Fall Tour ?

It’s almost October and no fall tour announcement – hmmm.  We know its happening; Trey mentioned that fall was mapped out in a recent interview with Timeout: New York, while Mike vaguely discussed further fall Phish plans with the newspaper, The Poughkeepsie Journal.  The rumored dates that have circulated for well over a month seem all but set-in-stone.  Then why is Phish holding back?

fest8Rumor has it that ticket sales for Indio haven’t gone as well as expected, potentially pushing back the announcement of any other shows.  Well, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to predict that placing the festival as far as possible from the band’s home turf, in an expensive resort town, would adversely effect the draw. With trips from the east coast to Indio totaling in the $1000 range, people aren’t exactly flocking across the country.  This limited audience is one reason that Festival 8 could send the intimate west coast crowd directly to Cloud 9. The organization seems to have stripped away any surrounding shows from Halloween, in an effort to funnel everyone out west to Indio. If the band was playing the Hollywood Bowl in a month, you’d think we’d know already. But it seems just as peculiar that Phish wouldn’t play a couple warm-up gigs before stepping under the vast desert sky of Festival 8.

At this point, it seems that plans have been made – so announce the shows.  The set of dates that have circulated for quite some time, from a number of reliable sources are as follows:

Fall Tour 2009
November 20: US Bank Arena – Cincinnati, Ohio
November 21: US Bank Arena – Cincinnati, Ohio
November 24: Wachovia Center – Philadelphia, PA
November 25: Wachovia Center – Philadelphia, PA
November 27: Times Union Center – Albany, NY
November 28: Times Union Center – Albany, NY
December 2: Madison Square Garden – New York, NY
December 3: Madison Square Garden – New York, NY
December 4: Madison Square Garden – New York, NY
December 5: John Paul Jones Arena – Charlottesville, VA

Indoor Phish Awaits (Unk)

Indoor Phish Awaits (Unk)

All of these high-key east coast shows will sell out in minutes, perhaps another factor reasoning into the delayed announcement.  Assuming this is the Fall Tour, it a mere ten shows.  But of these ten shows, seven are in absolutely classic houses of Phish and will certainly be spectacles.  The Spectrum > MSG chunk of the tour is the true meat, with a midwestern appetizer and a southern dessert.  With an extensive summer under their belt, it’s not surprising that Phish would reel it back a bit for the fall. When an initial month long trek was rumored, it seemed like we were back in the late ’90s rather than in ’09.  But as we approach 2010, the mere existence of fall tour is cause for celebration.

In all likelihood, we will hear something soon- just in time to juice you for “mail-order” money before heading to Indio. But fall tour will be upon us before we know it, transitioning this experiment in latter-day Phish from the breeze-filled nights of summer to the dark, concrete super-structures where dreams come true.  Three multi-night stands and three nights at MSG in the middle of tour?!!  If this is all true, go ahead, Phish, and take your sweet time to announce the dates.  We’ll be here waiting.

Winged music note=====

Jam of the Day:

Free” 11.22.95 II


An aborted second-set opening “Rift”  made way for the most colossal “Free” ever played.



5.3.1985 Last Day Party, UVM-Redstone Burlington, VT SBD < Torrent

5.3.1985 Last Day Party, UVM-Redstone, Burlington, VT SBD < Mega

phishThis is an historic Phish show for many reasons.  First and foremost, this was the first time Page sat in with the band, playing for the entirety of set III.  Strewn with Dead covers, including the only known performance of “The Other One,” Phish was still in the process of finding their musical niche- and their keyboard player.  If that doesn’t give this show enough significance, it also contains the first known performances of “Mike’s Song,” “McGrupp,”  “Alumni Blues,” “Dave’s Energy Guide,” and also the first incarnation of “Antelope.”

I: Slave to the Traffic Light, Mike’s Song* > Dave’s Energy Guide*, Big Leg Emma**

II. Alumni Blues, Wild Child, Can’t You Hear Me Knocking, Jam > Cities, Bring It On Home**

III: Scarlet Begonias > Eyes of the World, Whipping Post, McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters* > Makisupa Policeman > Run Like an Antelope Jam*^ > The Other One**

E: Anarchy

*debut, ** only performance, ^ jam only

Notes: The only part of set I that is on this recording is “Mike’s > Dave’s Energy Guide.” All of Set II is missing. This is the only known circulated source of this show.

Source: SBD

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  1. sumodie Says:

    Yeah, NYC MSG is special – a 3 day run will be sweet.

