Fall Tour ?

It’s almost October and no fall tour announcement – hmmm.  We know its happening; Trey mentioned that fall was mapped out in a recent interview with Timeout: New York, while Mike vaguely discussed further fall Phish plans with the newspaper, The Poughkeepsie Journal.  The rumored dates that have circulated for well over a month seem all but set-in-stone.  Then why is Phish holding back?

fest8Rumor has it that ticket sales for Indio haven’t gone as well as expected, potentially pushing back the announcement of any other shows.  Well, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to predict that placing the festival as far as possible from the band’s home turf, in an expensive resort town, would adversely effect the draw. With trips from the east coast to Indio totaling in the $1000 range, people aren’t exactly flocking across the country.  This limited audience is one reason that Festival 8 could send the intimate west coast crowd directly to Cloud 9. The organization seems to have stripped away any surrounding shows from Halloween, in an effort to funnel everyone out west to Indio. If the band was playing the Hollywood Bowl in a month, you’d think we’d know already. But it seems just as peculiar that Phish wouldn’t play a couple warm-up gigs before stepping under the vast desert sky of Festival 8.

At this point, it seems that plans have been made – so announce the shows.  The set of dates that have circulated for quite some time, from a number of reliable sources are as follows:

Fall Tour 2009
November 20: US Bank Arena – Cincinnati, Ohio
November 21: US Bank Arena – Cincinnati, Ohio
November 24: Wachovia Center – Philadelphia, PA
November 25: Wachovia Center – Philadelphia, PA
November 27: Times Union Center – Albany, NY
November 28: Times Union Center – Albany, NY
December 2: Madison Square Garden – New York, NY
December 3: Madison Square Garden – New York, NY
December 4: Madison Square Garden – New York, NY
December 5: John Paul Jones Arena – Charlottesville, VA

Indoor Phish Awaits (Unk)

Indoor Phish Awaits (Unk)

All of these high-key east coast shows will sell out in minutes, perhaps another factor reasoning into the delayed announcement.  Assuming this is the Fall Tour, it a mere ten shows.  But of these ten shows, seven are in absolutely classic houses of Phish and will certainly be spectacles.  The Spectrum > MSG chunk of the tour is the true meat, with a midwestern appetizer and a southern dessert.  With an extensive summer under their belt, it’s not surprising that Phish would reel it back a bit for the fall. When an initial month long trek was rumored, it seemed like we were back in the late ’90s rather than in ’09.  But as we approach 2010, the mere existence of fall tour is cause for celebration.

In all likelihood, we will hear something soon- just in time to juice you for “mail-order” money before heading to Indio. But fall tour will be upon us before we know it, transitioning this experiment in latter-day Phish from the breeze-filled nights of summer to the dark, concrete super-structures where dreams come true.  Three multi-night stands and three nights at MSG in the middle of tour?!!  If this is all true, go ahead, Phish, and take your sweet time to announce the dates.  We’ll be here waiting.

Winged music note=====

Jam of the Day:

Free” 11.22.95 II


An aborted second-set opening “Rift”  made way for the most colossal “Free” ever played.



5.3.1985 Last Day Party, UVM-Redstone Burlington, VT SBD < Torrent

5.3.1985 Last Day Party, UVM-Redstone, Burlington, VT SBD < Mega

phishThis is an historic Phish show for many reasons.  First and foremost, this was the first time Page sat in with the band, playing for the entirety of set III.  Strewn with Dead covers, including the only known performance of “The Other One,” Phish was still in the process of finding their musical niche- and their keyboard player.  If that doesn’t give this show enough significance, it also contains the first known performances of “Mike’s Song,” “McGrupp,”  “Alumni Blues,” “Dave’s Energy Guide,” and also the first incarnation of “Antelope.”

