Weekend Nuggets: Darien Lake


8.13.2009 Darien Lake PAC, Darien Center, NY < Torrent

8.13.2009 Darien Lake PAC, Darien Center, NY < Megaupload

Official Darien Lake Poster

Official Darien Lake Poster

Overshadowed by Hartford and SPAC, the opening show of the summer’s final four-night run flowed well, had copious highlights, and set the tone for the end of tour.  The first set under the tent featured the darker bustouts of “Dinner and a Movie” and “My Friend” while carrying one of the outstanding “Wolfman’s” of summer and, in my opinion, the most engaging “Bowie” of the second leg.  The second set opened with a exploratory “Drowned,” sparking the unique highlight of “Drowned > Caspian > Rift.”  A smoking mid-set “Antelope” set up a revelatory “Fluffhead” closer.  This show is a real dark-horse, and deserves more attention than it has garnered.

I: Sample In A Jar, Dinner and a Movie, Wolfman’s Brother, My Friend, My Friend, Possum, Farmhouse, Sugar Shack, Brian And Robert, David Bowie, Bathtub Gin, How High The Moon, Golgi Apparatus

II: Drowned > Prince Caspian > Rift, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Sparkle, Run Like An Antelope, Suzy Greenberg, Fluffhead

E: Joy, First Tube

Source: Microtech Gefell M20 > JK Labs ECMS-23 > EAA PSP-2 > Sound Devices 722 (Line In, -0.3 dB) (Taper – Tim Burke)

Winged music note=====

Jam of the Weekend:

Drowned > Caspian > Rift” 8.13.II


Phish cohesively strung together this unique run of songs to begin the second set at Darien.  Look out for the standout “Drowned” jam- totally patient and fully realized.



“Run Like An Antelope” Darien Lake 8.13 II (Part 1)

“Anrtelope” (Part 2)

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166 Responses to “Weekend Nuggets: Darien Lake”

  1. dyda Says:

    eh, i’ll just wait for a cd that i can hold in my hands. joy will be the fourth studio album of theirs that i actually bought. (rift, siket, undermind being the others – listened to all the others at some point cause friends own them, but never felt the need to possess the studio works nearly as much as all the live releases which i have most of)

    now if you can find a leaked copy of the ‘party time’ album, that’s a different story. have a feeling most people are going to be getting that one through a torrent.

    free was debuted in the summer of 95 and trey’s mini-kit was fall 95. free was a page driven tune in its earlier days and one of the songs that trey regularly went to the mini-kit on. (notice how he still uses his petals to send some looped guitar effects out during the jam.) then mike became more prominent during the funk era and now it’s like you get a little mike but mostly a crunchy trey solo.

    very glad they went back to the four across set-up. the 2.0 config was the most normal lineup (this is how a rock band sets up) and the mike in the middle period was a result of the groove-centric style they (trey) was going for at the time with songs like jibboo, sand etc. also note that this was the period that trey had his mini-keyboard setup.

    heh … couscous and coconut milk … jugglers with FIRE! quite amusing

    i’m ready to get bassed! one month away. the intro video on mikehyphengordon.com is great! i wonder if the jazz oddessy folk are just an opening act or if the cats hanging from those hoops above the stage are a regular part of the act. this lineup has only been out on two tours before, right? a mini new years run last year and then also in the summer (saw them at all good – debuted the audience controls band bit at that show and played meat and a beatles cover or two)

    i do believe most people on here access from work thus the highly decreased presence on the weekends

  2. dyda Says:

    well, that was a valiant effort on my part to hold out for like an hour before downloading joy. i’m still going to buy the cd. it’s a sunday evening and why not listen to it? lillywhite did a good job.

  3. Marshall Says:

    Ethics folks: if you don’t have any, get some. The band is cool enough to let us tape and trade to our hearts content. don’t abuse this privilege (its not a right) by shitting in their faces and stealing their studio recordings. Just because its out there doesn’t give you the right to take it.

