Weekend Nuggets: Classic Spring ’92 SBDs


Fall '92 Poster

1992 Poster

Two of the most classic nuggets of any Phish collection, these shows need no introduction.  Along their phenomenal west coast run during April ’92 Phish churned out great show after great show, and these are two of the highlights.  Both taking place on California college campuses, these two have many old-school highlights.  Among these four great sets, be sure to check out the Anaconda “Mockingbird” and, of course the famous “Harry Hood” from Stanford.  Enjoy the crispy recordings as we enjoy the last weekend before tour starts up again!


4.16.92 Anaconda Theatre, UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA SBD < TORRENT

4.16.92 Anaconda Theatre, UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA SBD < MEGAUP

I: Buried Alive, Possum, It’s Ice, Bouncing Around the Room, Split Open and Melt, Rift, Fee, Maze, Colonel Forbin’s Ascent > Icculus > Famous Mockingbird, Run Like an Antelope

II: Sanity, Llama, Lizards, Mike’s Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove, Horn, Poor Heart, Cold as Ice > Terrapin > Cold as Ice, Carolina, Memories, Sweet Adeline, Suzy Greenberg

E: Sleeping Monkey


4.18.92 Wilbur Field, Standford University, Palo Alto, CA SBD < TORR.

4.18.92 Wilbur Field, Standford University, Palo Alto, CA SBD < MEGA.

Spring '92 Poster

Spring '92 Poster

I: Wilson, The Divided Sky, Guelah Papyrus, Poor Heart, Split Open and Melt, Esther, Possum, It’s Ice, Sparkle, All Things Reconsidered, Run Like an Antelope

II: Glide, Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > Suzy Greenberg, Rift, Manteca > Bathtub Gin, Lizards, Mound, Llama, TMWSIY > Avenu Malkenu > TMWSIY, Dinner and a Movie, Harry Hood*, Cold as Ice > Love You > Cold as Ice, Rocky Top

E: Contact, Big Black Furry Creature From Mars

Free show. *With “Linus and Lucy” tease

Winged music note=====

Jam of the Weekend:

Tweezer” Red Rocks 8.6.96 II


We are thirteen years removed from the last Red Rocks Tweezer, and less than a week until the next.  Excited yet?



“David Bowie” 11.2.90 Boulder, Co – (Sick!)

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149 Responses to “Weekend Nuggets: Classic Spring ’92 SBDs”

  1. Mugician Says:

    If anybody wants those tickets my email address is:

    devon . dejohn @ gmail . com

  2. Mr.Miner Says:

    ^ you aren’t gonna go to the Rocks?

  3. BrandonKayda Says:

    Yeah, why aren’t you going to Red Rocks man, you got a free 4 day pass?

  4. Mr.Miner Says:

    ^ ahh, you must be talking about your shoreline tickets…

  5. Mugician Says:

    Yeah, HAHAHA! No way man, I’m definitely going to RR. No Robear just backed out on the Gorge tickets. I’ve got the Gorge both nights and one Shoreline Lawn.

  6. Mugician Says:

    Anybody have any tips for getting a good spot at RR?

    I’ve never seen a show there, and I want to get close for my first Phish experience.

  7. voopa Says:

    Get in the line from the upper lot on the West side. 8/6/96 I had my friends drop me there (that lot wasn’t open yet), and I hung out on the trail to the entrance for like 2-3 hours until the venue opened. There were like 20 peeps in front of me, got 6th row center.

    It’s the entrance that brings you in in the front on Page’s side.

  8. voopa Says:

    ^^^(the lower lots are on the East side, so most just flock in that way.)

  9. Mugician Says:


    Anyone wanna carpool?

  10. Mugician Says:

    I’ll be DD on Thursday Saturday and Sunday.

  11. jibOOwho Says:

    Who’s up for Hartford and SPAC?

