myers, Gordon was now a band leader after spending his Phish life in Trey’s shadow.  And he loved it.   *(Mike’s first solo album was the soundtrack to his 2003 movie, Inside In.)

1319106_170x1703In all of the interviews, Mike spoke of how proud he was of his new album and how much he enjoyed playing with his own band.  And when they hit the road for a 25 date tour last fall, fans across the nation raved about the shows.  Playing an array of covers interspersed with Mike’s quirky, yet catchy, new songs, he had himself his own rock and roll band.  And they liked it so much they are doing it again in September.  Here are the dates:

09/08 – Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY
09/09 – Somerville Theatre, Somerville, MA
09/10 – Port City Music Hall , Portland, ME
09/11 – Bearsville Theatre, Woodstock, NY
09/12 – State Theatre, Falls Church, VA
09/14 – Lincoln Theatre, Raleigh, NC
09/15 – Orange Peel, Asheville, NC
09/17 – Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, GA
09/18 – Freebird Live, Jacksonville, FL
09/19 – WorkPlay Soundstage Theatre, Birmingham, AL
09/21 – Minglewood Hall, Memphis, TN
09/22 – Mercy Lounge, Nashville, TN
09/24 – The Vogue, Indianapolis, IN
09/25 – Park West, Chicago, IL
09/26 – Barrymore Theatre, Madison, WI
09/28 – 20th Century Theatre, Cincinnati, OH
09/29 – The Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, MI
09/30 – Mr. Smalls Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA
10/02 – Mod Club, Toronto, ON
10/03 – Town Ballroom, Buffalo, NY
10/04 – Higher Ground, Burlington, VT

Check out Mike’s site for complete tour and ticket info!



Picture 1

The Final Map

In‘s mystery turned mockery, last night the organization finally gave up the information we all knew from the start, the Halloween festival will be in California.  With one last flash animation, the absurdity ended as we watched Washington drilled, and drain into California.  But we still got no information about the actual festival! So Indio, here we come- but how ’bout some details?  Get it together guys!

Winged music note=====

Jam of the Day:

Antelope” 11.13.94 Erie, PA I


They just don’t make ’em like this any more!  This first-set closer reaches the very essence of  “Antelope” with a ferocious jam that few others can match.  Sitting on the precipice of huge success, and fully immersed in psychedelic improv, the band played like their life depended on it each and every night- a sense that clearly translates in this jam.  This one is a monster that provides a vibrant portrait of a time gone by.  Warning: This may not be appropriate for office listening without headphones!



8.24.93 Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, BC SBD < TORRENT

8.24.93 Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, BC SBD < MEGAUP.

Summer '93 Pollock T-Shirt

Summer '93 Pollock T-Shirt

Phish’s fourth-to-last show on an extensive and smoking summer tour began to wrap things up for the epic month of August ’93.  The band had been touring almost constantly since Februrary, and they were playing better than ever. Phish reached another peak during August, a month that is considered one of the best of their career.  Luckily there are many soundboards out there to remind us!

I: Chalk Dust Torture, All Things Reconsidered, Bouncing Around the Room, It’s Ice*, Nellie Cane, Split Open and Melt, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Uncle Pen, Maze, Golgi Apparatus

II: Llama, Horn, Ya Mar, Mike’s Song > Ginseng Sullivan > Weekapaug Groove, Wilson > Rift, Suzy Greenberg, HYHU > Cracklin’ Rosie > HYHU, Run Like an Antelope

E: Halley’s Comet, Poor Heart, Sweet Adeline

*With an “I Feel the Earth Move” jam

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286 Responses to “Iron Mike Gordon”

  1. Leo Weaver Says:

    @ Mr. C…looking forward to your Gorge suggestions…tyring to get all my gear dusted off (tent still worked as of last Sunday) and figure out if I need anything else.

    And it’s nice dry heat, right…more like an oven than a sauna?

  2. msbjivein Says:

    Worlds best Natural Sheds……………………
    1.) Red Rocks
    2.) The GORGE!!!!!!!

    I can’t make the Gorge. I’ve been there quite a few times considering I used to live in WA. But never saw Phish there. Lived in WA all during the Break up so they obviously weren’t touring while I was in WA. But other than RR The Gorege is my next dream venue for Phish. Not this year. Maybe next yr.

  3. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    I had a toob with a max creek sticker on it in the day. The dude who turned me on to phish gave me the sticker.

    It is a shame the NE Wooks will not be en masse at the festival due to cost issues.

    Come One WOOKs!

    You’re ignoring your responsibility to the drugg trafficking and black market finance aspects of American society at large. Plane tickets expen$ive? Take the bus! It is cheaper to mule drogas by bus and you’ll get to meet some interesting people along the way. Just like tour!

    It’s hard to find phun gus in the desert. There’s two-way trafficking opportunities too. You never know who you could run into at a festival.

    A New Cover Idea: Rock Lobster, Fish up front on the ‘lux.

  4. c0wfunk Says:

    Hm not being jaded, just realistic – wasn’t big cypress only 80k? I can’t imagine nearly that many making this one – nye y2k is one of the biggest events of our lifetime.. Halloween 2k9? Not quite.. Add west coast (many will make it over, and yes there are many west coasters, but imagine if this were in FL.. Most I know will be unable to make the trek .. Put it in july and thatd be different for many (teachers and college students make a sizeable perctge of the touring fanbase)

    As always of course time will tell and maybe I’m wrong!

  5. c0wfunk Says:

    Do not mule on the greyhounds. Bad idea.. Personal experience..

  6. Mitch Says:

    If we start talking about DC we are gonna have to include Puerto Rico, Canada (we can all fit on frankie’s floor right) and Mexico. Become a state and we will talk. No but seriously, I grew up for a while outside DC and I like it… but it’s not a state so you guys don’t count. haha.

