Step Into The Freezer

Rosemont 2000 (Unk)

Rosemont 2000 (Unk)

Nine years ago today we were in Chicago – the Rosemont Horizon turned Allstate Arena, to be exact – for the conclusion of a two-night stand in Chicago. Fall tour started in Albany back on September 8th and wove its way around the east for the first ten shows. This beginning stretch of tour contained some of the best playing of the entire fall, but there was one thing missing. We were almost halfway through what we thought could be the last tour ever, and the band  hadn’t dropped a ‘Tweezer.” Phish created impressive jams from many other vehicles – but with the absence of those crunching “Tweezer” grooves, there was a certain Phishiness that was missing.

As shows passed, we continued to believe that each subsequent night would certainly contain the all-of-a-sudden elusive throwdown. Great Woods, Darien, Hershey, Merriweather, Cleveland…no “Tweezer.” Once we got to the Windy City, we expected that over the two nights, the band would unshelve their epic. But a blistering first night never flirted with the song, and when the second set of the second night opened with “Birds,” we wondered if we were wrong.

Fall 2000 (M.Mitchell)

Vegas -Fall 2000 (M.Mitchell)

Then- as the closing hits of “Birds” bounced off the concrete surroundings – out roared “Tweezer.” You can hear the pent up enthusiasm of the crowd on the recordings as the band dropped their exploratory piece for the first time all tour. As the freezer door opened, the band dove into a driving beat, taking command of the ride without allowing time to settle. Moving through beefy but straight-forward “Tweezer” territory, Phish used the guitar-led build to get the crowd jacked before reaching more engaging improv.

Phish settled the initial music into a less-forceful groove in which Trey unleashed dissonant growls, drawing the band further and further outwards. Both Mike and Page responded with spacey , and stage two of the jam took off. While exploring this murkier texture, Mike took the lead with a strapping bass line that Trey locked onto instantly. Moving into an effect-laden, yet, percussive canvas, the band created some engaging music through this section. Phish eventually slid back together into their original “Tweezer” groove once their musical trek finished.

Albany - Fall 2000 (Unk)

Albany - Fall 2000 (Unk)

Was it a show highlight- definitely. Was it a musical masterpiece to be remembered for the ages- definitely not; but sometimes that just doesn’t matter. When I am living each note – one by one – fully immersed in a jam, it’s the experience that I remember.  That feeling of utter joy, oneness with the universe, raging the Phish in a hyper-aware dream state. When we think back on our Phish careers, our memories are made of feelings more than anything else. Sure, we then listen back, analyze, and have fun with it all- but it’s those feelings that Phish is all about. I wouldn’t be writing this article and you wouldn’t be reading if it were not for those feelings that blossom inside us during Phish jams. And on this night, my enduring memory is the shot of psychedelic adrenaline that flooded my mind throughout the first “Tweezer” of Fall. And no recording, re-listen, or analysis can ever re-create that or take it away.  But, hey, it’s always fun to listen back – just click play.


Winged music note=====

Jam of the Day:

Split > Catapult” 12.31.99 I


The clear highlight of the afternoon set, the Cypress “Split” should need no introduction.



8.14.96 Hershey Park, PA < Torrent

8.14.96 Hershey Park, PA < Megaupload

1996 Summer Tour T-Shirt (Pollock)

1996 Summer Tour T-Shirt (Pollock)

Here we have an underrated show from an underrated summer tour.  Squeezed between the higher key escapades of Deer Creek and The Clifford Ball, this Hershey show often gets glossed over as unworthy. I beg to differ. From the opening “Wilson” jam which morphed into “Disease,” through the dark-horse “Tweezer” deep in set two, this show has quite a bit to offer. Great times in Chocolate City!

I: Wilson > Down With Disease, Fee,  Poor Heart, Reba, The Mango Song, Gumbo, Stash, Hello My Baby

II: Runaway Jim, You Enjoy Myself, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Cars Trucks Buses, Tweezer > Theme From the Bottom, HYHU > Cracklin’ Rosie > HYHU, Sample In a Jar,  Tweezer Reprise

E: Julius

Source: Schoeps CMC6/mk4 > Sonosax > D10 Pro II > DAP1 (m)

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  1. youenjoy09 Says:


    Hello everyone…. Anybody have an extra hotel room in Indio they no longer need/ or want to get rid of? I am guessing not, but worth a try…. email at

  2. Mr.Miner Says:

    ^ I have an embassy suites at La Quinta for $339 a night if you want it. email me off board….

  3. GuitarPicker420! Says:

    @Mitch – best glowsticks I’ve ever seen was 12-31-98 during the Harry Hood. I almost lost my mind, and my buddy actually did. He kind of let out a yelp and then bolted. Too spun to offer assistance, he came back to our seats after the show, wearing some random sweater he had picked up, oh, and he decided that money didn’t matter anymore so he left his wallet somewhere on the floor of MSG. He changed his mind about that about 4 hours later, but by then, it was too late!

