Will the Greyhound Rise?

8.7.08 -  Williamsburg (Unk.)

8.7.08 - Williamsburg (unk.)

This summer, several of Trey’s solo songs jumped over to his bigger band. Included in these transplants were, “Light,” “Let Me Lie,” “Backwards Down the Number Line,” “Alaska,” and Time Turns Elastic.” But one of the songs that seemed like a shoo-in for Phish has yet to emerge. The engaging multi-part composition, “Greyhound Rising”- played only twice on his own- has gone missing.

After Trey’s comeback show in Brooklyn last August, three songs struck me as clearly destined for Phish- “Backwards Down the Number Line,” “Light,” and “Greyhound Rising.” Two are firmly ingrained in the band’s current catalog, while one hasn’t seen the light of day. Seemingly destined for their new album, the song has yet to surface in any form. Trey only unshelved it once again- in Philadelphia- another sure sign that Phish would usurp the destiny of the future epic.  But they haven’t, and I wonder if they will.


Classic TAB Tour '08 (unk.)

The song whispers out of the gate with lyrical poetry complemented by somber guitar and piano melodies.  The piece at first seems wistful, longing for something or someone lost, and Trey conveys this emotion in a beautifully phrased solo that stands out in the opening section. Moving into a more Phishy texture, the melodic verse that comes in over the oceanic music is much more upbeat and sounds like it could have been pulled right from a Phish song. The groove takes the song into a bluesier jam where Red unleashes a gnarling solo. When hearing the layered composition the two times with his Classic TAB band, my imgination ran wild thinking of how much Phish could enhance the song, taking it from its raw form into one of those bigger pieces that are at least 10 to 15 minutes every time out. With plenty of composition and ample room for improv, it seems like the perfect song for Phish 3.0. Why else would it have been written after all?

The blues jam turns into a heavier build- this is where the jam would be- and finally uses collective hits to splash into the ending, a slowed down, dramatic reprise of the introduction; a Phish song no doubt. And to end it, a cathartic solo over a delicate beat. It would be awesome, and Trey knows it. It will come at some point; who knows when- but at somepoint. It’s one of his most interesting new pieces.  Heck, since “Alaska” made it to Phish, “Greyhound Rising” is destined to crossover to balance things out.  One can hope.

Greyhound Rising” 10.24.08 – The Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA


Winged music note=====

Jam of the Day:

Twist > Caspian” 1.1.00 Cypress


Sticking with the Big Cypress vibe of yesterday, here is a gorgeous segment from early in the set that often goes overlooked with all the music of the night. With an enchanting ambient groove, this “Twist” carried an introspective feel as we stepped out of the 1900’s forever.



5.6.1992 St. Andrews Hall, Detroit, MI < Torrent

5.6.1992 St. Andrews Hall, Detroit, MI < Megaupload

4.17.1992 - The Warfield

Spring 1992 - The Warfield

With Fall Tour rumored to start at Cobo Hall in downtown Detroit, this nugget from Spring ’92 recounts a former visit to The Motor City, proper.  Coming at you via reader request, this show was one of the last in the Midwest before heading east to conclude their tour. Featuring the bust-out of “Shaggy Dog” for the first time since 1988 (451 shows), this show boasts a quintessential old-school setlist.  This fileset feature an entire AUD recording and a Set I SBD , taboot.  Detroit- here we come.

I: Llama, Foam, Reba, My Mind’s Got a Mind of its Own, Maze, Tela, Brother, Colonel Forbin’s Ascent > Famous Mockingbird, Sparkle, Cavern

II: My Sweet One, Stash, The Squirming Coil, You Enjoy Myself > Shaggy Dog, All Things Reconsidered, Bouncing Around the Room, Uncle Pen, Chalk Dust Torture, HYHU > Terrapin > HYHU, Take the A-Train, Golgi Apparatus

E: Carolina, Good Times Bad Times

Source: DAUD/FOB (~30 ft. from stage, DFC) Neumann RSM191A-S > Neumann MTX191S > Panasonic SV-255@48k Master (on SV-255 listed above) & SET 1 SBD

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  1. voopa Says:

    @ Type III- Yeah, I can’t see it; too small…

  2. albert walker Says:

    we are way too entertained by the new avatar thing

    I think Phish needs to play some new shows
    who knows where this discussion will be if we do not get new music by Indio!

    I’m addicted to having fresh shows to run to. I never realized it when it was gone, but getting new flow of jams is such a great thing. hearing the new jams of 2009 has been such an enjoyable thing this summer.

    Keeps my distances up also. Can’t stop til the sets done. Sets so good let’s put on 2nd set. A few of these shows kept me going for the entire show. Know that the new ipod’s have pedometers I’ll need to start tracking how many miles I can run in a 1st set/2nd set/ whole show.

  3. EL Duderino Says:

    It’s cuz I changed it again AW

  4. albert walker Says:

    you changed it when I was at work though
    that’s what I mean
    I was not seeing it even after it was up even though I cleared my caches or whatever the fuck they are
    just wondering why work computer won’t let Warren go

  5. EL Duderino Says:

    Work must love Warren!!!!!

  6. albert walker Says:

    was not getting new mr. c also

    started to like Mr. President for a second there
    then I remembered I hate all fuckin politicians
    even the one’s that puff jah herb

  7. EL Duderino Says:


    Clapton and B. Hornsby will be on the Jay Leno Show tonight!

