Weekend Nuggets: Darien Lake


8.13.2009 Darien Lake PAC, Darien Center, NY < Torrent

8.13.2009 Darien Lake PAC, Darien Center, NY < Megaupload

Official Darien Lake Poster

Official Darien Lake Poster

Overshadowed by Hartford and SPAC, the opening show of the summer’s final four-night run flowed well, had copious highlights, and set the tone for the end of tour.  The first set under the tent featured the darker bustouts of “Dinner and a Movie” and “My Friend” while carrying one of the outstanding “Wolfman’s” of summer and, in my opinion, the most engaging “Bowie” of the second leg.  The second set opened with a exploratory “Drowned,” sparking the unique highlight of “Drowned > Caspian > Rift.”  A smoking mid-set “Antelope” set up a revelatory “Fluffhead” closer.  This show is a real dark-horse, and deserves more attention than it has garnered.

I: Sample In A Jar, Dinner and a Movie, Wolfman’s Brother, My Friend, My Friend, Possum, Farmhouse, Sugar Shack, Brian And Robert, David Bowie, Bathtub Gin, How High The Moon, Golgi Apparatus

II: Drowned > Prince Caspian > Rift, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Sparkle, Run Like An Antelope, Suzy Greenberg, Fluffhead

E: Joy, First Tube

Source: Microtech Gefell M20 > JK Labs ECMS-23 > EAA PSP-2 > Sound Devices 722 (Line In, -0.3 dB) (Taper – Tim Burke)

Winged music note=====

Jam of the Weekend:

Drowned > Caspian > Rift” 8.13.II


Phish cohesively strung together this unique run of songs to begin the second set at Darien.  Look out for the standout “Drowned” jam- totally patient and fully realized.



“Run Like An Antelope” Darien Lake 8.13 II (Part 1)

“Anrtelope” (Part 2)

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166 Responses to “Weekend Nuggets: Darien Lake”

  1. MOonSHaKE Says:

    I’m ready to get BASSED!!!

  2. Lycanthropist Says:

    yeah i wanna check a BASSED show myself

  3. JP Says:

    As many here have said (and of course, the one and only Miner!), Mike was so key to the magic at the gorge earlier this month. Would also love to hit one of these shows.

    Off chance I could make it to Burlington for the closer. Of all the shows, this might be the one I’m least inclined to be at though, just cause it seems the closer to home an artist plays, the more attendees are not paying close attention to the music, lots of talking, drinking, etc. Would be quite the effort to get there, anyway…just spouting off – I’m sure the music will be top notch. I lived in Burlington for a few years, and just have this feeling. Never been to Higher Ground – any thoughts on all this out there?

    Lycan – thanks for sharing the Chance Fisher, enjoying it. Don’t have much input for you though, sorry. Best of luck to you as you look to expand to more ears, you guys definitely sound good.

    nonoyolker – thanks for the soundcheck links. Do you know if all of the d/ls from the 2nd link are sbds? Very happy to hear anything more from Lemonwheel! Saw disc 1 of the Clifford Ball dvd late last night – good stuff.

  4. JP Says:

    nonoyolker – read down the page that the lemonwheel check is sbd, that was the one i was asking about the most.

    Still can’t believe i can hear 9.14 acdc bag in sbd now!!!!! ya-hoo

  5. flarrdogg Says:

    Jugglers with fire?? That soundcheck is f-ing hilarious! Thanks for the heads up- never would have discovered that on my own.

  6. JP Says:


  7. Robear Says:

    Nice, the ‘Drowned’ jam takes off at the 4:20 mark. Coincidence?

  8. JP Says:

    holy sh*t – listening to the 12.29.95 Gin >Real Me > Gin for the first time, freaking hell – ripping it up. Sound quality is not the greatest, but wow.

  9. nonoyolker Says:

    @ Lyca – no IM-ing here. It’s cool, i’ll download track by track. Thanks

    @ JP – I think most all are SBDs. Def the Lemonwheel, as you stated. If i remember correctly, there is a track called “funk jam” and one called “noodling funk jam” that are both sweet. I think they cover “back at the chicken shack” and “she caught the katy” too. Great stuff.

    AND 9/14 AC/DC SBD!! Stuff is legendary, Another one bites the Gumbo. Great show.

  10. MOonSHaKE Says:

    I don’t remember if I mentioned this or not, but I’m ready to get BASSED…

    lots of good live shows in my neck of the woods… The New Deal played last night@The Orange Peel, then upcoming we’ve got Mike Gordon@Lincoln Theater, Dan Deacon@Cat’s Cradle, Medeski Martin&Wood@OrangePeel, and (these guys rage) Jesus Lizard@Cat’s Cradle…


  11. nonoyolker Says:

    To quote wholetour!, the Real Gin jam is “(*v*)s!!” – always wanted to do that.
    I think there is a SBD floating around of that from the Shapiro Archives.

  12. JP Says:

    @MOon – you are killing me with those shows 🙂 that is awesome man, enjoy ’em.

    nonoyolker – thanks again on the links. it sounded to me like Kevin Shapiro was basically saying that a 9.14.99 release was a foregone conclusion – hope so!

  13. JP Says:

    yeah, wt! is who hooked me up with the archive show link.

    the Real Gin is some potent shit.

  14. JP Says:

    Not getting into the 93 Mikes > Crossroads as much yet, though the sound is way better. I hope they release 12.29.95 at some point, because the remastering they would do on the Real Gin would be so totally worth it.

  15. JP Says:

    h 2 0 transition was lovely

  16. larry bird flu Says:

    jp you were asking about higher ground? its a cool venue but the security there is absolutely terrible. very strict and not friendly in the least. not a terrible place to see a show but not the greatest either

  17. JP Says:

    thanks larry. yeah, it would be crazy difficult for me to get there anyway, so just a pipe dream really.

  18. JP Says:

    wow – clearly there was some good shit going around in 95:


  19. JP Says:

    Love this conclusion – phish destroys:

    “The JAMS in this GIN had some 24k. GOLDEN HOSE moments, and the Real Me slid in-and-out with an ease that displayed and illuminated whole universes and galaxies that can be tapped-into by this band. This easily demonstrates why Phish holds the throne in the jam-band kingdom, hands down.”

  20. Kenny Powers Says:

    @ Marshall,

    not sure if you’re familiar w/ Mp3Tag, which is a great free tool for editing the bejeezus out of your files. It’s really easy to pull up a full show and edit anything from individual track names to info that applies to all tracks in one fell swoop, as well as album art.

  21. Kenny Powers Says:

    oh yeah, and don’t be fooled by the name “Mp3″Tag, you can also edit FLAC and i think countless others.

  22. Marshall Says:

    @ Kenny – thanks for the tip!

  23. Robear Says:

    JP, one of my favorite Phish moments was that Gin > Real Me > Gin. I was saying the other day that I wish more releases would come out. For starters, I’d like access to all the New Year’s Runs! I too have an audience of that show, that doesn’t do it justice.
    Nonyolker, if you find a link for a soundboard of that show, please post!

    12/28, 12/29, and 12/30/95 would make a wonderful little set, to go with the 31st remaster.

    I’m heading to Eureka, to try to catch my first ‘Ween’ show. It’s sold out, but I know the promoters, so my fingers are crossed.

  24. JP Says:

    Robear, i can totally see why that would have been on your favorites list, holy crap…

    good luck getting into the Ween show – I know people love them, and esp live, so hope you get in and enjoy. Eureka is beautiful!

  25. fat bastard Says:

    any WSP>Allman Brother’s in anyone’s near future?

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