  4. ThePigSong Says:

    I’ve got two, not sure which one/if either I want. I’ll email.

  5. Mitch Says:

    HAHAHA thats so funny. Not for your friend of course but I’ve felt that feeling where I didn’t want any more shit and was tired of carrying shit and wondered why I always put up with shit (wallet, cell phone, key, etc) So since then I go into that territory with a stub and some cash or debit card. I have also wondered why we even deal with money. Easier to contemplate at a show where you can trade for stuff. The 4 hour later rule def applies.

  6. GuitarPicker420! Says:

    @Mitch – no doubt. I roll with bare necessities into shows anymore, particularly if planning on something extra-curricular. Cash is pretty much it anymore. Now that I’m in my mid-30’s don’t have to worry about being carded much, so not even an ID.

  7. whole tour! Says:

    i got a very nice recording of the 9.18.09 gordo show
    second set was off the hook

  8. beepaphone Says:

    ^ Ugh I know…just pockets and their contents in general….cluttery madness at times.

  9. SJC Says:

    Glowsticks – ’97 Went Slave. The first. The finest. From there, it was all downhill imo. Though any festi glowstick war was impressive to watch solely based on the size factor. Don’t want to go down the glowstick road, that horse has been beaten to death for ages. Wish they’d disappear really.

    MEATALOPE – great band/aud interplay! Thanks to whoever brought that up today. Listened to the entire 2nd set from that show this morning, HEAT!! Crowd energy was off the leash.

  10. fat bastard Says:

    at deer creek this year i me and the crew collectively lost our minds and i lost my keys during the lightining break….sucked. miner’s fav part of leg 1. walked in WITH keys to ocelot

  11. fat bastard Says:

    i meant i missed miner’s fav part

  12. whole tour! Says:

    always give your rider a spare key
    rule #1

  13. fat bastard Says:

    we were standing in the hurricane by my car and couldnt even get to the beer

  14. GuitarPicker420! Says:

    Even better rule – use magnetic key holder to hide key in wheel well. I don’t use it all the time, but at a show, its always there.

  15. Mitch Says:

    Halcyon and EVERYONE ELSE,
    The rule of thumb is to keep your info in 2 places so if one drive fails (EVERY DRIVE WILL FAIL) you have a backup. With that being said…

    New Egg is great, as previously mentioned. Western Digital is a great company, what you were probably hearing is that some of their enclosures suck and the drive wont mount. Read the reviews to avoid this issue. Also, get a drive with firewire if your computer supports it. The transfer rates are faster and will work better.

    If you have any questions or need help (tickets at facemelt dot net)

    EVERYONE BACKUP! Professional backup can cost up to 2,000 bucks. Pictures, music, documents are all important.

    Halftime is over – BACK TO PHISHIN

  16. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    gp420, I was in the midst of writing that same thing when you posted. magnetic hide-a-keys are essential for shows!

  17. beepaphone Says:

    I love the wisdom this site grants me access to

  18. Mitch Says:

    Fat Bastard,
    That’s just sad. I was in pavilion and only got wet as I had to walk back to the car. In those few mins during my walk I became completely soaked head to toe. Used one of the plastic cup sleeves from the culligan water booth to cover my poster tube and people followed suit. Woman didn’t like it but whatevs. I can’t imagine being that wet having to stand there, upset, losing it… and no beer taboot.

  19. fat bastard Says:

    call it a character builder

  20. whole tour! Says:

    mark it on the ole resume
    employers dig it

  21. whole tour! Says:

    tour resume

  22. dyda Says:

    was actually able to stay dry at the creek (went around the throngs at the top of the lawn after the page warning and down the outside of the stairs – potentially dangerous, but i’m sure-footed and can’t stand the crush of a crowd like that) but just stood through the shower that passed over spac cause i was saving a spot on the rail … kinda got some cover from one of the aerial walkways into the balcony when the wind was blowing the right way. still got totally soaked, but was dry by setbreak.

    army helicopters still all over the place overhead. i see the vultures moving in… not to be disparaging to the NG but the lyric came to mind. they are everywhere.

  23. fat bastard Says:

    tour resumes > what a great idea

  24. dyda Says:

    character builder for sure. phishy baptism for some. ruined my ticket stub. that lightning at DC was awesome.

    haha. oh shit. i can see the missiles and mini-guns without binocs. literally flying right over my head.

  25. youenjoy09 Says:

    @ Mr. Miner –
    thanks, but I can’t afford that. I should have clarified that I am looking for a budget style room (or 2). Thanks again…

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