    To those asking about cheap digs in the city, I often stay at the West Side YMCA on West 63rd, right next to Central Park. It is very clean and safe, and operates much like a European Hostel. Open 24 hrs -never gotten a hassle no matter what hour of the night I come back. Yes, rooms are barebones like dorm rooms. Plus you get access to the pools, jacuzzi, sauna, etc.


    Ok, in the middle of writing this I went ahead and made a room res. Three nights =$249 total.

    A fantastic cheap and nice hotel is the Herald Square Hotel on West 31st near Broadway. Close to MSG too. Fills up FAST.

  2. beepaphone Says:

    I always read your posts in my head like its Kenny Powers talking, making your level of insight quite ironic and hilarious.

  3. albert walker Says:

    I can just picture him cruising by on his jet ski
    Smokin weed on the reg
    Mullet blowing in the wind
    Topless hottie on the back

  4. beepaphone Says:

    I’m fucking in, you’re fucking out

  5. Kenny Powers Says:

    totally off topic (except for the time of year) but this AM i listened to the 9/12/99 Portland show for the first time, and that Bathtub blew my shit to Neptune. Jam starts out fairly pedestrian and the rest is history. Almost veered off the road grinding so hard.

    2nd set is pretty much non-stop Phisy heaven. Ghost gets supremely out there. Love the intro to 2001.

  6. Mr. Completely Says:

    @sumodie – you got mail

  7. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    @ Beep Sorry Amigo we are rolling out of Zona. Get here and you are golden.

    We did just NYE of the Comeback Run in 2002 and we stayed at the Beacon Hotel. We paid $75 night. Right next to the Beacon Theatre and Yogi’s one of the cheapest bars in NYC. I gladly paid $6.50 for a pitcher of Sierra Nevada and $4.50 for a TnT. Unsure if it is still there, it looked like a front.

  8. dyda Says:

    been watching many army helicopters circle very near my house the past couple days. good stuff. there’s a national guard base at the other end of the neighborhood. g20 in town, y’know. fun times. thousands of cops in a tent city at point state park. kind of an amusing situation given the normal context of the phrase ‘tent city.’ resentment abounds (maybe).

    so i had to think about going to 8 for about a second. understand/symphathize the travel/real life complications for the older pholks. it will be my first phish fest and first phish ‘ween. double whammy. ended up costing about $650. probably could have saved a couple hundred except i opted to not have to deal with LAX and am flying in to palm springs instead. BBFCFM seems appropriate. hope they play it. nothing is guaranteed though.

    those rumored dates have been the same for at least a month so… still waiting

    wonder what MMW made of the crowd at the three rivers arts fest this june. that was during game 5 of the cup finals where the pens got spanked. made me glad i decided to go see MMW (and the wood bros opened) but i was less than my normal attentive self because while it was a big deal to tear myself away from a finals game i was still trying to get updates/watch on a portable tv. free show though so…

  9. guyforget Says:

    anybody want 8 tix for face MINUS fees, i have 2. Need to get rid of them as i can’t go anymore. Call it an even 400. I also have a RV pass, call it an even 1 bill.
    rmblumer at yahoo dot com

  10. Mr. Completely Says:

    MMW has always been persnickety. I’ll never forget their show in Eugene in ’96, right when they were blowing up among hippies, phish fans etc. Being contrarians, they started playing more and more “out” and less and less groove…but so they’re playing at this shitty midsize bar venue, smoking tons of weed in the green room, and the management starts giving them shit about it. So they locked the door and I guess smoked out like mad fiends…

    …and then came out and opened the show with 5 solid minutes of completely freeform noise improv – just walls of chaos blasting out into the crowd, who had more or less all just come to dance – really super intense shredding atonal madness – a solid third of the crowd bailed and asked for their money back

    super interesting show after that, really playing with form and chaos, starting grooves, abstracting them, bringing them back, teasing them, then finally paying them off suddenly out of seemingly formless abstraction…

    they’re very New York is really what I’m getting at. In the good way. They take no shit.

  11. Kenny Powers Says:

    @ beep and aw,

    nice, i also am enjoying the irony of seeing that greasy mug shot alongside contemplative phish thoughts.

    had never heard of that show, and one day i found myself insanely hungover in a Charlottesville hotel the day before a friend’s friend’s wedding, and there on HBO was Eastbound and Down. I don’t get HBO, probly why I had never heard of it.

    I’m a big fan of crude, self-destructive humor. In the scenes of them doing blow and E they really nail the essence of those things. Can’t wait for season two.

  12. Mitch Says:

    I feel like a lurker, I’ve been 2-3 pages behind all day. I’m finally back baby!!