I: Slave to the Traffic Light, Mike’s Song* > Dave’s Energy Guide*, Big Leg Emma**

II. Alumni Blues, Wild Child, Can’t You Hear Me Knocking, Jam > Cities, Bring It On Home**

III: Scarlet Begonias > Eyes of the World, Whipping Post, McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters* > Makisupa Policeman > Run Like an Antelope Jam*^ > The Other One**

E: Anarchy

*debut, ** only performance, ^ jam only

Notes: The only part of set I that is on this recording is “Mike’s > Dave’s Energy Guide.” All of Set II is missing. This is the only known circulated source of this show.

Source: SBD

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402 Responses to “Fall Tour ?”

  1. Mr. Completely Says:

    word, albert. it’s just a different scale of measurement. the downfall of many technically proficient jazz players is that sometimes they put technique above feeling or passion but certainly neither Sco nor MMW are like that.

    I’m a big fan of that combo too. I remember when Derek brought his FOB of one of their first shows together back from Europe, they played at the jazz festival over there while Phish Euro tour ’98 was happening – it was a very pleasant shock to hear how well they mesh.

  2. GuitarPicker420! Says:

    Speaking of good audience recordings. If you haven’t heard the microtech gafell (sp?) m20 source from Darien Lake, you owe it to yourself to find it. It just sounds beautiful.

  3. albert walker Says:

    Return to Forever’s new tour was kind of billed as a jam band

    they figured if these new school cats are making all this money copying what they did in the mid 70’s why not

    watching these cats rip through similar rock based grooves was insane to say the least

    moments like these is when I realize that there are obviously cats on a totally different plain then Phish

    of all of them Trey could probably hang the most but the rhythem section of Clarke and White forget about it.

    I don’t dislike Phish any less. I just no it is night and day when it comes to technical ability.

    but like you said sometimes can be sterile. that is one thing you hear of some of the 70’s fusion

  4. albert walker Says:

    am I the only one at that free MMW at Madison before Alpine 96

    seemed like all of tour was there at the time
    that was the first live experience for me and a lot of others
    great show

  5. Walfredo Says:

    you don’t dislike Phish any less? Is that a compliment?

  6. Mitch Says:

    Mr C,
    I have nothing against not taking any guff but at some point you should get the freak over yourself and appreciate that people are paying to see you. I’ve never seen them but plan to in a month in NYC but all I’ve read about them is how much of a pain they are. No encore? Piss off.

    Maybe that’s why I dig Phish. They can joke.

  7. dyda Says:

    Carver C-4000 preamp & M-400 amp into original Altec A7 voice of the theatre speakers (there were 6 at one time but i only ended up with a mismatched pair – still some of the best damn ‘home’ audio speakers i’ve ever heard – it’s the design of the cabinets) the whole setup is augmented/tweaked with additions. supertweeters added to the A7s, little RCA center channel speaker, seperately powered by an Akai amp front 12″ KLH sub, seperately powered by RCA amp pair of 100 watt 15″ radio shack subs attached to the rafters in the basement to vibrate the floorboards, back channels are kick ass little Ohms for the highs, 100 watt Kracos for the mids and a pair of 12″ Optimus PA speakers for the lows. nothing sounds bad through that system.

  8. Mr. Completely Says:

    they are divas for sure….but playing music that’s over the heads of the audience is a long running jazz tradition

    I hear you tho

  9. Mitch Says:

    I’m just saying that twittering about your fans sounds like something kanye would do. Bitch amongst yourselves and friends but don’t mope in public. Makes you seem like a giant pussy, unless you are dark star and tell the jersey pisser dude not to come to shows.

    However I didn’t read the Twitter, I was at work so take this with some salt.

  10. Mr. Completely Says:

    the tweet people gave them shit for was actually very mild I thought

  11. dyda Says:

    fishman is an anamoly among ‘rock’ drummers. he’s played with MMW on more than one occassion too.

  12. dyda Says:

    how about the inanity of the whole ‘tweet’ fad? never had any desire to get into it.