  4. Mr.Miner Says:

    ^ as long as you buy the album, its all harmless. I bought the $75 box, I don’t mind an early preview…on initial listen, Light (intro) and Sugar Shack are the only tracks that strike me as really benefitting from the Studio setting. Everything else sounds great- but as expected. IMO, of course. I feel like they played the studio “Faulty Plan” all summer….

  5. Marshall Says:

    @ dyda – my last comment wasn’t directed at you specifically. People who download an illegal copy and then actually buy the real thing are in a gray area. I’m talking about people who will download an illegal copy, and never even consider buying it. That’s just wrong, in my opinion.

  6. Marshall Says:

    I should clarify – if you were never ever going to think about considering buying the album ever to begin with, then the band hasn’t really lost anything, so its really only wrong according to the law, and its wrong as to any benefit the listener receives in Joy by listening to Joy without paying.

    On the other hand – if you desire to have the album, but are unwilling to pay, and are very willing to download a leaked copy, then that is wrong, IMVHO.

  7. dyda Says:

    i think i give more than my fair share of $ to the band, its management and its charatable efforts. note that last one particularly. there are plenty of other outfits that are in it just for the money. want to revisit the days of napster/metallica? i said i was going to pay for a hard copy next week and still plan on it. ease off. you want to track down whoever leaked it and made it available for download and sic the authorities on them? i think there are much larger issues of copyright infringement going on all over the net. furthermore, i would venutre that the suits are more interested in the profits and the band is happy that there are people out there listening to their music. want to look at the overall sales numbers of all their studio material? crappy pop outfits have sold more one-hit-wonder material than all phish albums combined. sorry, but i think shitting in their faces is a bit much. how about some pissing in ears?

  8. Marshall Says:

    @ dyda – I made my comments before I saw your post at all, which is why I reposted (trying to let you know I wasn’t aiming for you personally … honestly).

    I wasn’t trying to attack anyone, but free speech is a right, and I think that there’s never anything wrong with people voicing their opinion that stealing music is wrong.

  9. Marshall Says:

    @ dyda – last comment and then I’ll shut up – when I wrote “you,” I should have written “one” to indicate third person, which I was intending (but people don’t do that much anymore, instead using “you” for both second and third person interchangably, because it always sounds so stilted to say or wrote “one does this or one does that”).

  10. dyda Says:

    yeah it’s cool. note the lighthearted tone of my final sentence. i was still typing before i saw miner’s post right after yours.

    ‘stealing’ is also a grey area cause i could say we’re stealing live music downloading recent shows from this site because livephish is providing an official release. but they embrace audience recording. other bands may be a different story, but in phish’s case i think they only make a small percentage off studio material compared to other streams of income. what makes studio material sacrosanct?

    getting a little too serious for a sunday eve, but i dislike money a great deal and don’t like it having an influence in my life. too many people do and it makes their lives less enjoyable.

  11. dyda Says:

    are these they?

    ah semantics.

  12. Marshall Says:

    @ dyda – agreed. Phish has certainly taken a different approach than most other bands, and for that I respect and admire them greatly. Fuck Lars Ulrich. Phish plays because they love it and they record because the 20th century seemed to say “that’s just what you do.” Phish is the antithesis – music is meant to be listened to and enjoyed – for thousands of years the only way this could happen was by performing music. Recording only came about relatively recently, and bands that see recording as the primary objective, have missed the boat in my opinion.

    I respect Phish the same way I respect a baseball player like Cal Ripken – he played because he loved the game. Most of today’s players only care about their paycheck and endorsements and don’t give a shit about the game or the fans. Thankfully, Phish cares about the music and their fans. They GET IT.

  13. dyda Says:

    hypothetical: what if i go to youtube and pull up one of their studio tracks? is that stealing? there isn’t any video, it’s just a picture of the album cover, but the whole track plays. i’d be listening to it for free. i wouldn’t have directly downloaded it, but it will be there in my temporary intenet files. i think it’s a kind of unique situation to phish, but what differentiates live from studio in this regard and makes studio somewhat off-limits?

    wow. just looked out the window and saw a murder of crows. couple dozen. neat. (just like using the term ‘murder’)

  14. dyda Says:

    i think we’re the only two here right now. (big brother miner watching)

  15. Marshall Says:

    @ dyda – you raise one of the issues that is changing the landscape of copyright. I just try to live by the rules that exist when I start playing the game. If the rules change, all the better.

