Still Waiting…

Red Rocks (G.Lucas)

Red Rocks (G.Lucas)

Throughout the Summer of ’09, Phish dusted off more than a few songs from their seemingly endless catalog, busting out surprises all tour, from “Curtis Loew” and “Destiny Unbound” to “Icculus” and “Harpua.” But even though many rarities surfaced, there are still some songs that have yet to emerge in the 3.0 era. While this isn’t a complete list, here are some songs that will make a splash upon their reintroduction.


“Scents & Subtle Sounds”

The Gorge '09 (G.Lucas)

The Gorge (G.Lucas)

One of the most anticipated returns waiting to happen, many thought we’d hear this one unveiled somewhere along summer’s second leg. When “Scents” finally does resurface, one can only hope it will be in its original form – with the introduction attached. Spoken like secret life instructions, this inspirational tale blossoms into a gorgeous jam that Phish had explored on more than one occasion. Regardless of the several standout versions in 2003, “Scents” was still in in its improvisational infancy with so much ground left undiscovered. The song, interestingly, has never been played indoors, opening a big question mark for Indio. The desert surroundings might be the perfect setting for a return of one of post-hiatus’ greatest pieces, and a song that Phish embodies now more than ever.


And were glad glad glad that you’re alive
And were glad glad glad that you’ll arrive

Shoreline '09 (W.Rogell)

Shoreline (W.Rogell)

Having played such a central part in Coventry’s emotional breakdown, it seems that a 2009 reprise of the song is only fitting.  The lyrics, in 2004, were powerful because the band had all – literally – survived, but in 2009, the words will take on a whole new meaning. An arrival like none other, this year has been a celebration of all that Phish will be – and at some point – like “Curtain (With),” Phish will likely come full circle with “Glide.”


As ballads go, “Lifeboy” is one of Phish’s most poignant. With an ethereal backdrop, the song’s dripping melodies routinely provide a beautiful landing point for darker jams. Unplayed since the waning days of August ’04, this song is due for a return to the stage. When tactfully placed, there are few more emotional points of a Phish show.

“My Left Toe”

The Fox (B.Kisida)

The Fox (B.Kisida)

The most exploratory track from ’99’s Siket Disc, this amorphous piece would mesh powerfully with Phish’s current willingness to patiently layer jams.  With a starting point, but no defined ending, “My Left Toe” is a recipe for excursions into the abyss. A piece that can go in almost any direction, from the sonic sludge of Charlotte (7.7.99) to the soaring melodies of Star Lake (7.21.99) this improvisational instrumental seems perfect for a mature Phish to tackle. The results would be astounding.

“Walls of the Cave”

Hartford (T.Salido)

Hartford (T.Salido)

Another post-hiatus composition that was kept largely contained, one would expect this emerging set closer to make a return – hopefully strapped with more adventure. This intricate composition gave way to a straight forward jam that rarely diverged from its course. Though when it did – a la 2.14.03 “Walls > Carini” or 6.19.04 “Walls > Bowie” – the results were sublime. Assuming this song does come back, Phish will hopefully use its jam as a launch pad for whole-band exploration rather than simple, guitar-led rock and roll.


Multi-part vocal harmonies enhance the already dreamy feel of “Roggae,” Phish’s now-elusive Ghost-era song. Having not seen the lights of stage since Vegas ’04, many have awaited the return Phish’s existential and introspective piece. While never a huge improvisational journey, “Roggae” plays its rightful part in the shifting emotional contours of a Phish show.


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Winged music noteJam of the Day:

Mike’s > Simple > My Left Toe ” 7.21.99 II


A stunning segment of improv from Star Lake’s ’99 installment ; its most magnificent moments come in the glorious and divergent path of “My Left Toe.”  This is an immediate must-hear if you don’t know it well.



9.21.99 Pima Co. Fairgrounds Tucson, AZ < Torrent

9.21.99 Pima Co. Fairgrounds Tucson, AZ < Megaupload

Pima Co. Fairgrounds '99 Poster

9.21.99 Promo Poster

10 years ago today, while crossing the Southwest, Phish made a stop in Tucson that – by all accounts – was the most random show of tour.  Taking place in a middle of a field with a relatively small stage and no defining barriers, everyone was able to have as much room as they could possible want. To go along with the odd locale and the sparse crowd was quite an odd setlist. The first was highlighted by the combo of “Split,” Drowned,” while the second set kicked off with a growling “Carini” and landed in a groovy “Antelope.” In between was some out-of -the-ordinary jamming in “Vultures > Limb” that left a unique mark on the show.  To punctuate this bizarre night in the desert- a “Reba” encore.  All of these idiosyncrasies combined for an great mid-week time for all in attendance.

