Weekend Nuggets: Cumberland County ’99


12.7.1999 CCCC, Portland, ME < Torrent

12.7.1999 CCCC, Portland, ME < Megaupload

Cumberland Co. Civic Center - Portland, ME

Cumberland Co. Civic Center - Portland, ME

The return to this Phishy room, which saw blowouts in ’93 and ’95, came in the fiery run of December of 1999. Leading up to Big Cypress, the band was firing on all cylinders, building millennial groove sessions and skyscraping soundscapes nightly.  This two-night stand gives a nice slice of the band’s improv at the time.  The first night’s “Bathtub Gin > Simple” gets into some ambient psychedelia, while the opening “Wolfman’s” provided a series of tasty grooves.  The first set “Halley’s” just may be the jam of the show, clocking in at over twenty-minutes of diverse improv.

I: Farmhouse, First Tube, NICU, Funky Bitch, Punch You in the Eye, Nellie Kane, Halley’s Comet > The Squirming Coil

II: Wolfman’s Brother, Jennifer Dances, Heavy Things, Bug, Bathtub Gin > Simple, Free, Suzie Greenberg

E: Walk Away, Rocky Top


12.8.1999 CCCC, Portland, ME < Torrent

12.8.1999 CCCC, Portland, ME < Megaupload

The second set of this second night is pure fire.  Beginning with a searing rendition of “Sand” in its heyday, and a very atypical abstract “Piper” jam, the band’s creativity was at a premium on this night.  Also a highlight of the show was the first set “Yamar” that went way beyond an island groove.  A smoking stone in a blazing trail that was December ’99, this one carried IT from start to finish.  Enjoy the long weekend folks!

I: Limb by Limb, Get Back on the Train, Down with Disease, Fast Enough For You, Ya Mar, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Run Like an Antelope

II: Sand, Dirt, Piper > Dog Faced Boy, Lizards, You Enjoy Myself > Tweezer Reprise*

E: Golgi Apparatus, Tweezer Reprise

*A cappella; emerged out of the vocal jam.

Sources: Unknown



FYI: JOY DVD TRACK LISTING ——————— (from Phish.com)

1. Time Turns Elastic (16:34) – 5/31/09 Boston, MA
2. Sugar Shack (4:52) – 6/7/09 Camden, NJ
3. Joy (5:08) – 6/7/09 Camden, NJ
4. Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan (5:03) – 6/12/09 Manchester, TN
5. Alaska (7:37) – 6/12/09 Manchester, TN
6. Light (12:30) – 6/14/09 Manchester, TN
7. Ocelot (9:32) – 6/19/09 Noblesville, IN
8. Backwards Down The Number Line (7:44) – 6/19/09 Noblesville, IN
9. Kill Devil Falls (8:09) – 6/20/09 East Troy, WI

Winged music note=====

Jam of the Weekend:

Sand” 12.13.99 Providence, RI II


Out of the many “Sands” dropped during Fall ’99, this was one of the best.



“Catapult > Icculus”  8.14.09 Hartford II


“David Bowie” 8.5.09 Shoreline I

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90 Responses to “Weekend Nuggets: Cumberland County ’99”

  1. Kenny Powers Says:

    Hey ATL 007…WAR EAGLE!!!

    sorry, couldn’t help it. i’m actually a Yank from RI but the wifey is an Auburn alum. But we are rooting for the Tide because the SEC rules.

  2. Billy Breathes Says:

    @Miner – are you kidding?! Encores don’t matter? Come on brother…

    Listen to the Simple encore from 7/30 (or 31)/99, as just one example of what an Encore can represent.

    Then tell me Encores don’t matter.

  3. Mr.Miner Says:

    There can be good ones, no doubt. But if they play bouncin, rockytop, I’m won’t think of the show that happened any differently….

  4. Billy Breathes Says:

    I completely agree with you, I won’t (and don’t) think of the show any different either.

    What I am referring to is only the Encore. Just the choice. The song(s). Without it having any reflection on the show.

    Seems like a Love – Hate relationship; the Encore.

    All of the Encores this summer seemed to be quite predictable.

    Why? What is the point of an Encore?

    Suspicious Minds want to know!

  5. Chuck D Says:

    A poor/uninspired/uneventful encore can’t ruin a great show (ala Miner’s opinion), but a great encore can send a show off the charts.

    Take a look at 7/31/09, they close the second set with a typical encore in A Day in the Life. Then encore with an energetic Suzy > Tweeprise. Much like when they use a double opener like Punch and Runaway or something, we got a double encore with ADITL and Tweezer Reprise…

    I was blown away by the second set, then Tweezer Reprise was a beautiful cherry on top… wouldn’t have been the same without it.

  6. Billy Breathes Says:

    Agreed Chuck D.

    I love a Tweeprize…weren’t you expecting it in the encore slot?

  7. Chuck D Says:

    Therefore, if encores can only improve a show’s overall standing, there is no risk in playing a slight downer of a tune. However, when encores utilize huge jam vehicles, like Slave, First Tube, or Tweeprise, something special can happen… gotta suck every last drop of energy out of the place, especially if it is the last jam of a stop on tour.

