Weekend Nuggets: Saturday at The Gorge


8.8.2009 The Gorge < Torrent

8.8.2009 The Gorge < Megaupload

The Gorge 8.8.09 (W.Rogell)

The Gorge 8.8.09 (W.Rogell)

Here we have Saturday night’s Gorge show, an affair that showcased Phish’s more rock-based jamming.  The clear high point of the night was the monster “Rock and Roll” that opened the second set, which remained a summer highlight.  A centerpiece “YEM” anchored the middle of the set in laid-back style, while a growing “Number Line” got into some significant late-set  improv, segueing into “Piper,” whose fast-paced jam closed the thematic set.

The first set featured an opening bust-out of “Mango Song,” included  a completely original take on “Tweezer” and made engaging runs through “Wolfman’s” and “Antelope,” with the latter standing out as a weekend highlight.  Definitely a show that delivered high-octane psychedelia- and several standout moments- this capped band’s first west coast run since 2003.  Enjoy the weekend folks!

I. The Mango Song, Chalkdust Torture, Middle of the Road, Tweezer > Driver, Twenty Years Later, Yamar, It’s Ice, Wolfman’s Brother, Character Zero, Run Like An Antelope

II. Rock And Roll > Makisupa Policeman, Alaska, The Wedge, You Enjoy Myself, Backwards Down the Number Line > Piper, Grind

E: Good Times, Bad Times, Tweezer Reprise

Source: FOB Schoeps MK4v>CMR>Benchmark AD2402-96 @ 24/9 (Taper: Jamie LuWinged music notetch)


Jam of the Weekend:

“Rock and Roll > Makisupa” 8.8.09 II




“Tweezer” jam 8.8 I


“Rock and Roll” 8.8 II (partial)

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270 Responses to “Weekend Nuggets: Saturday at The Gorge”

  1. MOonSHaKe Says:

    Lycanthropist: Forgot all about King Crimson… they are excellent… too bad they’re not taper-friendly.

    Did you say that you’d listened to the oZriC tEntAcLes before?

  2. Lycanthropist Says:

    @ larry –

    Mars Volta is much much better than At the Drive-in

    @ moonshake –

    no i haven’t another band i need to look into

  3. Mr. Completely Says:

    we used to rock Ozric quite a bit in the old days, they advertised in the back of Relix or something I think?

    I almost like Mars Volta, just don’t dig the singer. The music can be pretty awesome I think. To me most of the post-Tool new-prog stuff all has some fatal flaw, but I dig the style. Muse kinda goes some of those same places, sometimes.

    King Crimson live is a force of nature. Or, not nature…there’s nothing natural about them…force of huge machinery?

    When I was young at some point I got Robert Fripp and Donald Fagen totally confused with each other…led to some very confused conversations.

  4. larry bird flu Says:

    who knows, maybe i thought the mars volta wasnt very good because i thought at the drive in was so terrible. maybe ill have to go back and listen to the volta and give em a chance

  5. MOonSHaKe Says:

    Lycanthropist: this surprises me, the Ozrics have been around since the 80s, they play pscyhedelic space rock and are out of the UK. The band consists of no singing and just jamming, instruments include a guitar that sounds a lot like Steve Vai or Joe Satriani, flutes, drums, bass, and a massive synth (lots of bubble effects, flying saucers lifting off, etc.) Check uot something from early 2000s, it was the best lineup for the band (the lineup has changed multiple times over the years with the usual constant being the guitarist and flute player) best albums to check out are Spice Doubt (the Cockney way to say ‘Spaced OUt’ I gues), Waterfall Cities, and Curious Corn. Please get back with me w/ your ideas once you’ve jammed it out.

  6. BrandonKayda Says:

    Robear – you got mail.

  7. Stupendous Says:

    Mars Volta – check out Omar A lopez’s (guitar/composer for MV) side project/solo albums….if u like MV but cant get into vocals…

    ?uestion where does one fly into Indio?