  13. sumodie Says:

    “I have nothing against not taking any guff but at some point you should get the freak over yourself and appreciate that people are paying to see you. I’ve never seen them but plan to in a month in NYC but all I’ve read about them is how much of a pain they are. No encore? Piss off.”

    I think it’s good if a band lets their audience know they’re being disrespectful. It happens far too often nowadays. If Phish wasn’t so amplified they/we would be doing the same. Respect is a two-way street.

  14. snowbank Says:

    I just read the article. I knew that Phestival 8 was in trouble when I worked out a way to go and no else I know could. Any chance it will be canceled or did I miss that conversation already…

  15. sumodie Says:

    “Any chance it will be canceled or did I miss that conversation already…”

    Don’t worry, it won’t be canceled. At the absolute worst they cut down or eliminate a number of winter dates.

  16. voopa Says:

    The “tweet fad” is pretty fun. I learn a lot about interesting people, get to see what friends are up to, and just see what people are talking about in general. A friend uses it for professional networking…he’s virtual machine specialist and tweets all this crazy technical stuff that maybe someday I’ll understand…

    I tweeted a pic from my chair in the waiting room at the DMV this morning. See how fun it all is?

  17. snowbank Says:

    thanks Sumodie… assuming you know what you are talking about 😉
    it seems they should add winter dates to recoup F8 losses…

  18. albert walker Says:

    I could only imagine how annoying it must be for MMW to deal with their hippie fans

    this argument here is a perfect example

    they are great. let them jam. if they are asses who cares.
    I don’t know if I could care less about their personalities.

    Dork Star Orchestra could be the nicest guys in the world and I could care less. I hate dead cover bands and they will still suck.

    It is all musical to me really. I don’t want to have them over for dinner just be blown away by their playing.

    jazz cats dicks. wow what a surprise.

  19. BrandonKayda Says:

    Hey whats going on everybody?

    Today’s been pretty good. Got a short school week this week, that’s good.

    Completely – I listened to that 4/1/91 Dark Star, that was one of the most dissonant, darkest Dark Star’s I have heard. It was pretty wild. It starts out easy enough, but after the verse it just goes to hell. Everybody was giving me weird glances on the bus this morning (they probably heard the huge organ rolls)

    The 3/31 Eyes is INCREDIBLE. Thank you so much for including that in the mix. It has some major Dark Star teasing near the end. The solos inbetween verses were so long, great version. The Playing/Band afterwards is good too. Once again, major Dark Star teasing. Jerry even runs around the direct theme a couple times.

    As you can see I’ve been enjoying that 91′ Mix. I may listen to the Scarlet>Victim>Fire next.

  20. whole tour! Says:

    about to be 420 pacific time…

  21. Rob Says:

    Maybe someone already pointed this out, but the Wachovia Center is not the Spectrum, it’s the vastly inferior venue next door. The Dead brought the curtain down on the Spectrum earlier this year (complete with a Samson encore)

  22. Mr. Completely Says:

    nice, Brandon. Glad you like it. Check out 10/27/89 Miami Dark Star if you really like dissonance. IMO those 2 are the best post-1974 dark stars.

    the Eyes is like the polar opposite of a tension and release exercise – it just flows and flows so effortlessly – again, my favorite post-1974 version of that song, or tied with Nassau ’90 one with Branford.

    I think you can really hear the joy Jerry had found playing with Bruce…in addition to the two things you mention and the S > V > F the other really peak thing in there is the Terrapin > Stir it up jam so don’t skip over that one 8)

  23. albert walker Says:

    Mr C

    on the mp3 discussion we were having the other day
    I just got the lossless Joy
    you had mentioned this before, but they almost sound like different records

    I only listen to the mp3’s when running on phones so I forget what that compression does to it.
    no musical separation at all
    so muddy

  24. whole tour! Says:

    miami darkstar = alien language

  25. whole tour! Says:


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