  8. Chuck D Says:

    Actually, no. It caught me off guard… of course in hindsight it was 100% obvious, but lets just say my feet weren’t touching the ground =)

  9. Chuck D Says:

    Second set was so huge, I was in the Now… had very little interest in predicting/expecting anything at that point

  10. JP Says:

    Thanks for the 99 gems Miner. Hope livephish releases more fully mixed 99 SBDs. Lots of standout shows, if you are into the 99 sound. I know a lot of people aren’t. No problem, more for the rest of us! Excited to hear the sound quality on these. And to hear the infamous Jennifer Dances, ha. Hoping the abstract stuff comes through clearly on the AUD.

    Happy weekend everyone!

  11. JP Says:

    Anyone else getting multiple pops and cracks during the Sand?

  12. JMelby Says:

    There have been plenty of average encores and there is no doubt about that and I’d rather hear Bouncin’ or Rocky Top in other places. But ’98 summer had some good encores. I also would have never heard Phish play Them Changes, So Lonely, or an acoustic My Generation. I also loved Buffalo Bill> Moby Dick> Fire. Glide, Camel Walk, Alumni Blues> TweezRep. First Tube> Moby Dick> Chalk Dust Rep. The crazy shit that went down Vegas ’96. Hood ’97 Gorge w/ the lights off. Plus many Possums, Funky Bitches, Contacts, Squirming Coils, Sleeping Monkeys and others that sent be off perfectly into the night. So I’d have to say that I vote for Encores. But I think it was absolutely right not to have done one at Big Cypress. No need.

  13. gills Says:

    they can def raise the intensity level a t a show, take Camden from this previous tour, the first leg. i beleive it was a four song encore. Four song encores are def special. not only did we get four songs, but the debut of Joy.

    ___Summer Ghosts
    IMO these ghosts never really got off the ground for me. Yes there was plenty of improv. to me the improv was alot of noodleing around in and out of what could of been some nasty dance grooves. when i think of Ghost, i think of some thick chunky dance grooves, with no noodleing. think of the ghosts from fall 97, now do these really compare. seems like fishman sets the tone for how groovy ghost can be, after he sets the pace then gordo comes in to compliment with some boombastic layerd phunk. so if fishman is in the mood and his kick drum is thumping then we get some nast ghosts, give any fall 97 ghost a spin and u will here what im saying
    just my 3 cents, dont get me wrong i enjoyed all of the ghosts and think phish is playing at a high level, but ghost could be bumped up a bit

  14. JP Says:

    Agree with gills on the vastly huger potential for phuture ghosts – this is one of their ultimate jam vehichles and they can and will get even better as time goes forward. I was expecting a monster at the gorge…but even being shut out on my two top picks, was amazed by those shows. Phish is most definitely b a c k.

    Encores – I don’t think thet can ruin an amazing show, but they can definitely add something special. Was very very happy with the Slave on 8.7.09.

  15. JP Says:

    Ghost – as many here were saying, bring back the loops (sometimes at least)…

  16. JP Says:

    Whoever was mentioning the craziness of their 200+ 3.0 catalog (already!) – these guys are just at another level! Long live the Phish.

  17. Wax Banks Says:

    Miner – are you running the latest WordPress? Apparently widespread problems today with not-up-to-date WP installs…

  18. Mr.Miner Says:

    Wax- I’m up to date as far as I know (v 2.8.4) I don’t think I’ve had probs on here today, but I haven’t been around the computer today….have you had issues?

  19. Mr.Miner Says:

    id there are digi noises on the sand, that’s my bad- sorry JP / others

  20. butter Says:

    jeez Miner

  21. JP Says:

    No problem Mr Miner, not complaining really – cool that there has only been one 3.0 Sand and that it raged.

    If you can heal the symptoms
    But not affect the cause
    It’s quite a bit like trying to heal
    A gunshot wound with gauze

    If you instead attempt to wrest
    The pistol from the hand
    Then I would not be able to
    Equate my life with sand

    Flowing through the hourglass
    Pushing through the funnel
    Turn once more while racing
    All your siblings for the tunnel

    Slide and let the silicone
    Embrace you as you fall
    Then bounce and land you let

    Your brothers crush you to the wall

    I would choose my own religion
    And worship my own spirit
    But if he ever preached to me
    I wouldn’t want to hear it

    I’d drop him, a forgotten god,
    Languishing in shame
    And then if I hit stormy seas
    I’d have myself to blame

  22. smurphy Says:

    Thank you Miner!!! Portland is my hometown and I was living there when these ’99 shows went down. I couldn’t believe they would play this 9,000 seat arena after how big they had gotten. Great warmup for our 24 hour plus drive to Big Cypress 3 weeks later!

  23. Exree Hipp Says:

    Any explanation on the Flotsam Five? What is it? Fan comp? Thanks.

  24. Skybals Saxscraper Says:

    SPAC Encore was nice, we got a Grind, a first-ever I Been Around (someone asked me what this was called and I had to tell them, “I don’t know, they’ve never played it!”), and a Highway to Hell. So much energy in that show, from the start right till midnight.

  25. Lycanthropist Says:

    this Sand is a true Sand.

    to be honest the Camden Sand didnt really do much for me. I mean it had its moments, but this is how i think of Sand… nice rich groovy space textures..

    what i live for in Phish

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