    Mr. C,

    I know I keep going to you like you are the only deadhead on here but you are the most vocal about it.

  7. Dr. K. Says:

    Thanks for the Erie post Mr. Miner. This was my first show, and I can distinctly remember the Antelope. The Warner was filled with energy that night. This was the first time I’ve heard it since. Also, thanks for the Virginia Beach post. I also attended that show and the next night in Raleigh. VB was a great show, great memories and people at the beach.

    Indio is unrealistic for my family, but the west coast deserves its first Phish festival. Let’s hope they stream it.

  8. Leo Weaver Says:

    Miner, great JotD! I think that’s the first time I’ve heard that Antelope…smokin’! My personal favorite (that fits the intense and ferocious bill) is 12.31.98…it was the single most intense thing I’ve ever heard (maybe until the earth-moving Cypress Mike’s?), absolutely blew MSG apart…just before they killed Frankenstein. This one is now the unrivaled numero dos on my list…thx

  9. KWL Says:

    Mitch, I’m a big Donna fan!

  10. nonoyolker Says:

    Previous praise for the Andleman’s Yard?? LOVE that track. They get into some great jam space. Great summer jawn. “In Rick Andelman’s Yard!”

    Does anyone have a link to any Serial Pod shows? I’ve looked, to no avail. Dream power trio, would love to hear what they sound like together.

  11. voopa Says:

    Amtrak stops at Indio…

  12. c0wfunk Says:

    If I’m not mistaken the only serial pod shows were the avl xmas jam and prejam a few years back. There is a copy of the jam from a taper around – usta have it, not sure where its gotten to. I believe the only recs of the prejam (night before, small venue private party benefit for wncw) is a capture of the radio broadcast.. Which I also had at one point. Ivan neville sat in at points of both shows on organ..

  13. nonoyolker Says:

    Looks like someone actually reposted a week ago, strange:
    Looking to hear Nirvana cover – “I’m on a Plain”. Really Interesting looking set:
    Cumberland Blues^ >
    Chalk Dust Torture >
    On a Plain (Nirvana)^ >
    Wave The Ocean >
    Sweet Thing (Van Morrison)^ >
    Waves* >
    Angel* (Jimi Hendrix)^ >
    Loose Lucy*^

  14. fat bastard Says:

    nonoyolker, who’s setlist is this?

  15. c0wfunk Says:

    Loved that set soooo much.. It was truly out of some strange dream. The nirvana tune was poignant at the time “love myself better than you…” At a point during waves, with the organ, the room morphed into the phish show that manifested this summer. Or that’s what the chocolates saw ;). Sweet thing came off very well too.

    If the prejam could be found it was also excellent – very much a “we just got off a plane, what songs can we play so we can jam” kind of set

  16. nonoyolker Says:

    Serial Pod (Trey, Mike, Bill Kreutzmann). If anyone can find the early show, i’d love to hear that too. Looking for it now (instead of working…)

  17. nonoyolker Says:

    @ Cowfunk – sounds awesome man, i would have loved to see this grouping of musicians. Very unique sound i bet (still downloading).

  18. Wilson Says:

    re: all the beefing about a west coast festival/”save the date”/etc… It’s amazing to see – after all these years – so many Phish fans are still spoiled, whining, self-entitled bitches. good grief.

    West Coast get ready, cause the boys are on their way! time to clean out the hard drive.

  19. c0wfunk Says:

    I may have it in my itunes archives somewhere. Or maybe a friend does. Will find it if poss tonight. That was before the prejams were open to public ticket sales – so the room was only big time donors to the radio station, and heads like me who scammed in some way or another (I did load-in). Were only about 300 in a cap 900 room (the orange peel where mike is playing) and there was free beer and a buffet! What a night. I’ve got a great pic of mike and trey a buddy took with the wncw banner behind the boys. So surreal – that’s my “home” small venue!

  20. SOAM Says:

    Rock Lobster smokes pole

  21. SOAM Says:

    I gonna start hitchin to Cali the day after Spac-should arrive by HWY2K9

  22. nonoyolker Says:

    @ Cow – thanks for looking man. Sounds like you had a sick experience, nice.

    Here is an sample from the soundcheck:
    Sounds pretty tight.

  23. Mr. Completely Says:

    @nono – thanks for serialpod link. those Senns sound OK? not a big Senneheiser mic fan (love the headphones) but you take what you can get

    Billy can still really play when his head’s in the game

    @mitch her high points were more numerous than she gets credit for, and she sounds great on many (not all) JGB shows from 76-78. If you doubt that she *could* sing I have a Row Jimmy in my mediafire that will prove otherwise. But overall it was a terrible and very damaging thing for the band. Did they never listen to the tapes? Early on, in ’72, she wasn’t technically a member of the band yet. They could have pulled the plug on the experiment at that point with little harm done. But they were just lazy and not into confrontation I guess? I just don’t understand.

    hot tip: in late 73 she dropped off tour to give birth to their son Zion. Versions of Playin’ in the Band from this timeframe have all the explosive headfucking power of that song at its peak without the deal-killing shrieks at start and end.

    I was just listening to a summer ’78 show where she murders one of the otherwise-hottest NFAs of the era…I mean murders it…its crazy

  24. c0wfunk Says:

    mr c the recordings of the serial pod I’ve heard are not great sounding – not sure if it was that source or not – but it was the civic center, with a stock backline kit and the christmas jam pa – not the greatest sound for our boys and their nuance..

    also worth hearing is the I know you Rider (I think that was the tune – it was 3 am after 10 hours or so of music) from the end of the Govt Mule set that night, an all star jam with Trey totally blowing it up….

  25. Bapslap Says:

    I always figured she was nailing everyone in the band, so they kept her around.

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