  12. Mr. Completely Says:

    @Leo Weaver – Jekalewa is my favorite Tony Allen drumbeat so while yeah his stuff is generally in that same groove I can’t promise it’ll all be THAT hip. His style on that track reminds me of Fish when he’s in his gnarliest dance groove: constantly shifting breaks and perfectly fluid little flutters.

    But also Tony Allen was the co-founder of modern Afrobeat music playing with the immortal Fela Kuti in the 70s so if you dig Tony you should check out the classic Fela albums which are all built on his beats.

    There are arguably other Legion of Mary shows as good as that one…very arguably…but definitely none better.

  13. Mr. Completely Says:

    ============== The Gorge ============

    Similar to voopa’s advice re: Red Rocks there is (or was, last time I went in 03) a right way and a wrong way to enter the Gorge. One thing that has definitely changed is that there’s apparently now a new entrance for people in the Swanky Super Deluxe Camping or whatever that is. But, if otherwise things haven’t changed, there are two sets of gates, and one line is typically MUCH longer than the other.

    90% of show goers come from the campground which is to the north of the venue – to the right, when you’re facing he gates. There are two sets of gates, one to the right closest to the campground and one all the way around a curving fence off to the left. Everyone walks up from the campground and just gets in line for the right hand gates. You can’t even see the other gates from there, just the parking lot. So the left gates are only used by frequent flyers and people who drove from hotels (and even a lot of them just float with the flock and get in the big line).

    So just bust a move over to the left. It’s at least worth checking out. In 03 we did it both nights are there were literally AT LEAST several thousand people in the big line and just a few dozen in the left.

    As for in the venue: it’s a big ass place, and if you want it to be really loud, you probably want the floor. Especially if it’s windy. But if you don’t want to deal with the floor, there’s a nice and often overlooked section of terraces between the floor and the main lawn. It is a relatively small section of seating and fills up VERY fast when the gates open so if you want a terrace spot you might want to get in line early and send a runner ahead with your blankets. The sound is typically great there and though it’s more distant that the floor the view of the stage is great. The view of the Gorge itself isn’t quite as epic as it is from the top of the lawn…the Gorge is all about tradeoffs…from the floor you really miss a lot of the beauty of the surroundings IMO.


    Water, ice, more water, shade, water yet again, sunscreen and did I mention water?

    Now it may not be a real scorcher there. In 03 it wasn’t that bad, and that was July. But it can be fucking *ridiculous* – in fact a heat wave will hit there (and here) this coming week. Hopefully it will pass in time for the shows.

    But if it is hot, and you’re camping, you need to be ready for the sun to hit your tent like a sledgehammer by 8am at the latest and turn it into your own personal oven. If you can camp on the northwest side of a vehicle, especially a big one like an RV, do that. The Colonel’s suggestion from a few weeks ago is a great one: bring a big tarp, canopy or other shade structure to put between your tent and the sun. Keeping the glare from actually hitting your tent directly will make a HUGE difference.

    Other than that it’s just the list from above, and pacing yourself. What that really means is: it’s obvious that (again assuming it’s truly hot) the daytime is not really a good time to dose or start early rollin’ or any of that. So people tend to rage really hard all night. So if you want to sleep, camp on the periphery. But, if you party hard all night and aren’t in an RV or something with AC, you’re going to have a hard time sleeping in the next day. I’ve known a lot of ppl who have basically ruined their second show by blazing all night after the first show and then melting all day, and have nothing left for #2.

    So I like to go moderate the first night, or start a little early, something I can come down off of by say 3am or so and count on getting 4-5 hours of sack time. Then 2nd night you blow the root off and stay up counting the stars, dancing, watching the sunrise, fucking on top of your RV, all the nighttime goodness of a fully raging campground scene.

    Of course I won’t be doing any of that this year with Junior in tow, but then before, and eventually once more…

    FWIW I’ve never seen the Gorge campgrounds get badly nitroused out so while it’s a pretty heady party it’s also never really gotten sketchy there (at Phish shows, and as far as I know).

    Have fun!