  8. MoOnShAkE Says:

    re: non-fiction

    I haven’t read a non-fiction book in a long long time, but Gulag Archipeligo is on my list

    re: religious/spiritual books

    I haven’t read one since I was maybe 12 or 13. Buddhism is quite interesting on paper, but having lived in SEA for 5 years, and having seen the way monks and supposed Buddhists behave, they don’t seem to take it so importantly. Many monks become monks so they can either a> make their parents proud or b> to get an education. I remember seeing a student of mine at the time, who was a Buddhist monk in full orange robe, shaved head, witha mobile phone/mp3 player and a headphone in one ear. I asked him if that was allowed, and he said it was, times were changing. I remember being confused, having always thought the point of Buddhism was to remove one’s self from material things. Anyway… in the time I was there, I noticed a> that supposed Buddhists constantly exhibited non-Buddhist behaviour and b> that monks did too, but to a slightly lesser extent.

  9. albert walker Says:

    kind of cheesy days but I gotta get Mark Knopfler tix tomorrow

    I just love the way that guy plays the guitar
    what a tone and style, total original
    playing the Chicago Theater in April

  10. joe Says:

    I feel like a kid who just was told there is no Santa Claus. Mr. Miner is a yankee fan?

    speaking of geekiness/obsession, the new Movie written by the guy from the Onion, staring Patton Oswald looks pretty good. He plays an obsessive New York Giants fan.

    My main obsession besides phish right now is the boston bruins, and that’s really a sad commentary on my life.
    also United States History/politics and madmen.

  11. Jay Says:

    non fiction I’ve read/reading recently:

    John Adams
    Elegant Universe
    World is Flat
    The Great Unravelling

  12. whole tour! Says:

    just wanted to urge everyone on here to grab yourself a Phish thoughts T shirt/hoodie…ect while they still last.

    Grabbed myself a longsleeve T last night.

    Procedes go to helping this site, the audio archive…ect.

    Plus they are a great way to instantly connect with people at shows. What better way to stand out than wearing a phishthoughts T at an upcoming gordon band or phish show.

    Click Mr. C’s name and hop on the bandwagon!

  13. joe Says:

    also think that avatar choosing may be a new addition to everyone’s geek list.

  14. whole tour! Says:

    books i have ready recently:

    Dr. Rick Straussman(?) : DMT: the spirit molecule

    Hunter S. Thompson: Fear and loathing on the campaign trail.

    Terrence McKenna: Food of the gods

  15. Jay Says:

    your not a avatar geek until you have a avatar of the day. Like underwear of the day.

  16. Jay Says:

    forgot about scrabble as a favorite board game. Also like playing cards, especially Cribbage.

  17. Mr. Completely Says:

    Knopfler is an amazing player.

    @AW I bet you have the vinyl of that first Dire Straits album I have been pimping recently

    Anyone heard the hornsby jazz project? I forget who with…


    buddhism the *religion* is as much BS as any other religion. All the stuff about the social order and everything, just nonsense.

    stripped of bullshit, buddhist *practice* is a series of experiments: sit like this, watch your thoughts in this way, focus on this; and see what happens. Like science, buddhism makes predictions. And if you perform the experiment, and your results match the prediction, well, there’s something to it, right?

    buddhism isn’t always just about removing yourself from spiritual things. That’s a big part of the tao: if everything is the tao, then enlightenment is everywhere. Tantra, the real idea and not the new age marketing scheme/pick-up line, is also based on the notion that the sacred can be found all around us. Trungpa – a real character – said (paraphrasing) that anyone can find enlightenment sitting in a monastery, this is not a big deal. Finding enlightenment in New York City is more impressive…

    anyway, religions are oppressive nonsense, all of them. The Tao is not a religion…and meditation is just mental technology that can be applied without dogma.

  18. Jay Says:

    stops be buddhism and becomes transcendental meditaiton or yoga or what ever you want ot call it that helps you “get there”.

  19. albert walker Says:

    yes Completely they def get spins in this crib

    Knopfler is one of those rock guys that’s just beyond.
    Like a Zappa.
    Maybe even say Trey.
    These guys whose sense of melody, composition, and theory is way beyond what you are used to hearing in a rock setting.

    no one plays like Knopler which I also love. That kind of originality is where it’s at. His arpeggio fingerpicking style of soloing is truly amazing

  20. albert walker Says:

    and from an audio quality perspective
    those Dire Straits albums are often cited in testing out speakers and audio equipment
    they all sound amazing

  21. Mr. Completely Says:

    @Jay – maybe – TM has doctrine too – so I tend to just go back to original sources and do my own re-interpretation, rather than relying on someone else’s filter.

    yoga is a perfect example though. If you can find a yoga class where they don’t feed you the doctrine you’re lucky. But you can ignore all the mumbo jumbo and just do the yoga and it’s awesome.

    basically anywhere they say “try doing this and see what happens” I go with it

    anywhere they say “believe this, this is what it means” I ignore it

  22. fat bastard Says:

    you know you’ve lost influence on an ex girlfriend when:
    FB- I know you know who Mike Gordon is right? Well he’s playing in INDY next week you should go. I know you would have fun.
    X- Who’s Mike Gordon?
    FB- Bass player from Phish.
    X- When and Where?
    FB-your smart figure it out?
    10 min….
    FB- Thursday night at the Vogue
    FB-I’m going to Friday’s show in Chi
    X- I don’t know I’m going to the “Kings Of Leon” concert that Friday night, don’t think I can go to two in a row anymore.
    FB- The “Kings of Leon can’t hold Gordon’s bass when he takes a piss.
    X- whatev

  23. Mr. Completely Says:

    for example I smoke tons of weed and it makes me feel happy and even closer to the sacred things – but I don’t believe in rasta theology either 😮


    buy that first Dire Straits album, peeps

    if you think Sultans is a cliche’d tune, skip it

    not just the guitar playing (top notch) and sound (ditto) but also songwriting

    one fantastic lyric after another

  24. Mr. Completely Says:

    lol @fb

  25. EL Duderino Says:

    @ fatbastard

    Sounds like it’s time to let that bird fly away

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