II: Poor Heart, Sample in a Jar, Split Open and Melt, Drowned, I Didn’t Know, Get Back on the Train, Birds of a Feather, Theme from the Bottom, Golgi Apparatus

II: Carini > Bug, Strange Design, Vultures* > Limb by Limb, Will It Go Round In Circles, Dirt, Run Like an Antelope

E: Reba*, Bold as Love


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229 Responses to “Still Waiting…”

  1. bhizzle Says:

    Laces Out!!!

  2. Neemor Says:

    Side note:

    We talk often about what solo songs might translate well to Phish’s catalogue.
    It’s not often that Page’s work is mentioned.

    Let me throw this one into the hat:

    “Most Events Aren’t Planned”.
    I just heard it on the LivePhishRadio, so they must sell it there. The version that came on was the Bill Laswell Dreams of Tee Point Mix, not sure WTF that means but it was ethereal and super funky. Hope they have a mind to translate that one.

  3. Neemor Says:

    Ray Finkel is classic, laces out. You guys are hysterical.

    Fuck Baltiimore.
    I’m done for the day, you kids have fun hashing things out.
    I’ll be on the beach, getting a tan.

    Oh, wait, I live in Connecticut.
    Fuck it, I’ll find a heated pool or some shit.

  4. Chuck D Says:

    ^^ agree Neemor. I love “Most Events Aren’t Planned”

  5. Neemor Says:

    Mr. C, you made me curse quite a bit opening up the flood gates like that.
    I blame you.

  6. Jay Says:

    The energy during Guelah at Hampton was intense.

  7. Jay Says:

    props to the “laces out!” reference 🙂

  8. Chuck D Says:

    ^^ agree Jay. Oof the moments that really stands out for me from that weekend was Guelah and the beautiful associated dance. I did not know prior to the performance that Guelah had a dance. 8) Learn something new everyday!

  9. Mr. Completely Says:

    Bill Laswell – ethereal and super funky is about right. love that guy

    re: today’s topic

    Roggae – one of my very favorite Phish songs
    What’s the Use – ditto – so gnarly great
    Vultures – yeah!

    the version of Vultures, that is, without the stupid “potato” lyric. I like Phishy jokes but Vultures is a brutally dark song and the silly potato lyric is jarringly out of place.

    The Bearsville outtake version is amazing but marred by a low vocal mix for the first part of the song, and the potato thing.


    there is only ONE phish breakout that I really want…I want it when I get home from work…what do I do when I get home from work? What do I do?

    I try to kill you.

    …and why would I try to kill you?

  10. beepaphone Says:

    Hell yeah on the Hampton Guelah. I really honestly thought I would get a half-dozen of those over the course of the summer. Hope they give it more love come fall. That one really gets me amped up.

    Glide is a tough one. Love it so much. Hold it on the same shelf as Mound, as it doesn’t work unless the timing flawless and the playing is smooth. Also, they are both the types of tracks that the album versions, IMO, are the true prototypes. Watching the 8/1/09 DVD, I can’t say I’ve ever seen them nail Mound quite like that. That said, and especially with the way Glide was botched at Coventry, I’ll bet a monster prototype version gets dropped in a big way at Indio. They’ve probably been saving it for Festival 8 all along.

  11. beepaphone Says:

    Oh yeah and Go Colts tonight! The other AFC powers dropped like flies yesterday.

  12. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    BBFCFM for the win
    this NEEDS to be played at Indio.

  13. snigglebeach Says:

    Wow, 99 really was a good year. that Mike’s is ripping.

    What the hell went wrong in Big Cypress?? Took 9 years to recover from?

    I need some fall dates. If they skip fall, i can’t make Miami, and then don’t think i will make Europe either. when am i going to see them again??

  14. beepaphone Says:

    November 18th

  15. Jay Says:

    Peaches, Saw It Again, Shaggy Dog, Buffalo Bill, Ride Captain Ride

  16. Jay Says:

    Rocky Top and Freebird for kicks

  17. fat bastard Says:

    im looking for ray finkle

  18. fat bastard Says:

    and a new pair of shorts

  19. Mr. Completely Says:

    it seems like through the 90s Phish kept their drive by always trying to top whatever they had just done

    after Cypress…what next?

    a total loss of direction…once you’ve gone as high as you can go, and you’ve never gone anywhere but up…

    like astronauts talk about: once you’ve walked on the moon, how do you top that?

    fortunately it seems like they’ve figured out it doesn’t always have to be bigger – faster – crazier – more Phishier

    they can just dial it in and keep it at the sweet spot

  20. Mr. Completely Says:

    Buffalo Bill, good call.

    I said:

    Why do I want to kill you?!?

  21. Jay Says:

    I think they figured out that you’re are not on this earth to be bigger but to be better (to your self, to your family, to your muse).

  22. fat bastard Says:

    jay is smart today.

  23. snigglebeach Says:

    cause your big fat furry creature for Mars

  24. Jay Says:

    > jay is smart today.

    Don’t worry, that will wear off as soon as I get laid.

  25. fat bastard Says:

    well it sounds like your gonna be smart for a while.

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