  14. Leo Weaver Says:

    Ah, didn’t know the connection there, but I can see it (well, hear it). Got a couple of FK random songs, not even sure where they came from…I’ll have to check out more. Thx…again…

  15. Mr. Completely Says:

    sure…IMO quality of Fela’s output is all over the map…some of the best music ever…and some crap. My knowledge of his stuff is very random and surface level so if there are any true afrobeat experts on here maybe they can chime in with recommendations.

  16. Mugician Says:


    It’ll make you laugh. I’ve been hearing this on the radio for the last few weeks. I love it.

  17. Mr.Miner Says:

    The Gorge is the bomb…so much fun….scored VIP box for this year through the good grace of someone from this site…Love those boxes / area right above the floor, almost eye level with stage and THE ONLY totally flat ground in the venue…anyhow, so psyched… a bunch of friends and I are staying at multiple town houses at a “resort” over looking the gorge, only 15 miles away with par 3 pitch and putt 9 hole gold course, pool, etc….its waaay to hot for ME to stay there all day….unless you have AC / RV…..but anyhow, I’m saving that for Indio with the all-night madness and Phishyness of a festival setting…I just love the 24-hour vibe at those events…I never understood leaving- though this year being in Palm Springs- it makes more sense….I have a RV and a hotel…we’ll see which way the wind blows…but I’m pushing my fiends to stay on site…..we’ll see…

  18. Mr.Miner Says:

    “Then 2nd night you blow the root off and stay up counting the stars, dancing, watching the sunrise, fucking on top of your RV, all the nighttime goodness of a fully raging campground scene.”

    ^^ why not both nights? Sunrises are the best part of Phish tour….. 🙂

  19. Mr. Completely Says:

    well if you’re up for it or have an RV or hotel or other source of AC, sure. But if you stay up all night first night and then can’t sleep at all during day 2 ’cause of a hot tent, you can be fucked for the second night. That’s all I’m saying, and it only applies if the heat is really extreme.

    Terraces are pretty darn level ground at least across most of them. VIP box is amazing tho.

  20. Leo Weaver Says:

    Thanks for the info Mr. C! I’m really looking forward to my first visit to the Gorge…been wanting to do this for a LONG time. Will hopefully get to meet some of you fellas out there.

    Hit ’em good Miner! Sounds like a pretty sweet little setup.

  21. Walfredo Says:

    It’s going to be 100 this week in Quincy- here is praying shit cools down before next weekend. There is no shade anywhere at the Gorge- and the sun wakes you up about 5:30 AM- and the heat starts to cook you around 8 AM and doesn’t let up until they play an epic Divided Sky to set the sun mid first set…

    They played August in I like 1997 and it was hot as a mother. The last couple of Gorge runs have been much later in the year- w/ mild temps- but actually some chilly nights.

  22. BingosBrother Says:

    @mugician “I’ll be at Red Rocks with them (because my original plan was to get miracled into RR).”

    MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Tell your ex girl she should’ve waited a week! Tough shit for her!

    Also thanks Mr. M for these crispy soundboards. Mike sounds like one sick mother on these. Especially on It’s Ice. That shit is so nasty.

  23. Walfredo Says:

    Kind of annoying side note- got offered a 4 pack of Red Rocks tickets today for $380… Would totally have been up for anywhere near that price originally- but logistically I just can’t make it happen at this point…

    Anyone need any Gorge extras- somehow I ended up w/ 2 extras for each night- as a friend found out he couldn’t get anytime off… Want to get face- but realize reality isn’t looking so good with that. Make an offer if you need them.

    What is up w/ these fake sold-out shows? If you can buy a ticket from a scalper for less then face leading up to a show- its not really sold out right?

  24. Mugician Says:

    I’ve still got my Gorge tickets and Shoreline ticket for sale.

  25. Stupendous Says:

    Fela Albums worth listening:
    – Expensive Shit/He Miss Road
    – Roforofo Fight/The Fela Singles
    – Opposite People/Sorrow Tears & Blood
    There’s ton of others but these stick out for me for some reason…

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