  8. Stupendous Says:

    closest air port to indio. its what i meat to ask^^^

  9. MOonSHaKe Says:

    RE: we used to rock Ozric quite a bit in the old days, they advertised in the back of Relix or something I think?

    Mr. Completely: I saw an article about the Ozric Tentacles a long time ago in Relix, but it wasn’t an advertisement. Around the same time the issue w/ Phish on the cover came out.

  10. larry bird flu Says:

    ontario might be the closest stupendous but im not positive

  11. Stupendous Says:

    Thanks Larry
    Ill look into it
    Just found out my godmother/aunt lives 20 min from indio CA!!!!!

  12. Lycanthropist Says:

    moonshake –

    i will def check em out and let you konw what i think.

  13. BrandonKayda Says:

    I thiink I will too, that sounds pretty cool

  14. MOonSHaKe Says:

    I’d like to say something about glowstick wars. There are two kinds.
    I remember seeing Phish@Greensboro, NC in 2003, which was the last show I had seen before they came back. The boys played a
    massive Divided Sky. Sometime during the peak of the jam, I noticed
    at the top rows of the colloseum, an entire section was lit up like lava from
    a shit ton of screaming fans holding orange glowsticks. Then everybody threw them to the floor in unison and the effect was like a waterfall of fire. It was quite nice visually, and then the entire colloseum went ballistic with glowsticks, and it was absolute Star Wars.

    Then, there’s the sad excuse for a glowstick war I saw at MPP. It wasn’t
    a glowstick war at all, really. What I saw were random half-assed people
    throwing glowsticks at the band. And with all the negative things I had
    seen from the fans at MPP to that point, this one took the cake.

    Now I’d like to get everybody’s opinions on glowstick wars. Do they belong, and what happened to the glowstick wars that didn’t include trying to nail somebody in the head?

  15. BrandonKayda Says:

    Oh, and I don’t really dig Cedric either, but the music is great IMO. I really dig the prog/latin influence. I need to see them live sometime.

  16. larry bird flu Says:

    no worries stupendous, i just remember ontario because thats where we flew into for a family vacation to palm springs. southwest airlines! holla!

  17. Stupendous Says:

    palm springs is where my aunt lives! thanks

  18. BrandonKayda Says:

    Walnut Creek DVD is awesome.

    That is all.

  19. MOonSHaKe Says:

    just asked my friend about Mars Volta, said it’s a jam band + emo singer w/ whiney voice. idk never heard them, he’s bringing me a CD he was otherwise going to use as a coaster. I’ll give it a spin.

  20. larry bird flu Says:

    lol @ “he’s bringing me a CD he was otherwise going to use as a coaster”

  21. neemor Says:

    Hey Mr. C,

    I know this is really late, but do not overlook the Tube from Burgettstown.

    I was really close for this one, and it might have been the only song from that show that I’d ever listen to again, but for my money, the Star Lake Tube ’09 was the one from this tour.

  22. John Says:

    @ BrandonKayda,

    Walnut Creek kills, have you seen the 12/29/97 DVD?

  23. MOonSHaKe Says:

    wait wait wait wait… where are you guys getting these DVDs? I was at Walnut Creek and MSG in 1997

  24. bl68300 Says:

    anyone have a link to the merriweather show? id love to give it a 2nd run around. i think i lost my shit during the sloth it made me happy 🙂 good weekend to all!

  25. John Says:

    Walnut Creek came out a little over a year ago. They still sell it at the Best Buy near my house. I’m sure if you checked most retailers near you it’ll pop up somewhere. The video is just the lawn feed cameras they show on the big screens, which is a double-edged sword. On one hand you get to see close up what all the band members are doing (though not enough of Fishman). On the other hand it can get claustrophobic at times. The audio is superb though.

    The 12/29/97 videos can be purchased from LivePhish.com and then put onto a DVD as individual files or you can look on piratebay and find the torrent that comes as a pre-made dvd. Just download and burn. The video was made for ipods and will look stretched and pixilated, but if you can deal with that then it is quite nice overall. Gets less pixilated when the light show brightens up. Audio is also superb.

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