  16. Marshall Says:

    Yeah – Miner’s always watching – I don’t think he misses a post directed at him, ever.

  17. dyda Says:


    and in the time it took for this exchange i listened to the album. btw, TTE isn’t included in that DL. lucky i paid itunes for it earlier this spring.

    agree with miner’s assessment. intro to light and complexities of a mike song are the only unique aspects. that’s why i never really bothered with studio phish.

  18. dyda Says:

    caveat: i’m still going to buy it cause it is a strong enough effort to stand on its own merits. perhaps even play it for a noob and have a better chance of conversion than with live material? (going back to that conundrum from the other day)

    spill me wine (but that’s a different song) – this is the party on the lamp post

  19. Marshall Says:

    Studio Phish is NOT “IT.” That’s what Carrie Brownstien and so many others just don’t get. They don’t get “IT,” because they haven’t experienced “IT” because “IT” can’t be found through listening to a studio recording.

    Rift sounds most like what the songs sounds like live.
    Hoist is the best use of studio to produce a studio recording, IMO.

    I still don’t listen to the studio recordings much, if ever.

  20. Marshall Says:

    I will probably buy Party Time when it comes out (if its ever available separately), but will probably not buy Joy since I’ve heard everything from it (in the medium I prefer, live performance). If they released their albums before debuting the songs, I’d be more likely to buy, but then I’d miss out on hearing a debut as a true “debut.”

  21. dyda Says:

    yep. i bought rift cause i dig concept albums and still think it’s my favorite stand-alone (even though i have read that trey was disappointed with how it came out – like they tried too hard to make it a concept album and lost something phishy in the process – i think he said something similar about how over-produced hoist was)

    siket was actually an x-mas gift and i only recently (comparitavely) ‘got’ that one. star lake 99 my left toe (thanks miner). that’s near the top of my list. love that track. i like happy whip and dung for some reason but can see how others would hate it. kinda wish they would’ve delved into that one more in its day. ah well, hope party time tracks get more play cause i have a suspicion that some of those aren’t going to get played at all. how about some victor jams?

    undermind was so i could see the specimens of beauty dvd that came with it.

    do appreciate what lillywhite brought to BB and the way that one flows. farmhouse and ghost are annoying cause the songs are such a bare bones blueprint for what you know is so much more live.

    what about the white tape? that is one phishy recording. how could i have forgotten that one? i will listen to that one from time to time cause like miner said about hartford (very apt) it’s just so phishy

  22. Marshall Says:

    My main complaint about Story of the Ghost is the fades in and out – I realize its due to how the songs came about during the sessions, but the way Moma Dance kicks into gear live (with an actual start) is sooooo much better than the fade that happens on story of the ghost.

  23. dyda Says:

    i like the unpolished feel of round room too.

    ah but that’s another thing that sets phish apart. ‘our new album is from last week’s concert’ (or whatever he said during the island tour). floyd did that with dark side playing it live for a year working out kinks before recording it. not quite the same cause the album was recorded before the tour but why would they just sit on all that new material? yeah. wow. hadn’t really thought about it, but how about that – i’ve seen two harpuas in 8 shows and a world debut (i been around)

    i think party time is going to be a limited release deal (like left nuts) so most everyone is going to have to ‘steal’ it

  24. Marshall Says:

    Learn something new almost every day …. today I learned that there’s a Canadian territory called Nunavut. Been around for 10 years already and I’m just now learning about it. Guess that’s what happens when “school’s out.”

  25. dyda Says:

    yep and it’s a territory not a province. damn big too. east of the northwest territories. mostly inhabited by first nationers. canadians have a much better term for their indigenous natives. native americans & first nationers. not indians.

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