Festival 8 Announced In Indio!

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Forget “Save the Date,” we’ve got Festival 8!  After much speculation, the logistics have been hammered out and  Phish’s Halloween festival has been announced.  As expected, we will be meeting on the outskirts of the desert at Empire Polo Fields in Indio, CA for three nights beginning on October 30th.  Combining two of Phish’s most hallowed traditions, the band will play their first solo-festival of the modern era and their first Halloween show since 1998.  Eight sets over three days, including a musical costume, equals the biggest bash Phish has ever thrown- even if it doesn’t have the most creative name.  And tickets go on sale Monday!

Empire Polo Fields, Indio, CA

Empire Polo Fields, Indio, CA

It’s great to finally see confirmation of this three-night desert throwdown, and the return to the old-school Phish festival.  In the list of “What Will Be Provided To Campers” things provided for campers on the festival’s site amenities, along side ATMs and cell phone charging station are “a communal sense of rapture” and” occasional deja vu.”  While intended for humor, both of these “items” are completely accurate and they will engulf us as we re-enter Phish’s fantasy land once again;  this time, on the west coast, and amidst psychedelic surroundings.

Empire Polo Fields

Here We Come!

There will be camping, RV accommodations, as well as day parking for those staying off site.  Three sunrises in the desert- we are in for something special.  The festival will open at noon on the 29th and close at noon on the 3rd- this is gonna’ be fun!  With a webiste strewn with humor, and a comical FAQ, things are feeling a bit more at normal with the Phish spirit back, hosting festivals, and playing Halloween shows.  With Red Rocks less than a week away, everyone’s attention will be diverted for the weekend, as they think about what might become in the biggest Phish event ever! I’ll see you there!

Winged music note=====

Jam of the Day:

“Stash” 8.15.93 L’ville, KY SBD (listen only)


Here we have a devastating “Stash” from Louisville, KY from the summer of ’93- the day after the famous Tinley Park show.  Another spectacular piece of improvisation from August ’93, this one is a psychedelic masterpiece.  Exploratory and cohesive simultaneously, this one steps to the edge of the abyss and looks over, before plummeting back to earth; some high-quality lunacy to kick off the weekend!



10.28.91 Elk Ballroom, Telluride, CO SBD < TORRENT

10.28.91 Elk Ballroom, Telluride, CO SBD < MEGAUP.

Fall Tour 1991 Poster

Fall Tour 1991 Poster

Finishing off the week with another old school soundboard, this Colorado show right before Halloween brought more than a few treats.  An Fall ’91 installment contains early incarnations of ‘Tube,” Harpua,” and the covers “Whipping Post” and “Highway to Hell.”  Enojy the final weekend before Red Rocks!

I: Runaway Jim, Cavern, Poor Heart, Reba, I Didn’t Know, Tube, Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > Foam, Fee > David Bowie

II: The Divided Sky, Wilson, Dinner and a Movie, Stash, Paul and Silas, Bathtub Gin, You Enjoy Myself, The Squirming Coil, Whipping Post*, Harpua, Highway to Hell

E: Horn, Rocky Top

*With Mimi Fishman (Fish’s mom) on vacuum and Fish on slide guitar

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362 Responses to “Festival 8 Announced In Indio!”

  1. Mugician Says:

    Wow. I would LOVE to see The Phish do The Floyd’s “Animals”… that would be fucking epic.

    So tickets go on sale Monday huh? I’m determined to go to this festival, but I don’t have the money to get tickets on Monday. Do you guys think I have a chance at scoring tickets? I mean, is it going to be like finding tickets for the tour, absolute mayhem?

  2. Frankie Says:

    I love that old picture of Red Rocks with the foundation of some ancient civilization… what tribe were living there? Certainly a magical place, as in The Music Lesson, the Victor Wooten book… Footprints of everyone who were there before… in the book, he gets teached by a great musician named Michael… coïncidence? I think not…

  3. Jay Says:

    time to chant words from a song

  4. Mr. Completely Says:

    @mug remember that most tickets have ended up being very available

    and this is huge, on the west coast, and expensive

    I bet tickets are fine

  5. snigglebeach Says:

    I know it’s pointless to guess, but i will put one there i have not seen. plus another that must have been mentioned.

    Beach Boys Pet Sounds.
    Hotel California by the Eagles

  6. Jay Says:

    Joshua Tree by U2

  7. whole tour! Says:

    time is me and i should know

  8. Mugician Says:

    Thanks Mr Completely, that’s what I was thinking.

  9. Jay Says:

    time to be floating in the blimp a lot

  10. Rolling Papyrus Says:

    @sniggle — I hope not… I’ve had a rough night, and I hate the fuckin’ Eagles, man!

  11. Little Buddy Says:

    No way they do the Wall IMO. Already did Floyd when they did Darkside. Ya know…

    Blind Faith would be sweet!

  12. Jay Says:

    time to rush and never waste the day

  13. Jay Says:

    time to burst into song and unwind

  14. msbjivein Says:

    Time for “CHEESE CAKE”!!!!!!!

  15. Jay Says:

    time to softly sing sweet songs

  16. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    i couldn’t care less what they play at red rocks as long as they play well and clean up the slop from the first leg

  17. Jay Says:

    Time, it seems, in broken dreams, to sleep beside the stair

  18. Mugician Says:

    Oh but come on!!!! Animals! It’s my favorite Floyd album! Goddamn that would be so incredible to see performed live. I wish I had a time machine so I could go see the The Pink Floyd play live… Anyone watch “Live at Pompeii”?

  19. Jay Says:


  20. Jay Says:

    Live at Pompeii rules. We watched it after one of the Hampton shows. Might need repeating in RR!

  21. Jay Says:

    time to be Prince Caspian

  22. Stupendous Says:

    I hear strong similarities between Winwood and Page…
    Listen to the traffic song “Memories of a Rock N Rolla”
    then listen to page’s “Rules I Don’t Know”…….

  23. Jay Says:

    time to live a life that’s completely free

  24. msbjivein Says:

    Time to light up or leave me alone……………

  25. Jay Says:

    time to Wash uffitze and drive me to firenze

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