    Anyway theres an international hostel on amsterdam and 103 for like 30 a night. same type of deal as ymca.

  13. albert walker Says:

    true jazz cats

    they are in it for the art and their own sonic exploration
    the fans will dig what they tell them to dig
    hippies pay their bills, but they present them real jazz
    not that watered down jam band more accessible nonsense

  14. dyda Says:

    yeah i remember that story. not entirely a bad thing to be picky about your listeners. not being elite but challenging them. not being predictable or falling into a stylistic pigeonhole. and after all, you came and paid to listen to them so why would you talk at inapproptiate moments? i can only imagine what ‘joe off the street’ would make of them. i have a harder time getting people to listen to MMW than phish. some just hear noise/chaos.

  15. Mitch Says:

    I had to stay there for a month when I moved here getting on my feet and finding an apartment. SUCKED but def cool for a night or 2 or 3. Or maybe a night or 2 there and a nice one at the end to have a better shower and bed.

  16. dyda Says:

    homer’s makeup shotgun
    marge: i don’t think women will like being shot in the face
    homer: women will like what i tell them to like

    watered-down accessible jamband nonsense is still on the fringe when one looks at what passes for mainstream music these days. how about that jotd free? bring on the 97 landover jim

  17. albert walker Says:

    the way Scofield plays with MMW shows how similar their jazz attack is

    groove and blues based at first blush.
    that’s what draws you in.
    then you notice the technical ability. can’t be matched.
    then comes the out there. abstract. what the fuck was that licks.
    really stretchin things out tonally and melodically
    still holding roots in that sick tasty groove

    when I first heard them live it was like they had played together their whole careers, but I think it was just this real common thread in how the play

    by far sickest, most original touring band out there right now

  18. sumodie Says:

    Thanks for the MMW dl!

    Side story about seeing the Wood Brothers. First, these guys are great -highly recommended. I saw them a couple years back at the Iron Horse in Northampton, MA. Very small place. About a third of the way into the show, Chris starts talking about what song he’s going to play. Then all of a sudden this 4-5 year old near me all of sudden screams “Noooooo, I don’t wanna hear that song”, and starts crying. Chris suggests another song and he still says NO. Turns out it was Chris’ son. Suffice to say the entire room convulsed with laughter and the little one had to be taken away to quiet down. And the Wood Brothers put on a fantastic show….

  19. dyda Says:

    whoops. i meant the 97 worcester jim.

  20. Mr. Completely Says:

    so I just went out to this little stereo speaker builder called Stereo Dave’s to do a test listen for Colonel Joy…if you are ever in the market for small speakers (to be used only with a sub) in the $500-1000 range I would recommend them, they are pretty remarkable. But the interesting thing was how terrible the 2nd leg SBDs I spun sounded.

    I brought Dafos (classic audiophile test album), that first Dire Straits, and a variety of live Phish and Dead sbds and auds. I had gotten used to thinking of the 2nd leg boards as sounding ok, basically cause they’re so much better than the 1st leg.

    They’re not, really. Flat as a damn pancake when you turn ’em up. Shocking. The Wall of Sound era stuff I played just *destroyed* the RR – and the Miami ’74 matrix made it really sound like kind of a sad joke. Same with the Cristiania Ghost FOB.

    Not trying to be a debbie downer here. It was really surprising!

  21. GuitarPicker420! Says:

    @aw – I agree completely. Not only live, but in the studio, nobody is doing things like MMW right now (frankly Phish included).

  22. albert walker Says:

    being a hack picker myself

    I was refering to the line up with Scofield always liked the way the 4 played together

    no complains of seeing just the trio though

    John is one of my all time favs though
    anyone that played with Miles is allright with me

    I really don’t compare jazz cats with rock guys though not really fare
    just playing on a different level

  23. sumodie Says:

    back at you Mr C. Sent two pics with my note. And thanks for the Pink Floyd BBC heads-up.

  24. albert walker Says:

    Mr. C

    that’s the problem with the boards and good speakers
    you hear all the issues in the recordings

    I hate that about audiences too.
    If they are A recording great, but anything else the speakers just pick up all the distortions and the muddiness.
    It’s almost like I wish I had a back up set of shitty speakers when I listen to certain live stuff

  25. sumodie Says:

    “whoops. i meant the 97 worcester jim.”

    Speaking of this Jim, what are people’s thoughts? I was at show and it is the only time I can think of where I was dying to have them end the song and move on -much too long and uninteresting for me.

    What do others think? How does it sound on the tapes?

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